Why are sleep paralysis dreams so scary? I tell you my story and some tips.

Why are sleep paralysis dreams so scary? I tell you my story and some tips.

Sleep Paralysis Dreams can be scary, but... deal with them!
Why are sleep paralysis dreams so scary? I give you some advice, and I tell you my story.

Hello! I hope you like the article about the Akasha. Today’s topic is trendy as more and more people realize the wonders of astral travel and lucid dreams. However, here, we have a small bump that sometimes defines the difference between getting to travel or not. That “bump” is called sleep paralysis, and these dreams are scary. Unfortunately, it is a problem that every person has to overcome. I have several entries that help you with sleep paralysis. However, today, I share some new things.

I want to comment that this blog has many entries about lucid dreams, and in fact, I have a double-entry on sleep paralysis. However, I have never counted any of my dream paralysis. I think that if you like one or two, it will also help you to see that they are nothing more than hallucinations and dreams forming.

A horror movie lives inside your head: I welcome you to your sleep paralysis dreams.

Sometimes, sugar-coating things doesn’t help; in fact, it hurts. Just as I tell you that sleep paralysis dreams are safe and harmless, I also tell you that it is scary. To my knowledge, it is not known why all these hallucinations occur during sleep paralysis (a mechanism for you not to move in your dreams, something studied by medicine.) Therefore, I tell you my suspicions:

1. The fight or flight mechanism is activated.

The natural thing is that your conscience falls asleep first, and then your body falls asleep/paralyzes. However, you can induce an awake mind and, deceiving the brain, get your physical body to be paralyzed because the brain thinks that your consciousness is asleep. Here we can induce lucid dreams and astral travel. It is a state of trance that is also safe, but, especially if you don’t know it, you can be terrified. This primitive mechanism that we all have notices and triggers “flight,” however, your body is paralyzed, so you can’t. This (if you don’t know what is going on) can generate terror.

Your brain is(was) forming a dream. When coupled with fear, you dream/hallucinate with the fact of being paralyzed. The brain will generate images that have to do with paralyzing you. For obvious reasons, that is already scary and also related. Common ones: A block of concrete on your chest. Someone or something is pushing your chest. Presences and beings or magic that are paralyzing you. Fe, trapped, sunk, or even absorbed by your bed. But remember, they are only hallucinations. Youree brain trying to understand what is happening.

2. All the crap we have in consciousness.

How was that horror movie? It didn’t scare you, did it? You are a courageous person. How good! I am/was also, but now I don’t want to see something with such low vibrations. But come on, I’m glad … How were your sleep paralysis dreams? You may already know the process and everything well, but even so, you end up in terror because you’ve seen demons trying to tear your heart out. Or maybe you noticed the tip of a knife, noticing as if someone had passed by your side. Even, you have noticed a faint breeze, and you feel that there is someone there, watching you. It seems they are going to kill you, eat, possess, or do something very, very bad … You can’t move, you can’t do anything, not even scream.

Maybe if you hadn’t seen that horror movie, you wouldn’t have that paralysis. But of course, it is possible that even so, you have such terrifying moments. What kind of information do you put in your head? What are you watching on TV? Do you watch the news, crime series, very violent movies, negative things …? Yes … I know … you should be in a cave away from our “wonderful” civilization if you don’t. And if that’s the case, I don’t think you read this. There is a lot of crap everywhere that our consciousness filters. However, when the brain begins to form a dream, it is also organizing.

Everything you have in your consciousness/memory is going to be shuffled, and that can be shown in a state of trance or sleep paralysis. One of the reasons that it is vital to have a little awareness when reading, listening, and seeing things. Be mindful of what you add to your consciousness.

3. Events of the day, life, disease, and trauma.

Each person is a world, and we all have better and worse moments in our lives. However, in these difficult times, your sleep paralysis dreams may be harder for this reason. Even in the case of anxiety, for example, the mind can be awakened before the body (and here we have the state of sleep paralysis.) In difficult moments, you realize that it affects your dreams a lot.

Traumas we have suffered throughout our lives also influence the hallucinations we have during sleep paralysis dreams. On a spiritual level, if we are cleaning negative energy, it can also affect us at this time, making you feel more vulnerable.

Some medical conditions or medications can alter your REM phase and sleep quality. Unfortunately, some negative side-effects can occur more easily in most cases. Never stop your medication without checking with your doctor. Try to understand your medications. If they cause bad sleep paralysis dreams, increase or decrease dreams, or otherwise alter you, try to understand why. If your doctor tells you, “it’s what it is,” use some type of mantra that reminds you that “it’s just the pills,” and “only sleep paralysis dreams.”

You can break from sleep paralysis if you focus hard.

4. Global awareness.

Okay, maybe you tell me that you know what you are doing, that you take care of yourself physically and spiritually, and that you are aware of what you see and hear. I’m also glad to know that you don’t have any disease either and/or that you don’t need medications that alter your sleep, either. You’ve even had a great day, and you’ve been on a run of weeks for great days. However, your sleep paralysis dreams were as terrifying as they could get. Why? Global awareness!

Perhaps you have never been exposed to negativity because even your parents from a young age already gave you spiritual awareness. You have less chance, but because of fears and global negativity, you can also have this kind of terrifying hallucinations. Global consciousness affects us all, especially if you have a lot of empathy. All the energy of human civilization affects here, and unfortunately, right now, at the end of 2019, it is not the best energy.

The important thing is to understand that it is a natural process.

You can use sleep paralysis dreams to induce an astral journey (focus on high vibrations through your body) or to induce a lucid dream with WILD (ignore the vibrations and visualize a dream.) Therefore, think of sleep paralysis dreams as an opportunity to induce something, because, among other things, it is one of its uses.

