Your inner potentials can improve or even transform your life.

Your inner potentials can improve or even transform your life.

Discovering your potentials makes a bigger foundation.
We are going to build the foundation of your hidden potentials.

Well, well, well! I want to start this article by saying that we all have many hidden potentials. If you think you have none, you are wrong, because everyone has different potentials and gifts. So it is crucial a conscious use of electronics, and how you use it. In this way, you will get to know you much better, and you will discover incredible things. In this article, I want to give you a cable on how things feel, the possible gifts. I am not going to provide you with a list of things that if a % of them apply to you, it means something. No way. You have to discover your hidden potential on your own since I assure you that you can do it.

I wrote an article about possible gifts you might have, so I also recommend reading them by clicking here. But come on, all people have hidden potentials, some more others less. Some more spiritual, others less. Here we are going to talk a little about the spiritual side of it, of course. But as a tip, the better you get to know yourself, the easier it will be for you to find your potentials, such as computer programming, gardening, seeing the spirit, or helping to solve a fight, clairvoyance, no matter what they are.

You already have what you need.

If you are reading this, it is because you would like to discover all your potentials. That is why I have commented above that it is super important to know yourself. Introspection and silence walk holding hands, and both have much to give you. I have said it in many articles. Get a date with yourself to get to know yourself a little better, okay? Perhaps, this is already something you are doing, so I’m going to comment on some things. You must take your time because, as I said, it is not a test to check if you are this or that. It’s to share experiences and ask yourself questions that may help you realize something. There are always hidden potentials!

I also want you to think about childhood. Since in many cases, parents, with the best intention, can block potentials for their children. However, it is still not a good thing. You may have some potential, but maybe it’s blocked because of your home and spiritual education you have had. So, let’s get to it!

When the potential shows up, and we don’t see it.

There are many popular childhood events that we overlook. So this is where we will start.

Your childhood (or your children’s childhood.)

During childhood, hidden potentials can be found, both spiritual and mundane. However, they sometimes reflect spiritual talents much more. Just like having an ability with music, painting, or having very high intelligence, it is the same. Now ask yourself these questions:

  • When you were little, you had and saw an “invisible friend,” and if so, do you remember this friend?
  • Do you remember seeing “strange things” as a child, or hearing noises or even whispers? Could you notice any presence? You have to be able to tell that apart from a nightmare. If you can’t, it’s probably was a nightmare. However, otherwise, you will know it well.
  • Could you see colors around other people?
  • Have you ever seen a deceased relative?
  • Do you remember leaving your body quickly, and having “super dreams” (astral travel), which was better than other dreams.

What do the kids see?

These are only a few, but the most common ones when you are little, and sometimes, they can be hidden potentials. Many times, parents tell their children that “the invisible friend” it made up. Or that “Jorge died before you were born.” By doing this, accidentally, of course, you are blocking and nullifying your children’s potentials. If you have children, you must listen to them. Your little one may tell you that sees grandpa, or that he has an invisible friend from another planet. The little ones have a lot of imagination, but precisely, that is a sign of having a third eye open.

This does not mean that if your small one sees something, it already means that there are hidden potentials. Precisely here is the part where the parents play an essential role. The ideal is to have a little knowledge of spirituality, and understand that we are multidimensional beings with more than five senses. The five senses are for this plane, but we need others for the higher planes. The little ones are born with the chakras much more open, and if they have spiritual gifts or potentials, they will shine, and you have to identify them. I’m going to give lend you a hand, and then we go to the adult, for you who are reading this.

Our potentials will transform our lifes.

Discover and harvest spiritual potentials.

As I said well, not all potentials are spiritual, but they can be discovered at a very young age. Parents must listen to their children. Sometimes it is just an “invisible friend,” but sometimes that friend can be a spiritual guide who is communicating with your little one. It is vital that there is communication (it is always essential), and help them discover if they have a gift or not.

I am going to share some ideas I experienced and learned.

