Are there different existences beyond our knowledge?

Are there different existences beyond our knowledge?

Parallel existences are infinite.
There are infinite existences, not only the one we live in. I am sharing an experience.

Here we are one more week with interesting little things. I guess you already heard the forecast, right? Today we are going to talk about existence, and I am also going to share an experience I had many years ago. I thought I already had, but I don’t think so. But before sharing this experience, I am going to share some things on this topic. It is a bit complicated, and we know very little, but perhaps this entry will help you to open your eyes a little more. Existence is beyond amazing.

Let’s see; this post is really to share my experience (after the “did you know that”) so that you understand it better. We are multi-dimensional beings, and we live in a Universe that is part of the Multiverse. There are infinite parallel realities, as there are endless possibilities. In fact, when you make a decision, all other possibilities will co-occur in parallel realities. Happens continuously, and there are ways to access this information. There is even a form of astral travel (they call it Quantum Jumping) where you could get information on these realities.

However, I do not recommend accessing these realities. What do you gain from knowing that everything is great if you had visited a friend, instead of your family member? What you have done in this reality, weighs and will fall in this reality. We cannot physically change existences, therefore, it does not seem optimal to try to access them, and usually, I deny it if they ask me (except in exceptional cases.)

Beyond infinite.

It seems a bit contradictory; infinity is already infinite. But what I mean by this is that there is much more than we think. Possibly, somehow outside of our understanding, there is more than infinity. For example, parallel existences are infinite and simultaneous. However, there are also parallel realities to ours that have a singularity of time different from ours, and for what are hours or days, for them, they can be centuries. Or vice versa!

In fact, I personally question our linear time a lot. I love grandfather clocks, so it’s not like I do not like in time. However, I have stopped believing in some way how linear time works. You can read about it in this article, but time is no longer like before: You get bored, time goes slow, you have fun, it goes fast. Yes, but sometimes you have a good time, and it seems that there are a lot of hours, and other times it’s a dull day, but it passes quickly.

I am super it happened to you sometimes that a few hours or a whole day seems to you to have flown by? And other times, it seems like last week was a month ago. Little by little, we become aware of anomalies in our perception of time, so I question it. I believe that a black hole could lead us to a parallel reality, not all, but some, but it is only my idea.

But hey, we are talking about parallel existences. I can tell you that they can be accessed sometimes, for reasons far from our understanding. It can happen overnight, or even during an induced or uninduced trance state.

Multiple existences are infinite.

The life of Her. A whole life happened for one hour in our existence.

A few things before we start. I am going to tell you about the “dream” that I had. It was an extremely long dream. Several days, nights, months, and years passed in this dream. I am going to share the most important events and summarize it a little. Otherwise, it would be pages. It is possible that in this “dream,” I was a spiritual guide to a woman in a parallel reality. Why? I tell you at the end of the “dream” so that you understand it better:

Some data.

  • Her was born. Woman, blonde, a special girl with gifts and introvert. (I never knew her name, in this reality, they have no names. I have called her “Her.”
  • Her had a difficult childhood, and she grew up all her life with me by her side. It was always Her, and she aged as a person ages in our reality.
  • About ninety years of this reality/existence equals an hour or so of ours. (And this is possible because of the singularity from black holes.)
  • Apparently, I was her spirit guide. (In a parallel reality with a different linear time singularity, I was sleeping at home.)


(This, as I will explain, is not how it goes in a dream, so linear, and so perfect as waking reality. Another suspicion that there are multiple realities with different times, and for some reason, my soul outside my body (I slept) went to this reality. A dream will never be this stable.)

I appeared out of nowhere, floating above Her. She was a baby, and they took her to her mother. Here I lost memory.


Memory loss … I was in a hotel with Her. She was about ten years old. The hotel did not have much decoration; it was mainly a wooden wardrobe, a bed with a green cover, and two brown lamps. There was a strange lamp in the closet that made noises and revealed images of the future when you passed by it, but I felt uncomfortable, so I left. I didn’t know what that was. I started talking to Her telepathically. Her was sad because she had no friends. I told her that it was vital for her to realize that there were people around her who loved her. I said she did have friends.

Her lived in a rural city surrounded by trees. I think there were little insects, but I don’t remember correctly.

I remember some events at 12 and 16, but only the memory of having been an experience.

Young adult.

Now she was in a pool. Her was about 18 years old. She was nervous and excited at the same time as she was going to compete in swimming. She jumped into the second hallway to the right of the pool. Two women tried to sabotage her. However, a third woman jumped between them and pushed one of them into the corner. A gun was fired, and the race began. Her dove into the pool and started swimming very fast. Her came in second; someone came before her and received the gold medal. But Her was happy.

Her told me that the pool is her only friend, or maybe two friends if she included me. I was floating in the middle of the pool, now empty. I could see the spectator seats. The seats were made of wood and shaped like a pyramid. The seats were so next to each other that I could slide over them and into the pool. Since I was in etheric form, I didn’t get splashed when they started cleaning the pool.

Some time jumps are due to lack of memory, and others, possibly due to the physics of this reality. Everything seemed very similar to ours but had variants (normal things in parallel existences.)


Now Her was in a garden. She was about 40 years old. Her found some hidden things from a friend she had that I can’t remember. In fact, she said she was not a fancy city girl, but a more rural girl who grew up in the woods. Her told me that she had to act like a city girl to fit into society. There was a small wooden house under a couple of trees. There was a sink in the middle of the house, but no taps, just the sink. The sink looked old and damaged. There was no pipe at the bottom of the sink. I saw some blood under the sink (on the floor.)

