Looking forward to a deep and restful sleep? This meditation will help!!

Guided Sleep Meditation: Fall asleep fast and have a deep restful night!
Meditation for sleep.

What are the benefits of a good night’s sleep? Experience a powerful guided sleep meditation.

Hello, my fellow readers 🙂 How are you doing today? Any astral journeys? Well, I am bringing something for you this week that will, possibly, make your lives better. Sleep is essential in our lives, and yet, compromised continuously by multiple life events, life requirements, and life-whatever. We might have one or two nights of poor sleep and recover later after. However, when this becomes a habit and sleeping issues are present for several days, weeks, months, or even years, you need to address them right away. This powerful guided sleep meditation will help you a lot.

As you know, I do not believe in further embracing the negatives while pointing them out; we all know them already… If you have sleep issues, you know them. So let’s go straight to the positives as well as an excellent sleeping aid that is available (that’s right, a guided meditation!)

Firstly, I want to quickly point out some of the benefits of a good night’s sleep from a physical and spiritual perspective.

Physical Healing.

An easy one, we all know this. During sleep, profound sleep, our physical body repairs itself.  It is a no-brainer to see that it is essential to get as much sleep as your body asks you. You know your own sleeping needs, do not base them on general statistics!

Mental Healing.

It is another no-brainer; our brains get to rest from so many stimuli and can sort out the entire day. To have a clear mind, you need to ensure that you get a good and decent sleep. Your ideas will be much more organized, and you will be much more focused and confident.


Dreams are not only for children. Dreams are for everybody, and everybody dreams. Our dreams can bring solutions to many of our life dilemmas (those of you who had a dream interpretation from me know it!) But also, they can bring lots of fun, enjoyment, and pleasure. Delivering a strong after-glow that will last all day, especially after a compelling dream. If you explore your dreams, I can assure you that you will dream more, and it will bring a lot of joy. These guided sleep meditations usually enhance the vividness of your dreams.

Lucid Dreaming.

Once you get more connected with your dreams, you will realize you get to know you are in a dream while you are dreaming. These occur after sleeping for several hours. Lucid Dreaming is fantastic, and you will be entirely conscious, with complete waking life recall while you have the dream world in front of you. So, turn off that TV sooner, or (if you can) sleep a little longer on your day off, and it will pay off!

Astral Projection.

A well-rested body will compensate if you try to Astral Project. Spontaneous non-conscious astral projections happen at night, and these still benefit your soul, even if you do not recall them. When your physical body gets used to having rested sleep, you will also be able to astral project in the middle of the night, out of spontaneous waking up, for example.

Enhanced Spirituality.

Not only your body and mind need a break from this crazy planet :D, but so does your soul; and during sleep, our soul gets to detach entirely from the physical reality, getting recharged and empowered.

A greater desire for life.

While the three above take you away from “normal” life, the fact that you experience them will feel alive. You will have an afterglow out from these experiences, and since you are going to feel rested, you will further enjoy more out from that very afterglow. You might desire to share your experiences, or maybe, just out from being happy and rested, you are pumped to get that project for work done. Once ready, you further empower both your life and joy.

The many and obvious.

Well, countless sites will talk about these, such as having a better mood, more energy, an improved sex life, kinder, more productive; yeah. Okay, you got the drill 🙂

I want to mention that staying positive plays a significant role, and it is easier with a night of good sleep.

I wanted to share these with you to have a different list of what is popular out there. It has been all releases lately, and I am aware you also enjoy these articles (thank you, thank you, thank you, such an honor!)

Discover this powerful guided sleep meditation for a restful night.

This week is also for a new release since I brought you a powerful guided meditation. Many of you have told me that the guided meditations put you to sleep. Even those meant for akashic records exploration or guided meditation to connect with your spirit guides. So, why haven’t I done it sooner, you ask? You guess; but, everything happens for a reason, and it comes now by divine timing! Drift off to Sleep is here: 

  • NEW. The first two minutes will have an instrumental background. This way, you can get ready. There is a notification when the meditation is about to start.
  • Enhanced. Like the “ThankYou-ThankYou” meditation, this meditation is enhanced with significantly better sound quality and:
    • It contains 432hz frequencies to promote more in-depth healing and regeneration.
    • The Theta-brainwave frequency adds more efficiently.
  • The nice usual. As always, it comes charged with healing energy, chanted to the best of my ability, five subliminal affirmations, all focused around proper sleep, and a script crafted with the help of my beloved spirit guides.

How to have a good night’s sleep?

Among other things, an excellent guided sleep meditation will give you a big push. Remember, what you do before going to sleep, among other things, also influences you. Subliminal messages in this powerful meditation will help you sleep more. This guided meditation has everything you need to sleep soundly.

Click the “little kitty” below to learn more about this sleep guided meditation and to grab your copy!

Guided Sleep Meditation: Fall in slumber quickly!

And, this is it for this week! If doing a whole astral projection course check here! and guided meditation was not enough, there will be more stuff. Next week is an upgrade. Same thing, same price, more material, and the already happy owners will be automatically upgraded. But as you know, this will be next week’s story!  I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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