To finish, I tell you a couple of my short ones, especially one of them, it was very real.

The typical demon/shadow.

One of the reasons that global consciousness affects us all. I was lying in bed to make an astral trip. I began to notice a void inside my ears, a sign that I am going to have sleep paralysis dreams. A few moments later, I noticed how my body weighed a lot; I was as if embedded in bed (pun intended). A few seconds later, I noticed a presence, and I could see a humanoid shadow. It was a meter or so high, with claws running around the bed.

Demons and things like that precisely don’t scare me. I tried to move to destroy it, but I couldn’t. I visualized a sphere of light coming out of my hand to throw it into the shadow. The orb came out of my hand; it acted as if it was “homing,” going, seeking after the shadow, and disintegrated it. In a few seconds, I noticed more vibrations and the beginning of an astral journey.

California: Earthquake or sleep paralysis dreams?

In this case, it was spontaneous sleep paralysis. (So this way, you have two examples.) I was waking up from a dream and not thinking about inducing anything. However, suddenly, I began to notice the whole bed vibrate. I seemed even to hear things around the room vibrate. At that moment, I thought if it would be a small earthquake or aftershock. I decided to ignore both and go into a lucid dream. A few moments later, very long moments, I still felt those vibrations.

Since there are a lot of quakes in California, I questioned the situation. I noticed that the bed was vibrating much more strongly, and it seemed that everything was clinking, even, things falling. Therefore, I began to question if it was an earthquake. It started to feel like one since everything shock much stronger than usual. I tried to get up, but I felt trapped, I could not move. I realized that it was impossible for me not to hurt if the roof had fallen on me, so it was sleep paralysis. So, I visualized light and floating in space. I got propelled out to the astral (I forgot that I was going to go to a lucid dream.)

So you see, sleep paralysis can be extremely real!

Sleep paralysis shouldn’t be a nuisance!

However; there are a few essential reads that may be of interest to you, so check them out:

And finally, this is all with stuff about sleep paralysis! Next week will be the first Wednesday of the month. Therefore, it touches the latest forecast of the year 2019. 2020 seems to promise, especially after the messages that the Spirit has been sharing. But all this, in one week! I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Dreaming in a Dream: A shuffle of lucid and non lucid dreams in one big dream.

Dreaming in a Dream: A shuffle of lucid and non lucid dreams in one big dream.


Dreaming in a dream within dreams.
Dreaming in a dream can create powerful dream-chains and combinations.

When you are dreaming in a dream, and you have dreams inside other dreams, and some are lucid, it is chaos. However; dreams are dreams, and what I am about to share is a “big dream” of dreams. In the previous post, I shared a dream of four depth levels, all using the WILD technique. But in truth, the “fourth level” is no different than the first, at the time I started the lucid dream. It is a quite interesting read and this week; also, because I am going to share another dream of these. Some layers were lucid, others were not, and I could make short astral trips in the middle of a big mess.

This dream started in a dream that was not a lucid dream; in fact, it could even be a nightmare. As a warning, the beginning of the dream is related to an insect and an emergency operation. I do not give much detail of that part (the quality of the dream here was not very high), but if you are very sensitive to the topic, skip the “Level 1” (the one at the beginning, not the one at the end) and “Level 2 /?” (almost at the end). Do not worry that I notice it before you read it by accident. As I said before, it was a strange dream, a mixture of astral projection, lucid, not lucid, and brief moments of waking.

I ended up very confused when I woke up. But it did not affect me either the next day or the next night, because dreaming in a dream is yet another dream.

When you are dreaming in a dream, you can get a blend of dreams and lucid dreams. It can be quite intense, but in the end, it is a big dream of dreams!

Well, here’s my dream 🙂 It’s a bit of a mess, but if you keep reading it, you’ll understand it without problems:

Level 1 – Nightmare; not lucid. (Avoid this first level if you are very sensitive.)

I had a False Awakening in a big hotel room; I believe I was in Australia. It was a very long dream, and I lost some of what happened, but a weird wasp stung me and laid some eggs under my skin. Said eggs hatched almost right away, and I started to feel very sick. I went to the ER, and they told me I needed surgery. They required total anesthesia, and I was worried because I just ate. I figured I was going to get sick big time once the procedure ended. I realized that I was probably going to astral project due to the anesthesia. When they administered it, I passed out and suddenly, found myself floating above my body.

Level 2 – Dreaming not lucidly of a false astral projection journey (You can read from here without problems.)

I was dreaming of an Astral Projection, but non-lucidly. I was flying around, and I passed out again.

Level 2/1/2/3? – Although dreaming in a dream is a regular dream, here I already got a little lost to group them or put a specific level.

I had a series of False Awakenings and falling asleep several times, like a big loop.

Dreaming in a dream in many other dreams.

Lovel 2 – Turning Lucid without knowing that I am on level two, and that level one is a dream.

At some point, I did a Reality Check and realized I was dreaming. Despite being lucid, I was still buying that my physical body was receiving surgery. I was in a big house, and I took a flight to make my dream stable and precise. The sky was clear, and I could see a very bright light. It reminded me of the Bonus task of the month, to visit the ISS and watch the sunrise over our planet. A challenge from a dreaming community that I planned to beat.

Level 3 – Although I thought, “I went up one level,” I “lowered” it.

I was standing on the edge of this station, and I could see our planet and a very bright light on the east. The Sun is rising right behind the Earth, and the beams of light from the sun had a few different shades of yellow, white, and red. I was happy to accomplish the ToTM Bonus, so I decided to complete some dares; however, I passed out again.

