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Monthly Programs

I welcome you to the Meditate with Fernando Monthly Programs. This is a special section where you will find different packages with many options. I have created this section by popular request, and here it has arrived.

You will see monthly and quarterly programs, different programs or packages with meditations, courses, daily messages from the Spirit, and much more.

These monthly programs will help you transform your life on a personal, mental, and spiritual level. We are going to work together every day, and little by little, we will go along the path you need. When you work with another person, many life challenges and progress are greatly facilitated. I’ll be delighted to be that facilitator; you’re one click away from it! This is what these monthly programs are for!

You will be able to find from one-time coaching to Life Transformation Packages where you will experience profound personal growth and magnificent healing bundles.

Energy Alignment through mindfulness practices

Through these programs, you will learn how to have a more mindful life. I believe in adding mindfulness practices during each problem because this way, you will be able to get the most desired results. To get the most out of these programs, you will start perceiving energy, and connecting to Spirit (up to your capabilities), and for this, you need to have some healthy control over your mind and heart.

Focusing on energetic alignment is one of the foundations for these monthly programs. I believe that reaching this alignment is something essential. We all should be in this state of alignment but most individuals aren’t. Once this is true, gaining some control over your mindfulness state will be within the reach of your hand, and from here, you will witness a profound spiritual progression.

You will be able to follow through with monthly meditation programs if this is a path of your choosing. The Talk to Fer Monthly Programs are super flexible, and we can aim for your goals. Through transformative meditation courses, you will create a profound foundation in your meditation practice, aiding massively your life and spiritual development.

Self-discovery is another essential

When you go through one of these programs, you will discover that your self-discovery will be another essential point. I believe that being connected with yourself is essential to connect to the Spirit. Most individuals aren’t connected with themselves either, something that will profoundly change for you if you subscribe to one of my monthly programs.

Enjoy Interactive Workshops

If you experience one of my monthly programs, you will enjoy interactive workshops. These are crucial for you to succeed because you will find a lot of practice exercises, guided meditations, and many teachings through video and audio that will help wonders. All of this is essential to create the best Life Transformation packages.

The great thing of all is that you can find a lot of different options in how you develop. After setting an initial foundation, you can choose many paths, but these are some of the things you can work on during one of these monthly programs:

  • Energy Clearing Sessions: All programs, especially the three-months program contain healing sessions, and some of them, even shamanic healing experiences. This section is a transformation healing program.
  • Mindfulness Practices: You will have assignments where you will perform many mindfulness practices, getting used to adding these to your daily routine.
  • Chakra Balancing: Since most of these monthly programs contain guided meditations, you will get some to aid Chakra Balancing. On top, you can also practice through assignments and exercises.
  • Dream and OBE discovery. You can become an amazing onironaut or explore higher dimensions far away from your physical body. I will help you with Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection, you only need to put in the effort and passion, and I will be your guide.
  • Daily Spiritual Guidance. Some of these programs have access to a monthly WhatsApp chat where we will send messages back and forth. I will give you spiritual guidance in any way you need. Furthermore, most programs include psychic readings.

Currently, these are the available monthly programs

  • Monthly Healing Packages: In these packages, you will have daily healing with several weekly reports. If you want a bit of healing and white light in your life, this is your chance!

Through these programs, you will find the healing you need. Several subscribers claim to be a lot more in balance, even getting spiritual wellness independently after enjoying from 1 to 3 months’ worth of daily healing.

  • Transform Your Life Packages: These are not monthly programs but are quarterly, containing many things, from readings, healings, and Zoom sessions, as well as meditations, courses, and shamanic healing. Experience a profound guided life transformation.

Through these, you can find the transformation and the changes you need for your life. You will experience transformative coaching for any goals you have. What does your soul yearn for? We will work on materializing it together.

Coming soon:

  • Messages of Light: Receive several notifications from Spirit each day.
  • Mini Spiritual Classes: Receive small classes in mp3 several times a week.
  • Your ideas: If you have any ideas or would like to see a specific program for something, I invite you to contact me so I can implement them.


Q: What’s included in Transform Your Life Packages?

A: These monthly programs last three months. You have three tiers containing different options: Research, Deep Exploration, and Transformation. You can check them out below. However, you will find readings, healing, shamanic healing, personal coaching, zoom meetings, spiritual courses, and powerful meditations.

Q: Can I suggest new program ideas?

A: Absolutely! So, please do! However, we will be able to build something together and make a personalized program, so make sure to reach out clicking here.

Q: What’s the significance of Messages of Light?

A: These are channeled messages from beings of light that will serve your highest purpose. I will pass you these often.

Q: When can we expect Mini Spiritual Classes?

A: The Mini Spiritual Classes are implemented. There are over 200 mp3s ready, each one touch based on one different subject. These will be included in the monthly programs, as well as the Transformation Programs.

I will be delighted to work with you. Lots of light!

Thank you: Monthly Programs