  • If there are “invisible friends,” ask them to describe what this invisible friend is like. Take notes. Every time they tell you about this “friend,” make your child describe it to you. Take note of the time, the situation in which the child was. Try to get him or her to explain more, as much as they can, insist because this will also strengthen their potential, or you will realize that it is only the result of the imagination.
  • Help the child to remember the dreams. Ask your kid every day about dreams, so it becomes something meaningful for your kid. This, with or without potentials, will benefit the child.
  • If your little one tells you that he/she can go out of their body, ask how he/she knows it is not a dream. If your child is astral traveling, she/he will see the difference. Make it a game, hide a toy, or a ball of a solid color, and tell your child to fly out of the body and tell you where the ball is and what color it has.
  • If the little one talks about grandpa, ask things. If your kid says very certain things about grandfather, instead of getting scared, ask the child to describe more things to you. Make sure they are things your child couldn’t know beforehand. If things are going well, invite the child to look for more relatives, and this will strengthen his potential as a medium.
  • Observe the intuition of the child, and if you see it’s accurate, make sure for your child to be aware that it was his/her intuition that helped you decide. It helps the little one trust and develops their intuition more.

Other talents and potentials.

  • Premonitions: There may be premonitions. It is vital to take note of them, especially if they tell you very “suddenly,” and observe if they are right. You can read about premonitions here and here.
  • Feeling energy, strange fears: Your child may be sensitive to energy or have empathy. Never take anything for granted, nor ignore it. Always ask your little one for convincing reasons to claim what he/she sensed. If you listen, you will be surprised.

On a spiritual level, it is knowing the child and listening. You have to teach him/her to differentiate between fiction, reality, and astral stuff. But potentials can go out in many places. For example, you can see that your little one tends to paint or music. Or even something as left-minded as computer programming can be. It is good to be able to help your little ones to expand all their potentials, both spiritual and worldly since this will be tools available in their future.

I would also recommend that you invite your little one to introspection and self-knowledge, that they take it as a habit from childhood.

Potentials for the big ones.

If you have memories of events like this, it would be good for you to look inside yourself. Know yourself a little more, pay a little more attention to your intuition, and if you have to help someone, look them in the eyes. You may be able to receive information that helps that person. You may have some potential asleep. That’s why I try to share everything I can in this blog to help you wake up and develop your potential. I will be sharing more on these topics.

And well, as I said, introspection, and meditation. I tell you how to meditate here.

I invite you to read this entry about clairvoyance, and there you will find links for the other astral senses. Getting a little familiar with these will help you discover if you own one or more of these. And well, now it’s your turn.

And well, now it’s your turn.

Don’t be in a hurry; the rush in spirituality is not good. Give yourself many times of silence and introspection, and in this way, all your potentials will come to Light. And well, next Wednesday is the first of the month, so it’s forecast time. Above all, in how the energies are lately, these forecasts help even me, and I am the one channeling them.

I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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I invite you to check earlier posts: third year, second year, first year.

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With a cord cutting session you will be able to eliminate that connection you no longer desire.

With a cord cutting session you will be able to eliminate that connection you no longer desire.

A cord cutting session may greatly help you out.
With a cord cutting session, you will be able to eliminate connections that serve you no more.

Hello Hello! How are those spirits going? If you live with your partner, I hope everything goes fable. And if not, it is essential to remember those moments where love was born and bring them back to the now. Put those moments ahead, and together, solve the problem. But if your case is a heartbreak that you can’t seem to get rid of, and it hurts your heart, this entry will help you. Wait wait! If your love life is perfect, this entry can go with you too. It is most likely that it will. Most, if not all, people need a cord cutting now and then for one reason or another, not just out of heartbreak.

A few years ago, I spoke about karmic connections and how they could affect us. But sometimes, even if there is no karma, you can have a problem, love, for example, that has caused you harm. A bad experience on a boat. Losing a significant friendship. Errors and fears of the past. We live in a plane of duality, where we have good and bad experiences. However, some can impact us on a much deeper level. These impacts generate strong, energetic connections with that person(s) or situation. If there is no life lesson or karma, there is no purpose in suffering for that particular reason, so that a cord cutting session can help a lot.

What’s the mechanics of all this?

The subject is quite direct, not much to talk about. However, right now, we are going through times where there is much more opportunity for introspection and self-knowledge. So perhaps you realize things on a very personal level. Maybe some of these “things” are holding you back, in having, for example, better self-esteem. It can occur due to bad experiences we have had both in this life and in past lives.

When you connect with something or someone, you create an energetic connection. It can remain active even and with a physical separation. Even during traumatic experiences. It is where a cord cutting session can help you a lot. (Hint: The last forecast also plays a role.)

