Spiritual Resources

Spiritual Resources

This is a small store section with some small but beneficial things. I like to call them “Spiritual Resources” since these little tools aim to help you in your spiritual development or even to have some other tools in your practice that will surely give you a cable.

I want to inform you that I did not originally create the content in this section. However, these tools have served me well on my way, so I want all of this to be available at a symbolic price to all of you.

Especially the ambient sounds have been beneficial to me. I am sure that for some of you who have experienced my first meditations (first generation), these sounds were part of your journeys. The truth is that they have enormous potential to contribute to your meditations, even if you listen to them on their own.

The eBooks are also fantastic. They are very short, one can be read in just a few hours, but they will provide you with fundamental knowledge about each practice that each book explains.

And I want to finish with the fact that all the content in this section is Free License, so you can use these files as you wish. Although small, what you will find will be very helpful. I invite you to take a look at what is available here. If there is something small that you would like to see in this section, I invite you to send me a message, and I will put it into practice if it seems appropriate.

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