If your Aura is Black, you are not a bad person, you just need help

Are you concerned you have a Black Aura? By reading today's article, see the meanings and characteristics of people whose predominant aura color is black. You will learn that healing can improve things greatly. A Black Aura is not your true color, and we can address this together.
You can change a Black Aura to your real color with healing and changes.

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Do you believe you could have a black aura? If you do, I can help you

Hi there! Did you listen yet to June’s Tarot Reading? If you went directly to YouTube, don’t forget to check last week’s articles. Now, instead of just announcing the forecast reading, I talk about The Fool Tarot Card, as well as releasing a new meditation! Check it out if you didn’t! Today, we will talk all about the black aura. We will concentrate on the significance and the impact this has on the energy and personality of each person whose predominant aura color is black.

We’ll see some intriguing interpretations to see how these traits fit into your life and character. I promise that this article will deepen your understanding of why you have this color. Keep in mind from the start, that this is not a true aura color, but more of a mask due to difficult times.

Since you also have other colors, we will discuss the significance of the black aura dominating the energy. Color, after all, is nothing more than light and energy vibrating at a frequency that reflects specific kinds of information. I enjoy looking beyond the material world, and there are things to be found if you look hard enough. Bear in mind that there are numerous variables to consider while discussing the aura and energy.

If you can learn to read auras, you can learn a great deal of these. We will use an intellectual approach for the time being by identifying some characteristics in black aura persons.

About auras

So, maybe you are asking yourself “What the aura is.” So, let’s start from the beginning. The aura is an energy field that surrounds your physical body. This energy vibrates in different frequencies or vibrations in the form of different colors. There is usually only one dominant color, and today we are going to talk about what it means to have a black aura and how it impacts your life since aura says many things about you, your energy, your personality, your emotions, and even your soul.

A black aura doesn't define who you are.

A black aura doesn’t define who you are.

The colors of your aura are constantly shifting throughout your life as a result of your emotions and experiences. Always keep in mind that auras can have several different hues and tonalities in addition to their main, dominant color. You may discover a lot about each person’s emotional and physical conditions. You may empathically access an individual’s aura through their eyes, which also contain a wealth of energetic information about them.

There are several ways to sense the aura; the most popular one is usually clairvoyance, but you can also quite clearly feel its energy and vibration. The following advice and suggestions are for aura sighting:

  • As you take your first steps, feel free to check out below straightforward guidelines below to see auras. It will take some time for you to fully understand the energy of your aura because it is an excellent tool for self-help as well as helping others assist themselves.
  • Your aura’s energy is also influenced by the state of your seven basic chakras; therefore, taking care of your chakras will greatly enhance the energy of your aura.
  • Also, check out this powerful chakra healing meditation if you’re ready to get started right away. It will be something you adore!

So, what does a Black Aura say about you?

The Black Aura is rare because it is one of the few colors in auras that have a negative significance. Maybe you believe that a person with a dark aura is evil, but this is not correct, as you may have a black aura and be a good person. It could be that you are having a hard time with very negative emotions and experiences. Perhaps you are unable to forgive yourself or forgive other people, holding to negativity and tainting your auras.

The Black aura energy originates within you when your focus and energies are thrown off balance in favor of pessimism or overt negativity. Another reason could be illness, and giving up on said illness such as chronic pain, paralysis, etc. However, not everybody with a major illness has to have a black aura, as maybe you have learned to be above your illness and materialize an awesome and exciting life.

If your aura is black, don’t worry, this will change

To go straight to the point I want to share that a lot of time all you need to do is to invest some time in understanding and letting go of all the negative energies that are causing you to have a black aura. Forgiveness is essential because a lot of times the problem lies in not letting go. Furthermore, it is a lot more common that you may need to forgive yourself, and this can be quite challenging. Let me tell you that life is full of experiences, so it is normal to make mistakes.

You must keep in mind that a black aura is not forever, and as soon as you start working on the different problems causing it, you will be able to gradually see this color fading away, integrating into your original auric color. Don’t think you are cursed with a black aura because no one is.

