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Open the Throat Chakra: Understand the energetic state of this chakra.

Open your Throat Chakra.

Written by Akashicsoul

July 21, 2021

Open your Throat Chakra.
Let’s open and understand the Throat Chakra.

Hello, hello! Last week we talked about the Principle of Rhythm, and we will continue talking about the rest of these principles every month. We return to the Chakra topic, and although we have talked a lot about them, today, I want to talk about how to open the Throat Chakra. I not only want to explain how to open it, but I also want to comment on what happens when this Chakra is overactive or underactive. It is imperative to have all the chakras balanced. Otherwise, there may be a lack or excess of energy that alters the functioning of the Chakra.

First, we are going to compile everything we have available on the chakras quickly. Having tools and a good knowledge base is essential. Also, you can access all the inputs to open these chakras as they come out:

I also have a complete course about the chakras and a powerful guided meditation to empower them.

To Open the Heart, Chakra is not everything.

As I have commented on numerous occasions, it is not only about opening your throat chakra but keep them all balanced. But it is not simply the act of opening the chakras. Keeping them in good health is also very important. For this reason, this blog focuses a lot on these energy centers (among other things.) In fact, I want to leave you some exercises (click) that will help you keep your chakras in a state of greater positivity. It does not matter the age of our soul or its origin. As we navigate through our lives, we have experiences, achievements, and an endless number of negative or positive aspects. All of this will have a direct influence on this state of our chakras.

Your actions, thoughts, and experiences will dictate the state of your chakras. For example, if you open the throat chakra, it does not guarantee you a healthy Chakra. I have already commented on this, but I will include it in each of these posts, so I make sure you read it (but only up to here!)

A little note.

Although you open the Throat Chakra bringing you many benefits, you must also focus on the other Chakras. When more than one Chakra is open and active, we obtain additional benefits. For example, the Throat Chakra will help you a lot with communication. If we have this healthy Chakra, we will express ourselves better, among other things. If we also have a healthy Solar Plexus (personal power), we will have the assertiveness of communicating our ideas with ease. Along with this, having the Sacral Chakra healthy (work) will create a much higher professional impact on other people. So, in the end, it is essential to have our Chakras in the best possible shape.

It is time to open the Throat Chakra.

It is super important to have all the chakras opened and balanced, and opening the heart chakra is not going to be less.┬áIn previous posts, you will find a lot of information. But I’m going to give you some quick guidelines:

  • First, focus on the neck area, and observe how the energy begins to flow through this area. Mantras can become especially powerful with this chakra. Therefore I recommend the mantra “ham” since, with this mantra, you can empower and open the Throat Chakra. This is the chakra of communication, self-expression, and even learning and listening, what’s more. During a meeting, you will have a greater ability to listen. This will give you more power since while you listen, you will learn. You will know with greater certainty when is a good time to talk.
  • If your Throat Chakra is healthy, it will be easier for you to connect with other people. Interpersonal relationships work best when there is an optimal level of communication. If you are the type of person who knows how to listen and when to speak, they will always welcome you with open arms everywhere. Besides, you will screw up less since you will spend more time listening to others instead of talking.
  • As a personal analysis, you have to observe your ways of communicating. Are you talking non-stop and without letting the other person, or the rest of the group, speak? This is a straightforward question to understand since by simply observing how your meetings have gone, you will have an answer. Is it perhaps the opposite? You never know what, when, and how to say things? Self-analysis will help you a lot to enhance and open the Throat Chakra.
It will also help you to make energetic visualizations. You can visualize blue energy entering your Throat Chakra and empowering it until you feel a lot of energy in the area.

Open the Throat Chakra and empower your words.

The moment it is overactive or underactive.

Opening the Throat Chakra is not everything, and neither is activating it. I am going to explain some of the essential aspects that will bring you many benefits. You must take into account something else when you are taking care of your Chakras. Your actions can affect them and also their energetic function. This will directly and actively influence your day-to-day. So let’s see it with the Throat Chakra. This Chakra maximizes our ability to express ourselves correctly and know how to listen.

Underactive Throat Chakra.

As with everyone else, opening the Throat Chakra is not enough. Also, your life will dictate the state of this Chakra, and sometimes, it can reach a state of hypoactivity. It is not very difficult to tell when this happens, but it is important to improve it. Your way of being, acting, and feeling will help you discover if you need to reopen your Throat Chakra or improve its state. One aspect that greatly affects this Chakra is communication. Therefore, knowing when to speak and when to listen. If you see that your conversations are not flowing, I recommend you observe this Chakra.

Normally, if you have a hypoactive Throat Chakra, you might have difficulty expressing what you want to say. Also, you can get stuck when it comes to explaining something and even stutter without having this condition. If you find yourself constantly without knowing what to say, it can mean two things: One of them is that it is not your time to speak, but to listen. With a healthy Throat Chakra, it will be easy for you to detect it. The other problem is that it simply does not flow to form what you want to say, even if you know the subject.

In more serious cases of hypoactivity, you must open the Throat Chakra again and heal it. You can see that you have reached your extreme if you see that you are very stubborn, for example. Maybe you have a hard time listening and understanding other people, even if you don’t have anything to contribute either. You will also use more lies to have a quick exit from the conversation, which contributes to blocking this Chakra.

Overactive Throat Chakra.

Speaking at high speed can also cause stuttering, and also, this attitude is a clear symptom of having your Throat Chakra overactive. If this is your situation, you run the risk of becoming arrogant, which will separate other people from your circle. The fact of talking non-stop, even in a large group, indicates something wrong with the Throat Chakra. You can also observe that this Chakra is hyperactive if you find yourself with the need to constantly gossip. These are negative aspects that indicate that it is time to expand introspection. With a few small changes, you can greatly enhance this Chakra.

In more extreme cases, people with serious communication problems may have to reopen their Throat Chakra and take immediate action to materialize the changes that enhance this Chakra. Some people may even be intimidating and extremely extreme. These people are generally hyperactive in all aspects, starting with body language, form, and speech speed. A common case is also the need to have to give the last word in a conversation and (usually) wanting to be right.

In general, I can tell you that you will realize this right away as you connect with other people or even groups of people. Reasoning and learning are also benefits that you will obtain if you keep in mind that this will help you know what to talk about. Also, as this attitude will enhance your Throat Chakra, you will observe that you will learn things more quickly. You will express yourselves much better in groups, and they will accept you much better, in addition to listening to what you have to share.

A proper balance.

Therefore, you must take care of it in addition to opening your Throat Chakra. And it’s not that difficult either. You just have to keep a good flow during the conversations. You don’t have to take control of it, and you don’t have to shy away either. Also, I remind you that the Chakras are connected to our main organs. When the Chakras are healthy, they promote the proper functioning of our organs. It is not difficult to make sure that our Chakras are in balance. Besides, at the beginning of this article, there are some links for all the Chakras that will help you get the best out of them.

And so far, we have concluded with the Throat Chakra. Next week I am going to give you a little formula for success. I am not reinventing the wheel. However, it is an important simple thing to remember. I want to comment on this topic because I am sure that it will help you to realize things better and find the transformation. Therefore, next week we will go a little more in-depth with this topic. You will see that things are going to be easier for you. But all this in a week! I will tell you next week. Make sure to listen to July’s Forecast. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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