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What happens to a soul before birth? Preparation before life.

Written by Fernando Albert

October 27, 2021

What happens to a soul before birth? Preparation before life.

Hello people! How are you doing in October? I hope you liked the article on the Eighth Chakra. I invite you to continue exploring your energy. Perhaps you will feel the ninth chakra, or even higher! This week we are going to talk about what happens to a soul before birth. Just as after death, there is a path that we travel. The same happens before we are born. We already know that “between lives,” we have a “life.” Souls without a body with different purposes. Just as after death, we review our life, we also do it before we are born.

We have already touched on the subject of reincarnation and death several times. We have also talked about karmic agreements and even karmic connections with, for example, our parents. However, we have never discussed the mechanics of this whole topic. Therefore, the first thing I want to explain to you is that before birth, we plan many aspects of the life that we are going to have. I want to comment that this does not mean that everything is written and predestined. I precisely always say that we are not slaves of the future but masters of destiny. However, we can indeed have a certain tendency towards one path or another.

Karma, for example, is something we decide to deal with ourselves. There is no divine being who is going to judge you and decide the path you should take. It will be you who decide some aspects of your next life due to self-analysis at the end of life.

It is time to start planning the next life.

I want to share that we may decide or plan many things for life that we will start. Whether or not they happen later is up to us. It is precisely thanks to our free will that we can choose a different path from the one we initially planned. In fact, I don’t feel that we only focus on karma and soul development. I think we focus on many more things. For example, I have always had memories from a young age about an event before birth. I can remember the astral and questioning the possibilities in my new life, such as being a man or a woman. I remember questioning various advantages of being both male and female, as well as the disadvantages. However, I don’t remember much, but I’m sure at the time, I was considering multiple past lives.

And it is possible that you also remember things before being born (as well as things from past lives.) In this case, I want to tell you that it is not your imagination, but an astral memory, before being born. I also want to tell you that it is possible to see many aspects of these moments in your Akashic Records (learn about them in this course). For this reason, I can do soul reading and life purpose. By exploring the agreements you had made before you were born, you can understand many things about yourself and your life. You will have more resonance and understanding about your existence.

We plan before birth.

How is everything before birth?

I’m sure some of you might ask this same question. I will answer it because of what my spirit guides tell me and because of the experiences and memories that I have had. You may have some memory of these moments in your existence. Never discard a memory even if it seems very strange to you. If you notice in your heart that there is an authentic connection with this memory, you may remember these moments. I also want to remind you that this is possible with a memory of a past life.

I could not describe a world as such or a specific landscape. As I remember it, it is as if it were space, but instead of having stars, there was like light made of gray clouds or even gray fog. Even though they were shades of gray and black, everything was very bright, and the colors were very vivid. A vivid and intense black and an almost silver-gray. I remember the vibration being very high but not as high as on the astral plane. So that you understand me, it is as if it were a mixture of the astral and the physical. Everything seemed to move in slow motion or shallow gravity.

Here, movement happened with just visualization. However, I don’t remember having a conscience to explore and leave this place. It was a bit more like I was waiting for something. I don’t remember there was any stimulus. Everything is. Still, there was no sound. It is possible that there was duality, at least partially. Although there also seemed to be a collective consciousness.

Last steps before the beginning.

I believe that we make more decisions before birth than when we review life after death. Since it is the eating of life, we begin to prepare ourselves to get the most out of it. A significant factor in these moments is possibly the challenges and difficulties that the soul wants to face. This will dictate what the soul desires for its next life. This will mix new experiences in life (positive and negative) and clear karmic problems. It is also decided with whom this soul will reconnect with other souls. A set of things that will dictate the next life.

At this time, decisions are also made as to the following parents. Even sexuality (which may or may not be the same as the physical body that will touch that soul.) It is possible that at this time, other things are also dedicated, such as gifts, the purpose of life, etc. Even those “life-marking” experiences, or some of them, are planned before birth. Or at least, the soul projects the desire and the possibility of having that experience. I couldn’t say exactly.

And we start a long journey.

I feel that all this happens when the soul is about to incarnate in its next life. I highly doubt that souls perceive linear time on this plane. At least I did not perceive time during “my stay” on this plane. I want to comment that it is also possible to remember events such as abortion, for example. A soul that is “going to be born” twice but is only born once. And I can tell you that there is nothing negative or scary or painful. It is simply like going back a square and being born again. I will talk more about this in the future.

I hope you liked the article. It seemed very interesting to me since this is a topic that is not talked about much, but it is worth it. Now you understand a little better the mechanics of life in conjunction with reincarnation. It will be much easier for you to understand many things in your life. And well, for next week, as it is the first Wednesday, we have a forecast. We have been doing these forecasts for four years now, and I am delighted to do them. Let’s see how November is coming. But all this in a week! I will tell you next week. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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