This is all complicated. Human consciousness is very limited. We all know when we forgot a dream, or when “everything was black,” which means not recall you were dreaming at all. Besides, this reality has short jumps. Perhaps, I only appear and remember those appearances when Her needed me or called me.

Old age.

I was in a big forest, but it had almost no trees. Her was about 80 years old. It is incredible (and therefore it was not a dream), as Her kept her aspects from childhood throughout her life. One of Her’s last wishes was for me to take a photo with her. I told her that I did not belong in that world and doubted that the camera could photograph me, but I tried. (Note: I wasn’t lucid, I didn’t know I was sleeping.) The camera had a radio lens about two inches and was connected like a cable and could be removed (whole).

Her  moved the target and placed it on my forehead, although it was slightly raised in midair. She said, “Right where the third eye is!” Then, she moved the lens back to the usual spot on a camera. We were trying, and after several tries, she gave up because only she appeared in the photo. In some strange and astral way, I told her I took right now some energetic-photos and implanted them within her, so my energy was always with her. Her was happy.


Her was about 90 years old, dying. But Her wasn’t in a hospital. She wanted to die in nature. Apparently, in this reality, it is allowed. (Different realities, some laws may change.) Her told me that her time had come, and I felt that I was going to accompany her soul. Her smiled, lay down on the floor, and died with a smile on her face. After this, I have very distant memories of being on the astral plane, and it felt different. I also did not feel what I feel when I make a journey for myself) A difficult to define moment passed. Momentarily, I woke up.

It absolutely happened in a different existence!

Because there were various aspects of this dream that are impossible for a regular or lucid dream. For example, maintaining the facial elements of a person. This is impossible, not even with the person you live with. The brain is underpowered to do such a thing according to science’s dream studies. None, not even the most intelligent brain in the world. It’s far from possible; one reason, your friends and family, sometimes look different.

It was also possible for me to read things, everything made sense, always. This is impossible since you can “read” in dreams, but it is not the same as regular reading (you dream you read.) Your left brain (reading) is off when sleeping. Also, if anything in a dream was like “The $ 8 is 1? K 9 filler 44” You could read “Cars that are blue are fillers on Highway 44.” But the next time you will read something different. It will likely not make sense. Possibly, it will not make sense. And well, I don’t want to talk about dreams today, if you know a little about dreams, you will see that this “dream” is weird. Furthermore, it is not an astral journey because it is very different.

And more evidence.

These are some of the evidence; in addition, I teach lucid dreams and astral travel. I do not have any mental disorder, so right now as I write this (and I have done a reality check, which always comes in handy), I know that I am (and I already knew it clear) awake on the physical plane in the same reality as you reading this. But here (plus Her reality), we have two existences… think they are two less than an infinite total amount! But the experience with Her was terrific, and it is something that I will remember all my life.

As you can see, there is no limit to existence.

I want to write an article that I’ve been thinking about for a long time. It is a very mundane subject, but as I said in an article recently, life itself is part of spirituality. Therefore, it has a place in this blog. I want to comment a little on the unconditional trust that we give to large cooperations, and perhaps not so big ones. If we are a little observant, we may realize it seems that each one of us forms a collective where we are nothing more than a resource like oil. A resource for a few in this world (at the very least). I will tell you next week. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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How does an astral projection experience feel? I will share about one of mines.

How does an astral projection experience feel? I will share about one of mines.

An astral experience.
A single astral experience can change the way you see life.

Hi, all! How is everything going? Thanks for the messages about the walk-in article, I person who experienced this inspired me to write this article. I did not imagine it would help a few more people. Well, that is always my goal. In this article, I’m going to talk about how it really feels to have an astral experience. People ask me many times what it feels like to have an astral journey. It is a bit difficult to explain in words since human language falls far short when it comes to sharing an astral experience. With such a positive forecast, I think it’s great to talk about this.

I’m going to try to comment in detail, and in the end, I am going to give you some quick steps for you to try (but hey, you have a free guide here.)

Feelings of freedom like you have never imagined.

On a personal level, I prefer an unplanned astral projection, versus a planned one, but both are great nonetheless to say. I am going to share a typical way for me to project and how it goes:

I wake up in the morning to go to the bathroom. My awakening is mentally very peaceful and normally. I feel very relaxed. I decide whether to write down my dreams or not. If I feel like this is an excellent time to take an astral experience, I will go for it.

I go back to bed and lie on my back. If I had any thoughts wandering my mind (any plans, or even the previous dreams), I would remove these thoughts from my mind. I listen to the silence with a blank mind and a very relaxed body. Since this is one of the best times to have an astral experience, it is easy to reach the trance state. Typically, in this state, I am already in sleep paralysis because my legs are weighty, and they tingle too, followed by vibrations throughout the body a few seconds later.

That moment so hard that it becomes insignificant when you know it.

Right now, I’m going into the dreaded sleep paralysis, but in my case, it’s kind of familiar, and I’m used to it. Right now, I feel like something is crushing my body. I also sometimes hear explosions, some screaming, sometimes a baby crying exaggeratedly, crashing cars, earthquakes, strange noises, buzzing bugs and, a few “little more” thing… yes, with “little more” I am not messing around. Sleep paralysis is the only problem when it comes to having an astral experience.

Note: Having made many projections, my sleep paralysis is almost non-existent, it is almost like a direct jump, and with practice, you will also be able to project like this.