Your true auric color will show up through your black aura as you heal.

Your true auric color will appear through your black aura as you heal.

As you probably know by now, auras are constantly shifting based on your experiences and energy. This means that even if you have a black aura right now, you will not continue to have it, especially if you start to make changes physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. As soon as you start to make changes, your vibrations will grow, and therefore, this negative energy will start fading away from your being.

If you have a black aura, it means that you are allowing bad energy to flow through you. This can be by yourself holding to something negative, being too hard on yourself without forgiveness, or by holding a lot of bad emotions and grudges to other people.

The black aura is more like a mask, a temporal energy. For example, maybe you get very upset in a situation where you will have spots of bright red in your aura. However, this doesn’t mean that your aura is bright red, but an energy/color overlaying your normal color. The same goes for sudden changes in a burst of happiness, if you are about to have sex, or if a situation brings you to a sudden deep sadness. You can see that the energy in auras is very volatile.

Even if you suffer from a black aura, remember, it will change

I want to make sure I drill this information into your mind. If you have a black aura and you feel trapped, you shouldn’t. The first step is to become aware that this can change, and with a simple positive emotion, you will set the motion to healing. Only by becoming aware that you can exit this problem, you will feel better, and your back aura already will start fading away into your true colors.

You can heal a black aura starting with positive emotions. These emotions will rescue you.

You can heal a black aura starting with positive emotions. These emotions will rescue you.

From here, you need to become aware of what is causing the problem in the first place. Most of the time, challenges and experiences come to help us grow spirituality, as this is part of the life experiences here on planet Earth. You cannot just wait for a problem to go away, especially when you are healing yourself. Therefore, you will need to take action after you become aware of the problem.

Once you start taking action you will see early changes, and you will already feel better. If you can see your aura, you will start seeing some of your colors coming forward with the blacks slowly fading away. Don’t stop here, and remember to keep everything into account and observe the bigger picture. While you might need to learn something, you also might need to forgive yourself or forgive someone first. Perhaps you need to let go of an old miss-believe first as well.

You will continue cleansing all negativity

A lot of times, because of strong feelings of grief, you might have blackness in your aura as well. A black aura doesn’t go away easily when this is the problem. I hope this article about death, as well as this one about loved ones becoming spiritual helpers, brings some light to your heart. Having awareness will already start to bring healing, as you will come to the realization that things are not as dark as they seem.

I recommend that you start investing time in reflection and introspection, because a lot of times, the problem is a lack of self-understanding. I can recommend some guided meditations for self-help because these will further bring the shift you need.

Sometimes, when life becomes very challenging and you fall into depression, you might bring the black energy aura energy to your life, but this doesn’t mean that you need to be trapped in this state of energy. It only means that you need to be aware of what changes you need to make in your life. If you need a hand, a healing energy session will greatly help you, however, you still need to help yourself to engage your energy with progress, aligning yourself with the Principle of Movement.

The longer you hold to negative emotions, the stronger your black aura becomes, and the more trapped you will feel.

The longer you hold to negative emotions, the stronger your black aura becomes, and the more trapped you will feel.

You need to keep in mind that you have to stop being the victim. If you keep playing the victim paper, be assured that the Principle of Correspondence and Vibration will ensure that you continue to be the victim. Keep in mind that emotions are very powerful, and without realizing it, you might be contributing to continuing to have a black aura.

In the end, a lot of the problems reside in you believing you don’t have the power to overcome your challenges. Remember that you are more powerful than you think you are. You need to realize that you need to understand what the problem is and start taking one step at a time because eventually, you will reach where you want to be. You should never feel alone, don’t hesitate to ask for help, as for starters, you have the free healing list to get some unconditional support.

Some tips to clear a black aura

So, the first step is understanding why you believe you might have a black aura. If you have faced major loss or grief, or you are going through a difficult time in your life, you need to set the intention to at least want to free yourself from these bad emotions. Set clear intentions that you want and need to clear these emotions because you need to feel better to continue with your life. Remember it is important to understand the root of the cause.

