Monthly Forecast

Monthly Forecast: Spiritual guidance for the current month.

What is the monthly forecast? Well, it’s a little thing that I bring to you every month. A Free psychic video-reading for all, sharing how I perceive the energies for the current month and what advice the spiritual guides give to make the most of the month. Throughout the months, I have observed how global energies connect with problems that we can face as humans. Hence, a monthly psychic forecast!

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The information channeled in this forecast reading will not apply at an individual level. However, you will find pieces of advice and tips that will be very helpful. I will also set the intention to receive any messages that would be of interest from Spirit. Upon listening to this reading, you need to take what applies to you.

The monthly forecasts give us a general idea of what is coming.

And you will find out one thing. If the messages from Spirit may apply to your situation, so will be any predictions that may come up. Some months are keener on healing, while others are for growth or many other possibilities. If Spirit says we are about to enter a month of healing and you need to heal, the forecast applies much stronger to you as it will sync with your path.

In addition to the monthly forecasts,  you always have more information available if you want:

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