At this moment, I ignore everything I can (sometimes, an explosion right next to the ear can scare, but focus recovers quickly.) I visualize my light body, and it begins to float. Here I feel like a force in my chest, as if I had a second heartbeat in the whole middle of my chest (heart chakra), and I start to feel very happy. I visualize with more force, and I push “visualizing” making force with the chest (I know that physically it is rare, but in this state, you will notice it). And as the vibrations increase, I hear a loud ringing in my ears.

Leaving the meat behind.

Momentarily, I feel a sensation of floating. When it does, I visualize the space to get as far away from the body as I can. It is not escaping from it as if it had the plague (or something else…). Still, it is because, for an excellent astral experience, it is necessary to get away from the body, so you do not return prematurely.

Once on the astral plane, feelings of happiness and love invade my whole being. I no longer have my own identity in an ego way, but if I am my conscience and that I am part of a whole (Oneness). This is because I am outside the duality of human consciousness.

Right now, I can decide what to do or who to connect with. I always visualize white Light and that love that fills me, because that way, I am in a higher astral plane. Everything is straightforward in the astral, and effortless. In a lucid dream, to fly, you have to take a run, jump from a height, or have someone help you, right? And the one who says fly, says whatever it is in a dream, you have to move as you move in real life (ok, we don’t fly, but walking for example, or talking to someone.) In a dream, it takes effort, less than on the physical plane awake, but still, something. (And physically, the brain sends electric signals to your paralyzed muscles.)

But not on the astral plane.

In an astral experience, you want to visit somewhere, and you have already arrived. You feel the love of a loved one in the astral; most likely, at that time, you already have a connection with this soul. Everything is mental, telepathic, and through feelings, it is not spoken as in a dream, or physical life.

You can visit amazing places with an astral experience.

An astral experience will help you awaken.

I am not going to get into explaining my projections; I share experiences on this blog. But I want to share some benefits:

The first thing is that you will lose all fear of death, and you will question many religious aspects if you have them. You are going to feel what it is to “be a ghost” since it will be you in your pure essence. (I remind you that you are not your body; you are a soul that is having a human experience.) You are going to feel what the here and now since in an astral experience. In addition, you will not experience linear time. If you have any perception of linear time, you may be in a lucid dream.

Still, there is a feeling that is always present when you have an astral experience. I call it “astral sensations” since it is very complicated to explain. You should experience it yourself. You will feel a lot of freedom, a state of euphoria that you must learn to control so that you do not return to your body prematurely. But the state of freedom is sublime. In fact, if you have any health problems, they will not be present in the astral. You will notice the pure vibration of the soul (you).

And how can I get out:

I left you a link to a guide above, but you can read it by clicking here. But I give you some super quick steps before finishing:

  1. Make sure it is early in the morning or in the morning. Even if you do not feel tired last minute, your body will feel it. You will not be able to have an astral experience.
  2. Relax your body, entirely from the tip of your toes to the top of your head.
  3. Free your mind from thoughts (here is an exercise.)
  4. If you need to swallow, scratch, etc., DO NOT DO IT, hold on, it is a brain mechanism.
  5. Your body will get paralyzed, visualize white Light, vibrations in your body, and ignore the rest.
  6. Use a separation technique (there are many on this blog.)
  7. Visualize the space when you feel like you are outside your body.

Simple, right? You have all the tools on this blog to learn, but I also have a video course that will teach you to have astral travel. Also, you can ask me questions. If you are interested, click on the image below or here:

Astral Projection Experience.

It’s an experience beyond words.

And this is all about my astral experience. Now it is your turn; if you succeed, you will see that it is fantastic. Next week we are going to talk about how to communicate things better. And I’m not talking about the cell phone use. Next week I will share about when it comes to passing our message to somebody else. We all screw up when saying things, some more, others less, the question is to learn. You can always have new mistakes that teach you a lesson, but maybe next week’s entry will save you a few. I’ll tell you next week. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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What are the differences between astral travel and remote viewing?

What are the differences between astral travel and remote viewing?

Remote viewing and astral projection.
Remote viewing and astral travel are very different. Let’s check them out.

Hey, hey! How did the forecast go? Have you ever practiced remote viewing and/or astral travel? If you have experienced both, you will know for yourself that both altered states of consciousness are different. This blog talks a lot about astral travel (and here you can find a lot of entries), and today we will also talk about remote viewing.

By the way, in this post, you can read more about different states of consciousness, and possibly contribute a lot to this reading here below.

Many people have asked me if remote viewing is the same as an astral trip. To get to the point: No, they are very different. However, one thing they have in common is that both can happen thanks to the astral plane. Since there are no physical limits when you practice either of these two skills, let’s say, to summarize, in an astral journey, you go yourself, in your astral body, instead of “see it from afar.” In fact, for people who are clairvoyant, or at least, the vast majority, they will find it easy to try to see something remotely. The reason why I recommend this entry, which talks a lot about these issues.

Let’s go more in-depth with remote viewing and astral projection.

As I said above, in this blog, there is a lot about astral travel, but for you to have everything together, I’ll explain a little about each one, and I’ll give you some quick steps so that you go practicing and that.

Astral travel.

An astral journey is when you “come out” of your physical body, freeing the soul from the weight of the third dimension. The soul is connected to your body energetically (“silver cord”) and navigates the astral plane. When this happens consciously, it is when we say that we have had an astral projection experience. But everyone (including animals) astral travels every night, conscious or not. The experience will give you a “high,” especially when you are back in your body. The experience will surprise you a lot. Precisely, one of the reasons why I tell you that an astral trip is very different from remote viewing.