The most common here are problems of “not being able to forget someone,” no matter how badly this person treated you. Or, for example, not feeling available to do a task (which you can do) for fear of having a bad experience again, or failure. You may even know something consciously, maybe you’ve even treated the subconscious, but it seems like “you just didn’t get it out.” The typical “thorn in the heart,” for example, or “that doubt that gives chills.”

How does it look in the astral?

Here each person can see it in different ways, and it also depends on the clairvoyance that person has. Many times it is not essential to see it since the spirit guides know those connections that must be eliminated. But, in my case, I see it as small fiber-optic cables that connect both souls (like two spheres of Light.) If the connection is dead, the cable turns gray and does not shine. These connections are wasting energy for nothing, so they are ideal for eliminating in a cord-cutting session.

You can also notice it in the chakras. It is as if something “strange” is detected, which is like a brake as if the energy was heavy. This type of energy is also ideal for eliminating during a cord cutting session.

So now that you know what they are, so let’s get down to business.

A cord cutting session may free you.

How to do a cord cutting session.

I like to give the tools and teach people, not to create independence, but empowerment. Therefore, I want to comment on the subject because it does not have much secrecy. There are many different ways to do it. You may even find your ideal ways. If the pain is very severe, you cannot visualize, or you prefer to have help, I will be happy to help you in a healing session. But look, here are the steps:

  • Clean the place where you are going to do this with white sage, or palo santo. If you have a room dedicated to your spirituality, even better. But purify it too.
  • Try to reach an optimal state of mental and spiritual relaxation. The more the mind is silenced, and the body is relaxed, the better.
  • Have clear intentions to have an energy cut in those connections that do not serve you.
  • Stay in a meditative state, observing your feelings, and the images you see in your head.
  • If you have the need (with your imagination) to pull something, or cut something, do it in the way that comes naturally to you.
  • If you don’t see anything, you can imagine scissors made of Light, cutting gray wires around you.

You don’t even need to read what those connections are.

I do not do cord cutting reading unless the person specifically asks me to. Actually, it is unnecessary and recommended not to read them, since it is old energy that you have to eliminate. And it really is that simple. There is no need for anything exotic or extravagant. You can ask your guides for help and your loved ones in the spirit. You will see that after a session, you will feel a little more light. How to take a weight off yourself. By the way, I want to share a great meditation for experiencing profound energies.

And now, to make self-introspection, and find out if you have any energy cut to do. Next week I will talk about what I see as the purpose of the Earth as a planet. What is the purpose? Why does it exist, or why do we exist? What happens with the consciousness of the Earth, along with that of all the beings that inhabit it? I will talk about all this in a week. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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I invite you to check earlier posts: third year, second year, first year.

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Couples: More than just a relationship, a union that must be kept alive.

Couples: More than just a relationship, a union that must be kept alive.

There is a lot more in a couple that you could be aware of.
Many couples need to connect better with each other than with third parties.

Hi, how are you? Have you already heard the forecast? Today I am going to talk about couples. I’m not a couple’s expert or anything like that. I only base myself on what I have been observing, both in readings with sources of information from the Astral and in the physical plane, observing the surroundings, etc. A couple is much more than going for a romantic dinner or having a good time in bed. A correct life as a couple can bring you a lot of abundance in your life. However, it is essential (and you have to work for it), to have a good connection, communication, and synchronicity. Do not neglect any aspect of the couple, whether it is communication, sex, mutual respect, the trust placed in the other person, etc.

If any of these pillars fail, the couple is damaged. It does not mean that if something small does not work, the couple will break up. However, if “that little” that doesn’t work continue to grow, it can become a significant problem, especially relating the three main foundations of couples. I’m going to talk a little bit about it:

A couple is made up of two people, and they face (or plan) life together.

That would be the dictionary definition that I would give to the topic of couples. I want to focus on what a stable couple is. Today it is, when you do not have a partner, it is normal to go out, and some people seek to end up in bed with whoever. I’m not going to get into that, just mention a few things. It is not precisely the best for the navel chakra and your core energy. For some people, also the heart chakra (if that person is more sensitive, an excruciating platonic love affair can be born).

It is also for the potential for that connection to be something else. Sometimes “unwrapping the gift” first thing takes away all the magic and mystery, which is part of the charm that helps something beautiful grow. Therefore, if you are looking for a stable partner, keep this in mind. If you are looking for other topics, that is already far from this entry. But I want to mention that it is crucial, at least to build a little foundation in the couple. Maybe more dates. It helps create a stronger foundation. However, everybody is free to do as they please. You will not find any judgments here!

