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We need to eat to survive, but mindful eating will give us much more life.

Mindful eating is essential.

Written by Akashicsoul

July 15, 2020

Mindful eating is essential.
Mindful eating is vital for us to get the most out of our food at all levels.

Hello people! How is July doing? Last week, I talked about this topic, but the message I received last week seemed necessary to share; it will help you with your difficulties. Let’s talk about why mindful eating is essential. We should not merely “eat the food.” I’m not going to talk about the type of food you eat since that is personal. Also, it is the work of a nutritionist. However, food, like everything, also has a spiritual aspect that is good to consider.

I will be straightforward, but I will only mention it once. Vegetable foods have a higher vibration level than “a piece of meat.” However, and against many teachings, even spiritual, I am going to tell you one thing. There are ways to eat “that piece of meat” where your gratitude gives it that vibration, making it better on a spiritual level. For an animal that grew up happy and with dignity, or a hunted animal that has not lived in fear, you will also have additional positive aspects. But anyway, I’m just going to leave this comment since we’re going to talk about mindful eating instead of questioning what we eat. I’m not talking about veganism or anything. This article will NOT question your feelings or food choices.

Let’s go. Time to eat!

You may love to eat, and it may be one of your passions in your life. Maybe you have problems with food and your image (if you need medical help, don’t hesitate to follow it.) Maybe, you eat to feed your body, where food is “fuel,” period. Or maybe, you eat because you have to eat, or because you are hungry. You can eat on your keyboard while you work, sitting on the sofa watching TV, in a hurry anywhere, or perhaps, you have time, and you want to eat “family dinner” every day. Mindful eating goes beyond all this since each person’s possibilities, but we can all pay attention.

Modern society is accustomed to eating with the television on. Constant noise and a screen that absorbs you without you even noticing. You are watching TV while you eat. Why? Are you doing something else while making love? Or maybe, while you are playing with your dog, or swinging your little one (you can use the mobile too, but I don’t recommend it). Maybe you are watching a movie on TV, and you ignore your smartphone! When doing sports, especially if outside, it is most likely that this is the only thing you do. However, “while you eat” makes room for you to do more things (work, use your mobile, watch TV, read something …) All in all, it’s just chewing and swallowing, chewing, and swallowing, right? I am glad it tastes good; it is how it should be.

All this without mindful eating.

Invest undivided time for eating.

What if you go to a restaurant (fine dining), you enjoy the food much more? You eat much slower; you taste the food better and more attention. Sometimes you even end up eating a little too much (this is not good either, and you have to control it). Once you arrive home, you feel like relaxing. A restaurant has its charm, starting with not having to cook or do the dishes. You also break the monotony of each day. Also, in the restaurant, we always pay much more attention to the taste of the food. The food that we make or that they make us at home, “it’s the same as always.” We are removing the value of our food. Sometimes, we only “jug the food down” instead of mindful eating.

However, most meals are at home and work. You can even go to the local neighborhood restaurant to eat with your colleagues during a lunch break at work. But these “usual” foods are the ones that are feeding you day by day, and you have to take them more into account.

It’s time for mindful eating en enjoy your food more.

Let’s leave restaurants, family meals, and parties aside. Let’s focus on that salad next to a bowl of rice with meat, to mention something very ordinary that you may eat at home any day. First of all, it is important to feel gratitude, because although you need to eat to live, in the world we live in, it is every day more and more a luxury. And it’s not about thinking about others’ misfortunes; you will only give power to that negativity. Focus on your gratitude for your food. Also, if someone else has cooked that food for you, it’s something you shouldn’t take for granted. It takes effort. Similarly, it is also an effort in the aspect of gathering “energy” (money or farming) to obtain this “energy” (food) that you are going to eat.

Gratitude towards the actual food.