Try to have an astral trip.

Now I am going to give you the steps, but if you want to read more in detail, in this post there is a complete guide:

  • Make sure it’s early in the morning. If you have woken up at dawn, better since it is the best time to try it.
  • Lie back in bed (or if you have it, in your designated place for astral travel).
  • Make sure your body is completely relaxed.
  • Keep your mind free of thoughts for a few minutes.
  • Focus on the vibrations when they arrive, ignore the rest, especially if it scares (it’s only sleep-paralysis).
  • When the vibrations are strong, visualize with your mind that you start to float, focus all your attention on it.

Successfully, you will find yourself floating above your body. If so, quickly visualize the outer space or somewhere you wish to go to get away from your physical body and prevent a premature return. Enjoy the trip!

Remote viewing and astral projection.

Remote view.

In this case, you do not need to leave your body or anything like that. However, it does require that you have a bit of control over your mind, to be able to relax it, and focus on something when necessary. A relaxed body also helps. However, when you get used to “watching” remotely, you can do it almost anywhere, anytime. It is like a movie, which is developing in your mind. Featuring the event you need in question or how to float above.

By the way, I have a radio show with podcasts you can download for free about this.

Now try this one too, you’ll see that you can get it with practice.

You will see everything in the first person, just like the physical plane going, but perhaps less clear in the “corners” of the vision. And well, I guess you will want the steps to follow, this requires practice. I have not talked much about that topic, because I combine remote viewing with channeling. But here are some quick steps (and if you ask me, I’ll try to make a complete guide):

  • Make sure you have a clear intention about what you want. Start with something easy, perhaps the house of a family member or friend whenever they permit you. Or maybe some commonplace.
  • You have to silence your mind as much as you can.
  • Firstly, you will find it easier with your eyes closed.
  • Focus on your third eye (this is only at the beginning until you get used to it).
  • Make sure you have a clear picture of what you want to see. Also, focus on good vibrations in the center of your chest — the desire to receive clear and concise information.
  • As you maintain that visualization, suddenly, it is as if your mind walked alone, in automatic. You will see the images passing in your head (or sort of a video). The more you practice, the better.
  • When you lose the connection, write down everything you’ve seen.

Practice makes the champion.

Especially with remote viewing. If you have a lot of clairvoyance, maybe you’ll go to the first or the first attempts. The usual thing is that it takes a while to get it, but with practice, perseverance, and passion, you can achieve a lot. Practice makes the champion. So, as you can see, astral travel and remote viewing are very different. You got everything super summarized, but in this way, you can see clearly that they are not the same.

And that will be all for this week. Next week comes the following “The Journeys” meditations, one that I am sure you will love as it will help you to find fulfillment through self-realization. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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The first time I visited my Akashic Records in my dream and astral body.

The first time I visited my Akashic Records in my dream and astral body.

Accessing the Akashic Records is available to you!
Is accessing the Akashic Records possible?

Hi folks! After all the news, I am coming with something fresh today! I have been asked a couple of times to share my experience while visiting the Akashic Records for the first time. Typically, the way you access them is through channeling, but you can access your Akashic Records in your dream or astral body, and it becomes intense. Accessing the akashic records is possible. There are a few ways to do this, but I want to share how it was my first time, in a lucid dream.

Yes, you can visit your Akashic Records “in person” if you visit them in your Dream Body and your Astral Body and get a feel of “being there in person,” almost like if you went physically. It may feel more intense, especially in the astral realm. My experience happened before I was able to read the Akashic Records consciously, but I still remember this experience with joy, it was quite magical. I shared this years ago in an Onironaut Community board, and I wanted to share it here as well (about time, right?) It will be a little edited from the original as I have been meditating on this dream as well as other details I remember but never wrote down.

(By the way, most of the retouches are already up!

A small note.

The entire text below will include mostly stuff that happened in the dream or astral plane (physical plane comments will be in cursive). Also, this dream occurred in January 2011, while I was still working in a store and growing Soul Guidance 🙂 Good memories! Okay!

By the way, in my radio show The Astral Insider, I precisely talked about this topic. You can find more about it if you head over the radio section.

It is a long dream; if you want to jump to the Akashic Records part, you can do so by clicking here.

So, here it goes! You can really get to know yourself at a soul level, and that is great.

Accessing my Akashic Records in a lucid dream!

I came back to the Earth from a visit to the moon. For some reason, I had to go back to the moon again, and I was very excited. It was always delightful for me to travel to the moon, it is the main reason I hold the job I have. I was working in a store, (probably my store -that I used to work at- with twisted reality). I was told by a randomly generated Dream Character Store Manager (in fact, I run the store alone. Only my boss does the register’s accounting and prepares it for me next morning) that I needed to get ready to go back to the moon.

I was going to spend a few days up there. I had to go to a grocery store to get the supplies I needed, as well as to notify my wife that I was going to be sleeping up there.

They told me that I was going to find computers with internet and a place to sleep at the moon ready for me. I felt excellent, and I bought some cans of coke (I never liked soda in my entire life, LOL), these cans were yellow and smaller than usual you could see at the grocery store. The manager wanted me to visit the moon with a second employee (again, I am the only employee.). We were going to do some inventory for Serrano hams (not random, we sell Serrano ham in the store). I entered a small room, very metallic but with a winery look-alike like the store. Immediately, I spawned at the moon.

I rejoiced at the moon, I was out of Earth.