Level 3-2-1-0-1-2 – Another loop, much more intense, although you can be dreaming in a dream, you can also dream in a dream, in a dream, in a dream…

Another false awakening triggered a small chain of it. I was in a room, and I realized it was not the hospital. Shortly after, I turned lucid and double-checked my hands. There was a lot of noise, like hospital noises, although I was outdoors. I knew the sound came from another dream. Shortly after, I started to worry about the surgery and lost lucidity.

Level 2/? – Attention, small sensitive part (if sensitive, skip this paragraph). False astral travel, without lucidity.

Again in the same dream of the beginning in which I projected myself, and I saw my body, almost ready with surgery. I had an X-ray vision, and I could see how they eliminated all the parasite eggs from my body. My stomach was still full of food. Worry came, I knew that I was going to vomit everything and I would feel terrible when I woke up from the surgery. I could touch other people in this ghost-form, and they could notice me. However, unable to see me. I stayed watching for a while until the dream faded. (But it does not end here).

Level 1 – A little steep, but it’s part of this dream mess.

I had another false awakening, now in the hospital bed. The operation went well, but I knew that it was going to be tricky to eliminate anesthesia. I already sick. I blacked out.

Level 1/?1/? – More loops and more confusion. Dreaming in a dream is excellent, but they can confuse you a lot with fast transitions.

I had another FA in Vegas followed by a short lucid, and I quickly passed out once again to find me in another false awakening.

Right after that, I had then again another FA in my car. I parked in front of a store, and my wife was in the passenger seat (Was I driving asleep? lol) Moments later, I turned lucid out of all the nonsense, but my wife told me that I was not dreaming and prevented me from doing a reality check. I knew this was not my wife because we encourage each other to do a reality check.

Other False Awakening in a different room, to blackout again.

Level 1 – Crazy, crazy, and it will surprise you a little (maybe) when you read it.

I had another False Awakening in a different room, outside a building at night. There was a car parked, and they asked me if I enjoyed my trip. They caused all of these dreams to happen; it was a company called “9 clairvoyants dreaming.”

While awake, I still did a lot of reality checks to ensure I did not prolong the dream.

Crazy, right? But what I told you, dreaming in a dream, is another regular dream. Possibly, an EKG would not look different than normal sleep-dreaming. Or at least, I can guess, since I’ve never done such an experiment. Well, I’m glad you enjoyed it. The truth is that it is a dream that I will not forget.

Next week it’s Forecast time 🙂 Make sure to subscribe not to miss any! I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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A dream within a dream: A four-layer dream that I am about to share with all of you!

A dream within a dream: A four-layer dream that I am about to share with all of you!

A dream within a dream.
A dream within a dream: It’s still a dream!

Are you improving and going through self-realization? Have you ever had a dream within a dream? It is possible that yes since it is not such a strange phenomenon (but it is incredible to experience it). It is possible to have a dream within a dream and within a dream, within a dream… I love sharing dreams and teachings. In fact, in this entry, you can better understand the different types of dreams. Dreams are great, and when there are situations like this one, it’s even more enjoyable.

However, I want to share my story here with you guys, since someone in a lucid dreaming community challenged me to do “Inception” and go four layers worth of dreams within dreams. It produced quite a remarkable dream. They required me to use WILD to induce the dream and also every single dream layer, so here it goes:

The Moon wipes me out from a dream within a dream, within a dream, within a dream.

Layer 1. Lucid Dream.

Initially, there is a long fragment worth of non-lucid dreaming. Once I turned lucid, I woke myself up to do this challenge. Upon awakening, I did the WILD technique. A few seconds later, I had a false awakening in my room. The dream was fuzzy, so I decided to make my dream stable. It was night, and it was beautiful. I felt a flight would be helpful before doing anything, but I just flew into my room to go back to sleep, in my room, to induce the next layer.

After a few seconds of flight, the dream was pretty stable, so I decided to lay down in my bed to try to perform WILD within my lucid dream to go into another lucid dream. Firstly, I laid down in my dream bed and focused I wanted to WILD within the dream to enter another dream. I almost woke up, but I moved my eyes, and the dream became stable again. I attempted a second time, with success and without waking up.

Layer 2. A lucid dream within a lucid dream.

I had a False Awakening in a different room. It was in a big house, and my bed also looked different, it was greenish. I did not have any specific feelings, other than my normal feelings from being lucid. Neither, I felt like I was in a deeper connection with my self. Here I am at the second level of a dream within a dream. The dream was stable, so I attempted a second WILD. Once more, I laid down in my dream-dream bed and felt a shock around my entire dream-dream body.

Layer 3. A lucid dream within a lucid dream within a lucid dream.

I had another False Awakening inside a pyramid. I was still lucid, and I wondered why the hell I was inside a pyramid. My “bed” was the lid of a sarcophagus from some pharaoh who I had no idea who was. My dream was still stable, and I realized I was on the third level. They asked me to do a waking WILD and three WILDS more in the LD, so I had one more to go. However; I still had the same feeling, control, and personality from previous dreams, with perfect waking recall and also recall from what I have been doing since lucid. I laid down in my dream-dream-dream bed and focused on entering more in-depth into the dream.

Layer 4. A lucid dream within a lucid dream within a lucid dream within a lucid dream.

I had another False Awakening in another room. I checked my hands to make sure I did not blow the progress. My index finger was skinny and long, so I succeeded. I was at the fourth level, completing the challenge. I was still myself, with my same personality and my same dream body. Any changes? I did not feel more rooted nor connected with myself; but felt like a regular lucid dream.

