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Open the Eighth Chakra: Understand the energetic state of this chakra.

Open the Eighth Chakra.

Written by Fernando Albert

October 20, 2021

Let’s open and understand the Eighth Chakra.

Hello! Do you like the course on Hermetic Principles? You will see that little by little. You are taking control over your lives thanks to the knowledge of these principles. Today we return to the topic of the Chakras as we did in previous months. We are going to talk about to open the Eighth Chakra. This chakra already belongs to the second set of chakras, and these have much higher energy. The eighth chakra is no longer connected to the physical plane. Therefore, some little things work differently with this chakra. I will share a little less about the Eighth Chakra since we all here have much to discover on this planet.

First, we are going to compile everything we have available on the chakras quickly. Having tools and a good knowledge base is essential. Also, you can access all the inputs to open these chakras as they come out:

I also have a complete course about the chakras and a powerful guided meditation to empower them.

Opening the Eighth Chakra is not everything!

As I have told you, opening the Eighth Chakra is something that even comes. You will be able to find many aids like this entry or the activation of the Eighth Chakra. However, the greatest help comes from yourself and the health status of your first set of seven chakras. And well, as I have commented in previous posts about this chakra, it is not enough to open it. To start working with this chakra, you must have the seven main chakras in excellent shape. In addition to that, you will have to have a good energy balance. This means that you have to keep your chakras healthy and empowered (but not hyperactive).

In fact, my experience personally has been to find the possibility of opening the Eighth Chakra by walking a path. It has also been that way working with different people for a long time. This path of personal and spiritual development. A way to know how to find a balance between your spirituality and the physical plane. This is not something that is achieved in two days. You must maintain it, and no one can constantly be with the vibrations elevated to this Chakra. However, don’t be obsessed with it either. This Chakra is more connected with the vibration of our higherself than that of our physical body.

Opening the Eighth Chakra will expand your consciousness but in a progressive way. In fact, the activation does not take you the easy way. This activation will help you a lot, but you will need to consider your optimal state of energetic health. In this case, the activation will help enhance the experience more and be a little closer and connected with this Chakra.

Open the Eighth Chakra and find new worlds.

We are going to understand a little more how to open and how the Eighth Chakra works energetically.

From our perception in this dimension, it is more about adjusting energetically to the energy of this chakra. From our perception in this dimension, it is more about adjusting energetically to the energy of this chakra. Although we are multidimensional beings, we are in the physical plane, and others, only temporarily, such as through astral travel. For this reason, as it is on this plane where we develop spiritually, we can fluctuate the energy in the chakras. In principle, as the Eighth chakra belongs to the fourth dimension, we cannot damage it from the third. It could be that when our existence is in the fourth dimension, we could affect this chakra more directly. In fact, I believe that this is true in all higher dimensions.

It is possible that once we have connected and can open our energy to the Eighth Chakra, we think that it can block. On this plane, I do not see that this can happen. In principle, and this dimension, the eighth chakra will never be hyperactive, nor will it be underactive. In fact, whenever we perceive the Eighth Chakra, we will most likely perceive the same energy all the time. Very high energy, an energy that flows with great intensity and with a very high vibration. Being a Tetra dimensional chakra, we will always perceive profoundly intense energy.

When you notice that this energy changes.

You may be wondering something like, “I was able to connect, and before I had a lot of energy, now I feel blocked. Why?” And this is an excellent question, and I understand it very well. But it has a simple answer, as I said above. It is you and your perception that causes you to notice this more distant Chakra. Your vibrations must be very high to connect with this Chakra. We live in a plane of duality, where negativity reigns and positivity. Therefore, no one can maintain very high vibrations constantly.

As you well know, and I explained more thoroughly with the Principle of Vibration, equal energies attract. And now surely you already understand it much better. If the vibrations of your seven chakras are in good condition, you will notice the eighth chakra much closer. This is because your vibrations are more like the vibrations of the Eighth Chakra. In the same way, if you increase your vibrations more, you will notice this Chakra closer. This is the reason that can give you the illusion that this chakra is closer or further away. It might even seem to you that it is more or less active because its energy changes. But it is a matter of vibrations, in this case, yours.

You may be closer to this chakra on the astral plane, even accessing it easily.

More tidbits to empower.

As we have a human experience on Earth, we will always be primarily connected to the stimuli on this plane. This does not mean that we cannot access higher planes. You know perfectly well that it is possible, and I explain to you throughout the blog. Therefore, I can give you some tips to empower and strengthen your connection with the Eighth Chakra:

  • Meditation is the first step. I want to recommend one in particular, the meditation of the chakras. And well, this course will also help you understand all the chakras much better. This will help you improve all your chakras.
  • This activation of the Eighth Chakra will help you to increase the vibrations more easily.
  • Introspection and silent meditation will also help you connect and open the Eighth Chakra. Focus your attention on it.
  • Ask your spiritual guides for help to adjust your vibrations.
  • Visualize moments (you can use your imagination) where your vibrations are like the Eighth Chakra. Try to feel this chakra, and it will be easier for you to materialize this. Do not stop having moments of introspection and self-analysis.

These are just a few tips. There are always many possibilities to empower your connection. These steps will help you to feel this Chakra much closer and more accessible in your day to day. The Eighth Chakra also brings you benefits on this plane. Having high vibrations attract abundance on all planes.

It is not only worth meditating.

I also want to tell you that the previous steps are the spiritual ones. Perhaps the most important since this Chakra is from the second set. But as with the rest of the chakras, main or not. Therefore, you have to take into account the positive aspects of this physical plane. To begin with, for example, do not blindly follow everything that large corporations offer you. Have a little conscience during the day, without forgetting the moments of eating and the moments of sleep. We can even improve our breathing. Strive to improve, little by little, without haste, but without pauses.

Try to be open people and who communicate correctly. It is important to be able to learn to live this way. It really is not very difficult. You have to keep your egos in order and observe before acting. Taking all these aspects into account will ensure that your main chakras are healthy. You only have to open the eighth chakra, or rather, open your energy to this chakra. As the weeks go by, you will see big changes.

And continue growing towards higher chakras: like the Ninth!

In previous posts, we have talked about death, reincarnation, and even prenatal agreements that we make with, for example, and sometimes, our parents. However, there is much more to all of this, like karma and other issues that lead us one way or another. This is also present “between lives,” and as a result, we make decisions for our next life. These are pre-natal agreements with yourself. Let’s try to understand this a little more. But all this in a week! I will tell you next week. Make sure to listen to October’s Forecast 2021. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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