I felt perfect while at the moon. All I could see was complete silence. I could hear the silence, my heartbeat, and my thoughts. I was utterly alone with my consciousness, and I felt great. Around me, all I could see was nothingness, emptiness, and tranquility. I wanted to stay there. The moon looked pretty much like it does in real life. I felt at bliss, and I did not want to go. In front of me, I saw a big closet with a lot of stuff inside. The cabinet was metallic, and the doors had a small locker.

I pulled a notebook from somewhere and started to write down things from the closet. While I was working on the count, I began to allow my mind to wander and treat me with random thoughts. I felt very excited as I was able to travel to the moon regularly without belonging to the NASA. The gravity was like on Earth, but my body still felt lighter. Suddenly, I found a weird piece of ham, and while I looked at it, I lost vision.

After a few seconds, I found myself in an old house. The house was in a small village, and it had three stores. I was back on Earth. When I entered the house, some dream character greeted and hugged me. A female character on her 40s escorted me to an odd elevator. It looked ancient school. I suddenly teleported to an ancient place and felt a presence. I turned lucid, and I started to investigate this place. It was a mix of Egyptian and Mayan cultures showing in the building.

My dream was very stable, so I decided to investigate. I felt I was under a reasonable level of lucidity.

My dream guide showed up.

To clarify here in the Blog, a Dream Guide is “someone” who helps you in your dreams. Most likely, a manifestation of your actual Spirit Guides but with a friendly/familiar dream form. It could be your Higherself manifesting in the dream. Therefore, they always have wisdom.

She was smiling at me and welcomed me to the place. My dream guide’s energy was different from a regular dream character; she felt more as if she was my Spirit Guide. I assumed she was my dream guide, as I was not Astral Projecting at that moment.

My excitement grew.

Accessing the Akashic Records.

My guide told me, “We need to unlock the knowledge in your inner self. However, there is a small puzzle. Accessing the Akashic Records takes a test.” I could see a big empty room with a few giant iron statues. Two statues had scythes instead of hands, other one had swords, and the two had shields. There was a baroquian type of “windows,” and I could see grass in some with a bright sunny day, while in others, I would see space or random nature.

My guide told me that using my dreaming abilities; I needed to create like a circle with those soldiers statues. Hitting the soldiers, some would cross their arms, and some would expand their arms. I needed to get them all holding their hands. I looked at my Guide confused and asked for some help. She pointed at thee of these statues and told me to cast a lightning bolt. I did not recall doing a lightning bolt in my dreams at all, but I was sure I could make it.

Casting it was easy, and all the statues were touching each other. I small squared hatch opened on the ceiling, and a little bubble appeared. My dream guide told me it would be good to contact it to recover energy. I did, and my dream quality increased it, everything became crystal clear.
Another hatch opened in the middle of the room. It was squared as well, and an ancient pedestal, made out of stones, grew out of the ground. There was an ancient school book in the middle.

Each person will have his or her own dream symbology!

My dream guide told me I just needed to channel my energy to the book to open it. It was accessing my akashic records time. I was surprised about what was going on, but I wanted to stay, lucidly and see how it was going to end. I opened my hands the same way I do in waking for psychokinesis exercises (it has been forever I haven’t played with that, lol). The book opened, and I approached it. My Dream Guide smiled, and I could read stuff in original ink writings.

I was astonished; I was sure I was dreaming and not astral projecting, therefore, I thought it would have been cool to reach my real Akashic Records. My Dream Guide told me, “Do not try to read this; you will wake up, you are dreaming, remember?” I found it funny; I already knew that. My Dream Guide kept saying, “You just unlocked your Akashic Records. Now they are available to you. To come here, you will need to Astral Project. Once you successfully leave your body, visit this location. I will be here as your Spirit Guide, and I will help you start to explore your Akasha.”

Click! Access granted!

Now, accessing my Akashic Records got easier. I was happy as I recalled that some people unlock their Akashic Records first through lucid dreaming, then visiting them with Astral Projection. My dream started to fade, so I told my Dream Guide I needed to fly a little bit to recover the dream. I walked to other room without a ceiling, . The walls also made of stone. I flew, and I saw a very blue and beautiful sky. I had a small flight, and when I wanted to go back. Right now, I was very high in the clouds, and I could see a big forest, a small house, and a village. When I landed, I was back in the village I was earlier.

I wanted to go back to the place where I found the elevator. Funny enough, the same dream characters were there. Two of them were eating some food on a rounded dining table. The lady who helped me before now was dusting and she wore a white apron. She smiled and said, “You are back!” I told her I needed to get back to that elevator to get to the ancient place.

Now the elevator looked like wooden and had some buttons. I had to climb five stars, so I did and entered the elevator. It was a lot smaller as well, and it had no door. It started to make noises and broke down. The lady told me that it was recharging from my previous use. I said to her that I was going to try to Astral Project from the dream and accessing my Akashic Records.

Right here, I felt very excited because I knew this was going to be an intense dream.

During a lucid dream, you do have memory waking life memory, where you will be able to have your usual recall while awake. The dream continues:

Accessing the Akashic records in dreams.

I fell on my back, and I said, “I now will be out of the body.” I focused on my room and my Astral Body. It it feels to Astral Project. I hit the ground, broke the wooden floor and start falling into a dark void. While I was falling, but I was not afraid. I knew I did not project, but I still knew I was in the dream, so I stayed lucid. Suddenly, a female blue and green sort of ghost spawned. She was laughing and told me she was going to roll a dice to make stuff more interesting.