I decided to look for a friend, a fellow Oneironaut. I exited my room hoping to find her. Instead, I found someone who was pissed at me for no reason and threatening. I knew he was a dream character and I was aware that my psychic gifts were more significant in a dream, even with extra ones!. I was in a big room, and he started to ask me a lot of questions. A female dream character also began to ask me questions to see what was wrong with me that I did not get along with this jerk. I did not feel like wasting valuable time in the dream.

I never lost the awareness that I was sleeping in the physical world. The fact that it was a dream within a dream did not confuse me.

I exited my house, along with a couple more dream characters. It was night, and suddenly the moon turned red and threw a fireball at us. I decided to follow the dream instead of controlling it. I wanted to see where my subconscious was going to take me. Someone told me that I belonged in a different dream, so the moon was going to try to make that happen.

The moon obliterated all the Dream Characters that were with me. I saw the moon turning green. When the moon was green, it would poison me. Also, the moon turned blue; if you made eye contact with it, you would become paralyzed. The moon could turn black, and a big whirlwind appeared from it, sucked you into it and brought you to the previous dream. I explored this strange dream world while the moon was randomly changing within these colors. Sometimes it turned on its natural color, which made it harmless.

It was the most beautiful; a dream within a dream can be crazy.

I suddenly got to a place where I could see a lot of people. They were for an event for some sort. I wondered what my subconscious had for me. So I jumped the line, and a guy asked me for my member card. I thought if I opened my wallet, I would pull one, so I did. He also asked me for my ID. I tried to search for my ID while the moon was aiming at me and turned red. I did not want the moon to hit me, so I ran from there.

Dream within a dream.

However, the red colors were very intense, very bright and then, a cloud of fire approached me. I ran and hid somewhere. All the Dream Characters did not seem to care. I entered a small kiosk; it was not more significant as a voting booth. I realized it was a Gamestop and I could purchase video games swiping my card in a machine. A few video game characters appeared painted next to the keypad. I wondered what games my subconscious made, but I could hear fire from the moon, so I left.

As I was walking, I avoided a fireball in the last second, when I witness the moon turning green and throwing me a cloud of green poison. I saw the cloud of green poison on me, I jumped to hide in a plant, and I could see how the poison killed the plant. I was fine, so I left the place. The moon was white, looking normal. I saw from the far distance the moon changing, but it was not attacking me. I observed how the moon turned black and absorbed someone.

An incredible feeling is coming. Could this be the magic of a dream within a dream?

I was flying by a lake. I am confident it was the Michigan Lake. It looked like it, like if I was in Chicago. Suddenly, I saw the reflection of the moon in the lake. It was a blue reflection, and I looked at the moon. I believe it was impossible for me to imitate what I saw on Photoshop. It was extremely beautiful and shiny blue. It was bright as the light, but it was blue. The color was also semi-transparent. I was amazed for such a beautiful moon my mind created.

I wanted to enjoy this moon with my friend, so I tried to summon her. While I started thinking about her and staring at such an amazing blue moon, I realized I was paralyzed and recalled that eye contact with a blue moon induced paralysis. I tried to regain control of my dream when suddenly, the moon switched to its black, absorption mode.

A colossal whirlwind came from the moon and hit me in a split second. I traveled at high speed towards the moon, and I wiped out. I couldn’t control it.

Going back to the previous levels. Level 3. If it is a dream within a dream, you should go back to the earlier levels.

I had a false awakening in the pyramid, the previous place I was before WILDing to a more profound dream. However, now there were people with me. I entered a chamber, and I had my Tarot Deck with me. Someone wanted to see it. She also had a Tarot deck, so I asked to see hers. I tried to channel and ask the Tarot a question; however, I do not recall the question. I cannot remember the first card, but the second one was called, “Bent Spoon and Fork.” The image of the card was a lot of bent spoons and forks, bent with psychokinesis. I tried to channel and figure the meaning of the card without realizing that I was looking at the card too much.

Climbing to layer 2.

I had a false awakening in a weird room, a room where I did a WILD on previous dreams. Left the room, and the quality of the dream was decreasing dramatically. I went to the restroom and tried to make the dream stable. However, the dream started to collapse.

Climbing to layer 1.

I had another false awakening in my room. I was back at the first level. My dream quality was terrible, and I doubted I would have enough time to meet my friend. I felt I was not going to recover the dream at all. I tried to focus on Astral Projection within my lucid dream, but I woke up. (Level 0, awake). I have been able to notice that this has been a dream within a dream because the return was by the same path as the one.

And this is all, deep down, this is a single lucid dream. The whole theme of the levels is dreamt, although it really can be very intense. But since you have asked me several, I will share another dream in levels, but this time starting from an ordinary dream and alternating between lucidity and no lucidity. This dream(s) did confuse me a bit! But you have a wait until next week. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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The best way to induce lucid dreams become great at them. Part (2-2)

The best way to induce lucid dreams become great at them. Part (2-2)

With this lucid dreaming manual you will be able to chain dreams.
You will have as many lucid dreams as you want, keep following this manual.

Hey, hey! So, you already knew what was coming, right? Here is the second part of this guide (you can check the first part here in case you missed it), for you to have a solid foundation in how to Lucid Dream. So, let’s go for it! Today you will be able to add more to your “dreaming roster” and get to use them tonight. Let’s keep going with the lucid dreaming manual.

I want to share doing reality checks is always a must to make the dream longer. I can have many lucid dreams, some great to share, but like everybody, I may have had so-so lucid dreams and non-lucid dreams. Last night I had one, took off flying to make it stable (it was already, but I always do it as advice on prior’s post.)

