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Keep in mind the seven Hermetic Principles and you can change your life.

Hermetic Principles.

Written by Fernando Albert

October 13, 2021

Keep in mind the Hermetic Principles, and you can change your life.

Hello people! How are you doing in October? I hope the forecast helps you to make the most of this month. I had wanted to write this article for months. We have already talked about the seven Hermetic Principles of the Universe. Each of these principles is very powerful, and with them, the Universe is as we know it. Everything that happens in life is connected to the Hermetic Principles. There is nothing in this universe that is not. Therefore, I want to write this article to create a strategy to transform your life gradually. If you have a good strategy, you are going to have incredible experiences in life.

First, I leave you here the seven principles:

  1. The principle of mentalism.
  2. The principle of correspondence.
  3. The principle of vibration.
  4. The principle of polarity.
  5. The principle of rhythm.
  6. The principle of cause and effect.
  7. The principle of gender.

Consider all these principles. You will see the Universe with a greater and better perspective. Knowledge is an essential aspect of spirituality. As we see more, we can continue to grow with more learning. Besides, they will be short entries. So, let’s go to the point!

The Hermetic Principles shape the Universe.

The first thing I want to tell you is that this post will help you with your own progress. After reading about these seven principles, I am sure you know well that this is almost a lifestyle. The Hermetic Principles are constantly dictating all the events of the Universe. Things happen, sometimes, by coincidence or chance. This is true even of discoveries made by science, such as penicillin. Chance is really the result of the seven hermetic principles working in conjunction. As we well know, the formation of penicillin itself is a biological process that we have fully studied. However, the events that occurred in 1928 for penicillin to form were thanks to chance.

The reality, this chance is simply a result of a group of ideas and actions. Fleming, in this case, took in the days, months, even years before discovering penicillin different actions that led him to do so. And like this example, it is the same for any moment in your lives, that’s why I wanted to make this article since we have to have a higher consciousness about what we think and how we reason. If we have a little control, we can get incredible results. For this reason, navigating our path of life, keeping in mind the Hermetic principles, will help you a lot.

Therefore, the first and essential thing is to know these principles very well.

If you want advice, I recommend that you start with the first one, “The principle of mentalism.” Don’t worry about the rest of the principles for now. Focus on the first. Once you can take this principle into account in all situations, you can move on to the next one. For this reason, I left a month between Principle and Principle. Although it is a short stretch of time, it is enough to have a bit of a foundation.

When you already know a little bit about the Hermetic Principles.

The goal for today’s article is to group, or account for, a few things. In this way, we can take into account all the Hermetic Principles. As I have mentioned above, I do not have the perfect formula. I am sure that I will improve this entry little by little. Therefore, we are going to start with this strategy.

I want to remind you that you also have available the course, “Hermetic Laws: Take your life on the desired path.” In this course, you will learn the Hermetic Principles better, especially if you like listening more than reading. In fact, in this course, you can always ask all the questions you need. And also, depending on what questions, these will help the course to grow. So I recommend that you take a look here. I’m sure you’re going to love it, and it’s going to help you a lot to improve. In addition, in this course, everything is much more in-depth. Otherwise, this entry would be very long!

So that this is not a pure and simple theory, we are going to start from an example of a situation in life. We will analyze this situation, and I am going to explain to you what strategy we can adopt to keep in mind the different Hermetic Principles. And well, I’m not going to go too deep. I want to get to the point. I want to give you the idea, and then you will see.

“There is the possibility that you will get a promotion in your work.”

Let’s start with this example, so we focus on something every day that could happen in your life. I will mention each Principle and describe a little the possibilities that can be presented to you. I will try to do this in the short term, as over many years, an action can have astronomical repercussions. Therefore, we are going to focus on the possibility of having a promotion in your work. This is around the fact, but the whole story from when it is an idea until it is a fact¬†and all the results.

Hermetic Principles dictate everything.


We are going to start with the first Hermetic Principle. As you well know, everything in the Universe is mental, even the very fact of getting a promotion in your work. This leads you to several things. For example, when you have an idea, you are already projecting this possibility to the Universe. Really, as these laws are in everything, even in a simple idea, we could complicate everything a lot. We could see other principles resulting from simply having the idea and already taking a lot of things from “step zero.” I leave this to you. However, you project your idea to the Universe, but other people all over the world do it.

The idea is to be a little more in sync with these energies. To do this, it is important that you really think well about this promotion. The most important thing is to think from the point of view of now. What does it really mean in your life to get this promotion? If you have a complete panorama analysis, you will be much more sure of everything. All the answers you receive are also subject to analysis with the Hermetic Principles. However, it is important to align the correct thoughts and focus on the positive path. It will get you closer to your goal.


One of the fundamental aspects is taking into account this opportunity, not only on the physical plane but also higher. In other words, it is important to analyze the repercussions that this promotion will have. For example, you could analyze what mental results you will experience to get the promotion and when you get it. You must understand that there has to be a physical, mental, and spiritual synergy. Many times, for this reason, we find blockages. It may seem great to us on a monetary (physical) level, on a pressure (mental) level, but it brings you a spiritual emptiness. As there is no sync here, this promotion may never materialize.