I’m glad to say that, in my case, it has always been this way in my relationships. And I’m so happy I never experienced the opposite because sooner or later, everyone is hurt. And especially after more than ten years helping people, I have been able to find my validation.

We are not talking about one-night adventures, so let’s focus on the topic.

It was a subject that I wanted to mention, in a way, humanity is giving more to that animal side that seems to deny so much. We are not superior to animals; we are equal with the same rights. Anyway, couples… Two people who find a mutual connection and discover that they can have a life together, or at least try. And this is where I want to go. A couple who already live together can be carried away by the constant hustle and bustle of life, such as work, friends, things to do, and for the vast majority, children.

All this is great, and if you decide, and have kids, the connection (is supposed to, but not always) gains value. For most people, it is something they give to each other, and have in common (even if it was for adoption, that does not matter.) With routine on the back, the tired couple talks about work, about the day, and your mood (although smartphones are doing a lot of damage here.) Some weekends these couples enjoy a movie or a nice walk. Here we add from some couples with a weak and scarce intimacy to an excessive one that even annoys even the neighbors!

A Bubble is not only from soap or “dangerous financial thing.”

The concept “bubble” may apply to everything. It includes couples. We all, more or less, know what it is a financial bubble. A couple that lacks some connections could be in a bubble state. It can trigger love affairs, or “one-night standings” outside of the couple. Hence, discussions, toxicity, and excessive independence (a certain degree of it is excellent and recommended.) When a bigger problem explodes, such as the financial market, bubbles burst, and everything is ruined. What happened during this confinement? Yes, there may be more babies in nine months. Other couples will remain in a healthy balance. But many are saturating lawyers, and not precisely to renew vows, unfortunately.

I talked a long time ago about the importance of communication but in all aspects of life. I also have several posts that talk about couples, communication and healing, and some other stuff. Even a few years ago, I created a guided meditation to repair relationships, or give out to start one. It’s called “Enhance the Love: The Three Foundations.” And I’m going to talk a little bit about it.

The importance of the foundations in a couple.

Apart from living together and enjoying a series of Netflix as a couple, there is much more. It is vital to have a good base of communication in a couple. It is widespread for one person, or both in the couple, to share their emotions more with a friend or family member than with the partner. Absolutely, not right, because sometimes, these emotional problems are a thing of the couple, and they have to be repaired or empowered without third parties. As I said before, a couple is two independent people (two souls) who share a life (or will do so in the future).

Therefore, it is essential to understand that both people in the couple are different. It is sometimes difficult to accept that, especially when you see that it does not go with you, or that whatever it is, it will even harm your partner. In the second case, you can advise, and sometimes also (without noticing it) have a little toxicity to avoid a bad experience for your partner. For this second reason, especially, you should let your partner do what he/she sees fit and allow him/her to have that life experience if it’s his/her desire (within the norm, of course). Here is the basis of communication in the couple, explain your points of view, and listen to the points of view of your partner.

There will be a point that you will not like some aspects, and you have to accept that it is so. It can take years to get here, and I think it is something that as life progresses, the couple will face it from different points of view.

How about the middle ground?

Here is one of the couple’s magic weapons. Sometimes, if there is a conflict and it is very annoying for one of the two people, you can always reach an agreement. An easy example is that the first person is free to think or act that way, but with a little consideration for the other person. That is called coexistence, and it is essential. You can always reach a midpoint and come to terms when there is a difference.

Sometimes your partner sacrifices things for you. You must also sacrifice stuff for your partner. In this way, you will reach a state of balance. And when there is a disagreement (there will be), you have to face them as a couple, to continue to have a beautiful relationship. It is something that gradually matures if love exists.

Watch out on the "couple connection"!

And do not hide from your partner at home behind your phone, for crying out loud!!! That will damage the core of the couple a lot, and little by little, it will inflate that bubble that we want to avoid. Spend a little less time on the internet, and more on your partner. I know I say this throughout multiple articles, but this topic is really doing a lot of damage, and most don’t seem to notice. Much more damage than any “bug” that has wings and hums, or it’s microscopic.

Other essential foundations.