Upon reaching a big building, I wanted to go to a bigger one and then, consider what to do. I woke up on my way there but never did a reality check even though the dream was good quality. It was also time to wake up, so this also plays a part (I naturally wake up always almost at the same time.) I was at the end of my REM phase; otherwise, I would have lost a longer lucid due to not anchoring to it first. No problem, it will happen, tons of times. However, the more used you are to get always to check your dreams, the better. Even if you know you are in a one!

Dream stabilization is always a must; I want to share it in every single lucid dreaming manual.

Last week I shared the commonly known technique WILD, summarized to make it easier. There is also the DEILD technique that consists of starting to do the WILD method right after waking up from a dream. This one is tricky, and it will require you the use of mantras. To do it, you cannot move a muscle when you wake up, not even open your eyes. You can manage with DEILD by using mantras; it is almost the only way. You need to program your mind also not to open your eyes when you wake up from a dream. I honestly prefer to use mantras for other things, such as, “My lucid dreams are long and clear” or others where I can enhance or increase the amounts of lucids.

An enhanced DEILD technique.

So, I came up with an enhanced version of the DEILD technique; it will require a lucid dream, any lucid dream as I shared last week. While the DEILD technique has a substantial fail ratio for most, L-DEILD has a 100% success ratio. L-DEILD stands for (Lucid-Dream Exit Induced Lucid Dream). Yes, it requires a lucid dream to execute it. I said it was an enhanced version, not the magic solution!

But it is a very newbie-friendly ability. Primarily because at the beginning, most people get to have short and low-quality lucid dreams. However, this technique only needs a lucid dream. Even those shallow and horrible quality tiny lucid dreams may work to execute L-DEILD. Maybe, you look at your hands, and as you feel “I am dreaming,” you see the dream collapse, and an imminent waking up… does it sound familiar? Well, even in lucids like these, you can L-DEILD it into a full and beautiful long lucid dream.

How to L-DEILD?

  • So, you know you are dreaming right now. You are in a lucid dream (does not matter dream content); remind yourself or repeat mentally “I stay still” and close your (dream) eyes. Keep them shut, regardless of what happens, or you feel. You can also visualize the next dream you want to be.
  • You feel your body in bed, possibly vibrating. And pretty much in the time of a split second, you will find yourself back in the dream, almost with everything as it was before.
  • It is impressive because you are dreaming and suddenly, you are back in bed and even more unexpectedly, you are again dreaming, entirely lucid, prolonging it!

Everything remains in place except for small changes from the prior dream. In my case, it is the weather and the number of people. L-DEILD is a technique that I only share in these lucid dreaming manuals!

For lucid dreaming challenges, it is excellent, you will see.

Yes, it is that simple, the reason is that this technique makes your brain think you are still sleeping (you haven’t move anything at all physically), so it forms another dream right away. Somehow, you are pushing your brain here, and so it copies the prior dream. Your brain will “render” pretty much the same dream, with little to no changes as shared last week. Doing “/hop” is fantastic. You exit your lucid and re-enter it.

“/hop” Is a term from the early internet of “refreshing” a chat window. You leave-&-re-enter the channel as you typed /hop. It is like a bounce, you are out of the channel for a tenth of a second, then back in.  Chaining two lucid dreams most likely the same feeling, you are the tenth of a second in bed, and right away, back in the dream.

Empower your dreams by chaining, learn how with this lucid dreaming manual.

Since I learned it (in an actual dream), it worked for me every time. So it did for others who tried this technique when I shared it.

For some unknown reason, it is common to have one change; the weather sometimes changes when you re-enter the very same dream. But other than that, everything else is pretty much the same, great for people doing a lucid dreaming challenge for example (unless it has to do with the weather and you had the needed one before! Oopsy!) But except particular cases, it is an improvement and not a backfire.

Something I never get tired to share in a lucid dreaming manual: False awakenings are more deceiving than mirages.

You may find yourself back in your room; nothing happens… everything is still. Maybe you opened your eyes already. No vibrations, no nothing. Do a reality check, because of both DEILD and L-DEILD (making WILD count three), can easily trigger a false awakening. These are very pesky, and you know why out from the prior blog post. You might have forgotten in the prior lucid to keep focused, or maybe, you are in a dream! The second is the most likely result.

Perhaps you are ported, back in bed, but you are about to have a long lucid from the beginning, so you have plenty of “dream time” to do so! So, it works great, because the worse that can usually happen, is “getting lost,” and you need to do a reality check to whether check you are awake or asleep (or even in the astral.)

Woah! What an awesome dream I wrote down… nice… huh? Am I in bed again waking up?

And before saying goodbyes for this one, I wanted to share with you to ensure to do plenty of reality checks after you attempt to chain dreams or use any of these techniques: WILD, DEILD, L-DEILD. Do them in your dreams to make them stable, but also make sure to do them every time you find yourself in bed, whether you wanted to wake up or to prolong the dream.

False awakenings also occur after one of these dreams often; your mind tricks you with a non-lucid dream where you dream you write your whole lucid out, to awaken to realize it was a dream, with the lucid part completely wiped. You will buy you wrote it down, and you will let go of it. If you have a false awakening even when trying to wake up, keep waking yourself up, doing a reality check every time you wake up or false-wake up.

If you woke up for real, wrote the dream down asap, and get back to bed right away. Do not waste additional time and beware of the lights (voice recorder with a monochrome screen ideal here.) If you keep false-awakening, wake yourself up as I shared in the previous entry.

Temporal mental hallucination and “feeling lost in the space-time continuum.” Where the heck am I? Am I even awake?

