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Understand your difficulties in life better and you will see that there is much more light than you thought.

You can handle all difficulties if you observe.

Written by Akashicsoul

July 8, 2020

You can handle all difficulties if you observe.
Difficulties: Even in absolute darkness, you will find a glimpse of Light. Always.

But you have to find it, and have perseverance and follow it! How are you? Well, we are still in Mercury retrograde, and we also have some recent forecast information. This week I am going to share how to face and understand your difficulties. You likely have more than one; otherwise, you would not be reading this message or doing it from another plane/planet. If you are on another planet, I am glad that our Internet waves reach you. Anyway, I was going to talk about mindful eating, but on a shamanic trip to the Lower World, I received a message from the spirits of the Earth:

Even when the road looks completely wild, you will know how to follow the right path through the soft stones.

The spirits and elementals that reside in this world have a shared consciousness with the Earth. Sometimes the messages are straightforward, but many times these come with Earth-related symbology. Humans also do this with our lives. But come on, the message, if we translate it to “human,” would be something like: although our path is full of difficulties, some problems that are not so serious may indicate that we are taking the right path.

A compelling message if we analyze it a little, and therefore, I decided to make this entry.

If it’s all difficulties, there is always a breather, even if it is merely “less intensity” in that challenge.

If we think of a path full of rocks, much more than the photo, and there are only rocks, we can understand that it is a complicated path. Maybe you won’t suffer much with a car that it’s a 4×4 since the rocks can damage a regular vehicle. Imagine going barefoot on this road. It is more complicated and painful than with the car (if the car makes it.) When you walk, you will look for the softest, elongated, and flat stones. You do it this way as not to hurt yourself, correct? Sometimes you are where you are; your only option is to follow your path, no matter the difficulties.

Symbolically, if you stop progressing, you spiritually die. In this example, if you are on a rock without ever moving because you will hurt yourself, you will starve and thirst, to eventually die. That is if a random wolf does not hunt you down, for example.

Sometimes we have no choice, and it is the path that we have. Perhaps it is a health problem, a work problem, or a spiritual problem (this entry on spirituality will help you). The important thing is that it is something you have to live with. If you let yourself be carried away by negativity and fear, you will lead to more suffering. Therefore, you have to face difficulties, but it’s essential to know how and when. In fact, when I received this message, it helped me understand how humanity approaches and faces suffering.

It’s not right.

There is no need to suffer unnecessarily. Sometimes, especially if it is about health, there is no option. I know that more than one person reading this will understand. Sometimes when we have difficulties, we are only able to see that the problem. Some may fall apart even if the challenge has a simple solution (I don’t want to mention when you’re dealing with a chronic problem.) However, life goes on, and you have two options: fall behind, or keep moving forward.

You may never have felt gratitude. You are feeling well because you usually feel well. The normal is that “nothing hurts,” right? Just as blind is the millionaire boy who never learns the value of money. So earning a small sum of money will seem like the most normal thing to this millionaire kid and won’t feel gratitude (when at best, that amount can feed a family a whole week.)

You may find yourself in a job position that you can’t change. And you also have four children to feed. Perhaps you are terrified of what will happen when your life ends (if so, I invite you to read this entry about death.) Perhaps, in love, things do not seem to work. Or you do have something physically hurting you day and night. A list of negative possibilities can fill up pages, not worth it. But the number of blessings we all take for granted is overwhelming.

But if you observe and analyze, everything will be easier.

Most people are going to have a problem, even of a certain severity. It can happen in love, finances, and work, perhaps more easily to young souls. However, being an old soul does not free you from these possible challenges neither. It is likely that many old souls already struggled in past lives, and gained experience, therefore, dealing better with the difficulties. However, we have one that is unanimous for everyone, and that also, sometimes (other times we do), we do not choose it. That’s health.

However, this does not mean that you have to give up if you have an “incurable” health problem (for now). Neither that you are a terrible person full of karma. Besides a possible future fix, it’s essential not to give up. There are always ways to tackle your difficulties, even health-related ones. Don’t give up. And in the message, the spirits said, “the soft stones tell you that you are walking through your path.” Since perhaps, in some situations, you will see that you have no way out, you can only pull forward, and it hurts. However, no matter how rocky the trail is, there are always flat or smaller rocks. Within health, work, or money problems, you will always have better and worse moments. Sometimes it isn’t easy to see the best moments when everything is black but necessary.

Sometimes it matters how you approach your difficulties.

We are going to face difficulties and put a little strategy.

I’m going to give you some quick tips to finish.

Sometimes the consciousness of the human being is a little stubborn. If it doesn’t work, push. Some will be stubborn enough to be pushing without success for an entire lifetime. You need to get a little bit outside the box, question things, and look for alternative solutions. That’s finding those soft rocks. It may still be difficult, but “within the worst, you are getting the best” as you try to take the steps that suit you best.

Having gratitude helps a lot because you will see those soft rocks more easily. I have an article where I talk about gratitude, giving the example of feeling gratitude for having a toilet in your home and running water. Something that millions of people would dream of (or even imagine) having. Having gratitude for small things attracts bigger things. If you feel gratitude, you will already attract those soft rocks much better. Because luckily, if you are reading this, you already have blessings to be grateful for (your device at least and the internet infrastructure where you are.)

When things get uphill.

Sometimes, especially with health issues, a person can get desperate. Anxiety, chronic pain, kidney problems, insomnia, heart, breathing problems, and countless more. Honestly, sometimes these bodies work like fairground shotguns. But these bodies are the ones we have. We have to take care of them as much as possible and root ourselves in the positive aspects. Maybe you have a skin problem and a lot of very annoying itching. In fact, it is chronic and untreatable. Perhaps it is a very intense pain (or multiples). Maybe you need to pee every thirty minutes. These issues add worry and make your mind race, but you need to control it (I recommend this exercise if that’s your case.)

But within these difficulties, perhaps you have a good stomach and can enjoy a nice bite. Or maybe you have strong legs and are fit. It is essential to observe the positive aspects of your body. Everybody has “higher traits,” although sometimes it is difficult to find them. You may have several troubled areas of your life. Unfortunately, there are cases of insane suffering.

If this is your case, sometimes you have to put up with it (discomfort, pain, tremors, whatever) and focus on something yours that is positive. “What a beautiful dream I had last night.”, Or “How nice that I won the raffle.”, Or “Tomorrow dad is coming.” While you are having a hard time, fill yourself with positive emotions, and focus as much as you can on those positive aspects. It will be all shorter and bearable. Sometimes, you have no choice. That’s life, so face it with positive thoughts.

An easy way to find gratitude.

I have said in numerous posts how vital gratitude and positivity are. But as I said before, gratitude is also fundamental. Similar energies attract, so if you have gratitude and positivity, you will attract more of the same. You will find that it is easier to face difficulties when you feel other positive aspects of your life. Usually, with your memories and experiences, you can have enough, but if you need a boost in visualization, the “ThankYou-ThankYou” guided meditation can help you. It is an effortless meditation that will fill your heart with gratitude, regardless of your situation. You can find it by clicking here or in the image below:

Gratitude meditation to attract abundance.

So, now you have a new way to face your difficulties!

Now, next week I’m going to talk about “mindful eating.” Eating is essential, but due to our society, most people are not eating with some attention. There is also spirituality behind food and the way you eat it. We are not going to question what you eat but how you eat it. I will tell you next week. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday! (July Forecast)

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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