Let’s be frank, to keep a human being alive, it is necessary to sacrifice. In fact, to keep a deer alive, it takes sacrifice as well. Herbivores do not feed on thin air but on living things called plants that feed on nutrients, water, and the Sun. However, plants are also living things that also feel. This has been tested with anesthesia (source.) Furthermore, if we are talking about an apple (where we are obviously not killing the apple tree), we must also be grateful since we have received it from that tree.

It is not about feeling bad; our body does not allow us to live in thin air. It is how it works on this planet; one living being eats another. There are even plants that eat insects. The question is mindful eating and eating with gratitude towards the foods that are giving you life. And if, for some reason, you do not feel the latter, you must analyze your diet; you will surely find improvements (but this is not the goal of this article.) Everything you have on the plate has a soul or comes from a being (plant or animal) with a soul. Like the egg from the chicken or the chestnuts from a chestnut tree.

Cook mindfully for mindful eating.

If you are the one that cooks.

Sometimes it is a very tedious task. We prepare the food in a rush, as “we have to go.” It’s also not correct. It’s better to plan (it will also save you time making fewer trips to the supermarket.) Try to make your mealtime sacred and the kitchen your temple. It is much more than making food. If you can, and you need it, ask others to leave you alone in your kitchen. Putting on TV is not the best advice, but you can put on some music if you feel like it.

As you make the food, paying attention, and putting love into it, the energy of that food will change. When you say, “I’ve cooked it with all my love,” it makes a difference that if you “make food in a hurry.” Therefore, especially if you like to cook, try to make this moment for you. It can even become spiritual because you are enjoying your world. Sometimes it isn’t straightforward, and you have to adapt to the kitchen there is, but visualize your ideal kitchen, and one day, it will materialize.

So, try not to make the food a “beating” time. Try to be in good spirits, as part of your energy will channel to the food you and your loved ones will eat.

So how goes mindful eating?

Actually, it is straightforward. The key to mindful eating is paying dedicated and undivided attention to your food and also have a little bit of gratitude. I leave you a small list with tips:

  • Avoid eating with the television on, let alone using your phone. Both will absorb you without realizing it. If there are other people, talk to them, but without losing yourself in a conversation.
  • Take a moment to look at what you have on your plate (especially if you haven’t made the food.)
  • Please take a moment to feel gratitude as you see fit, but do not forget to feel gratitude for the living beings who have donated their lives to feed you.
  • Especially in the first bite, savor the food well and chew it well. It’s good for your health, but also to observe well all the flavors in your mouth.
  • Try to feel gratitude within yourself that you are enjoying the food. If you don’t like it for whatever reason, feel as grateful as you can. Correctly, communicate it or do something else to eat if you cooked.
  • Live in the now. For mindful eating, you have to eat and be in the now. Living in the now is essential, so is it at lunchtime.

And enjoy your food!

It has no higher secret; one of the benefits of mindful eating is that you will enjoy the food more. Also, by following the steps above, you may not need to eat everything on your plate. It will save time spent cooking (leftovers!) And calories your body may no longer need at the moment.

As you can see, it is straightforward. You have to break the old behaviors, especially with the television theme. Start with a day or two a week of eating without TV, especially if you have a family of two or more people. You will like it, and in a few weeks, the TV will always be off during lunchtime. Don’t get carried away by “it’s the usual.” Savor food a little more and eat feeling the “here and now” to enjoy food more and eat better.

A final note to introspect.

Remember that all animals have a soul. It doesn’t matter if it’s a cow or a shrimp. These animals have given their lives to feed us. For this reason, mindful eating with gratitude has a high energy value. However, I personally like to observe the number of souls giving their souls to feed a person in one meal. It is a good thing to think about, especially at Christmas time, for example (due to the seafood).

So, mindful eating is easy and has many benefits. Next week I bring you the news. I know you will like them. The use of BigCartel will no longer be necessary because of more straightforward payment buttons. In fact, now you can “pay by card” without a PayPal account. I believe it will remove a tax charge that BigCartel shouldn’t be charging to some states, so I will tell you next week. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday! (July Forecast)

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