Your mind is “quite strained” (but in the right way, because it still rests fine during sleep). Sometimes, even unsure where you are. Go back to bed and attempt the WILD technique above again. It will work with much more ease, and you can get lucid dream easily or even astral project. Also, you will have dramatically more chances to trigger DILDs (turning lucid in the dream out of the blue or a reality check) when you are not attempting other techniques. It can be like a big blend of dreams, astral travels, and lucid dreams, and thanks to this manual, you can experience it too. Check out this crazy chain of dreams I had here.

If for some reason you wanted to stop the lucid dreaming for the night, but you become lucid, go ahead, find a bed and go to sleep, in the lucid dream. Visualize just an empty void and relaxation (this can trigger an astral projection though). Or trying to get very involved in the dream, you will eventually lose lucidity. Maybe you can go to some lovely beach and enjoy the sun, or go to space and float there till you awake. In the previous entry, there are some “forceful” ways to wake yourself up.

And that’s it! Suitable for this lucid dreaming manual.

Now, you have an easy and summarize way of how to lucid dream. Even, just for the fact you have read the whole thing, it gets in your subconscious, and so it blends in future dreams, reading a little bit the chances to lucid dream more. So, even reading this will play in your favor.

By the way, I have a lucid dreaming course that you can join right here. The course is straightforward and shares the basics to the most advanced skills. It is an online video course, which you can complete at your pace since it has lifetime access; you will learn lots!. But anyway, I was going to share a quick guide here, so it is a little more for me to share now. Well, quite a bit, actually hehe. It is a complete lucid dreaming video guide.

Lucid dreaming course guide. Enjoy your nights!

You can induce a lucid dream at will.

So, as I shared, we are going to leave behind the lucid dreaming topic for a bit. Keep sending suggestions and ideas for blog entries, as I enjoy loads sharing. Next week, we will be talking about empathy and global empathy. We already have a blog post about empathy and a lot of you, have related and I loved that. So I am going to sharing a little more about empathy and global empathy.  I had a surprise for you! However, it will happen next week! I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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I invite you to check earlier posts:  second year, first year.

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The best way to induce lucid dreams become great at them. Part (1-2)

The best way to induce lucid dreams become great at them. Part (1-2)

A simple lucid dreaming guide.
How to lucid dream? This lucid dreaming guide is going to give you some easy steps!

Hello there! How as the forecast? Well, I guess the third double blog entry since the existence of this blog needs to happen right after the second double blog post. However, I wanted to bring a complete lucid dreaming guide, for you all to refer to it and get better at lucid dreaming. As I said last week, this would be the previous week for lucid dream topics for a while. I guess I accidentally lied since next week we will have the second part of this entry. However, it is worth it. Once done next week, time to shift the topic into something I am looking forward to sharing.

How to lucid dream?

A question asked non-stop, every day more and more, something becoming popular and that is great. We become aware that besides this physical plane, we have the dream plane, the astral plane, the mental plane and many more…. we are indeed a tiny spec in this existence! As explorers, now we get to explore these fantastic words. Not so long ago I created an Astral Projection guide, and accessible guide, all summarized in one blog post (you can check it out here), and since then, I have been asking for one about Lucid Dreaming, so here it is.

The truth is that since I have been sharing a lot on my blog about, possibly I never ended up doing a lucid dreaming guide, where all I compiled all the information, quickly explained and very summarized, this is why it will take two blog entries!. So, I am going to share, based on my own experiences since birth, learnings and teaching others, an excellent and easy lucid dreaming guide, which you will be able to read it entirely if you keep going! So, go for it and start lucid dreaming!

First of all, I want to share quickly the essentials you need, get the most out of this guide!

A few techniques that will help you deepen your lucid dreaming ability, to enhance, empower it, and improve it:

You must own a Dream Journal.

You must have a dream journal right next to your bed, a must-have. Make sure to write everything down, even feelings or faded memories you may have. Every time you wake up, especially if you recall a dream. You will enhance recall and lucidity. You will progressively improve your dream memory.

Make sure to do plenty of Reality Checks.

Make sure to do many reality checks during the day, even if you know you are awake. How confident are you? Better test! Question the fact that you are awake for sure because if you do that a lot during your waking days, you will do it in your dreams, and turn lucid. You will use to do it and if you will do in dreams, triggering a DILD. Check your hands, check gravity, look around you, analyze. Check everything is normal, and nothing is out of place, because if it is, you are dreaming.

It is something essential that you will find in every lucid dreaming guide.

Spend time thinking about lucid dreaming.

Make sure you think of dreaming through the day, keep it in your mind. Read lucid dreaming literature, talk about lucid dreaming, and share about dreams with others. The more you put into your consciousness related to dreaming, the better, as you will have higher chances for a lucid dream to form out of the blue because your subconsciousness has a lot of information about it.

Avoid watching TV/Videos, etc., before bed.

When you watch something on the TV, our brain becomes a receptor; we accept everything given, same as in dreams. If you get your brain into “acceptance mode,” you will buy everything in the dream, hence reducing your chances for lucid dreaming dramatically. It is about teaching your consciousness to question everything, and TV before bed backfires because it is programmed to make us watch it and accept all we see.

Careful with very thrilling video games before bed.

While video games are good for dreams and excellent to develop dream control, make sure the game is not very stimulating so that you can be relaxed. Avoid shoot-em-up or platform-style games (Halo, Mario games, etc.). Graphic adventures are great (Life is strange, etc.). RPG (final fantasies, etc.) games can also be great when doing the right stuff. “Grinding” (just leveling up doing battles over and over) is the ideal. Avoid story progress in these RPG games. They have a lot of videos, and you want to avoid those due to the reason mentioned beforehand. Other than that, grind away!

For a successful outcome by using this lucid dream guide (and for lucid dreaming in general, a bit of “sacrifice” is essential.

