A little bit about Death. What to do next?

Death: What happens and what to do next? Take a look here and find out!

What about death? What happens when we die?

Last week we talked about being connected to our root chakra, and now this week, we will talk about death. What a change! Many people asked me about this topic, and I felt it would be good to write a little bit about it. There is a lot of information online, religions, scientists, and movies to mess up our awareness of death. I have encountered many ill people with this fear at hand, and is this mix of information about death brings our fear into the light (ironically).

No one can talk for sure about death because we still haven’t experienced death personally and physically. (Dying in lucid dreams or nightmares does not count, haha.) However, there are many teachings out there. I want to contribute to the positive end side of this field. Since I have astral traveled several times as well, which already debunks all myths of lack of existence after partying, I might not use my cell phone much… but I sure have to ring the astral realm several times, daily… and I have already received “a few free upgrades on my phone” within these last years… so definitely, there is much more after Death (sorry science.)

There is nothing to worry about death. NOTHING.

And with this, I mean to the actual “what happens after.” It is always tough to lose someone close or “having to go too soon due to illness.” By the way, I want to point out that no one can predict death. Up there, they will never share. No one can predict it since the Astral Realm does not allow it since it’s timeless… There is no linear time there, anyway.

So… let’s move from the starting point where passing starts to occur. I want to note here that it is common that in tragic deaths (such as car accidents), the soul leaves the physical body a split second before and does not get the traumatic death part. Sort of an act-reflect at a soul level!  So, moving on from the note, another note. I will focus only on human death, but this is the same for animals and any living creature. Everything alive has a soul. The soul is attached to the physical body through a silver cord which keeps physical life going.

Our spirituality plays an important role.

In the end, death is only a small step.

When you astral project, you may see this cord sometimes, and it is what also pulls you back into your body if necessary (another act of reflex, haha). For this reason, it is why you can’t get lost in the astral realm (I will soon prepare a course about Astral Projection once Mercury Retrograde finishes!)

The course is ready here.

So, the physical body ceased to function. What happens? Firstly, the silver cord breaks. And the soul becomes free, like if you cut the cord from a helium balloon! From here, I will base the information on my astral travels, what my guides shared (they don’t share much about this stuff…), what spirit shared, and hours’ worth of reading online and offline. And the most important of all: What my heart and soul find true. What I feel would be the “best move” to do once you die. Sorry to be macabre, but we are talking about death!

I will not explain the fearful parts, as with the given steps, you will avoid those negative parts. So there is no need to know them (if you are fearless, they can be fun to read, and it is good awareness to have, in fact, but not for this blog!

We choose after death.

Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? Will someone be picking you up?

Firstly, your spirit guides and loved ones should come to greet you. To “pick you up.” You will be feeling an enormous level of bliss, something probably beyond our imagination. You will lose all sense of fear, but depending on the passing, you might be a little “dizzy” or “out of place,” however, you won’t feel negativity at all (many channeled spirits confirm this.) The level of bliss will only grow. Okay, here is where I am going to add something.

Let’s be frank with something.

There is good and evil in the rest of the Universe as well. If, upon death, you would “appear” in the 4th dimension, it would be awesome, but this is not the case. You will be somewhere in the astral realm, very close to the physical realm, between the 3rd and 4th dimensions. Even does exist here as well as goodness. We can identify good and evil within this crazy blue planet; we know our way around here (kind of… let’s be honest… we have a lot to learn as humanity.) But, if we are practically clueless in our little blue spec, we know less beyond it (don’t we?).

It would help if you did not assume that those greeting you are who you see or believe they are. Most likely, they will be who they say they are. But it could also be astral tricksters and negative entities (which exist and influence our third dimension).

No need to fear death. Take action instead.

From here, we could add a massive load of religions, conspiracies, interpretations, visions people (I include myself) had, etc. As I write this, I want to share my point on one. Heaven equals the higher astral, and it is closer to the 5th dimension. But it is just a vibration; good souls go there because they vibrate high. Now, Hell, would be the lower astral realm, which is of little vibration. There is no fire or burning ashes, but there is negativity, fear, and many souls who “in physical form” that might not have been good folk. But I am going to share what I would suggest:

Free will is a universal law.

Therefore, it means that if you evoke something, it can’t be bent. We can’t tell for sure if there is a reincarnation wheel, for example, that, being tricked, we agree to go to it and come and get back to this planet. We can neither tell about other possibilities that we do not imagine (either positive or negative). So, the first thing I would do is to


Evoking this will be the best way to make sure that nothing will go wrong when you die. So, if you are aware of that, you should have no fear of death. If you read this, your soul will not forget, so you will be doing this now that you have read it. (My Spirit guides made me type that, I was more into the “I am sure I will remember”) Well, good to know, more reasons to loosen up the fear of death. If what you have in front of you is an entity of negative vibration, it will vanish. The chances are that they will still be there (because your soul will be already vibrating at a higher level, if you fear not, be a more careful folk, help others, and share, comfortable, easy, easy.)

