We claim we haven’t chosen our parents… have we? Check this out!

We choose our parents.
We choose our parents.

Did we choose our parents?

Hello, hello!! How is everything going? This week we are going to continue a little on the same topic as last week. But today will be a much lighter entry. And I want to talk about our parents. It is widespread to say, “I never chose my parents; they are the ones given to me.” And in a way, it is easy to accept since they have taught us that life begins when one is born and, technically, it is impossible to have memories about before being born (although I have them). Therefore, if there is nothing before birth, then we do not choose our parents…

But we already know that birth is the beginning of one more life, and death is a transition. Our soul is experiencing all these phases repeatedly. After death, we are not born again right away; there is a “rest period” where we observe our previous life, learn from mistakes, and set goals for the next life, on Earth or another planet. Doesn’t it seem that there are more factors in this topic?

And by the way, take a look at this article. Perhaps it will also help you to understand things better.

We always choose them!

As you can imagine, the soul knows when it will be born. (And in many cases, when it will end the current life). Do you remember that I told you about the Karmic Connections in the previous article? As I explained to you, in a way, we can choose with whom we want to connect in the next life, if we have (for karmic reasons) to connect with someone in specific or just if we’re going to have an experience that our soul didn’t have before. So, does this mean that all connections to our parents are karmic? Of course, not. But what I am saying is that, in most cases, it is because these souls have shared past lives (family or otherwise) and want to share the next life.

We indeed choose our parents.

The best way to know why you have connected with your parents in this life is through the Akashic Records. There are many reasons besides “we will repeat because the last one was a good life.”

Among them, we can find a few.

  • Karmic cases where the parent-child relationship did not work and both souls wish to repeat it.
  • The parent of a starseed, an incarnated angel, an elemental, and other nonhuman souls usually have a soul source like that of the child. In this case, we (I am a starseed) choose our parents since they are necessary for the soul to wake up and carry out its purpose. Not entirely sure about human souls.
  • Individual decisions that the Soul makes before reincarnation can influence having one or another set of parents for the same reason as the previous point.
  • We may wish to have a family bond (father, mother, child) with souls with whom we have had other lives.

Like any other relationship, communication is essential for parents and their kids.

There are a lot of factors, and the vast majority are unknown to us. So, the above is just a small example of all the possibilities. Of course, this does not mean that you will have a comfortable or beautiful life with our parents. In many cases, it is the opposite! However, although it seems demanding to know why, for your soul and this life you are, the parents you have are the best parents you could have.

There is always a reason, and you should consider free will. Because of this, you cannot guarantee that the connection is optimal since each can affect the relationship. However, from every adverse situation we experience with our parents, we can learn something new and grow personally and spiritually. (This journey can take you into the Akashic Records.)

I wish you a grand farewell to 2016 and a great entry to 2017!

Well, we have reached the end! I think it has been an exciting subject and deserves a few moments of meditation. Especially if your relationship with your parents is not perfect. I did not have the intention of speaking about how to “honor your parents.” But instead, I wanted to tell you that “I understand why you have the parents you have” and that you can learn from them. It is also essential to know how you can help yourself to continue expanding spiritually and personally.

Do you want to check more exciting stuff? Head to the resources section to discover more!

And well, next week brings an interesting and well-known theme — the Spirit Guides. Let’s talk a little bit about the different types of guides, why they come to us, totem animals, and more. You can’t miss it! I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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