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Open the Solar Plexus Chakra: Understand the energetic state of this chakra.

Open the Solar Plexus Chakra

Written by Akashicsoul

May 19, 2021

Open the Solar Plexus Chakra
Let’s open and understand the solar plexus chakra.

Hello, hello! Last week we talked about the Principle of Vibration, and we will continue talking about the rest of these principles every month. We return to the chakra topic, and although we have talked a lot about them, today, I want to talk about how to open the solar plexus chakra. I not only want to explain how to open it, but I also want to comment on what happens when this chakra is overactive or underactive. It is imperative to have all the chakras balanced. Otherwise, there may be a lack or excess of energy that alters the functioning of the chakra.

First, we are going to compile everything we have available on the chakras quickly. Having tools and a good knowledge base is essential. Also, you can access all the inputs to open these chakras as they come out:

I also have a complete course about the chakras and a powerful guided meditation to empower them.

To Open the solar plexus chakra is not everything.

As I have commented on numerous occasions, it is not only about opening your solar plexus chakra but keep them all balanced. But it is not simply the act of opening the chakras. Keeping them in good health is also very important. For this reason, this blog focuses a lot on these energy centers (among other things.) In fact, I want to leave you some exercises (click) that will help you keep your chakras in a state of greater positivity. It does not matter the age of our soul or its origin. As we navigate through our lives, we have experiences, achievements, and an endless number of negative or positive aspects. All of this will have a direct influence on this state of our chakras.

Your actions, thoughts, and experiences will dictate the state of your chakras. For example, if you open the solar plexus chakra, it does not guarantee you a healthy chakra. But come on, I have already commented on this, but I will include it in each of these posts, so I make sure you read it (but only up to here!)

As it is for the rest of the chakras.

It is super important to have all the chakras opened and balanced, and opening the solar plexus chakra is not going to be less. Our power center resides in the solar plexus chakra. To have good self-esteem, good assertiveness, and self-confidence, you need to have this chakra in very good condition. As I have commented in other posts, it is not only this chakra itself but a collective functioning of all your chakras. For example, if the solar plexus works in sync with the sacral and the throat chakras, you will have a very high professional potential. And you will also have the power to create strong positive impacts on other people.

Time to open the solar plexus chakra.

Our potential resides in the solar plexus, and having this potential available in all of your areas of life will have many benefits. When you have correct self-esteem, you will follow your path with much more assertiveness and possibly reach the goal. It is essential to value yourself because you will realize how to use it when you see your power.

I have already shared a lot about the chakras!

In previous posts, you will find a lot of information. But I’m going to give you some quick guidelines:

  • First, focus on the stomach area, and try to perceive the energy (or strength) you have in this area. It is important to put effort since this is the chakra of personal power, the impression you will make on other people, and your self-esteem when seeking your desires.
  • The solar plexus is related to finding the value you really have, and you carry this value before you without fear or egos. If you can realize your worth (but with no ego), and you are also able to present yourself like this to other people and the world, you will open or have the solar plexus chakra open. I also call this chakra the garbage disposal, as we remove a lot of bad energy through this chakra.
  • In your personal analysis, see if you are finding what you are really worth. Or if, on the contrary, you are stopping doing things because you think you don’t have what it takes. It is important to know yourself on a deeper level to enhance this chakra. As soon as you find your strengths and feel gratitude for them, you will grow as a person and expand this chakra.

Also, choose to make energetic visualizations, which will also help you. Visualize yellow energy entering your solar plexus chakra and empowering it until you feel a lot of energy in the area.

Abrir el Chakra Plexo Solar traerá confianza para encontrar el éxito.

The moment it is overactive or underactive.

To open the solar plexus chakra isn’t everything, and neither is activating it. Now, I am going to share some of the essential aspects that will bring you many benefits. You have to take into account something else when you are taking care of your chakras. Your actions can affect your chakras and their energetic function. This will directly and actively influence your day-to-day. So let’s look at it with the solar plexus chakra. This greatly enhances our self-esteem and personal power. It helps us value ourselves as people and eliminate the negative energy that we have been able to absorb. For self-healing, you will use, among others, your solar plexus.

Underactive Sacral Chakra

There are many factors in life that can (and do) affect your personal worth. We can open the solar plexus chakra but still not have enough energy. When the solar plexus has little energy, you begin to doubt your own potential. When this happens, you can begin to stop working effectively in life, and generally, causing even more doubt. Besides, when you reach this state, you stop aiming for the highest, making you feel more reserved. This will affect other chakras since you will lose passion. For example, affecting your sacral chakra and lack of passion will reduce your love for things. You are also going to start having beliefs that block your potential all the more.

A much weaker and more indecisive personality is also displayed. This is a problem since toxic people will have the power of control over this type of personality. By not having confidence, it will be easier for any person or source of information to influence much more (at an unhealthy level) your decision-making power. And as I mentioned last week, with the principle of vibration, you will attract more negative feelings with these negative feelings.

And finally, on a more spiritual level.

To open the solar plexus chakra will help you a lot to clear energy that has no purpose in your life. If yours is underactive, the ability to remove negative energy will decrease. This, sooner or later, completely blocks your solar plexus. As the solar plexus also distributes energy to the rest of the chakras, the energy flow within your body reduces. Nor should we forget that the solar plexus is connected with your stomach and the assimilation of nutrients. This may mean that more digestions are slow and heavy, in addition to having lower assimilation.

Overactive Sacral Chakra

Having an excess of energy in the solar plexus is also a problem. As it is popularly said, “everything in excess is bad,” which is a great truth on all planes. For example, when you have too much desire for control, especially over other people, you are showing signs of having an overactive solar plexus. Generally, the ego can grow out of proportion to the point of being difficult to deal with. There will be a lot of cynicism in your personality, always finding things to criticize. Besides, with this energetic state, it will cost you more to listen. This will cause you to make mistakes, and that other people do not want to connect with you and block the energy of your throat chakra. Therefore, it is much more than opening the solar plexus chakra.

In more extreme cases of hyperactivity, your personality can become more aggressive and more vulnerable to rage and rage. Therefore, in this state, you will not listen to anything or anyone, which will bring you problems in life. In addition to possible accidents or serious mistakes due to excessive self-confidence and believing that everything is under control. If you find yourself judging everything, and everyone around you, perhaps you should judge the energy of your own solar plexus and make sure it is in good shape.

A proper balance.

Therefore, being conscientious and having a bit of sense goes a long way. It is important to take care of your chakras, all of them energetically. So, it is not worth to open the solar plexus (or any other chakra) but giving it optimal care. It also has a lot to do with how you act in life. It is important to be patient, know how to listen, and even follow advice. However, it is also important to know when you have to give advice or use your authority, but with good and assertive communication. Find your inner power to use it constructively, for your life, and that of others. And lastly, don’t forget to upkeep this chakra energetically.

Well, next week I’m going to return to the subject of dreams. Although there are dozens of entries about dreams, we have never made a false awakening entry yet. It is a fascinating subject, and it can become a hindrance when you are developing your dream skills. I will also tell you a couple of exciting situations. But all this in a week! I will tell you next week. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! Don’t forget to check May’s forecast. See you next Wednesday!

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