Something to add.

Upon death, you will probably see your Spirit Guides. Make sure to visualize yourself literally shooting white light straight at them. Our spirit guides want us to do

If, for some reason, something vanished, what you need the most will appear (as you evoke, it will still come, does not matter where your soul is at.) So, now you are with the right entities. By the way, there is no time as you know it. You will be carrying all your earth thoughts, but you will only feel bliss, as I mentioned. You are vibrating at the right frequency, with the proper entities will help you progress to the next step.

The healing rooms and reviewing life.

To name it, “this place.” At this healing room, your soul cleanses the heaviness of its former physical life left behind with death. With that, all of the pains that you carried to (clears throat), the grave. This place is timeless, but it does sort of “take time.” It is hard to explain! It has happened to me that some people who recently passed were not able to. One of their guides step forth and mentions they are healing. There is no way to track this concerning our time. I had connected to spirits to find out that they have not even been buried yet (some souls are pretty skilled at the astral realm, it seems, lol!)

I had other times that some spirits are taking maybe even weeks.

But this is a beautiful place to be. A place to heal and leave behind the third dimension’s heaviness, the healing from physical life. Here, you also review your life. I assume that spirit guides assist, and as I write this, they validated it to me (thank you.) Since time does not exist, you could even “relive” your life in a “split-second” from a third person’s view. No one will judge you, but it will be your very own soul that will do its self-analysis, assisted by the spirit guides regarding guidance.

If there is karma, it is the very soul that decides to (at some “later time”) reincarnate to fix those karmic issues and learn whatever desired lessons. Frequently here back at Earth, but it could be another similar 3rd dimension life. Your soul (you) will decide what to do; next. You will have the wisdom to perceive what serves your highest purpose. You will always be in a state of bliss, of course, and at this level of vibration, “nothing can’t go wrong.”

If something could, it was in the first step if you never evoked that you desired what it serves your highest good. So, let’s say you are “done” in the “healing rooms,” and you come out.

“Astral Life” – Next steps. 

Now, you will be cleansed and pretty much free in a higher vibrational astral dimension. Here, you can interact with psychic mediums on Earth (and elsewhere probably too…) You might desire to be watching over your loved ones. You won’t feel linear time. Therefore, you will grow with them without “feeling the time passing.” There is no one you need to look after, you say? Well, at this point is when you will decide where to go next. You will determine whether to reincarnate here on Earth, and it will follow a new death eventually, or you may choose not to.

Staying in the astral (but not like a lost spirit, but more like a helper, possibly ready to be channeled by someone) is another option. Maybe it is heading to another planet, galaxy, dimension… etc. Old souls might decide to become Spirit Guides of their loved ones (and other souls…) I don’t know well how this part works even upon asking. The guides tell me it will be complicated to understand. But at this point, it is up to you. The best thing of all is that you will know what to do. You will know what’s best at this point.

So, what do you think about the afterlife now?

Honestly, it can be surprising how much (in Earth time) existed some souls out there. So definitely, there is a lot to do with and after death. So try to cleanse the past as much as you can. Focus and work on them now to ensure a positive future. Furthermore, enabling yourself to enjoy this physical life to the best of your abilities. It is just a split-second in your existence, even beyond illness, grief, or poverty.

Do you want to check more exciting stuff? Head to the resources section to discover more!

Death equals steps between split-seconds.

Many things in this blog post are “split seconds,” but this blog entry hasn’t been a split second, haha. So, it is time to put an end to it (also, we reached the end on this topic anyway!) So, more, next week! We have one chakra left, the Throat Chakra, so that we will talk about it. I hope you have a wonderful week! I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

2 thoughts on “A little bit about Death. What to do next?

