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How to see auras? Learn aura sighting in no time with these simple steps!

How to see auras.

Written by Fernando Albert

January 10, 2017

Do you want to learn how to see auras?

Hi everybody! So, did you connect with your Spirit Guides yet? This week I have a little article, but with a lot of information. We are going to learn how to see auras. I’m going to get to the point this week as I want to focus on the subject. In the future, I will share how to read and interpret them, but the goal today is that you can see your aura. I’m sure it will give you a lot of motivation, and the first day you look at your aura, you may learn a lot about yourself.

But what is the aura?

The aura is the energy emanating from our body, Chakras, and soul for those who do not know. This energy surrounds us like a bubble. Auras have a mist-like appearance/texture. But there is a big difference: that it cannot be perceived physically and, besides, it is of multiple colors that, throughout our lives, can change per your experiences, feelings, and actions in a specific moment. At more profound levels of auric reading, one can know if that person has gifts (and even some extent, which ones.)

You may understand if that person suffers from external energetic alterations (distance healing, psychic attacks, low vibration astral beings attached, blessings, protective circles, etc.). And well, I am sure you all are very curious to see auras. It can be something entertaining, especially at the beginning!

You can read emotions from auras.

How to see and read my aura?

I will give you some steps now so that you begin to practice this art of seeing auras. You do not need anything more than to try your best and a little dedication:

First steps.

It would help if you had a mirror, ideally a wall mirror. The wall in front of the mirror should be as empty of things as possible. Usually, the bathroom mirror is the best choice since the idea is that the mirror only reflects you and a white wall. The lighting should be as bright as possible, white light (ideally).

Do not wear flashy clothes or any adornment on your hair, like a headband, a hat, etc. Although this may seem obvious, it is easy to forget (especially headbands and other small hair accessories.) If you want, you can even bare your shoulders or upper body (whichever is more comfortable.)

Firstly, a simple and efficient exercise.

You must invest 5 minutes in this exercise, but no more. Do not get frustrated if, at first, you fail because it depends on the gifts and the level of ability that each one has. It can take different amounts of time to be successful, but you can do it if you try your best. For this reason, you only want to invest five minutes, no more. Whether you succeed or not, tomorrow will be another day, and there will be time for more.

Take a couple of deep breaths and cleanse your mind as best you can (In this article, you will learn how to meditate.) This way, it will be easier for you to focus on your aura.

You will soon learn how to see auras and read your own.

The next step is to look at yourself in the mirror. But do not force it, “observe” the image on the mirror. Observe (but do not concentrate too much) the top of your head. Try to focus only on the hair and above the shoulders (but not on both in the beginning.) Calmly, look to see the aura. Please do not force it, and do not try to see it when you do not see it.

You should be patient. Try not to blink a lot unless that is a distraction or a nuisance. It is not necessary to dry your eyes, as it should be a pleasant experience.

After a few moments, you will see a specific deformation in the color of your hair -just above it, almost touching- as if you had a little contour around the head (this is how I saw it at first). My friends, it is the first step towards the ability to see auras. You look at your aura! Or rather, the beginning of it. The closer to the head, the more intense the energy, and therefore easier to see. For this reason, you must wear your hair free of any accessories while doing this exercise.

Work your third eye. You may have some spiritual gifts that eventually awaken as well.


If you have come this far, you have already done the most challenging thing. Even if you have done it just once, you want to improve and grow, so continuity in the practice of this exercise is something I highly recommend. Little by little, you will see more and more of your aura until you will not see a contour, but like “a pile of colored fog” around your head. If you like the subject and want to read the aura of others, you can practice putting colored towels (starting with solids) so that they reflect behind your head. In this way, you will see your aura of another color. It will be a wrong color by the influence of the color of the towels. Yes, you guessed it. This will help you understand the color scheme.

Aura and energy always go together.

And from here, you can start practicing with the auras of others. In the beginning, you will tell them to stay next to a white wall, not to move, and spend a few minutes of “awkwardness” while you stare at that person (as we learned, you do not want to fix your eyes). But there will come a moment, which is just a couple of seconds, you will see them. You also will not need the white light as you will know how other colors influence.

Even so, the time will come that you will see the auras so clearly, that you will not be affected by different colors or backgrounds, nor other people (you can stare at someone and see only that aura, even if there are dozens of people around).

And you got a new tool to help people!

Do you want to check more exciting stuff? Head to the resources section to discover more!

Well, we have reached the end! Have you read everything in one shot? I am sure many of you have already gone to the mirror to try! Well, you will see that with practice, you can progress, and in less time than you believe, you will see auras. Next week, I’m going to talk about empathy. It is a beautiful gift, but at the same time, it is a drag, primarily because of this society in which we live … but I will tell you more next week, do not miss it! I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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