It is difficult to prioritize the three essential foundations in a couple, but perhaps where there are the most problems is in communication. However, there is also the foundation of love. A couple has to love each other. We must take into account the “honeymoon stage” effect. After a while (depends on many things and persons), that passion is lost. But loving the person ceases to exist. You can even get into fights with the other person because you love them. Maybe you are seeing your partner getting lost in something (a tv series, for example). You fear for your partner’s mental, spiritual, or physical health, and you keep on being annoying, sometimes without realizing it.

Some couples do not care about what the other person does, and sometimes it seems like a more viable option for living together. But with that lack of love, you are going to inflate the bubble even more. If a couple has little or no love, it is fragile. A work problem, having to live with a third person (a mother, for example), maybe it is enough to destroy the couple, especially if there is no communication as well.

A little colossal problem: When it does not work, it can explode hard.

The third essential foundation of the couple is sex. It does not matter if the couple is heterosexual or not. Today there are enough tools for help for all couples to connect at the most intimate level. Even if you are embarrassed (shouldn’t), you can buy anonymously. All the movies, narrations, and social teachings make us think that sex is in a specific way, and that is doing a lot of harm. Both who think sex is “this and only way,” as well as others, are negating intimacy because “It’s only nice in the movies.”

Communication when sex doesn’t work always gets a lot of pressure. It is an intuitive, instinctive animal, mental, and spiritual aspect of the human consciousness. It is much more critical than it appears. Sex may be failing in many more couples than we imagine. For starters, both parties must be happy. Not communicating about dissatisfaction, or something now means severe damage long term. Very complicated to repair (that if there is no breakup) in the future. It is crucial that at least your partner knows what you want and do not have, and that you also know what your partner needs and wants (that maybe doesn’t have).

Connecting both naval chakras.

Do you remember why I told you that usually, a night standing is not the best? When you make love, the energies mix and you take the energy from the other person, and the other person, yours. As I said, there are “gadgets” that allow a missionary position in non-straight couples having sex. A woman’s chakras rotate in the opposite direction than that of a man’s (they alternate). The soul is the one who chooses to be a man or a woman. So if a “male human” is a woman at a soul level, her chakras will move like a woman’s. It is true, regardless of what is between her legs. You will address this person as a woman.

For this reason, it is essential that the couple also study their own sexual connection. Are both people happy? Is there a genuine connection unifying both navel chakras, or are they only games and kisses? It is vital to have both. Although the couple can continue to be happy without connecting at that more profound level, it is an energetic matter that the couple definitely loses. They never become a unit because the chakras circuit does not become one (as forming an energy oval.) It could harm the couple in some people, while others put love ahead and ignore it. However, that energy connection will not exist.

Seek what is possible.

To what the physical allows, and to the agreements that the couple reaches, it is vital from time to time to make love. Maybe you’re thinking, “and who has that problem?” More than you think, as I said before, I have worked with many people, and for almost twelve years. Maybe months, even years, will go by it. There can also be only games and kisses as perhaps the couple does not seek a further connection (maybe something to check here?). That creates and symbolizes a substantial lack of the energetic, and subconscious connection in the relationship. The more positive energy, the better! Right?

Otherwise, it gets colder and colder and may take weeks, or even months for an encounter. Not all couples can bear this. If there is a problem in bed now, or there is a reason or a different problem, it is advisable to treat it as soon as possible, so that it is a positive experience for both of you. Otherwise, negative experiences can also be generated that teach you that either making love is unpleasant, or your partner is. And it will be very difficult for your other half, generating fears, doubts, esteem problems, suspicion, etc. It depends on the person, some may think more than others, but they are negative emotions that should not be present.

In fact, this will also lengthen the time between the couple’s moments of intimacy, the term being longer and longer, and even losing the magic even more. So take care of this aspect too!

And what else?

Well, although the entry is long because I wanted to touch all three foundations, I also don’t want to go much deeper. After all, I’m not a couple’s psychologist. I wanted to comment on all these issues because if you are reading this on or near May 13, 2020, we have a global problem that forces us to spend more time at home with our partners. Awareness also heals.

Next week I will talk about energy connections, good and bad, we will even talk about when and how we should cut links. Past connections that no longer exist in the physical may exist in the astral. That leads to fears, and weakness, therefore, it is essential to eliminate them when they are detected. Great for couples too! See you next Wednesday! I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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I invite you to check earlier posts: third year, second year, first year.

Love & Light,

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Rev. Fernando Albert

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Stay Positive, remember: The coin always has two faces. Get more out from you!

Stay Positive, remember: The coin always has two faces. Get more out from you!

