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Pet Psychic: I will be the voice of your Pet

Do you want to know more about your Pets’ feelings and emotions? As a Pet Psychic, I will connect with your Pet’s energy by looking into their eyes, as well as by connecting with their Spirit Guides, as well as their Akashic Records.

I am an empath, which means I can pick up on other’s feelings. This doesn’t stay within the human emotions spectrum, so I can easily pick up on animals too. I grew up with animals my entire life, and I enjoyed spending time with them.

I always knew how animals felt, and I couldn’t explain them, but I always enjoyed helping them in a way so they felt better. As soon as I became aware of using this to help others, I fell in love with the animals and their wonderful energy even more.

As a Pet psychic, I will share with you what they need

Have you found yourself in the situation of knowing your Pets need something, but unsure about what? As a Pet Psychic, I will be delighted to help you out and connect with them. In the same way as people, animals also have feelings, needs, problems, and desires.

I will mainly connect with your Pets’ energy directly by looking into their eyes, enabling a two-way conversation. I will connect with your animals through empathy, and we will send images and feelings back and forth. Through emotions and visions, I can receive everything that they want to tell us.

Thanks to animal communication, it will be easier to address any behavioral problems and help both you and your Pet to go through any emotional challenges that may be present.

Animal Communication: I will connect personally and astrally

During an Animal Communication Reading, I will connect directly with your Pets’ energy by looking into their eyes. All I need is a fresh photo of their face so I can see their eyes. From here, I will tap the energy directly and pick up on all the emotions they are projecting to me. They always say clearly what they need and as a Pet Psychic and Empath, I will easily pick it up.

If for some reason they do not share much, I will ask them questions such as how they are feeling, if they need more food and water (for example) if they are afraid of something, or perhaps they just need more love and cuddles. I will also scan their energy to help if they give me any feelings of pain or discomfort.

After a telepathic/empathic communication and energy reading, I will ask their spirit guides and Akashic Records if there is something else I need to be aware of. I love connecting to all sources of light to bring the maximum amount of information during pet readings as well. A Pet Psychic will help them to have a voice!

Reiki Animal Healing for Pet Wellness

As with any other living being, animals need medical help, as well as Spiritual help, so healing energies are not less necessary or useful for them. During a healing session for your Pets, I will connect directly with their Heart Chakras and connected. Once they allow me (they always do, but I always ask), I allow the energy to direct me where to send it.

As a Pet Psychic, I will be able to share with you everything that your Pets and myself experienced during the session. Your Pets don’t need to do anything in specific, they can stay at home relaxing, or you can walk/play/feed or whatever you find right at any given time, it will not interfere with the healing work.

One of the best things that your Pets will experience is feeling taken care of at a more energetic and soul level. A similar feeling that you may have when the doctor finds an issue (with a solution) that perhaps priorly they couldn’t. A deeper peace of mind where “finally the problem is being addressed,” making your Pets feel much happier while addressing anything bothering them.

Your Pets will be happier and so will you

I hope you didn’t have to experience a difficult situation with your Pet having a problem and not knowing what to do, but perhaps, you already have. Even with the vet’s help, you still wished your Pets could talk. As a Pet Psychic, I will help your Pet to share everything with me, and I will share everything with you.

You will see through your own eyes that your Pets are feeling better, as well as receiving guidance in anything that you need to do to help them out, sometimes even including information for you to consult with your vet.

I will also work with healing light, helping your Pets to deal with any potential disbalances they may have such as anxiety, behavioral problems, or even physical discomfort (on top of the Vet’s suggestions.)

You will see your Pets feeling better and more relaxed, making you feel great as well. Sometimes, you might even receive some healing if it benefits your Pet as well (sometimes, their problem might be a concern towards you!)


Q: What is pet psychic communication based on?

A: As a Pet Psychic, I can tap the energy of your Pets. I am also an Empath, so by looking into your Pets’ eyes, I can perceive how they are feeling and what they need.

Q: How does a Pet psychic communicate with animals remotely?

A: The Spirit Guides of your Pets will help me to connect with their energy, creating a link that works remotely since for telepathic and empathic readings, distance means nothing. On top of this, through a photo, I will connect with their eyes, as if they were in front of me.

Q: What are some reasons people consult a Pet Psychic?

A: If you have already gone to the vet and you cannot find the problem. Maybe they show anxiety or behavioral problems and you need to know what is going on. These are solid reasons to connect with a Pet Psychic.

Q: Can pet psychics help find missing pets?

A: Not all Pet Psychics can trace missing pets. I don’t offer this as a service at a cost, however, I still might attempt to help you. Please contact me if you need help with a missing Pet, and I will see what I can do.

Q: Is there a difference between pet psychics and animal communicators?

A: A Pet Psychic or animal communicator is a person capable of connecting with your Pets telepathically and/or empathically.

Q: Can anyone learn to communicate with animals intuitively?

A: It depends on your degree of empathy and intuition, but to a minor degree, everybody can connect at least a little bit with their Pets.

Q: How do animal communicators address behavioral issues in Pets?

A: In my case, I connect with the subconscious of the Pet with any helpful messages through the vibrations of feelings that can address the behavioral problem, whether is focusing on the trigger, or focusing on the outcome of the trigger (behavior), or both depending on what is the problem.

Q: What type of questions I can ask my Pets?

A: You can ask pretty much any question that comes to your mind. Check out this article to learn suggestions on what can you ask.

Lots of light!

Thank you: Pet Psychic