You can reach this conclusion if you study your professional patterns. Is it possible that every time you look for a promotion, you will fail? It is important to realize that just trying again will not help you, but it will lead you to the same path. This is how the Hermetic Principles work. You need to realize the necessary changes to take to break the pattern. This can range from changing the strategy to realizing that perhaps a promotion is not the best for you. Therefore, in this step, there is a lot of self-analysis and probably a lot of changes.


Here we can play with a little strategy. The strategy to take here is to keep in mind that you can modify the vibration in your life in many ways. For example, to continue the promotion theme. You should add to your life everything that has to do with this topic. This can be from connecting with people with this same mentality, such as buying a suit that you would wear for that day of the promotion. And really, everything in between. Similar energies attract each other, and apart from the opportunities you may have with these people, the collective vibration of these energies will benefit you all.

Starting with the simple fact of having the idea, you will be a little more in sync with other people’s energies with this same idea. For this reason alone, you will have more energy available to help you with the promotion issue. It will be much easier to focus on gratitude and jointly visualize greater success. Focusing on different ideas and actions with the same goal of having a promotion will all have a similar vibe. Therefore, it is not only the power of visualization but also this Principle of Vibration.


Of all the Hermetic Principles, this is especially important to observe. There may be a blockage on this principle. Especially because perhaps the path will take you through an experience that you do not need to have. However, once again, analysis of the situation is essential. It is vital to analyze the opposite pole of this promotion. What sacrifices are you going to incur? What changes in life are you going to have to make? Is this really the way you want? These are questions that you should ask yourself for any decision. As positive as it is, you need to remember, everything has an opposite pole.

Actually, here you will be able to understand much better the new realities that this professional situation will bring you. It is even very positive if it is the right way since now you have more tools, knowledge, and power of materialization. Also important to realize that if during your path to promotion there is a sudden change, for example, you may be damaging your energy. It is important to analyze things when it comes to these situations. When we project a positive path, this principle can often prevent us from a negative experience through a block. A good example here is not getting the interest of your bosses to get that promotion.


Here we can really see what we have to make of these goals, our lives. For example, I recommend that you fully immerse yourself in every part of the promotion journey. When this is the case, you will ensure that you have all the experiences and learnings possible in your situation. This will open many doors for you as it will give you more control over the situation. You will learn better how to face the positive and the negative about this situation more easily. This will help you avoid having “accidents” that can wrongly influence the energy and possibly alter the final results.

Even if you have some negative experience along the way, it may be necessary for the goal. Even if it seems that it is the goal itself that we see fading. This will help us to see that perhaps our real goal is only a few more feet away. Taking action to achieve this job promotion will benefit us a lot with the other Hermetic Principles. You will have the opportunity to constantly find possible improvements to make your way much more certain to where you want to go.

Cause and effect

This is quite simple to explain. But as you can imagine, this does not mean simply understanding the effect of the cause (promotion.) The goal is to understand this principle and each of the actions, ideas, or situations connected to the path of promotion. It is essential not to forget that the more energy you put into this situation, the more likely you are to reach your goals. This will also help you understand the nature of your actions and all the repercussions they have. All of this contributes to seeing the whole picture.

Again, it is essential to focus on the long-term impacts of all the decisions you have to make. Many times the goal is reached thanks to a group of many small actions and decisions. Therefore, a complete analysis is always going to pay off. Study all the paths that will lead you to this goal. It is important to understand all the possibilities, even the most negative ones. This will also make you stronger, and over time, to a greater understanding of why many things, or rather, everything in this Universe.


It is important to keep this in mind as well. All the Hermetic Principles are super important, so do not rule out any. It is good to reflect everything also according to this principle. Understanding how to connect with our feminine or positive side is crucial. This will lead us to well-being and a personal balance that will also help you reach your goals. The key is to find the harmony between the masculine and the feminine to understand things better. With the proper analysis, we could see if our path to the promotion will take us one way or another.

It depends a lot on the energy that something specific has if it has a more masculine or feminine vibration. In this way, by understanding what energy is like in a specific situation, you can make better decisions accordingly. This way, you will follow the path in life that you are projecting more easily. With a greater understanding, you will be able to know much better how to react. And of course, taking into account all the other Principles, you will see yourself in sync with the Universe and with the path you want to follow in your life.

And all of this is a fraction of all the potential available.

All this is super summarized since you could deepen everything much more. However, it has already been a long entry, and I wanted to cut to the chase. As you well know, you have an entry for each Principle. In addition, you also have the course available, which will help you a lot. And this is all about the Hermetic Principles. Now you have a strategy to be able to improve your existence.

The key to taking your life to the next level is in your hands.

And this is all about the Hermetic Principles. Now you have a strategy to be able to improve your existence. If you have realizations or understandings beyond what this post comments, contact me. It takes years, if not a lifetime, to master these principles. This is up to a point since, by the Principle of Polarity, it is not possible for you always make everything perfectly. Next week we will continue to delve into the ChakraFor months now, we have been talking about when the chakras are overactive or underactive, and we have talked about the first seven. Initially, the eighth chakra does not suffer from these states, but I will mention a few things.

But all this in a week! I will tell you next week. Make sure to listen to October’s Forecast 2021. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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