Stay positive, there is a lot of it available!
Stay positive because the coin always has two sides.

Hello Hello! How are we doing? For this week, I planned to tell you about the Middle World, the shamanic version of the world, and human consciousness. As I told you last week, it is not a good idea to talk about the Middle World this week. Besides, the Lower World meditation came out a month ago. It is the best place to visit, especially when talking about the different shamanic worlds. So to get stronger, visit that one. The Middle World reflects human consciousness, and unfortunately, now is not the best time. However, I am going to tell you: stay positive. As the title says, the coin always has two sides.

I always like to say, “the worse the tails, the better the heads in the same coin,” since I always try to be positive. I know in the world we live in, and if something turns “heads,” and it’s perfect, with a heart full of gratitude, never under guard. As I said, the coin has two faces, always. Positive/Negative, Light/Dark, Love/Fear, Face/Tails, etc… is part of our third dimension. So this entry, because right now, worldwide, the “tails” is quite severe. Therefore, the “heads” have wonders available, which on top, people are ignoring these wonders.

Try to recall information from the forecast reading.

Let’s focus.

Last week it was time to talk about the Middle World, and this was about meditation, but this will happen in September. As I said above, if you want to access the shamanic worlds, you have the lower one, which is terrific. I know that this will also delay the Upper World, but everything happens for a reason.

This is not another email where we are all flooded with you know what… As I already said, here you will only read about the beautiful crown chakra (in Spanish, this chakra has a now conflicting name!) However, in some matters like visiting the Middle World, it cannot be ignored. Therefore, I want to contribute my positive grain of sand.

Stay positive because being positive is free.

In difficult times, sometimes you see the real colors of people, and here you will find nothing but a message of support/advice, and a little free healing if you need it. Be positive because these days it is essential to vibrate high for the following reasons:

  • Your energy is positive, and you attract more positive.
  • Positive energy makes your aura stronger, and while that may not be medicine from a drug company, but it all helps.
  • You will feel better, so it will be easier for you to go through the day, every day.
  • Time will pass faster.
  • You will find the opportunity to grow in many ways.

A little surprise I had.

At first, it seemed that there was nothing until the March forecast warned to be careful with fear. This April, Spirit informed us that all energies are going to flow much more quickly. And since there is so much negative energy, the problem has become enormous, super fast. Both physically, mentally, and spiritually. But as I told you last week, everything happens for something, no matter how bad it is. And as what is happening, it is so bad, stay positive. There is a lot of positivism available, make sure to grab some!

I like being at home, and it is almost difficult for me to understand the massive need to leave home. But even if I don’t understand it, I respect it, and I send a lot of Light to those who are overwhelmed with this matter. I’m going to give you a couple of things:

  • You can download a free guided meditation here, with a single click, the download begins. Free without conditions during these months.

The positivism of meditation.

I have already created posts where I talk about the importance of meditating and how. We now have much more time to meditate. Television makes excellent movies, on social networks, there is undoubtedly much more movement (you may know that, I do not like them, so no idea hehe), and there are even free courses and more stuff. We do not live in a spiritually awake world, and in the primary sources of information, don’t tell much about encountering your spirituality. Therefore, for this reason, I give you meditation along with these tips:

  • Find ten minutes to introspect with instrumental music or in silence.
  • Meditate.
  • Try connecting with your guides.
  • Be proactive and plan personal, spiritual, emotional, or even professional ideas for the future.
  • Do not abuse electronics.
  • Listen more to your dreams; try to discover what your conscience has to say.
  • Take advantage of all the extra time at home with positive visualizations and imagine and dream.
  • Understand the forecasts.
  • We can have a small talk.

And if you have problems, try and stay positive, I give you a little hand:

This problem damaged more some people than others, therefore, if you have any health problems, and you have lost your job, I am going to gift you some healing. I already sent an email a few weeks ago, offering free healing. During these weeks of trouble, I will be part of the positive side of the coin, and I will leave you here a form for you to request free healing. Please, do not try to take advantage of my good-will and time. If you are not in distress, allow it for who really needs it. And what is it about:

  • Balance and balance of chakras, especially the Solar Plexus, to cleanse you faster from negativity and fear.
  • Protection in the aura to vibrate higher. It is not a vaccine, but an aura with high vibrations, for all kinds of negativity (physical or astral), will have more difficulties penetrating it.
  • White Light, protection, and empowerment of the respiratory and immune systems.
  • White Light healing straight to your heart chakra so that it goes wherever you need it the most.

