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All about the Navel Chakra – Our gateway to enjoyment

Empower your Navel Chakra.

Written by Fernando Albert

October 11, 2017

Empower your Navel Chakra.
The Navel Chakra? What are the chakras?

Hi, there, my fellows ūüôā Did you like the anniversary? I hope you are having a beautiful October. The cleansing wave has “relaxed” at last, and until December (hiiiiiiiiiiiii Mercuuuuryyyyyyyy… -sarcastic/tired voice). We will have some more energetic-peaceful times, more or less! Also, an excellent opportunity to keep cleansing. We are going to have the rest of the year in “leftovers” from the Cleansing Wave. (Find out more here), so make sure to keep focused on healing and releasing. Time to focus on the¬†navel chakra.

My guides are telling me that 2018 is going to be interesting in the right way. I am finding out from reading other people’s Akasha that 2018 is going to be promising. Isn’t that great?¬†However, I wasn’t going to talk about that, was I? It is¬†Navel Chakra time! So, the spotlight goes to… wait! Before, and since with this entry, we checked out all 7 Chakras.

And by the way, now two years later editing this, right now it’s retrograde mercury… (sighs)

So, now that we got that out of our way, the spotlight goes to the Navel Chakra!

The same way we have organs, we have chakras, thousands of them spread throughout our entire body. However, in the same way we have principal organs, we have seven main chakras that complete our chakra system. You can read more here.

You can also find a video course with lifetime access that will guide you through each of the chakras, including a powerful meditation.

Empower your professional and sexual life by enhancing your navel chakra.

As you all know,¬†the navel chakra is our 2nd Chakra (remember, you count from bottom to top.) And while this is one of the “not so cool” chakras (Third Eye, Crown, and Heart are usually the leaders), you need to be aware that the navel chakra is also potent.¬† It might not be the best tool to travel the astral plane, but it can be our best friend in specific, very down-to-earth situations!

While an¬†open navel, Chakra will bring many positive impacts on our daily lifes. I want to focus on three crucial points, which are essential in our society and existence. If you are unaware of them, upon reading with this, I can promise you that you won’t look at the navel chakra the same way, ever again!

Get more out of life with your navel chakra!

A significant point for me. I am not naming them in order of priority. All three of these are essential to get the most out of your life. Our financial health goes directly tied to our navel chakras. Like everything else in life, things work in oneness, and so, it is many pieces of one big puzzle. Having a healthy navel chakra will not make you productive by itself. However, those passionate and grateful for life will reach their financial goals much faster if they have a healthy navel chakra.

When you maximize the energy from your navel chakra, you will expand your very own magnetism regarding attracting financial abundance. Public speakers, for example, need a very strong solar plexus. However, it is their developed navel chakra that makes you feel that the whole vibration is vibrating. And most likely, it is at an energetic level.

And if you work in the corporate world:

You will need a strong navel chakra to be able to impress others with more ease. Of course, your very own energy, behavior, and doings will mark these moments. However, when the navel chakra is empowered, it will maximize your magnetism, and these positive traits of yours will be seen more comfortable by others. Imagine a scenario full of beautiful things. These things represent you. You know they are there. Others closer to you know they are there, but how about the public? You need to have good light so that you can display everything.

Your¬†navel chakra is your spotlight, for others to see your greatness in a non-egotistic way. The ego could contribute to decreasing your navel chakra’s energy. It is not about being the center of attention. Your positive traits enhance those interested in connecting with you. A healthy navel chakra will help make a difference when looking for a job, thus overpowering hundreds of other r√©sum√©s. It also helps you to attract a higher financial abundance in many different forms.

When you need to impact others, grab a job, a sales deal, or maybe you are trying to attract more wealth, make sure your navel chakra is open and healthy. Stepping down from Ego. Trying to expand your potential while it does not disrupt others. Being passionate about life and allowing yourself to have. All will contribute to maintaining a healthy navel chakra.

Navel chakra brings success.

Enjoyment of life itself.