  1. Emily says:

    Wow, this is very interesting and resonates with me ALOT, especially the part about “healing rooms.” Long story short – I’ve always been interested in how near death experiences, and how the compound dmt (the spirit molecule), relate to one another. I’ve had 2 profound experiences with leaving my body during a dmt session. The feeling was indescribable. It was like a flash.. I saw the room disappear in a beautiful wave of sacred geometry. The next parts are hard to explain with human language, because it really surpasses that. Even though the room was gone, I had the most intense feeling of my eyes being wide open, but not my physical eyes. I was very much aware of my physical body laying on the bed , so much so that I could tell where people were in the room dispite my physical eyes being apparently closed. Its like I was hyper aware from a different point of view. I had this sudden realization, that I was not one, but two. That little voice in my head that told me that, I soon recognized as my eternal soul, and I felt a very strong separation from this world, even tho I was still attached somehow, aware of everything happening around my physical body. I remember feeling as if I (my soul)was being catapulted forwards at the speed of light forwards. As scary as it sounds, it’s like I was incapable of being scared or even nervous. It just felt like I was wrapped in a warm blanket of love, observing all the things that were previously unknown to me. Eventually, my soul ended up in only what I can describe as a room. A box. A square space, that I was inhabiting. But since it was not my physical body, I couldn’t move my head to the left or right or up or down , I just was. It almost felt like I was apart of the room , and I knew with 100% certainty that I was on the bottom right hand side of it. I knew something else with there with me, but I wasn’t able to look at it. But it felt as if it was some kind of object, not a person. But something that was “working”, or something, like a machine. I also felt like it was working perfectly, even though I couldn’t see it or even know what it was. I spent some time in this room, and than eventually was returned to my body. Absolutely one of the most profound moments in my life that made me loose any doubts that there is nothing after this life. In that moment , I knew, that we are eternal. The peace that comes along with seeing that the little voice in our head, is actually who we really are and that it doesn’t change, we don’t change, our body may lay there, but we live on… indescribable feeling. I had one more dmt experience after that one that let me go past the room, and basically exist for some time in only what I can describe as nirvana, the highest vibration, a place we all have been before. A beautiful place. Maybe the astral? I’m not sure, I’ve never been able to astral project, but wow this place was absolutely beautiful. The peace I felt… I felt blessed to be experiencing such beauty. It was this giant endless space (I ended up having to draw it later on because I couldn’t get it out of my head), the color Aqua seemed to be prevalent. Things seemed to flow around me in perfect motion. I remembered from the last experience not being able to look around the room, but this time to my surprise I was able to look all around me. When I looked forward, I saw giant mountains that were shifting and rippling towards me. I remember seeing magenta snow caps on them vividly. It was so beautiful it felt as if my soul was going to burst from bliss. When I looked up, I saw what looked to be a grid above me, and a curvature as if I was maybe in some kind of dome, but when I looked to my left and right the curves disappeared, it was just endless beautiful space. Looking up though reminded me of being inside of a snow globe. I felt like I was thanking something the whole time I was there too, thanking them for allowing me to experience this, for allowing my human brain to understand something that was so so so much bigger than me. Idk if I was thanking a singular person , or everything that ever was, but there was a feeling of mutual peace and thankfulness between me and something. I also got the notion many times that the entity’s existing here were very happy that I “finally arrived.”

    I’ve never heard anyone mention a room before when talking on this subject of death, and I would love to hear more of your thoughts. I agree with everything you have said, some things really stick out to me. I’ve always had some sort of sensitivity to the other side, and I’ve always known that these places exists within a vibration, sometimes a frequency. I just know it within me to be true. Recently (the last 3 years), I’ve lost a couple friends to drug overdoses, and 2 of them I dreamed about before it happened. Like I literally dreamed I lost someone and I would never see them again in this life and the pain was extremely real. When I woke up I was relieved it was a dream. The next day I watched my best friend leave this earth, and I was overcome with the same feeling I had in the dream. 6 months later, the same thing happened, this time I even told the person about it. Their last words to me were “don’t be silly, I don’t want to die!” Not even 24 hours later, they died. This is something I’ve been searching for answers for, for some time now. If you have any insight on dreams like that I would love to hear it since all your other things I’m reading are so on par with what I believe . Thankyou for writing up such beautifuly worded pieces. It reached me, and I’m so thankful for that.


    1. Thank you very much for sharing 🙂 And thank you for sharing such a unique and wonderful experience. I agree with you that you cannot explain a lot of experiences with human language. Our brain cannot comprehend many things here, but our Soul does. Your DMT experience is truly remarkable and a fantastic validation for you, as you, the Soul, will take with you this memory when the time to leave your physical body behind arrives.

      I am also delighted to read about you perceiving that we are Eternal Beings having a Human Experience. This is an essential peace of awareness to get the most out of your transition and be in sync with the Universe when it happens, following the paths that serve your Highest Purpose.

      The beautiful place you mention is likely to be the Higher Astral Plane, a place of only love, light, and very high vibrations. Great job reaching here, because as you said, the experience leaves a positive mark.

      And yes, I can help you with a Psychic Reading for Dream Interpretation, as this is worth checking in the Akashic Records.

      I will send you an e-mail!

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