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Principle of Mentalism: The first hermetic law of the Universe. What is it about?

Principle of Mentalism.

Written by Akashicsoul

March 10, 2021

Principle of Mentalism.
Let’s explore the Principle of Mentalism: It is time to discover more about the Universe.

How are you? I hope the forecast for March has helped you. This week, we will start talking about one of the seven Hermetic laws of the Universe, according to Kybalion. We will have one entry each month. Therefore this month, we will have the first one, the Principle of Mentalism. These laws are fascinating, and without realizing it, we are applying many of them, one of the most popular being the principle of attraction. If we keep these principles in mind, we will see and experience the Universe in a much more complete way. These are the seven Hermetic laws of the Universe, and they will have a link as we talk about them.

First, I leave you here the seven principles (as entries appear, they will appear with a link):

  1. The principle of mentalism.
  2. The principle of correspondence.
  3. The principle of vibration.
  4. The principle of polarity.
  5. The principle of rhythm.
  6. The principle of cause and effect.
  7. The principle of gender.

If you consider all these principles, you will see the Universe with a greater and better perspective. Knowledge is an essential aspect of spirituality, and as we see more, we have the opportunity to continue to grow with more learning. Besides, they will be short entries because these laws are straightforward and easy to explain. Every month we will talk about one of them. This month, as I said above, we will talk about the principle of mentalism.

The Principle of Mentalism explains that the Universe is mental.

First, the main foundations of the Principle of Mentalism explain to us that the universe is mental. Absolutely everything is mental, and everything is connected as if the Universe were a mind in itself. In fact, there are quite a few spiritual theories on this topic. This is not directly connected to Kybalion, but it is one of many possibilities. I, Fernando Albert, am creating this entire Universe with my mind. All of this exists because I exist. At the same time, you are creating your entire existence. You are even creating Fernando Albert to write all this. The Universe created by you and Fernando Albert interact in parallel in the multiverse. Maybe it’s a bit complicated to understand, but if you meditate on it, you will.

The Principle of Mentalism tells us that the Universe as a living mind is connected to all other minds, forming a whole. Therefore, every action you take has an effect (ripple) that affects not only this plane but many different mental aspects. This will help us understand how the Universe works and life itself. We can make decisions with this in mind and really realize the power of our actions, and of course, our thoughts.

Something essential to keep in mind about the Principle of Mentalism.

It is essential to understand that the Principle of Mentalism tells us that we are all one, a single unit, and everything that surrounds us is also part of us. This is as if I told you to imagine a painting where two people appear. Both people are part of the same painting, and besides, the people are connected through the paint that draws the landscape. If we try to analyze life from this point of view, we will understand all this much better.

In fact, if you can understand all this, you will realize that we can completely change our reality simply through our thoughts. We have a very high manifestation power. We must take into account what is going through our minds. As we have more control over this, we can be authentic architects of our reality and build an existence in which we exist.

The Principle of Mentalism tells us that our thoughts shape the Universe.

One little thing.

If you really focus on having a deeper connection with your thoughts, you will gain much more power than you imagine. It is not only because of the Principle of Mentalism, but you will discover much more about your own existence, and you will see that you are more in control.

An action may be worth a thousand words, but the thought is worth so much more.

As I was commenting, our thoughts are very powerful. It is important to understand that you will attract the right events in your life if you have the right thoughts. (I invite you to read my post on happiness, as it is connected to this topic.) This is a small reminder so that you remember to take the time to plan everything carefully and without haste. It is essential that you discover more about yourself and that you can identify what your passions are. It would be interesting if you also know your purpose in this life. The Akashic Records help a lot in this case, and with this powerful guided meditation, or this one, you can visit them.

Once you are in sync with all this, you will have your thoughts aligned with the Universe. And with this, you can create the reality you want. This has more power than you think, and if you start to focus on these aspects, you will see that your reality will change where you want. Intuition plays a crucial role, but the power to reason, think things intelligently before acting, and not be impulsive are aspects that you should consider to understand the Principle of Mentalism.

Now is time to focus on what you are thinking.

Next week we are going to start another group of posts, seven too, about the chakras. We have already talked a lot about the chakras. However, we will focus more in-depth and with examples, what happens when these chakras are overactive or underactive. And of course, some advice to open them. But all this in a week! I will tell you next week. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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