She was not evil, but mischievous, playful and I was one of her toys. While I was falling, I could hear random music, madness music. A white six-faced die appeared. The die had black dots instead of numbers. I could see the die rolling and rolled a two. “Twice the speed!”, Said the ghost in laughter. The music speeded up and the fall as well. She was going to roll again, and I focused that the roll could help me to project, however, I appeared at the city again. Too bad! I wasn’t accessing my akashic records yet!

When you attempt to astral project from a dream, you may lind in another dream.

I wanted to try to Astral Project again, so I tried to find a place with higher vibrations of energy within the own dream. I saw a church, but it was locked. Felt respect for some reason, so I did not feel breaking in, even being a dream. I saw a small school with a pool where I could hear the kids. I arrived, and the pool was huge, with blue water. The water felt freezing in my feet, but I focused on it being a dream feeling so I shut the sense of cooling down. I wanted to fall in my back on the pool and trigger an astral projection.

Back in bed! I could feel my body with vibrations. I started to raise my vibrations to leave my body; however, I could feel my cat next to me and my Astral sight was gone. I began to move my Astral arms and I felt greater vibrations on my arms. Then, I sat, but I felt my back on the bed and also, my Astral back not touching the bed. Still, I had no Astral sight, and I tried to get off the bed and float out. I was half separated, and when I tried to separate my legs, I lost consciousness in the process.

I had a false awakening in my bed. My wife woke up abruptly and told me, “If you want Chistorra for breakfast, I should get started cooking it!”. I woke up for real. (We never had a chistorra for breakfast, ever.)

All this mayhem is common when you “jump in between planes.”

I turned lucid for a third time, and once again, visualized the astral plane, where I finally got out from my body. As I focused on the Akashic Records, rather than going to a “library” of some sorts, I was taken to “some place” that only held wisdom and knowledge, and being there, I was aware of everything and knew the answers for all. I stayed there until I came back to my body.

A bit of a crazy right, wasn’t it? Amazing, hence I visited my Akasha many more times, finding much more stability. If you have some difficulty, you can check out the free astral projection guide, where you get a foundation that can help you to get started with astral projection. By the way, there is a guided meditation to visit space, it may aid to induce astral projection.

And this is pretty much it! You do not need to have a dream like this to open and access your Akashic Records, but it is a way. Another easy way for you to visit your Akashic Records is through meditation, and this Akashic Records guided meditation will help you out. Check it out here or clicking below:

Access your Akashic Records with this guided meditation.

And of course, another straightforward way is for you to learn to Astral Project altogether. Learn how to dominate the art of lucid dreaming as well. You can find both courses here at this site 🙂 These are video courses that always keep on growing. Anyway, I hope you guys have enjoyed the read!

Accessing your Akashic Records will make a big difference in your life.

Next month will be the Wednesday of July. I just uploaded the forecast since tomorrow is the first already so that you can check it out already. Therefore, I will post it here next Wednesday! I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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I invite you to check earlier posts:  second year, first year.

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What can you learn while in the astral realm? A great pool of wisdom!

What can you learn while in the astral realm? A great pool of wisdom!

You will receive astral lessons when you project.
What lessons can I learn in the astral plane?

So, here we are another week, and yes, this one is going to be also related to astral projection. Last week we talked about ego death. This entry will not talk about the actual act of astral projecting itself, but about something interesting you can do at the Astral Plane. You can learn lessons in the astral! New to astral projection? You can check out the free astral projection guide, where you get a foundation that can help you to get started with astral projection.

One question that is something also often asked one of the reasons I wanted to bring this blog post to all of you guys. Astral Projection is impressive, and everybody loves it because once we are at the astral, we get to experience absolute bliss and peace. There say there is no place like home. At a soul level, the astral plane is home, and this is why we all astral project unconsciously (or consciously when we get to learn). However, it is indeed a great question to ask, what can you learn while at the Astral? I love this question, so right now, I will share right here as much as I have personally experienced.

For the forecasts, I partially obtain the information from the astral, but through channeling.

You will realize that all the astral lessons are compelling.

I first always feel like, “I want to take off my hat” when I see other people who desire to keep learning. Learning is the foundation of humanity and a fundamental base in spirituality. The Universe continues moving and evolving. Everything within this Universe must move forward, including us. I believe that once we stop learning, we spiritually die. We are also explorers by nature, curious creatures. Since we are souls having a human experience, we came here to learn; we are engineered to learn, it is our purpose.

When we reach a new horizon, we want to research it, learn from it, and get the most out of it. The astral plane is no less, and with that, our need to keep learning about astral projection and the astral plane. And since it is a beautiful place, it sure will bring fantastic and useful astral lessons in your life.

The astral plane, the bliss we experience when we get out of this body and the amazement of traveling any distance with no linear time, you won’t even be able to perceive time. But also, the astral plane is a pool of endless knowledge. So, you can learn many things in the astral, especially at a spiritual level of course, but also in other ways. Paradoxically, thanks to this, you can learn a lot in a short amount of time as one full clock minute worth of astral travel may cover “hours” worth of stuff. I had once a projection that lasted someone else (in a similar planet to ours) entire lifetime, and here, it was like an hour or so.

Can you visit your Akashic Records during astral travel?

I will share a little based on my own experience, and visiting the Akashic Records is one of them:

Learning to get far out there. Far, Far away!

Alright, floating above our neighborhood, flying through the clouds or even checking our blue planet from space is impressive. We all love that everybody dreams of flying. Being on the astral plane is only joy and happiness times a million. But you can still go to the next level. The next thing I would suggest is to learn how to travel far away, really far away. To start short (but it is still “far”), for instance, I would suggest that once you are good at being at the astral, you set the intention to go the Pleiades, for example.

