What can you learn while in the astral realm? A great pool of wisdom!

Astral Lessons: What type of teachings will you receive at the astral plane?
You will receive astral lessons when you project.

What lessons can I learn in the astral plane?

So, here we are another week, and yes, this one is going to be also related to astral projection. Last week we talked about ego death. This entry will not talk about the actual act of astral projecting itself, but about something interesting you can do at the Astral Plane. You can learn lessons in the astral! New to astral projection? You can check out the free astral projection guide, where you get a foundation that can help you to get started with astral projection.

One question that is something also often asked one of the reasons I wanted to bring this blog post to all of you guys. Astral Projection is impressive, and everybody loves it because once we are at the astral, we get to experience absolute bliss and peace. There say there is no place like home. At a soul level, the astral plane is home, and this is why we all astral project unconsciously (or consciously when we get to learn). However, it is indeed a great question to ask, what can you learn while at the Astral? I love this question, so right now, I will share right here as much as I have personally experienced.

For the forecasts, I partially obtain the information from the astral, but through channeling.

You will realize that all the astral lessons are compelling.

I first always feel like, “I want to take off my hat” when I see other people who desire to keep learning. Learning is the foundation of humanity and a fundamental base in spirituality. The Universe continues moving and evolving. Everything within this Universe must move forward, including us. I believe that once we stop learning, we spiritually die. We are also explorers by nature, curious creatures. Since we are souls having a human experience, we came here to learn; we are engineered to learn, it is our purpose.

When we reach a new horizon, we want to research it, learn from it, and get the most out of it. The astral plane is no less, and with that, our need to keep learning about astral projection and the astral plane. And since it is a beautiful place, it sure will bring fantastic and useful astral lessons in your life.

The astral plane, the bliss we experience when we get out of this body and the amazement of traveling any distance with no linear time, you won’t even be able to perceive time. But also, the astral plane is a pool of endless knowledge. So, you can learn many things in the astral, especially at a spiritual level of course, but also in other ways. Paradoxically, thanks to this, you can learn a lot in a short amount of time as one full clock minute worth of astral travel may cover “hours” worth of stuff. I had once a projection that lasted someone else (in a similar planet to ours) entire lifetime, and here, it was like an hour or so.

Can you visit your Akashic Records during astral travel?

I will share a little based on my own experience, and visiting the Akashic Records is one of them:

Learning to get far out there. Far, Far away!

Alright, floating above our neighborhood, flying through the clouds, or even checking our blue planet from space is impressive. We all love that everybody dreams of flying. Being on the astral plane is only joy and happiness times a million. But you can still go to the next level. The next thing I would suggest is to learn how to travel far away, really far away. To start short (but it is still “far”), for instance, I would suggest that once you are good at being at the astral, you set the intention to go the Pleiades, for example.

It is only 400 lights. 400 lousy light-years. And I mean the “only” as this Universe is trillions of light-years and pretty much endless and continuously growing. Let’s not mention our Universe being just a spec in the Multiverse. Jumping to the Pleiades takes just a couple of seconds. I did it; I shared about it here in an earlier blog post, this one. Get out there and try to make a big jump like this one! How about our neighbor? Neighbors are next to you, right, and Andromeda is our neighboring galaxy. It only takes a jump, go, and have fun. And that is just the neighbor next door!

Jump to galaxies that are hundreds of thousands of light-years away. Why not visit the Sombrero Galaxy? It is only 29 million light-years away. Do you think someone in the Sombrero Galaxy is wondering the same thing about the Milky Way? I bet! “Warping” is something you only learn through astral lessons and practice.

Learning how to bi-locate.

Another great thing to do on the astral plane, which takes some practice, but it is not very tough to do. Something quite cool, though. You have to do the same when you travel Astrally but splitting your consciousness into two. At the astral, much more natural. Just desire it and have it. We always say, “I could use another pair of hands,” well, spitting consciousness in two etheric-astral-human forms is possible. Too bad you cannot use those extra hands in the physical, right? Trust me, I know it, lol.

By the way, there is a guided meditation to visit space, it may aid to induce astral projection. Furthermore, check out other planes.

Going to higher planes of existence, where essential astral lessons happen.

A powerful and impressive thing to do on the Astral Plane. Once you are astral projecting you want to astral project. While this might sound a joke, it is not.

You can Astral Project to a Higher Plane of Existence from your Astral Body. We are multi-dimensional and as impressive as it sounds, the astral body is our “next” body after this heavy meat suit. So this means going to higher dimensions like the 5th dimension, as well as visiting the “Higher Astral” where you can meet with powerful beings of light.

All you need to do is to focus on raising your vibrations and becoming more a body of light. Also, while at it, set the intention to project to a higher astral, that’s it!

The Astral Plane holds unlimited wisdom, you can learn many lessons.

Visit the Akashic records.

Opening our Akashic Records in the Astral Plane is something appealing and that most go through at some point. We tend to try to do this in Lucid Dreams, but the “real Akashic” is “the one” in the Astral Plane. Visiting your Akashic Records for the first time at the Astral Plane has a lot of significance. Hence, we get to connect with the true essence of your Akashic Records. You just have accessed the core libraries of your soul. And while this may sound scary, (especially to the IT professionals,) it is not, since you cannot edit nor erase anything there.

It will get to be easier to connect to your Akashic Records through meditation after you visit them on the Astral Plane as well because you start to understand the vibrations of your own Akasha and you get to learn a lot about yourself. Visiting your Akashic Records in astral form is a powerful experience. Besides, here you can learn a lot of astral lessons.

Meeting with others at the Astral.

Something quite interesting, nonetheless to say! By the way, I have a radio show with podcasts you can download for free about this.

Astral meetings.

It is a good one! Meeting with someone in the Astral Plane can be beyond amazing; it has no words. Both of you will be able to exchange knowledge, like transferring data between two devices (almost). If your goal is intimacy, fun, or just enjoying the company, the experience will multiply by thousands; it is incredible what you get to experience once you are out of your body! I am asked this one a lot. In fact,

I talk about this in one of my Astral Projection Q&A videos, which you can check here. There are ways and processes to do it, but it is enjoyable and positive for the specific connection you are trying to take to the Astral.

Meet with your guides, loved ones in spirit, totem animal, etc.

It’s an obvious one, but also a source of learning in the Astral and reachable in (astral) person. We can learn a lot from our Spirit Guides; astral projection makes it easier to connect deeper with your guides and have easier access to them during your waking hours. Bliss, joy, light, healing, and knowledge is guaranteed here, as well as finding guidance and direction.

The Akashic records are not only about learning astral lessons, but it is also much more.

Reach a point of ego death.

Another good one that I am always asked, in fact, the same Q&A I mentioned above, I do speak above Ego Death. However, this was last’s weeks topic, right? Once you disconnect from self and this very own existence, you start to perceive Oneness and still endless bliss. Hard to explain more, but reaching ego death brings knowledge as well, understanding the fact that we are all connected and that Oneness indeed exists.

And these are a few, possibly more, I am sure, but this is already an excellent read! I hope you guys have enjoyed reading everything and you take with you (to the astral plane) what helps! So I hope you enjoyed the read 🙂 The Astral Plane is terrific, and you can get a lot out of it.

The astral plane is fantastic, and you will get a lot out of it, you can learn many astral lessons and exciting things!

Next week we are going to stay in a similar tune. We are going to talk about lucid dreaming (how to prolong them) and about sleep paralysis.  Sleep paralysis is most of the time, a phase as you know for astral projection. Sleep Paralysis can be tricky to deal with sometimes, so I will give you the keys to go through Sleep Paralysis the easiest, but that will happen next week! I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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