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Incarnated Angels are angelic souls who came here to have a human experience.

Incarnated angels bring love and healing.

Written by Fernando Albert

October 16, 2019

Incarnated angels bring love and healing.
Incarnated Angels: Souls that left behind unconditional love to come to Earth.

How are you? I am sure that many of you were waiting for this entry, and especially when we talked last week about starseeds. This week we are going to talk about the incarnated angels. I know that more than one person reading this is already getting excited 🙂 (Note: The incarnated angels are the ones that clean the energy best through crying.) As I told you, I am not an incarnate angel. However, I have had and have connections with souls that are incarnate angels.

Angels, in theory, are also “ETs,” since they are also extraterrestrial beings. However, these exist in the angelic plane where there is no space or time. With a lot of dedication to astral travel, you could visit this plane, but momentarily, you will return to your body for its very high vibration. Some of the souls decide to begin their existence in the angelic plane. I cannot explain why, and my guides explain to me that some concepts here are above the limits of human consciousness. These souls can also arrive as walk-ins.

An angelic being that incarnates in a human being.

I cannot speak much about the angelic plane since I am not an incarnate angel but a starseed. I will rely on multiple visits on hundreds of Akashic records and information that my guides have given me. Furthermore, I like to read. Therefore, I have obtained some of this knowledge thanks to some books and articles online. Incarnated angels come from a plane where only unconditional love reigns. Duality does not reign on this plane either, but everything exists in unity in the here and now. This aspect duality can be so difficult for an incarnate angel soul than for a starseed.

In principle, there is a particular characteristic of incarnate angels, and that is their healing ability. The vast majority have healing skills, empathy, and others who can provide help/light in any way. Also, it is common to find that the aura of incarnate angels has healing energy (you can learn to see them here.) I see that these are the most valuable spiritual aspects that we can find in an incarnate angel. However, I will share some characteristics that I have observed that they commonly have. It will not be the typical list, as it was not last week, but what I have been finding personally, professionally, and astral.

Meditation comes quickly and great to most angelic beings, especially with high pitch sounds.

You may connect with the aspects of the incarnated angels, and if so, and you feel it inside, you may be one.

There are many experiences (both positive and negative) that do not exist on the angelic level. For example, pain and sadness do not exist on the angelic level. Furthermore, neither exists an intimate moment with someone, a good meal, or even a strong emotion like doing a parachute jump. As I said before, the angelic plane is love, unconditional love, but only love. Nothing else. It greatly influences the life and character of the incarnate angels. A starseed has had many different types of life according to its solar system. Just as many human souls only know the duality of planet Earth and life on the physical plane, angels only know unconditional love.

It brings two reasons for an angel to decide to incarnate, at least, here on Earth:

  • Apparently, some of these souls want to be able to experience what it is to be human. They are attracted to human consciousness, both good and bad, that they may not understand at that time.
  • The vast majority observe (in this case, the Earth) and perceive emotional pain for the first time. In their pure love, they come as incarnate angels to help the Earth know only unconditional love.

Incarnated angels came here for various reasons.

The rough reality.

I could say this for starseeds. However, we have expressly come with a purpose. I am sure that at the soul level, we already knew what we were getting into. However, this process is much more innocent for incarnate angels. Especially for those who incarnate here and think that everything is lovely on this planet (I insist, they don’t know negativity.)

A note: Angels have no gender and do not know sexuality. This can influence when incarnated here when each one’s sexuality is developed.

As I said, many incarnated angels, especially in their first life, come to this planet, thinking that this is a party. And, of course, it is not. It creates adaptation problems to the incarnate angel, as well as issues in personal and professional relationships. Sometimes, the mere fact of existing and being in duality may be too much for this kind of soul to handle.

Incarnated Angels: Either the flower blossoms in its maximum splendor or withers.

Imagine if something unpleasant happens to you that you didn’t expect. Now, imagine that what happened to you is to birth and that you now exist as an individual human being. If you are not an incarnate angel or a starseed, it will be harder for you to understand. Even, as I said before, this is not so real for some starseeds. Especially true if that soul has always had physical lives on the other planets. Or even, as it is in my case. I have an etheric origin but also an awareness of the physical plane from other planets.

Adaptation issues

Incarnated angels suffer a bit from the same adaptation problem that starseeds suffer, but perhaps on a much smaller scale. (Is it probably because they do not see their plane, but we see the stars?) However, the incarnated angels also have to pay more attention to their root chakra. Besides, both from what I have read and what I have seen working with people, I need to mention something additional. The incarnate angels have a dangerous “mechanism” (for themselves), especially angelic souls with little or no experience in this dense physical plane of duality.

Merely existing is a struggle. It does not happen if incarnated angels know their purpose, but it is dangerous if it happens to them. These people will need spiritual and mental help. Incarnated angels are more likely to use drugs that block the consciousness of all soul groups, usually hazardous and chemical. Besides, the main reason will be escapism (even if they do not show it), which increases the risk of an overdose due to tolerance. They are also more likely to have intense depressions. Unfortunately, some of these souls decide that life on this planet is too much; therefore, they take it away.

