Earth is a planet with its own consciousness, and with a great purpose in the Universe.

Earth: A home with her own consciousness, and soul. With a purpose too!
Earth is much more than housing.

What is the purpose of Earth in this vast Universe?

Hello! How are you feeling energetically wise? Did you do any cord-cutting? Well, today we are going to talk about something totally different. I want to talk a little about Earth. It is not only as a planet, and definitely not only as a home for humans and other living things but also on a higher level. After many years of working with people, reading interesting things, my astral travels, and shamanic ones. And a little help from my guides, especially one, will share my vision towards Earth as a planet and a soul.

We all know this planet very well, or so we believe. We know our planet Earth because it is where we live. However, there is much that we do not know yet. On this planet, there are amazing things like beings living without oxygen (source), even animals thousands of meters deep, living near sulfur biochemistry due to underwater volcanic activity. And science has discovered incredible things, most available in reports and documentaries, and perhaps, some stuff that they didn’t tell us yet!

The Earth is a living being with its own consciousness.

Also called Gaia or Mother Earth, it is much more than a planet full of animals, plants, and minerals (yes, humans are animals, nothing special nor superior). Earth has her soul and consciousness. An easy example is the elemental souls, who are incarnated here as humans. Earth knows that humanity needs help, and after all, we are part of Gaia. Although we harm the Earth, in the end, it will only change, but perhaps our humanity will disappear. However, it is essential to know that the Earth has her conscience. We need to respect her.

Another example is global empaths, who can perceive how humanity “feels” at the collective level and how Gaia feels. Right now, we are not working in synergy with Earth, and she knows it. Gaia has everything we need, yet humanity collectively does not appreciate it. Earth knows perfectly well that humanity is not well. Things such as disease and chronic issues do exist. We are not using the resources that the Earth offers us; we have taken different routes. Thus, not healing.

A soul as a big planet.

Sometimes we don’t realize it, but all living things, including Gaia, our mother Earth, have a soul. Imagine a beach full of mollusks. Perhaps there are hundreds of thousands on one single rock, and there are hundreds of rocks. Each of these mollusks has a soul. All souls have their Akashic Records; therefore, Earth also has them. When you do silent meditation with an open heart and the intention of connecting with the Earth, you will notice her presence.

You can also notice Gaia’s conscience when you take a shamanic journey, for example. The Earth shows us many aspects that most are unaware of. In the plane that we see, in which you are possibly reading this, we only obtain a fraction of much “more Earth” in other planes of consciousness. Here is where you can connect on a profound level with Gaia and be more in sync with her. This is good for our health because, after all, our physical bodies are from this planet so that this planet can heal us.

The Earth has gifts unique in the Universe.

Time to wake up, stop using the snooze button.

The Earth is going through many changes, and not only because we are continually polluting her. Here, we are “only” damaging her and possibly breaking a symbiotic living contract between her and us. There is more to this. The Earth herself is also shifting her vibrations in a higher frequency as the entire Universe continues to expand and develop. It requires all beings inside of Earth to also elevate their consciousness to match the vibrations. One big reason why human consciousness is constantly challenged: we are behind people. So, it is time to start living a life of passion, joy, love, and abundance. Be grateful, fill your being with Light, and be thankful.

The forecasts also have a connection with Earth.

Earth is unique in the Universe.

There is one thing to keep in mind; the Earth is unique in the Universe. And I’m not saying this from the “it’s so pretty, and there are so many things” approach, not at all. Also, precisely my soul finds home on other planets as I am a starseed, so it is not the typical obsession with Earth that some people have. Saturn and Mars are also unique in the Universe, as no two planets are alike. In other words, there is no different Earth equal to ours. One of my spirit guides, an elemental soul (he was human, but not a family ancestor), doesn’t like it when we think so much about the “super-earths” out there in other solar systems.

So perhaps, some animal that has become extinct has done so universally because it was unique here. You need to be a little aware of the magnitude that human behavior can affect the cosmos.

It is very nice sometimes to listen to the songs of Earth. It can be nurturing!

We have to take better care of Gaia.

Through the root chakra, we can connect with our planet. Perhaps right now is a good time to activate your root chakra, as you will be able to connect to Earth consciousness faster and have a much deeper experience. And now that we know a little more about Earth is time to take care of her in our best possibilities and don’t harm her on purpose. For now, and in this current life, it is our only home. Well, next week will be the first Wednesday of the month, so it’s forecast time. Let’s see how it is! I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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