I will not send a voice report, but count on a lot of white light energy since I spend a lot of extra time sending all this healing.

And that’s it, no more needed.

I recommend that you focus on all the positive aspects that you can. Be positive and share it. Next week I will share with you a protection technique that an elemental being in the lower world taught me. It fuels with love, and the heart chakra. It will come great for these times so that I will tell you in a week. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

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Rev. Fernando Albert

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What do you need for a trusted tarot reading? A specific format is not one!

What do you need for a trusted tarot reading? A specific format is not one!

Trusted Tarot readings can happen without formats.
Tarot Spreads are not essential for Trusted Tarot Readings, allow the cards to guide you.

Hi! Did you already visit the Lower World with the latest journey? This week I bring you a small entry about the tarot, tarot spreads, and the essentials for a trusted tarot reading. Many people ask me about the spreads, whether they are essential or not, and how to be guided by the cards without formats. Ironically two years ago, I shared about the Tarot. I notice that after writing this article and adding last year’s entries.

The cards “have no watch.” Trusted tarot cards always guide.

One of the main reasons that formats are used is to be able to know that if a card is placed in a specific site, it could have one value or another. For example, the classic format, “The Celtic Cross,” gives us messages of the present, past, future, conscious, and subconscious. It is terrific, it can help a lot, but also, it can limit and even block information, especially if you limit yourself exclusively to the specific format you are using. I have another Tarot entry where I explain more about this. In a trusted tarot reading, you can find that the reader uses no format.

To me personally, and now I will tell you how it all started, I prefer not to use a format, and let myself be guided. The cards do not understand linear time, so in all cards, you will have messages from any point in your temporal line (or sphere). In fact, in the beginning, I used formats; however, sometimes, the information didn’t flow as fast as it flows right now. In fact, by not using a format, it is also easy to draw more cards if you see fit, and you can deepen the message.

Ties between the borders of trusted tarot cards.

As usual, I started using the Celtic cross as a circulation format. All the readings were going well, and the messages arrived correctly. However, when “technically” I had already talked about a letter that is before in the format, sometimes I get more messages. It’s like saying, “I’m in the 6th letter, but now, I have messages from the 2nd.) This is a bit chaotic. I saw it as a transparent string coming out of one letter and going to another, and connecting between them. (In one of my courses I also talk about this: “Understanding the Tarot.”)

I didn’t like these “jumps” very much, so one day, my guides told me to “just draw out more cards.” It has been that way for years, and now there are never those jumps. The movement through the different cards is much more fluid, as well.

Trusted Tarot Readings need no format.

A messenger is always a messenger.

One of the reasons you might prefer a specific spread is that it might make you believe it is more trusted for a tarot reading. However, it is not; it is perhaps because you have something “to lean on,” and that comforts the brain. However, it is more complicated since the energy does not flow as fast as if there were no format. Like this, there is a topic about the different Tarot decks. In fact, if you learn how to make a well-made and accurate trusted tarot reading, you will realize that all Tarot decks (that are well made, though), will provide an accurate reading.

In fact, as I mentioned up there, playing cards are also worth reading. The Spanish Deck, in fact, is much more similar to the Tarot’s format, so you can make a trusted tarot reading with your Spanish deck without problems. You need to connect with the cards and practice. Perhaps, in the beginning, it is easier to use a deck with a lot of art so that you can observe the symbolism. However, there will come a time that you will not need images in the Minor Arcana. You will provide trusted tarot readings fine.

Pretty surprising, but real. Some tarot decks have art in their major arcana, while the minor arcana only show the actual suit of the card (for example, you see eight coins in the eight of coins, that’s it.). One of the most popular Tarot decks (Waiters Rider) almost has them this way. Instead, The Conspiracy Tarot has art in the 78 cards of the deck.

I hope this article strengthens your relationship with your cards.

So don’t worry too much about the whole topic about the deck or the format. To choose your deck, if you notice a connection, you already know that that deck is for you. Otherwise, you will continue with your search. I invite you to take a look here to see what you think and if it connects well with you. If so, the cards will feel special on your hards, far from “plain paper” feeling that you may have with a newspaper or a deck that is not for you. The deck will provide trusted tarot readings.