The navel chakra is linked directly with our ability to feel pleasure.¬†All types of fun. While emotions come from the Heart Chakra, those feelings may be more or less powerful. It is right that it is still the Heart Chakra that plays a crucial role here. Having an open navel chakra will contribute to empowering those positive feelings even more and spread them through our entire being. Imagine a sound system: The music and how it plays. It is up to the players and earphones (for the Dj to listen.) If they don’t function, there is no music (your emotions, within your heart, are the same).

Let’s imagine this as is your heart chakra. However, for the whole place to receive the music, you need loudspeakers. When you add more speakers, and these are of good quality, the music maximizes. If you spread them appropriately through the area, the music will optimize. Let’s imagine doing this as the work of your navel chakra, spreading your emotions through your entire being (physical body, mental, astral…) It maximizes everything.

It might sound like a joke but imagine a roller-coaster. Let’s say that a whole train had a blast during the ride. I can assure you that those with active naval chakras have felt their ride even more intense, and their positive afterglow lasts longer. So, the same applies to every emotion in life.

How about intimacy?

Sexual intimacy (coming up) is also strongly linked to the navel chakra. As we are all aware, sex is a difficult topic to discuss. It is an unfortunate truth of our reality, as there is nothing more natural than that. Because of multiple pools, we are just starting to accept our sexualities. It has been hundreds of years worth of damaging our naval chakras. One of the reasons that human beings are much more capable of perceiving negativity than positivity. And sticking to it!

We can thank (or apologize) our poor abused navel chakras over the centuries. If we all accepted our sexuality, our navel chakras would be stronger. I mentioned priorly about the navel chakra and its connection with our power… (those with open eyes should understand…) Our society seems to not be very good at promoting personal power, neither…Luckily, there is still fun out there (so make sure you get plenty off). Otherwise, you are going to realize that your navel chakra is gone fishing forever… LOL. Jokes aside, you will only find a blocked navel chakra and new struggles coming with it.

Therefore, you can see how important it is to now and then pamper yourself. We have way too many false teachings that we need to punish and teach ourselves continually. And while sometimes we might require harsh instructions, this does not mean we should not reward ourselves. Doing so (correctly) will enhance the energy in our navel chakra.

Intimate life. 

The delicate topic I mentioned above. I want to keep it brief in respect of people’s believes. However, it is critical to suggest that a healthy sex life promotes an open navel chakra. From a spiritual perspective, the only thing you need to do is to¬†be true to yourself and your needs. Accept and love yourself for who you are. Everybody is perfect in their unique form, and there are not two identical beings. Not even “clones,” they will have different souls.

If you are correct about your own needs, do not allow anybody else to disrupt them. You will be adding a lot of positive energy to your navel chakra. An essential reason why it is¬†crucial to have flawless communication in sexual intimacy with your partner. If such contact can’t happen, your relationship needs healing and empowerment since proper communication is one of the leading foundations in a love-relationship. Intimacy is another foundation, so lacking communication in this area means taking down two essential bases, as well as blocking, even more, your navel chakras…

So make sure you pay proper attention to this area in your life.

It would be best if you did this work within. Makes a difference having a partner (it contributes positively when there is a healthy and balanced connection) or not having one. It is part of your inner work.

So, what are your thoughts about your navel chakra now? I bet this chakra has gained your attention a little more, hasn’t it? You can see it is not that hard to keep it healthy ūüôā But make sure you pay some attention to it!

I suggest you try this powerful guided meditation to balance your chakras, as you will bring enormous benefits. It is suitable for beginner meditators as well as for the most seasoned ones. You can find this chakra meditation here:

Chakra Healing Meditation.

You are going to enjoy it loads. It is also infused with healing and subliminal positive affirmations! So, time to start working on those navel chakras!

Many situations in life can make it difficult for us to stay happy and with positive vibrations. However, it is neither difficult to get out of a “pool of sadness” with simple visualizations. I will share a little more next week, so I hope you have a fantastic week! I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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