Do you have a purple aura? Find out more about yourself.

Are you wondering what does a purple aura means? Check out today's article and find out the meanings and personality traits of individuals whose dominant aura color is purple. I am sure you will discover amazing things about yourself and the energy that surrounds you.
People with a purple aura generally have a good heart.

Find out what the meaning of an aura purple color

Hi there, everybody! I hope the March 2024 Forecast helped you a great deal this month. Today we will focus on the purple aura color meaning and how this affects the energy and personality of each individual whose dominant aura color is violet. I will be sharing some great meanings so that you can see how they apply to your life and your personality. You must reflect on these after reading, reflection always pays off. I can assure you that this article will help you to know yourself a little better.

I want to share about the meaning of the purple color dominating the aura (as you will likely have other colors as well.) After all, color is made of up light, and energy, having a frequency or vibration that reflects certain types of information.  I love to see beyond the tangible, and if you search out there, you will find things. There are a lot of different factors when approaching auras and energy, and you can learn a lot of these with the capability of reading auras. Let’s have more of an intellectual approach by sharing some common traits for violet aura people.

A quick overview of auras

So, maybe you are asking yourself “What is the aura?” So, let’s start from the beginning. The aura is an energy field that surrounds your physical body. This energy vibrates in different frequencies or vibrations in the form of different colors. The aura says a lot of things about you, your energy, your personality, your emotions, and even your soul. Normally, there is one prevalent color, and precisely today we are observing what it means to have a violet aura and how this affects your life.

A purple aura generally comes with high vibrations.

A purple aura generally comes with high vibrations.

Auras have many, many colors and tonalities besides the main dominant color. These colors change throughout your life, they are constantly changing based on your emotions and experiences. You can also find out a lot about the state of mind and being every individual has. In a way, the eyes share a lot of energetic information about the person, but the aura does that as well. You can perceive the aura in many ways, generally through seeing it using clairvoyance, but you can also clearly feel the energy and vibration of the aura.

The aura is a fantastic tool to help ourselves, as well as to help others, and I am sharing a lot in this article about how to better understand the auric field. If you continue reading, you will find some tips and advice on how to see auras. You will be able to slowly understand the energy of your aura. The energy of your aura is also affected by the state of your seven main chakras, so working on your chakras will massively improve the energy of your chakras. If you want to get started now, check out this awesome chakra healing guided meditation. You are going to love it!

What can you say about having a purple aura?

I want to mention from the start that this will not be a few points to average everybody, but some common characteristics. Usually, the more characteristics match with you, the more likely you are to have, in this case, a purple aura. As a small disclaimer, I want to share that I am happy to share these because many of you have been asking for something like this. I am not a big fan of these types of lists. Please, keep in mind that you cannot generalize energy or personality.

It is possible that you will still have a dominant purple aura and still do not agree with some of the below statements. You are unique, as each individual, and all of these do not have to necessarily apply to you, however, the more that matches with you, the more likely it is for you to have a violet aura indeed. These are for an orientational purpose, so after reading this article, reflect without rush on how these apply to you, and your personality. You will get to know yourself a lot better when you do this, and from this alone, you will grow a lot stronger.

Let’s check out the common possible traits you may have if your aura is purple

The violet aura may be the color that has the most characteristics because there are many points of view, on one hand, but on the other, it is because the purple aura is perhaps the most common color of all. If someone with a purple aura asks me the meaning of it, before taping any energy I would say, “It means that you are a good person overall, and your energy is more or less balanced.” From here, I would continue saying, “You are good-hearted and kind with a very friendly approach. You are generally an honest person.” I would stay in those waters initially, without going into detail or tapping the energy.

Generally, people with purple auras are kind and easy to approach.

Generally, people with purple auras are kind and easy to approach.

Although many times humanity seems to be a malevolent civilization, many reasons prove it is not, perhaps one of them around the energy that each individual has. Generally, a purple aura means a good person, so this tells us that there are a lot of good people out there.  If you question how rare is a violet aura, I would tell you that they are rather common. There are many tonalities of purple, and this can define many things about the individual, but if the foundation is purple, you can tell that there is a good heart in front of you. I like to claim this as the most important trait. For example, you will never find a purple aura around the narcissist’s head.

