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To what extent our trust to big corporations will reach and how much info we give them?

How much do you trust the big corporations?

Written by Fernando Albert

August 19, 2020

Everything you are giving away about your private life to big corporations.

Hello! We have an interesting entry for today, and after talking about something as high as alternative existences, we will go down with something mundane. This article is not to conspire nor to criticize the big tycoons of this world. The purpose of this article is for you to reflect a little on what you are willing to give to large corporations. And with giving, I am not talking about money, but about your time and your private life. Sometimes without realizing it, we blindly trust some great online corporations, but do you know what the big corporations are doing with your data and image? By the way, I am not going to mention any company; we all know them.

The era of communications and technology.

With globalization and the industrial revolution, we have come a long way. At the end of the 20th century and especially at the beginning of this century, we made an even more significant leap. With the expansion of mobile communications, we have improved in many ways but worsened in others. I already shared a few articles about electronics and the abuse that, as a society, we are giving it. We are not going to talk about that today.

Today, we want to do more in less time. Society demands all of this, more and more. The point has come that saving a few seconds is worth it. Yes, it is true. On this planet, especially in the last 25 years, time is a resource and a good like virtual goods, especially around smartphones. We call “data” or, more colloquially, “gigs” is the resource I am talking about. Some corporations manage these “gigs” according to the plan we have and the mobile expansion and coverage itself. Therefore, something that has become an essential good in these times, big corporations administrate it.

However, these are not the corporations I am referring to. An entire society that depends on “gigs” to function has higher needs than society had three hundred years ago. Those “gigs” improve our dull moments, such as waiting for the doctor (although mental silence is lovely.) Also, they help us obtain information to cover our needs, and even these little things can save our lives in an emergency, where 30 years ago, you could die. Take a moment to meet with relaxation. Breathing is essential, and here, it will help you to a great extent.

The corporations that are there for you, right?

By accessing so much information, we have continually brought new needs and desires. We have run out of time; we can’t fit everything within one day. But we demand and demand more. Therefore, there is an industry where they “sell you time” or save you time. Even, it seems that sometimes they give it to you. For example, home automation has been dramatically developed. Now, with a phone, you can turn on the washing machine (Alexander Graham Bell never imagined that a phone would do everything they do today! Look how they were before here and even before here.)

And not only this, the fact that we want to cover so much, we need help to put it all together. Once again, these corporations come “to the rescue” to help us with endless apps. Except for the soul, or other astral things, you can record everything on the internet with technology. Some programs control the hours you sleep soundly. Automatically it can buy you more detergent before you run out… Or, it can even open your car, your front door, access your bank account, or your medical history.

All this is all very nice, but let’s think a moment about this.

We live in a world that unfortunately never “gives a nickel for four cents.” And even less a corporation that would lose millions. In other words, these large corporations are not giving you anything away. In the United States, you surely remember Nielsen. Well, all of our “TV accounts,” where we have series, movies, sports, even for regular TV, would record everything. These apps learn what we like and offer it to us. Some of these services are free, or better said, you don’t have to pay money or time to get the service.

Is likely that big corporations don't delete data.

The digital gold: Your data.

Maybe a charity will help you without asking you for anything in return. We all help someone unconditionally, or we should. But when a flight company takes an olive out of each salad to save millions, big corporations will give you even less. All these programs are the same as Nielsen. However, for those of you who don’t know what “Nielsen” is, it was basically (or is) a corporation that gives you a device connected to a TV that analyzes what you see. In exchange, they gave you coupons, prizes, and some other little things. I was lucky that it took me a few years to be a ‘Nielsen Family.’ Although I remember very little, it was terrific. Now, we are all “Nielsen” families, many without knowing it, in exchange for all those free services.

Even payment services like some with series and movies will also analyze everything you see on TV. In fact, you want it to be that way. Maybe you like to watch love and comedy movies. I don’t think you liked turning on that TV and watching a gloomy face full of blood from some horror movie. And well, here we only talk about TV, and because it is the first step. We do not read all those contracts because they very long accept that these companies use our data for their marketing purposes. There are more and more data protection laws because twenty years ago, it was also high-value content for unsolicited advertising.

To this day, some people still do it, but thanks to the laws, less and less. Here you can read that your data is protected on this page, and they are yours, not mine.

It’s just what I like on TV, nothing else. And well, how many corporations are there?

Maybe you are saving many minutes every day. That adds up a lot, and it’s great. Also, you only had to pay once for the gadget. You don’t have to pay for a monthly service, and by talking to this little gadget, you can make a food order, buy a fridge, open a bank account or even fall in love with someone else (yes, without even knowing how the face is.) It seems wonderful. , true? Geez, these big corporations are more supportive than the gentlest people on this planet. How nice, isn’t it? This little gadget also learns and becomes more efficient over time. Outstanding!

Are you starting to tie the dots on the free services of large corporations?

It is not much to say that it is not a big secret, but I wanted to include it in this blog. Perhaps someone will reflect on it. Now even these corporations offer us a secure password that they generate and save. We are giving them absolutely everything in our lives on a gold platter. Marketing moves millions a year. Big corporations get a lot of information from your life. The photos you upload, the things you post, the things you do at home, what you buy online, what you like on TV … Except for your Akashic Records, everything about you is on a hard drive of many corporations (And several people can’t live without using these corporations.)

There is much more to us than we imagine. When something enters the internet, it will never disappear again because even if you send your private parts from one mobile to another (better not do that …), they will go through some servers, computers, and filters. These corporations control all that data that passes through their servers… And needless to add more!

Everything in its measure.

This entry is not for you to hide inside a bunker, but it is for you to have a little awareness. There are some corporations, the largest of all, that increase our quality of life. A permanent service in exchange for buying the device, wherein many corporations, they are not expensive. Keep in mind that your payment is the advertisements they bring to you, usually for things you already want. However, this will generate either increased (perhaps unnecessary) spending or frustration at not having sufficient financial power. You will receive advertising based on studies and algorithms from many corporations.

And well, I would always recommend not having your whole life on the internet. If you use a PC (which is lovely), have an external hard drive with valuable information that you don’t want to lose (backups can save you a big headache), and with substantial or personal information that doesn’t “go through the internet cable.” To continue with the previous example, if you like to record yourself with your partner on video, for example, save it on a safe hard drive, disconnected from the internet, and in a secured place. I will not tell you that when you pass the video from the camera to the PC, you need to unplug it from the internet…

No need to be paranoid.

If your PC is virus-free, what you have on your hard drive is offline. Unless you upload it to a cloud or something (that’s why no one recommends uploading server data online…), you will have no problems. But come on, if you prefer, pull the cable, put it in the hard drive, and plug it in again when you are done! Now, it’s popular to disconnect or cover webcams, “just in case.” Apply that “just in case” when you pass sensitive or personal information online.

Now, a little self-analysis and be aware of what you send through these large corporations.

And one problem is that these corporations sometimes don’t do their jobs well, and your data is in the shuffle. For example, what happened this day (click here.)

And well, that’s it for this week. Next week I am going to share something. I don’t like the whole test topic and such to see what kind of soul you are or if you have a spiritual awakening or not. I see them a little mumbo-jumbo. Therefore, instead, what we will do next week is to teach you how to see yourself the potentials you have. Explaining a little some details and giving you some tips, you will see with your own eyes (and heart) what you are looking for without tests. I will tell you next week. Don’t miss the forecast! I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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