You can start by applying some lifestyle changes, such as taking more care of yourself, as well as those around you. One essential step I advise is for you to connect more with yourself and understand better your state of mind. You can invest ten or fifteen minutes to see yourself from a different perspective. Approach this introspection section in a constructive and non-judgmental way. You should instead constructively approach the situation, such as, “How can I grow.”

You will soon understand your weaknesses and your strengths, helping you to know how to best approach each situation in life. You should take your former errors as opportunities to grow stronger. Dwelling within the negative outcomes will only materialize negativity.

When you grow into your own potential, you stop the black aura energy.

When you grow into your potential, you stop the black aura energy.

As soon as you start taking action, the black aura will start to fade away. The color spectrum can vary a lot, plus, don’t forget to consider any other colors around the aura. You must understand the entire aura instead of just focusing on the dominant color. I recommend observing and feeling the aura with no rush but an open mind and heart. From here, progressively, this negative energy will be leaving you, revealing your true essence.

How to check your aura?

Since I mentioned this above, I believe it is a great moment to share with you how to see auras. You can read the entire technique in said article, but I am sharing a couple of important things to keep into account, so you can continue reading here.

Firstly, look at yourself in the mirror. But do not force your eyes, to “observe and gaze” the image in the mirror should be the right approach:

  • Observe peacefully at the top of your head, focusing only on the hair and above the shoulders. Calmly, look to see the aura. Please do not force it, and do not try to see it when you do not see it. Just gaze without a rush.
  • You should be patient. Try not to blink a lot unless that is a distraction or a nuisance. It is not necessary to dry your eyes, as it should be a pleasant experience.
  • After a few moments, you will see as if you have a little contour around the head, like a small deformation in the color of your hair.

So, this is the first step towards the ability to see auras. You saw your aura! Or rather, the beginning of it. The closer to the head, the more intense the energy, and therefore easier to see.  From here, it will get easier with practice. What color did you see? Was it a black aura?

Use a mirror with a white background to check your aura.

Use a mirror with a white background to check your aura.

Furthermore, you can always ask to have your aura read. I can do this for you in a little reading here, and you will have a clear awareness of how your aura looks and feels. You can then practice seeing your aura more easily, as you will have an idea. Or maybe you are aware you are (temporally) a black aura person, and you want to validate it to address and clear it. Both reasons are great!


In closing, I would like to remind you that each individual is unique and that this is only a brief guide that highlights some fundamental characteristics; it is not meant to be followed religiously. As always, I would like you to consider all that you have learned today. Understanding oneself is crucial, and one great way to achieve this is by becoming aware of your aura. You’ll realize there’s much more in you as you continue to explore.

Since every person in our universe is unique, they are all vital. Remember that everyone is on a unique spiritual path and that each person is doing it at their speed. Better or worse doesn’t exist; it makes no difference if the aura is larger, more colorful, brighter, or has more colors. Even the most unpleasant life events are all equal and flawless.


Q: What does the color black aura mean?

A: The meanings for a black aura vary, but generally means you are going through a hard time and need some help.

Q: What is the strongest aura color?

A: All colors are strong in a sense, as all colors play a different role. Generally, we can mention that strong comes with the colors being very vivid and clear. If on the contrary, the colors are faded, the aura is not as strong.

Q: Am I a bad person if my aura is black?

A: There is no better or worse, each aura has its vibration. Black auras don’t say you are evil, but that you are going through a very difficult time in your life.

Q: What does it mean to have a bright aura?

A: A bright aura usually indicates a lot of energy that is strong, energetic, and abundant. Brighter typically refers to upbeat and optimistic. A brighter aura is likewise the result of a clear and balanced chakra system.

I hope you have enjoyed this article. Have you been able to connect with this color? Do you think your aura is black? Feel free to leave a comment! Next week, I will share all about Oneness, and what it means to tap this wonderful state of consciousness. You will realize you are more connected than you thought. We will talk more in a week. See you next Wednesday!

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