Another powerful trait is that purple-aura people are generally quite observant. They act like antennas picking up everything around them, generally with the physical senses alone. With proper intuition and a strong Third Eye, these individuals can also have a good energetic observation of their surroundings. Is this your situation? Maybe you are more aware of the world that surrounds you versus other individuals. You are always ready for what life brings in your path, and with a proper focus, you will get the most out of the situation. In a way, this makes purple aura individuals great explorers, because they rarely miss anything from their surroundings.

One common gift among individuals is empathy, which means that there are a lot of empaths out there. Many can indeed claim that their only gift is empathy with no psychic awareness (yielding to a more indigo-colored aura), meaning that they will likely have also a purple aura. People with violet auras are generally more social, easy to approach, and extroverted. However, a significant group of people with purple auras are introverted due to sensory overload from our noisy society. If you are a purple person, you probably appreciate more than average the people around you.

Sometimes too kind…

There are always difficulties, especially because there is a wild polarity in humanity. While many factors prove that humanity is not malevolent, there are, unfortunately, a lot of malevolent individuals out there. They prey on kind-hearted individuals, people with purple auras, and especially empaths. You need to make sure to set up your boundaries. You do not need to upkeep a relationship you don’t want to have, nor do you need to do something forcefully if you don’t want to, even if it helps another individual.

If you have a purple aura and/or you are an empath, you need to set strong boundaries.

If you have a purple aura and/or you are an empath, you need to set strong boundaries.

As a purple person, you will find in your heart to help other individuals but to be able to do this, you need to help yourself first. The world needs more people with a purple aura like you, humanity would thrive a lot more. Meanwhile, you need to protect your good heart. If you bust yourself, you cannot help people. You want to help people, don’t you? Then make sure you are at your best to do so at your best.

It is also common for purple aura individuals to be completely lost in their lifepaths, is this your case? A lot of times the main reason is because you want to contribute to something significant, but you are just trapped in a job grinding the same meaningless thing for at least eight hours a day. It is time you start to look up more humanitarian paths, as well as holistic or even spiritual paths… you will find fulfillment. It is in your nature to bring betterment to the world around you that you have observed so much, so take action!

People with violet auras can be very spiritual

The color purple is aligned with the Crown Chakra, which connects you with Spirit and Higher Planes of existence, as well as the second set of chakras. It is only natural that violet aura individuals may lean more toward an interest in spirituality. You also can find traces of the indigo color in some purple aura people defining that these individuals are highly intuitive, and possibly have an untapped potential in the psychic realm.

But gifts or no gifts, what matters is that most likely you might have a purple aura if you are reading this. Your interest in spiritual stuff is obvious, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. If you haven’t experienced meditation, here I tell you how to meditate, because you will love it, give it a try! You will feel a lot more connected with the spiritual world that surrounds you, even to the point of starting to perceive some of it.

If your aura is purpose, you might feel connected to spirituality.

If your aura is purpose, you might feel connected to spirituality.

Two archangels align very well with purple aura people, and these are Gabriel, Uriel, and especially, Michael. It doesn’t mean however that you will be connected to either of these archangels or to an archangel at all. In the end, this doesn’t matter because the spirit guides who surround you are the ones you need. Purple aura people will also be true to themselves when seeking something spiritual. It means that if you are purple, you will have to connect with meaning first, then you will decide whether to follow or not.

If you read the aura of a purple person, generally you will find a friendly and approachable energy. Purple has a very high vibrational frequency, so in a way, it will be also an easy energy to spot. Pinks generally go well with purple, especially if the person is happy overall in their life.