It is a good idea to avoid heavy foods before bed.

After a good eat, comes a sound sleep, right? Wrong. While a good meal can lock you on the couch and have a nice nap, you want to avoid this at night. If you have a very heavy stomach, your sleep will be altered, decreasing its quality. You know the first thing to go will be a good quality dream, right? You do now! So, not stuffing yourself before bed is a good idea. Your physical body will have a better rest upon a lighter dinner instead of having to digest a brontosaur!

You must deal with stress, anxiety, insomnia.

These are your worst enemies, not only for lucid dreaming but because these are lethal if they keep on growing. Make sure to fight these if they are in your life before attempting lucid dreaming, get rid of them, and ask for help if needed.

If you know how to induce a lucid dream, especially avoid WILD and WBTB, but if you get a DILD, enjoy! Learning to lucid dream, especially if you do not have natural skills, will strain your consciousness and your sleeping time. You will have a lighter sleep (and you want to). It will be counterproductive, and it can give room to these illnesses to grow and ruin your night/dreams when they are present. Meditation helps too!

Practice in a Lucid Dream. Become an expert with this lucid dreaming guide.

Well, these are the basics. By the way, I have a lucid dreaming course that you can join right here. The course is straightforward and shares the basics to the most advanced skills. It is an online video course, which you can complete at your pace since it has lifetime access; you will learn lots!. But anyway, I was going to share a quick guide here, so it is a little more for me to share now. Well, quite a bit, actually hehe. It is a complete lucid dreaming video guide.

Lucid dreaming course guide. Enjoy your nights!

You can induce a lucid dream at will.

So, with the basics shared above, I am going now to share a couple of easy techniques, these are well known online, especially the first one, but this way, you got it right here as well. I want you to have something to lucid dream tonight!

Make sure you try this if you wake up naturally in the middle of the night.

Make sure you try this if you wake up in the middle of the night or early morning hours. Ideally, you want to be able to wake up naturally and not be startled by the alarm clock. At this time, your body will be deeply relaxed. Avoid doing this at night before bed, even if you are tired, your body will be stiffed, and you won’t rest properly. It will not allow you to WILD properly. In the morning or even midday is a good time to do it, but it might be a bit harder, but it is possible to do it.

Just lay on your back in bed and gently, close your eyes. Visualize your body relaxing as you visualize the feeling of lucid dreaming, only focus on that, will make it the fastest and securest way to keep your awareness. If you never lucid dreamed before, clear your mind or relax it as much as you can. I have shared in many earlier entries how throughout this blog.

Entering into trance estate.

You will feel that your body starts to vibrate and to make buzzing noises. If you are from California (haha), this feels exactly like an aftershock. I have found myself wondering (am I going to WILD or is an earthquake coming? I wanted to induce my lucid/astral so I  just focused on my vibrations peacefully (no, I am not insane, if you are from Cali, I am sure you agree with “just an aftershock or small quake”!) Atthis point, you want to start visualizing a dream or a place where you want to be. (If you tried to astral project you could here by focusing on the vibrations instead.) Ignore the rest of the stimuli, but keep visualizing your dream as you will start to see it form in front of you.

Repeat to yourself, “I am dreaming,” “I am in a dream.” Keep visualizing your dream as it forms in front of you. Keep doing this until you find yourself in the dream, but make sure when you do, that your affirmations are positive and in the present tense.

Am I dreaming?

Do a reality check even knowing you are dreaming, do a few within the own dream. When you do, you will make your dream more stable, and you will most likely gain quality (like if you focus a camera and suddenly, it becomes bright instead of blurry.) It will also help to prolong your dreams. Welcome to Lucid Land. Make sure to use stabilization techniques and then, have a lot of fun, you own this world now! You can even go deeper!

So, it is an easy guess what is coming up for next week. The second part of the complete lucid dreaming guide. You can continue reading here. I hope you have enjoyed the read so far. There is a lot of exciting stuff where you will learn how to enhance your dreams. But there is even more, as well as sharing how all of this genuinely feels, from my own experience. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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I invite you to check earlier posts:  second year, first year.

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How can you prolong your Lucid Dreams and minimize sleep paralysis (2-2)

How can you prolong your Lucid Dreams and minimize sleep paralysis (2-2)

Dream manipulation will enable you to decide in your dreams.
How to stabilize a lucid dream with proper dream manipulation?

Hi again, so here I come with more. In last’s week’s entry, we were talking about sleep paralysis as well as how to prolong the dreams. I am sure that if you have been doing some dream-work this week related to chaining dreams, you already have witnessed the power of chaining dreams. But remember, do not be too greedy! I want to bring something extra this week. Something that will massively help you out in enhancing the quality and duration of your lucid dreams. Dream manipulation will enable you to decide what you desire; you will be both the main star and the director.

And before we keep going, I want to let you know that November’s forecast is ready and uploaded at my Youtube channel, and I want to give you this first notice because it happens again (happened earlier in the year, remember?) that the first Wednesday of the month is on the 7th! I will still send the blog post as usual, but if you want to check the Forecast earlier, you can go for it here.

Knowing how to stabilize dreams is essential for dream manipulation.

I just wanted to share my technique to stabilize my dreams. I have prolonged lucid dreams quite a bit thanks to dream stabilization. Sometimes, you lose it so fast that you can’t recover it, but many times, if you want, you can save it. I am going to share all my processes, the before and during the process.

First steps.

When I suspect of being dreaming, I do a few Reality Checks. It is always good to do plenty of these. Upon seeing I am dreaming. I do one gravity or hand reality check, already knowing I am dreaming, but intending to ground in the dream and bring further clarity.