It is only 400 lights. 400 lousy light-years. And I mean the “only” as this Universe is trillions of light-years and pretty much endless and continuously growing. Let’s not mention our Universe being just a spec in the Multiverse. Jumping to the Pleiades takes just a couple of seconds. I did it; I shared about it here in an earlier blog post, this one. Get out there and try to make a big jump like this one! How about our neighbor? Neighbors are next to you, right, and Andromeda is our neighboring galaxy. It only takes a jump, go, and have fun. And that is just the neighbor next door!

Jump to galaxies that are hundreds of thousands of light-years away. Why not visit the Sombrero Galaxy? It is only 29 million light-years away. Do you think someone in the Sombrero Galaxy is wondering the same thing about the Milky Way? I bet! “Warping” is something you only learn through astral lessons and practice.

Learning how to bi-locate.

Another great thing to do on the astral plane, which takes some practice, but it is not very tough to do. Something quite cool, though. You have to do the same when you travel Astrally but splitting your consciousness into two. At the astral, much more natural. Just desire it and have it. We always say, “I could use another pair of hands,” well, spitting consciousness in two etheric-astral-human forms is possible. Too bad you cannot use those extra hands in the physical, right? Trust me, I know it, lol.

By the way, there is a guided meditation to visit space, it may aid to induce astral projection.

Going to higher planes of existence, where essential astral lessons happen.

A powerful and impressive thing to do on the Astral Plane. Once you are astral projecting you want to astral project. While this might sound a joke, it is not.

You can Astral Project to a Higher Plane of Existence from your Astral Body. We are multi-dimensional and as impressive as it sounds, the astral body is our “next” body after this heavy meat suit. So this means going to higher dimensions like the 5th dimension, as well as visiting the “Higher Astral” where you can meet with powerful beings of light.

All you need to do is to focus on raising your vibrations and becoming more a body of light. Also, while at it, set the intention to project to a higher astral, that’s it!

The Astral Plane holds unlimited wisdom, you can learn many lessons.

Visit the Akashic records.

Opening our Akashic Records in the Astral Plane is something appealing and that most go through at some point. We tend to try to do this in Lucid Dreams, but the “real Akashic” is “the one” in the Astral Plane. Visiting your Akashic Records for the first time at the Astral Plane has a lot of significance. Hence, we get to connect with the true essence of your Akashic Records. You just have accessed the core libraries of your soul. And while this may sound scary, (especially to the IT professionals,) it is not, since you cannot edit nor erase anything there.

It will get to be easier to connect to your Akashic Records through meditation after you visit them on the Astral Plane as well because you start to understand the vibrations of your own Akasha and you get to learn a lot about yourself. Visiting your Akashic Records in astral form is a powerful experience. Besides, here you can learn a lot of astral lessons.

Meeting with others at the Astral.

Something quite interesting, nonetheless to say! By the way, I have a radio show with podcasts you can download for free about this.

Astral meetings.

It is a good one! Meeting with someone in the Astral Plane can be beyond amazing; it has no words. The both of you will be able to exchange knowledge, like transferring data between two devices (almost). If your goal is intimacy, fun, or just enjoying the company, the experience will multiply by thousands; it is incredible what you get to experience once you are out of your body! I am asked this one a lot. In fact,

I talk about this in one of my Astral Projection Q&A videos, which you can check here. There are ways and processes to do it, but it is enjoyable and positive for the specific connection you are trying to take to the Astral.

Meet with your guides, loved ones in spirit, totem animal, etc.

It’s an obvious one, but also a source of learning in the Astral and reachable in (astral) person. We can learn a lot from our Spirit Guides; astral projection makes it easier to connect deeper with your guides and have easier access to them during your waking hours. Bliss, joy, light, healing, and knowledge is guaranteed here, as well as finding guidance and direction.

The Akashic records are not only about learning astral lessons, but it is also much more.

Reach a point of ego death.

Another good one that I am always asked, in fact, the same Q&A I mentioned above, I do speak above Ego Death. However, this was the last’s weeks topic, right? Once you disconnect from self and this very own existence, you start to perceive Oneness and still endless bliss. Hard to explain more, but reaching ego death brings knowledge as well, understanding the fact that we are all connected and that Oneness indeed exists.

And these are a few, possibly more, I am sure, but this is already an excellent read! I hope you guys have enjoyed reading everything and you take with you (to the astral plane) what helps! So I hope you enjoyed the read 🙂 The Astral Plane is terrific, and you can get a lot out of it.

The astral plane is fantastic, and you will get a lot out of it, you can learn many astral lessons and exciting things!

Next week we are going to stay in a similar tune. We are going to talk about lucid dreaming (how to prolong them) and about sleep paralysis.  Sleep paralysis is most of the time, a phase as you know for astral projection. Sleep Paralysis can be tricky to deal with sometimes, so I will give you the keys to go through Sleep Paralysis the easiest, but that will happen next week! I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Is it possible to experience Ego Death during astral projection?

Is it possible to experience Ego Death during astral projection?

Ego death is possible in the astral plane.
So, is it possible to experience Ego Death in Astral Projection?

Hi there, how was the forecast? I am sure some of you are going to be excited! You guys have been asking about this topic for a while, and it’s here. Both Astral Projection and Ego Death are two topics that bring a lot of attention. Especially the second, since many believe it can only be reached by “certain ways,” but there is a natural, free, and accessible-to-everyone way to experience ego death. Take a read over spirituality too! A great topic to talk shortly after the celebrations.