Dark or Light purple aura meaning

These are just variations of the main purple aura color, and it is good to keep them into account. These apply to each aura, where the brighter the energy is, the higher its vibration becomes, in other words, the lighter the better. However, as with everything in spirituality, this is not a rule of thumb, so this is more general and applies to all auras, regardless of color:

  • If you have a light purple aura means that you are probably aware of your potential and possibly becoming aware of your passions, and how to get them going. If the lightness is towards a more transparent purple, it means you are not tapping your full potential, and you haven’t become aware of your traits. It can also mean that you are not being true to your needs. Introspection and meditation will help a lot here. However, if you are inclining towards a very clear and brilliant aura, it means that you have connected your passions with your awareness, and you are working a lot from the heart.
  • If you have a darker purple aura means that you probably are not going through your best times, and possibly you have some weight on you that is giving you a hard time.  If the darkness is sort of faded, grayish, or foggy you must work on yourself. Self-healing can come as a fantastic aid, as well as seeking energetic support. If the darkness is towards a very dark but clean purple, it likely means that you have emerged into your passions, and potential to dedicate your life to it. You are putting a lot more intellect than emotions, so it might be good to balance both.
You will find a great fluctuation in the tonality of the aura.

You will find a great fluctuation in the tonality of the aura.

Of course, the color spectrum can vary a lot, as well as the fact of keeping into account any other colors around the aura. You need to understand the entire aura instead of just focusing on the dominant color only. I would recommend observing and feeling the aura with no rush but with an open mind and heart.

How to check your aura?

Since I mentioned this above, I believe it is a great moment to share with you how to see auras. You can read the entire technique in said article, but I am sharing a couple of important things to keep into account, so you can continue reading here.

Firstly, look at yourself in the mirror. But do not force your eyes, to “observe and gaze” the image in the mirror should be the right approach:

  • Observe peacefully at the top of your head, focusing only on the hair and above the shoulders. Calmly, look to see the aura. Please do not force it, and do not try to see it when you do not see it. Just gaze without a rush.
  • You should be patient. Try not to blink a lot unless that is a distraction or a nuisance. It is not necessary to dry your eyes, as it should be a pleasant experience.
  • After a few moments, you will see as if you have a little contour around the head, like a small deformation in the color of your hair.

So, this is the first step towards the ability to see auras. You saw your aura! Or rather, the beginning of it. The closer to the head, the more intense the energy, and therefore easier to see.  From here, it will get easier with practice. What color did you see? Was it a purple aura?

Use a mirror with a white background to check your aura.

Use a mirror with a white background to check your aura.

Furthermore, you can always ask to have your aura read. I can do this for you in a little reading here, and you will have a clear awareness of how your aura looks and feels. You can then practice seeing your aura more easily, as you will have an idea. Or maybe you are aware you are a purple aura person, and you want to validate. Both reasons are great!

Some conclusion

To wrap things up, I want to remind you that every person is different and that this is a small guide, pointing at some essential and common traits, but not to follow throughout. I always like to encourage you to reflect on everything you have learned today. Getting to know yourself is essential, and knowing about your aura is one fantastic thing to do. As you keep exploring, you will understand that there is a lot more in you.

Please, remember that every single individual is unique in this Universe, and everybody is essential. There is no better or worse, doesn’t matter if the aura is brighter, more vibrant, or has more colors. Each individual is going through different spiritual journeys, each at their own pace, so you must keep this in mind.


Q: What does the aura purple mean?

A: Generally, a purple aura means that you are a kind and gentle person, very observant, and connected to your surroundings with a high degree of spirituality.

Q: What does purple energy represent?

A: Purple Aura comes to those iho are kind-hearted and open to oothers This energy nurtures even further with the spiritual awareness of the person, as well as the Crown Chakra.

Q: What is a violet aura personality?

A: A violet aura yields to individuals who are friendly and approachable. These individuals will always be willing to help you with a great capacity in doing so.

I hope you have enjoyed this article. Have you been able to connect with this color? Do you think your aura is purple? Feel free to leave a comment! Next week, we will talk about guardian angels and their meaning, to be more specific, we will talk about the meaning of connecting to these beings and how they can help you out. But all of this, next week!  See you next Wednesday!

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