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Breathing: A lung movement that keeps us alive. Let’s get it right!

Breathing consciously can shift your life.

Written by Akashicsoul

December 9, 2020

Breathing consciously can shift your life.
We are going to get the most out of our breathing.

Hello! I hope the last 2020 forecast has helped you. This week we are going to talk about one of the mechanics that keep us alive: breathing. I have wanted to talk about this for a long time, and I have finally found the moment. Most people breathe to live. After all, we have to breathe constantly. However, you can get much more out of your breathing than you might think. Our breathing changes a lot in a twenty-four-hour cycle, generally being much better during sleep hours.

Breathing, even automatic, dictates a lot about our mood, energy, and much more. For this reason, according to the experiences we have, we can observe a change in the respiratory rhythm. It is time to discover that everyone can control the way they do it much better. There are many moments that if we change the rhythm, we can get a better result. Even in the most difficult moments, you can have much better results if you consider your breathing.

The importance of breath and why we do it so poorly.

We all know how important it is to breathe properly. However, very few people pay attention to their breathing. We live in a very fast-paced society, where we have little time to lose. However, learning to control your breath has many benefits. Most people only do well when they sleep. While we sleep, the lung movement is slow and deliberate. In fact, this movement will dictate many things in our health, such as our hearts beating.

Normally, we are used to bad breathing. We take in air for a few seconds, and then we quickly expel it. Actually, we are barely taking enough oxygen. Have you noticed that sometimes you take in a lot of air and breathe deeply? It’s like the body asks you for it, and you don’t realize it until you see that your lungs are full of air. When this happens to us involuntarily, we are depriving the body of oxygen, and the body has to work harder to obtain it.

I’m not going to dwell on this topic too much, but I want to tell you that it is important from time to time to focus on your breathing. It is important always to fill the lungs, and a few seconds later, vary them slowly and completely. Sometimes just by observing your breath, you can tell instantly if you are doing it right or not. Upon realizing it, and after a few weeks of practice, you will return to a correct rhythm without thinking. This will keep your blood, cells, muscles, and organs well oxygenated.

If there are painful times, pay more attention!

Sometimes not everything works the way we want. We live in physical bodies, which sometimes don’t work well. We will talk about this in the future, but I want to mention a few things. It is imperative to pay attention to your breathing, especially if problems such as pain, for example, do not let you breathe properly. Sometimes our health does not allow us to breathe well for any reason. We end up holding the air, taking longer to expel the air, and failing to recycle our lungs’ carbon dioxide. This can change the oxygen in your blood a bit. If you’ve been through a time like this and are feeling better now, it’s a good time to do some deeper breathing exercises.

If you do a lot of sports and/or have a very active life, it is also great to exercise to relax your body and heart.

Bring healing to your body with an appropriate rhythm.

An important aspect of spirituality is living as healthy a life as possible. And by this, I don’t mean going raw vegan and doing four sports hours a day. The body, however, as complicated it may get, knows how to heal itself. Something as simple as cutting, even an organ that is able and can regenerate from stem cells. The body will always find time to heal and improve.

It is possible to improve “the conditions” of our body to accelerate or empower these moments of healing. Breathing is a key aspect. The rhythm of breathing dictates a lot the state of our body, as well as our emotions. For that reason, when we get angry, we breathe faster. Therefore, it is vital from time to time to control your breathing. I am going to give you some exercises, but I am going to tell you that before doing those exercises, do this:

Observe your own breathing at different times of the day, but above all, in moments of more relaxation. For example, when you wake up in the morning. You want to observe the rhythm in a relaxed state. Once you know your breathing in this state, you can emulate it. If you find yourself very nervous, it may cost you a little more. However, if you try to change the rhythm to a slightly slower one during the day, your body will have a chance to heal itself better. Although it seems silly, breathing has a lot to do with our lives, and it is also a little different depending on the person.

Eliminate anxiety.

There will come a time when you can block moments of anxiety. For example, you start to worry about something, and you get nervous, speeding up your breathing. This can get worse, and you end up unhinged by the end of the afternoon. This can turn into a problem in the long run. If you know how to relax your rhythm, you will see that those nerves are gone within minutes of doing it. You’re going to have a much better afternoon. You must know that this takes time and practice. But if you have perseverance, within a few weeks, you will be able to see progress.

Breathing with goals materializes goals.

Breathing beyond obtaining oxygen.

As you well know by now, breathing is much more than consuming oxygen to keep cells alive. Therefore, you must learn to do it well. I have already commented above a very compelling reason for you to begin to master your way of breathing. If you change your breathing rhythm, you can relax or get more energy when you need it. To not make this post too long, I will cut to the chase with some exercises that can help you.

Clearing the chakras

This exercise is really very simple, and if you focus on balancing your chakras while doing it, you will get better results. This exercise is to be able to relax your lungs and heart. In fact, this exercise doesn’t have much of a secret. It is quite easy, and if you learn to meditate, you will already master it.

As I said above, I better recommend that you find your own breathing rate, but I’m going to give you mine to try:

  • Inhale for seven seconds, filling your lungs to the point of expanding your abdomen.
  • Hold the air for three or four seconds.
  • Expel the air slowly (this is the most important) for about ten seconds.
  • Leave your lungs empty for three or four seconds and breathe again.
  • Use your nose, mouth, or both. Whatever is most comfortable for you.

Repeat it over and over. There will come a time when your breathing will stay at this rate. You will notice that your heart rate has dropped and that you feel much calmer. This is where the body recovers the fastest. A state of peace of mind always brings healing. If you focus on your chakras here, you can also balance them and empower them. Take a look at these exercises to heal the chakras. You can do them while having relaxed breathing. In fact, this is an ideal breath to induce an astral projection.

Boosting your energy.

There are many ways to change your energy state with your breath. Sometimes we want to boost our energy and raise our heart rate. The exercise that I am going to give you is, above all, to enhance your spiritual energy. In some spiritual circles, this technique is used to raise the vibrations of the chakras and energy. It is straightforward and known, called “Fire Breathing.”)

Actually, it is about taking many short, very short, and very successive breaths. It is better to do it through the nose since it could make you dizzy through the mouth. Do this exercise for 30 seconds or so. More if you don’t get dizzy and you want to. Once done, try doing a simple meditation, and you will see that it changes!

The best of breathing.

The best is clear is to stay alive, but also, when we change our state thanks to breathing, it is something to be thankful for. Especially when you get, just by breathing, to reduce anxiety and avoid a panic attack. It is essential to have a little focus on this subject. Take a few minutes each day to breathe properly. After a few weeks, you will get used to doing it a lot more. This is a pretty common topic, so I don’t want to make the post too long (which is already a bit long, hehe), but I wanted to share my ideas, as some people have asked me.

Next week is time for a Journey. I saw last month that you really liked the Guides Journey, even though one of the Classics has the same goal. Well, for next week, I’m going to do the same, but with the Akashic Records, which is also well worth investigating. But hey, all this in a week. I will tell you next week. Now time for proper breathing. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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