An incarnate angel is usually anti-system, like many starseeds.

Problems may escalate.

Worse of all, suicide is karmic, and then you will have to reincarnate again on Earth. If you are not happy here, do your best, take root for what you like, and try to bring good vibes since you have come here. A life event or your brain shutting down will decide when your life ends. Therefore, you don’t choose when to end your life. You shouldn’t.

Another vital aspect that incarnated angels have to boost is their self-esteem and see their real potential. It is something that none of the other three groups suffer. In the society we live in, everyone has reason to lower their self-esteem, true, but it is much more profound for an incarnated angel.

Some incarnate angels incarnate through a walk-in.

When the light points in the right direction.

Incarnated angels can live a life of passion and success (personal and spiritual). It happens when they are in balance, and there are no toxic people around them. The energy bubbles are “the best friends” of the incarnated angels.

Innocence is a characteristic that all incarnate angels usually have. It can and most likely will be replicated in adulthood, and unfortunately, this world is not ready for that kind of innocence. Therefore, open your eyes!!! That way, the incarnated angels will be more in balance and not wasting energy or time foolishly.

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Next week we will be chatting about an interesting topic. It about the elemental soul type. Hence, an excellent read! What characteristics are typical for an elemental incarnate? You may feel it even resonates with you! But I will share more next week! I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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  1. Shane lim

    This is the most realistic and useful article about incarnated angels. But I can’t help to be innocent in life.

    • Akashicsoul

      Thanks 🙂 I try to pull the information from Source, and the Akasha of many, so it is clearest 🙂

      • Kristin Rivera

        Hi thank you so much. I know I sound crazy but I fully just woke up in November. I think my soul has been trying for years however I would relapse on herion because it was just to much. Know I won’t do that but I need guidance. I know what I am

        • Akashicsoul

          The awakening of an incarnate angel is complicated sometimes, but beautiful when complete. I will love to lend you hand.

  2. Carl-Johan Lindström

    Very interesting. This year I’m studying channeling, and I learned i was an incarnated angel from the angel group of Gabriel.

    Everything I read on this article was so validating. I found this article via Facebook searching for incarnated angels, because maybe I should be friends with angels, and not earthsouls and starseeds. Maybe I can relate more to incarnated angels.

    I also started to realise what’s going on in my life all these years.
    Just the way incarnated angels see and observe this planet, my biggest quest most mostly be to invoke feelings in poeples lives, and inspire them through small unnoticible thing that change their lives to the better. I changed the consecvences but never took credit. I helped them.

    The beginning was so interesting too. Clean energy when crying. My lates big cry two months ago resulted so that the pleidians came to me. I took a power nap in the aftermoon, and thought I woje up, but It was this this enormous paralyze, big energies was tumbling my body, then a wirvling green light bursting out from the constelation of pleidians appeared, three green men came up and asked me if I was okay.

    • Akashicsoul

      Thanks for sharing! It can be mighty when you find your soul identity, as it was for me when I had my own realization. However, I did not feel already much from this planet anyway before that hehe.
      Typically, as an incarnated angel, you will indeed relate more with other angels. I am glad you liked a starseed-written article about it., so thanks for that!

      You have a beautiful quest, and partially, it touches mine also. It is a lovely mission for an incarnate angel, you will do great at it, as you are doing with channeling already.
      What you describe is sleep paralysis, and you entered a lucid dream. You can visualize floating, or angelic energy lifting you out from your body, and you might Astral Project.

      And, by the way, I am a Pleiadian starseeds. Pleiadians, among all the starseeds, are the ones that share the most traits with incarnate angels. We are the “softest” of the ETs, like incarnate angels hehe.
      Much light for you!

    • ImsorryyourestuckwithGabriel

      Lol Carl, I’m sorry you have to be part of Gabriel’s group. It’s not your fault :p not everyone can be part of Michael’s group, which, as we know, is the best one out there.

      (I’m totally joking btw. Y’all are…alright :p, a bit touched, but alright :p )

      Yes yay, you know what you are. Lol. /slow clap
      Now log off the internets and get to work you goober. :p You’re not alone by a long shot. You’ll start seeing us out there pretty easily. You’ll meet them doing hospice work, etc. If you want to talk shop, then go to the places where people are hurting and need the most love and care and THOSE are your folks.

      Honestly. It’s the saaaaame song and dance each time we’re here. Lol. It’s like when you discover sex for the first time and you realize there’s a whole thing out there that you never knew until now.

      Hey but seriously though, if you do seriously want to talk about, please email me: [email protected]

      It can be very scary and lonely when you wake up, but we’re always here and always have been and will be and everything is gonna be ok /hugs We’re always watching (especially when you’re in the shower. We REALLY watch you then :p lol)
      Besides, earth has BTS, Cinnabon, Netflix,etc People are so amazing and creative 🙂

  3. Ana Maria Antill

    I always knew I was different, I dont know how different, but different. I have been through many challenges in my 33 years of life and I was told multiple times that i am an incarnated angel. I am trying to find out more information about the subject and I would love some guidance. Can we get in touch?

