Terms of Service & Return Policy


Our shipping policy:

We offer free shipping worldwide. Our shipping dates are within 2-3 days. However, digital shipments will fluctuate between the same day and a couple or three days at most. You will be able to find an “Urgent” option, which means that you can get your reading much faster.

Cancellation policy:

Customers can cancel the order at any time before the order has been processed.
Soul Meditation has the right to cancel orders for reasons such as an item is out of stock, pricing errors, or credit/debit card payment declined by the issuing financial institution. However, once a digital product is finished, there will be no possibility of canceling it since the product will be discontinued.

Refund Policy:

Soul Meditations does not offer refunds but adheres to the Exchange Policy that you can read below.

Exchange Policy:

If a damaged shipment is received, Soul Meditations will resolve this problem by sending out a new item. If you have any issues with your digital downloads, Soul Meditations will make sure to replace this item. Psychic readings do not adhere to the Exchange Policy, but if you have a problem, you can reach out, and we will find an easy solution. It will always be possible to find a solution to any situation.

Soul Meditations always ensure you have an experience full of joy and satisfaction. If you have any problems, you can contact Soul Meditations by clicking here. You will have an answer in the next 48 hours. A lot of light!

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