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One secret to attract abundance: Being grateful and practice gratitude.

Gratitude meditation to attract abundance.

Written by Fernando Albert

May 10, 2017

Gratitude meditation to attract abundance.
A secret to abundance: The significance of gratitude.

Hello, Hello, hello! Have you had any experience eating and/or smelling astral things? I want to start this post by thanking everyone for reading my blog. It seems that I do it only by the mere fact of the subject that I am going to speak about today, but it is not like that. To have abundance, gratitude is one of the essential things. I have been grateful for your readings and comments since the first day, but I think I have never said it openly at the beginning of an entry, only at the end.

So, this was the best time to do it. Thank you very much! And well, I’m going to talk a little bit about this topic, because if you’re reading this, I can already tell you at least a dozen (or two) things that you can be grateful for since they are a luxury and a blessing.

Since the experience itself is worth more than a thousand images, I say:

Thank you, thank you, thank you for reading this, and I feel it in my heart as I write it, with a smile. If you are able to perceive that feeling, whatever it is, you are experienced gratitude.

To find abundance is necessary to have gratitude, look for the little things.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I’m going to leave this to you and try to think about what’s going on in your head? (And below a small confirmation)

You attract abundance when you appreciate the small stuff.

You can interpret this image in many ways. However, if you look at this gentleman’s face, in his body language, and the fact that the toilet is closed, we can guess what is happening here. I’m sure most of you already see where I’m heading. It’s exactly what I want to talk about today.

The toilet can be an excellent portal to…. nothing in “special,” there is no spiritual mystery behind a toilet, and I will not talk about toilets! I’m talking about being grateful… for the toilet? Of course! And for the oxygen, you’re breathing, and for the clothes you are wearing, or even for having ears that help you to perceive the beauty of music (or one of my meditations!) You will attract a lot of abundance this way.

When they give us something, we feel grateful. For example, we get a tip, and we feel thankful. When we turn the warm air in our car (especially if it is snowing), we are grateful. You probably feel thankfulness in your hearts for the person who has given you a gift, or perhaps for life itself, because you have been able to develop a dedication that has helped you pay for that warm car. And if it is not, it’s time to start doing it. It creates a ripple.

When you show gratitude, you multiply your abundance.

Life on Earth is a great challenge. I cannot say that it is an easy or difficult challenge… each person has their goals and objectives; therefore, it is different for everyone. But we all know very well that the human being’s life is not a path of roses. Throughout history, we have been complicating our lives. Luckily or unfortunately, we have set up a society based on competition, envy, and fear. They educate us to compete, to be better than the neighbor and to understand that if we stop fighting or we do not follow the system, they will eliminate us (in every way).

Civility educates us to thank other people when they help us (something we should not stop doing). However, we have not been taught to go further. Negative situations always have an unpleasant impact; some of them are seriously affecting a person’s life. Society and fear have programmed our minds to perceive and foster the negativity, the uncertainty of tomorrow and, perhaps in a way, the envy of those things that we cannot obtain or experience.

Why is it good to be grateful?

For this reason, the tendency to be unhappy about negative things increased. Or even for what you do not have (or have little), has gained a lot of strength. Even more in recent decades. Without realizing it, we blind ourselves with what we do not have, and we do not know how to be grateful for what we do have. For example, when was the last time you felt grateful to have a toilet at home? Probably during an emergency! How about a regular visit to the toilet?

But… any day, maybe when you wake up in the morning (by the way, did you feel grateful to have a bed?), and go to use the toilet, has it crossed your mind something like “how good it is to have a toilet, how grateful I feel “? Yes…? No…? And the toilet paper or the shower? You have many things to be thankful for, thus, attracting more abundance.

Toilet day: Attract abundance for everything.

We have a bountiful amount of abundance in your lifes, and yet, we talk plenty for granted.

Well… it’s in the morning; it’s ok… you have to get out of bed, take a shower… soap and hot tap water. Everything goes down the drain (thank you), thanks to the plumbing (thank you). Although the water only comes out warm because the heater (thank you!) is awful. There is little pressure or because the soap (thank you!) does not smell as good as advertised on the TV (thank you). Today’s toothpaste (thank you) is easy to use, and we can also put it in the cabinet (thank you) with the rest of the things…

I could go on, but this article is already being a long one! But this topic is critical. Every word in bold is something we should be grateful for. Very ordinary things, like water that we do not appreciate, but they are blessings that make life easier for us. They are even good reasons to be grateful for and attract further abundance. Besides, unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to have it at home. Even so, we can go further, for example, the atmosphere, the sun, oxygen… things that all human beings on Earth need (and have) to live. There are significant cosmic magnetism events around Earth that allow life. It happens only around Earth. Thank you.

You can find gratitude and enjoyment in both your solar plexus, heart, and navel chakras.

Discover living a life of gratitude. Why is it so important?

When we lack air (getting out of the water), we feel very grateful to fill our lungs with oxygen. It is essential to focus on all the good things we have in life, no matter what our neighbor has. The only thing sure in this life is death, nothing more. No one can certify that tomorrow we will have a toilet available. Therefore, we must be grateful while we have the luxury of having things like a toilet, running water, etc.

Gratitude replicates abundance.

The energies attract each other. If negativity reigns in your heart, you will attract negativity. That’s why I made this entrance. There are moments in life where we are not happy, there are many challenges on this plane, maybe too many, but if we are here, it is because we have decided it and now we have to do our best. For this reason, it is essential to look for “small things” that significantly improve our daily life. Although a little hint of thanks (thanks for the fridge, where I can store food and keep it cold).

Being grateful will make the universe bring you more abundance, to be more grateful.

It will create positive energy in our hearts, and perhaps, we already have enough positive energy to attract that new water heater to change the old one. Now there is one more thing to be thankful for, the new water heater. Next time, that glimpse will be bigger, stronger, and more positive.  Fantastic energy within our heart and with the ability to attract even more things (so you have more things to be grateful for.)

And, we create a positive magnetism where we affect those around us. If those around us have a heart full of gratitude, it will also benefit us. That energy will grow reciprocally and exponentially since, little by little, appreciation and abundance will also be higher.

Daydreaming also will help you to materialize your wishes.

A powerful guided meditation to thank and attract abundance: Gratitude Meditation, also called, ThankYou-ThankYou.

As I have been writing, the Universe gave me a great idea (something I often ask, thank you, thank you, thank you) for creating a meditation that will help you fill your heart with gratitude. This meditation works at a conscious and subconscious level (it has subliminal positive affirmations) so no matter your mood, this meditation will start your chain of abundance, which will exponentially grow. You can read a little more about it by clicking on the following image:

Gratitude meditation to attract abundance.

And I have a bunch more. Once again, thank you very much to everyone who has been reading my entries. It is one of the keys to abundance. The other key is manifestation. You can read more by clicking here: Hacking the Law of Attraction.

And that is all! Next week the horse, a fantastic creature full of feelings… massive heart. So, it’s time to say, until next week! I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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