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Do you know what color your aura is and why? Today, we will talk about auras.

What is the aura?

Written by Fernando Albert

February 26, 2020

The aura: Did you know that the aura, through its colors, says a lot about you?

Hello people! Did you like the theme of shamanic travel? Perhaps soon, I will create a guided meditation to guide you on one of these trips. However, that is not the theme for today. Today we are going to talk about the Aura and its colors. I will share some things about the meanings and how I interpret auras. In fact, auras say a lot about our energy and mood. Even our state of health. Reading it can be very useful in your spiritual path. Based on the forecast, it seems a good topic to chat about.

Reading the aura is something that helps a lot. In fact, I have an earlier entry where I talk about how to see it. It is an essential read, and in this article, I will not explain it again. I’m going to add something that will make it easier for you to see the aura:

  • Try not only to focus directly on the person but also to not “focus” your thoughts. That is, leave your mind blank as much as you can. Do not focus on wanting to see the aura.
  • As you see colors, try to feel them with your heart, too, because many of these are emotions. In this way, you will have more clarity.
  • Observe without questioning, but try to memorize the colors. You will know what colors dominate, where the most concentrated energy is, etc.
  • Put the intention of feeling the energy of that person, do not focus only on the aura.

Some tips that I hope will help you, next to the other article’s steps, to see auras.

A color map that guides you:

The aura says a lot about you. Since I am writing sort of a guide-article, here comes more stuff:

  • The solidity of color. Usually, a person with low energy will have the aura faded, with low brightness and the colors are more blurry, even losing opacity,
  • The width of the aura. Also, you can perceive, more or less, “how big the aura is” · A person with strong chakras emanates a larger aura.
  • Concentrated colors. It is possible that in the aura, you will find areas with the color much more vivid or as focused. These are potentials that can wake up.
  • Stains of “ink run.” Do you know how, when you use a yellow highlighter over black ink, the tip eventually is stained black, and when underlining, it leaves like a yellowish-black dirt color? Well, it looks exactly like that in the auras. If this happens, it may be signs of a lack of integrity or that the person has a problem.
  • Holes or spots “pale white.” Sometimes, you can see that “pieces are missing” or that there are pale and sad white spots. Please do not confuse them with a vivid white pearl color, that this is potential for healing. In the case of pale white, perhaps the person is sick or devastated. If on top you see “generalized transparency,” it is possible that this person is close to crossing (although no one cannot predict death.)

You can get more information from that person or animal and the know-how to help them with all this.

Our auras will tell a lot about ourselves.

And what else does the aura say?

I am not a big supporter of giving generalized meanings. Especially if you can access spirit guides, akashic records, or be higherself to that person. But I give you some more details before wrapping up on little things about auras that you can learn:

  • The colors dark green (dark leaf), pearl white, or golden spots. It usually means healing. Green and White say that the person has natural gifts. Gold can be either the ability to channel “the light source” or that the person received an attunement (with Reiki, for example.)
  • Dark blue or indigo tones. Psychic potential, more expanded third eye, very intuitive, and/or sensitive person. It was the first color I saw for the first time I saw an aura (mine).
  • Orange colors. Generally, a high concentration of beta waves in the brain. As I write this, and I think about what to put and concentrate on, I have more orange in my aura.
  • Reddish colors. If it is more bright red or concentrated more on the bottom, it can be high sexual energy. Garnet red can be fury. Do not get confused!!
  • Purple. A person with positive energy, good vibration, generous and sincere.
  • Roses. Joy, crazy, and outgoing energy.

And one last thing.

There are many more colors, and the color tone also matters a lot. For example, dirty-yellowish means a lack of sincerity or integrity, but it can be physical strength if it is coupled with brown. The colors I have given above are more common. For this reason, you have to use your heart chakra and perceive what sensations you receive and the visual ones. Help you with the guides of the person. If you can channel, it will be beneficial since you can ask them what a specific combination of colors means.

You can also perceive the state of each chakra and how they affect the aura in general. Then see a couple and see if one of the auras “departs,” or, for example, “invades that of the other person,” and as a result, you can obtain additional information to help that person. You may have some spiritual gifts that eventually awaken as well.

You can find a series of 30 royalty-free ebooks that touches on this topic.  I did not write them. They are royalty-free. However, they have great teachings.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the aura.

If you want to learn the process of seeing auras, I remind you that I explain it step by step in this post.

So, I have nothing left to share this week. Next week is forecast time. This 2020 is an exciting year full of opportunities. Forecasts help you better understand global energies and how they might affect you. However, we will talk about that next week. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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