    • Akashicsoul

      Hi, Ana! Those feelings are definitely a huge validation. I sent you an e-mail 🙂

    • VolunteerandservehumanityandyoullgeTyouranswers

      Well like most things in life, you can find the answers on the internet. Yes, really. Lol.

      You don’t need to talk to anyone to know what is happening to you. You’re gonna figure it out when you’re ready to wake up.

      If you want to find others; look for the helpers 🙂 <3

  4. Jax Phoenix Diamond

    Hello. Wonderful article. Sorry for the long comment but well… I’ve been looking for this. I don’t know if any of this is real but I feel very drawn to this sort of thing. I actually got a tattoo of the archangel Gabriel’s sigil on my left shoulder after an intense dream many years ago.

    Didn’t think much of it until recently in July of 2020 when I had a spontaneous psychosis during which I hallucinated vividly for 52 days and was hospitalized. Nothing like this had ever happened to me before. During the psychosis I hallucinated that I was an angel myself. I even had wings made of light.

    I saw and experienced so many things I still can’t explain and I can’t just write off as merely hallucinations. It was a deeply meaningful experience as it was terrifying.
    Now I find myself performing protection magic for others and exorcising negative energies as if by instinct. Perhaps I am crazy but it feels right and I’m not harming anyone.

    I have always had a deep vigor and appreciation for all life. I feel other people’s suffering as my own. I have healing hands. I can “see” with my hands if that makes sense. I’ve always felt homesick but never really understood for where. Animals follow me around. Random people tell me their life stories and seek my advice all the time. I always know when the weather will change.

    I self-medicated with alcohol for many years to cope with abusive family and tried to escape any way I could. I’m happy to say I’m finally away from them and haven’t needed that crutch in over three years. It’s sort of funny that once I gave up drinking for good that’s when I had my spiritual awakening.

    Sending love, healing, and protective energy to all that may need it.

    • Akashicsoul

      You are going to slowly discover your path, and have a great understanding of yourself. The Akashic Records can help you out. And yes, it does make a lot of sense you can see with your hands. I am very happy to read that awakening already brought you transformation. I bet more will come.

  5. We’re on the clock. Doing our jerbs.

    Well butter my biscuits; someone’s got a high energy level. You’re not supposed to spill all the secrets. 🙂

    First off, being here is “work”. Each one of us is totally different; just the way humans are.

    I can only speak for myself; I had a mission, like a primary mission dedicated specifically to one human soul. The truth is, I really love and envy human beings. Like, I can’t tell you exactly why as my consciousness is limited here, but my sense is that human beings are like mom’s fav and we’re the older sibling that had to put up with the bullshit before our folks mellowed out. I don’t know if that makes sense or not.

    But personally I absolutely LOVE human beings. I just think they are so so precious and adorable. Like you have nooooo freaking idea how loved each and every one of you are. It’s bonkers. Honestly if you knew and could feel it; you would never be afraid or doubt yourself ever again.

    But you guys have to learn and mature. That’s why all these awful things happen in the news and everyone’s like “omg where is god!!!?!!” And the thing is, y’all have 0 things to worry about. This world is an illusion and you are here to learn and grow and love each other.

    So please don’t get discouraged when you see horrible things happen and don’t despair; it’s supposed to be hard and hurt. You are a spiritual being having a human experience. You are growing and growing with each incarnation. You learn and grow and when your body dies (they are programmed to die, so don’t fear death; you are not your body. You’ll understand when you die (lol now you have something to look forward to! You’re welcome :p)

    We’re always with you. Like those here on earth, cause you goobers seem to be hellbent on killing each other (kind of like toddlers that just don’t know better.)

    So yeah, awesome that some of you guys are awakened/awakening. Don’t waste your time with the why am I here; what is my purpose, blah blah blah. You know all of that already and you’re unconsciously working your way there. You just have nothing to worry about.

    You’re here because you play a part in the grand scheme and we are all connected. All you have to do is listen to that quiet place inside and do what makes you feel joy.

    So ummmmm… yeah! I hope that was helpful. Plus, like you said; unconditional love and joy is great and all that, but we get bored too and it’s nice to shake things up a bit and go hang out in the newbie soul area and keep y’all from setting the house on fire and, ya know, murdering each other.

    Can I just vent a bit?

    Like guys, be kind to others. Ok? Like it’s not that hard. You would make my life soooooooooo much easier. And always remember that even if you feel alone or cut off or unloved; know that you were meant to be who you are; you are so very very precious and the world is made better because you are in it. This is where the faith part kicks in – Yer gonna have to trust
    Me on this one; it doesn’t matter because you’ll find out eventually. We need less of this silly navel gazing and more action please.

    I’m not supposed to be outing myself; so I’ll go anon….I don’t know how I know, but I do!


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