In short, you definitely can experience ego death during Astral Projection. However, Astral Projection does not mean ego death, and they are not the same. I shared a little about this topic in a previous blog post. That Q&A video for Astral Projection, remember? If you don’t, no problem, you can check it right here. I wanted to make that video because these questions are quite common. However, I feel this alone is worth to have its blog entry, as a reference guide for all of you who are already into Astral Projection.

As I mentioned, ego death is possible during an Astral Projection.

As I said, ego death is possible, but definitely, you need to be skilled at Astral Projection to do it. You can find around this blog many entries about astral projection. I also have a complete video course that starts with the basics and gets you to mastery. And to be straightforward, this is the way to induce ego death in astral projection:

Firstly: Go ahead and astral project.

You must separate from your body. Partial separations will not provoke ego death. You are in your Astral Body now, but you still possess some degree of ego and identification of self. (Part of your ego always losses when you project.) You can check out the free astral projection guide, where you get a foundation that can help you to get started with astral projection.

Once you are out in the astral, visualize yourself in space.

To avoid being close to your body/planet earth/other grounding stuff. You do still keep a degree of ego here.

Once you are floating in space, the next step.

You want to start visualizing your astral vibrations (or astral body as you feel it) to become more and more intense, focus as much as you can on the feeling of love and bliss. You do still have an Ego, but you are starting to lose the sense of self. Also, as love increases, you stop caring for your very own existence/self, you feel much higher and whole than that what you feel out from your regular individuality.

At some point, you will start feeling much more disconnected or “far away” into your projection. Now is time for you to feel in your heart that you desire to erase everything. In other words, you want to be “nowhere.” Here is where your ego starts to get “destroyed.” Love, bliss, joy, oneness is all you perceive now. Focus on “erasing yourself,” where you focus that you cease to exist while your soul/astral energy grows. You will gradually transition to losing the perception of everything else. Your ego is vanishing away.

At this point, it gets hard to explain.

You will be like pure consciousness, but nothing else. Like if you are a ghost without “a ghostly bod” as you can imagine from a cartoon. You are just aware, but you do not longer have a body nor even know/understand/feel what an actual body is. At this point, you have already lost your ego, and thus, triggering ego death. Time will cease to exist, but it will neither matter. It is like you erase your entire brain, and you only know the meaning of love and oneness. You do not need anything else; you do not know more anyway…

Eventually, you will return to your body. Astral memories fade fast; however, you can “hold it in.” What can and will be obliterated almost instantly is the beautiful experience you just had, so make sure to write all down ASAP. Your afterglow will last days, possibly weeks or even months. But, why wait that long if you can trigger this at will? You need to astral project and do these steps

Higher Planes of existence exists where ego death happen.

How does an astral projection-ego death truly feel?

As I said, it is tough to put into words. I can only say it is fantastic and addictive (told by someone with a deficient addictive type personality/physical body system). At this point, you will be timeless. You will feel a ridiculous amount of bliss, love, and freedom. This physical plane we live in is “an empty white room” if you compare regarding excitement. Nothing else, nothing will matter to you. You won’t even be thinking about the projection itself, but you will be in that state with a feeling of forever until you find yourself back in your body, extraordinarily empowered and happy. Remember to write this down as soon as you can!

It is not that hard, is it?

Like everything else in life, it takes practice and dedication to master this, but every single person can do it, as you can see, it can be triggered.

There is a small point: It can happen, that when you start working through your ego-death (stage 4-5), you might either return to your body or not recall the rest. It occurs because you have lost lucidity/awareness and maybe, you fell into a sleep stage as well. With practice, you will be able to drop your lucidity (you have to for ego-death), but not your awareness/consciousness. You will need to lose your astral lucidity to experience ego death.

In an ordinary dream, you may have or not have an ego -but it will be a “dream” ego-; however, in a lucid dream, you will have your regular ego as if you were awake. This ego also goes with you to the astral plane, and you need to leave it behind entirely, but keeping your awareness. It is much easier than it looks like and once you experience, you will understand how hard it is to put into words, but how easy it is to rid of your lucidity but still keep your awareness and know what is going on while it is happening.

By the way, I have a radio show with podcasts you can download for free about this.

The key is to experience ego death fully conscious.

It can happen through meditation, psychedelic substances, lucid dreams (also called super-lucid) and of course, astral projection. You will never see this world the same way again, but you also will appreciate more life as well as understanding at a deeper level the true meaning of physical third-dimensional life. Your wisdom gets to grow and to expand.

By the way, I just released a new chakra course, where you can get the most out of your chakras and aid your astral travels. Check out the new course at an excellent discount clicking the image below:

Expand your chakras with this video course.

While we live and learn mainly from the physical plane, this is not true for our entire existence. We all leave the physical plane for several hours a day (easy…), and we learn stuff from that plane. What plane do you ask? That “plane of existence” that you access from your phone, computer, etc. Some people have even different life and personality online (not recommended) or can run their physical lifes with online foundations such as this blog. You get to learn a lot online, right? Sure thing, pretty much everything you desire.

We can learn things from other planes of existence.

You can also heal nightmares and learn more about your subconsciousness during a lucid dream (the dream plane). The same goes for astral projection (the astral plane/higher astral planes). And this is precisely next’s week’s topic. As usual, I will base it on years of self-research as well as gain knowledge from literature (yes, some from this “online plane” but also from actual physical books, they are very nice. This topic is about what can you learn at the Astral Plane. Stay tuned!  I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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