I make sure to be able to take off flying as soon as possible. If I am indoors, I try to open the exit door if its close, but if there is a window, I fly through it. I also try to spin within my axis, but not too fast, or you can teleport (will change the whole dream setting) or wakeup. Usually, the window shatters, so it is okay (it will not hurt, of course) to not even open it. You may bounce back so that opening may work better for you.

So, if you are a natural flyer, I would recommend you used flying to make the dream more stable. Your consciousness will be happy and will push the brain to keep rendering your dream.

NOTE: If flying is not your prime skill or it is hard for you, do not try to do it right off the bat, because if you do, you will either fail to fly, crash and wake up, or wake up right away. Instead shutout, “More Clarity,” as well as imagining everything becomes clearer. Or use the next technique below.

OTHER NOTE: Make sure at 100% you are dreaming. In case of doubt, try to exit from wherever you are and try to take off from the ground.

How can I get better at dream manipulation, and what are the benefits?

I use this one to prolong dreams, but if you cannot make it clear or stable, it is great to use too for that intent. Grab something from the dream world. The more stimuli it gives, the better. (It is better to grab a wet branch from a tree, than a lighter sitting next to you, for example. You want to make sure it activates your touch senses, except painful stuff) However, if you are trying to save the dream because it is fading, you need to do with what you have around.

Grab whatever you can and start rubbing it within your hand. You can massage your own hands too, but this one does not work very well for most, and it neither does for me. However, it is always good for you to give it a try. Your dream will become crystal clear, or at least, you will feel you are no longer waking up, and you are more in control of things. Dream manipulation gets better and better as you practice.

Spinning, a known technique: Force your mind to focus on the dream instead of waking up.

Another way to make the dreams stable that it works very well is to start spinning within the dream. Out of a lot of literature and people’s experiences, this is also a great way to make the dream stable. I honestly do not like this one very much. The main reason is that you may get ported to an entirely different setting. Therefore, ultimately, different dreams. If you were doing a dream challenge, maybe you have blown it. You will have to start over again. It is not a big issue; in the end, you can always teleport back. However, if the above work better for you, go with them. Try this one if the above ones do not work that well.

And there is one more way, which is the same technique as teleporting. You can find a door, any door, and set the intention that it will take you to a place you love (a beach, a beautiful forest, space, up to you). As you go through the door, you might make it to the desired place. This alone will anchor you more rooted in your dream, hence, a correct dream manipulation or prolongation.

You can chain different dreams when you learn to manipulate them.

How to manipulate your dreams to get everything you want?

Now you can make your dreams much more stable, and you can also chain them and prevent awakening if you want to. There is a limit where you will wake up regardless, but when skilled, you might dream way too much.  If you keep on prolonging and chaining lucid dreams, the earlier memories will be in danger. Sometimes it is not that easy awakening yourself, but you can do it.

Some common and easy ways:

  • Starting at something: if you stop moving your dream-eyes, you can stop the REM phase and wake up. This one is the most reliable of them all.
  • Having sex: This always gets intense, sometimes more than in real life. Too intense in a lucid dream means awakening. Go for it, and you will sure awaken (focus on wanting to awaken, as if you make it a sex dream, your earlier memories will be in jeopardy).
  • Asking a dream character to wake you up: Sometimes, it gets as easy as this. Usually, dream characters will push you or maybe shake you, and you wake up.
  • Fly upwards while you think of nothingness focusing on your physical body: When you do, after a moment you will wake up. Make sure to focus on your physical body and awakening all the time. If you do not think of your body doing this, you can trigger an Astral Projection. I can assure you; you will have an enjoyable experience. Much better than the lucid dream, but you will forget most of your lucid(s). You will recall only the projection. It is up to you here.

Once you learn dream manipulation properly, you will know how to wake yourself up efficiently.

Are you sure that you woke up? Are you dreaming?

Once you wake up, make sure to do a reality check. You have massive chances to “false-awake” and thus, still, be dreaming (you can even dream you wrote the whole thing down). Sometimes it is like your mind fights for you to not do it! If you false-awoke, grab your dream journal and stare at it asking yourself to wake up. If you cannot find your dream journal on your “dream night table,” then stare at whatever is closest, but only stare there and don’t move. Do not try to wake yourself up with sex here (even if your mind spawned your naked and happy partner next to you), because it may obliterate the prior lucids you had.

If you false awake, wake yourself back again, keep doing it in the same sense until you wake up. You can easily have one false awakening, you may have two, possibly three, but sometimes you can have several in a row, even dozens. Or even astral project. If you find yourself in bed, and you believe you wrote your dream down, check your journal, and do a few reality checks. I insist false awakenings are very deceiving.

Beware from false awakenings; they can be extremely deceiving.

I have heard and ready crazy stories from people losing beautiful, lucid dreams due to false awakenings. I read in one of Stephen LaBerge‘s books about a little girl who took a car ride for a long trip. She fell asleep, to then wake up and tell her mom that she dreamt of the lotto numbers, waking up, giving them to the mom and falling asleep again. The next morning, after the draw, apparently were those numbers. The girl, excited, told the parents about it. The mom had no idea because she slept the whole ride. In other words, a false awakening cost millions to one family, LOL.

So, be sure to make a ton of reality checks…. false awakenings are incredibly deceiving. It does not matter your dream manipulation skills; the false awakening is a mightly lier!!

A false awaken might not only cost you a beautiful dream that got obliterated, but you can also even lose millions of dollars!

For next week, being the first Wednesday of the month, the Forecast will be the main topic! Even though you can check it earlier due to the calendar, I want to make sure it posts here too. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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