I recommend the Conspiracy Tarot for two reasons:

  • The cards have art, all 78. It means that it is a suitable deck if you are starting to explore the Tarot. It will provide trusted and powerful tarot readings.
  • The booklet comes with more than the card meanings. It comes with questions of self-reflection that will enhance your life, your spirituality, and your relationship with the cards.

Therefore, a Tarot that can bring you a lot, and you can read more here. I also explain in the little book about the whole spread topic. And as an example, you have the forecasts.

I hope this entry empowers your relationship with your cards, therefore, doing better, trusted tarot readings.

And that’s it. We are ready for this week. Now it’s time to prepare for the forecast for next month. Next week is the first Wednesday of the month, so we’ll see how global energies are doing. But all this, in a week. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Experience healing, and receive wisdom through a Shamanic Journey.

Experience healing, and receive wisdom through a Shamanic Journey.

Shamanic Journeys are very powerful.
Shamanic journeys will open the doors to three incredible worlds.

How is everything going? I knew that more than one person was going to have new sensations when doing “The Journeys:” soul meditation (last week’s.) This week I will share a little about shamanic journeys. I want to tell you what benefits they have because it can help you a lot. I will share my story in the end. A shamanic journey can change your perception of life. I opened this door many years ago without realizing it, but in recent months, I am opening the door wide open.

The first thing I want to tell you is that a shamanic journey is easier to do than, for example, induce a lucid dream or to astral project. Knowledge helps, I will not tell you that these journeys do not require practice, although it is quite natural for you to make one of these trips if it is guided (that is what we are going to talk about.) However, like everything in our Universe, shamanic worlds have their rules. A shamanic journey is real; in fact, although it may not seem like it, it is something very connected to the physical plane and the physical body.

You want to make sure you’re experiencing the shamanic journey trip well, and you do not imagine it. It’s easy to know when you imagine it, and when you don’t, but you have to have a little awareness. You also want to get the best possible experience on your trip. There are no bad experiences since, in the worst case, you would be in a “nothingness” for a while where you receive healing. But come on, just by reading today’s entry, I doubt it will happen to you.

Did you know the monthly forecast is a form of healing too? Awareness is healing.

Shamanic worlds?

There are entire books about this topic. A lot of them teach you how to experience a shamanic journey, so I cannot compress everything in one entry. However, I can tell you that a shamanic journey is made following the rhythm of a drum, taking into account a few things depends on which world you want to go. I want to tell you that the following “The Journeys” will take you on a shamanic journey. One per month for three months, one per world (Lower, Middle, Superior.)

With “The Journeys,” it will be much easier for you since you only have to follow my voice for the first steps of the trip. It will follow a gentle background accompanied by my elk’s drum, which vibrates at frequencies closer to the Lower World, to the healing, and elemental energy, but fantastic for all three worlds nonetheless to say. The rhythm of the drum will change when it is time to return, and my voice will also guide you. Therefore, with these Journeys, you can have a shamanic journey without previous training.

I will explain each shamanic world as the following meditations/journeys come out. However, if you have an mp3 with a drum session for shamanic trips, you could also experience one yourself.

Keep in mind a few things:

  • Make sure nobody is going to bother you for a while during and after the session.
  • Thank the spirits who will accompany you. Show gratitude to the animal spirit that gave its skin to create the drum that will accompany you. Thank your spirit guides, loved ones, and your power animal if known.
  • Set clear intentions for the purpose you have for your journey. I will explain in future entries which intentions are best for what world.
  • Make sure that, as my voice guides you or as you reach the desired world by your own means, everything starts to go on “automatic.” That is, you do not have to visualize or think. The images appear alone, and they will keep appearing, like pressing play. Believe me, if you do it right, it happens like that.
  • Once you have your goal or the drums, change the rhythm to return, visualize that you travel back home. Visualize as if you re-enter your room and your body.
  • Write down immediately all the experiences you have had, what you have seen, felt, or even heard.

A few potholes down the road.

One of the problems that astral travel, and lucid dreams have (shamanic journeying do not get hat affected) is that a health impediment can be a hindrance. A sleeping disorder, for example, hinders both, but it obliterates lucid dreams, of course. You may have some discomfort, or chronic pain, or other events in your body, which does not allow you to leave your body. Everything is possible in one way or another. However, some paths are more complicated.

Unfortunately, a health problem is a nuisance to everything; however, on one of these trips, you can keep the visions with those annoying problems. You don’t need a deep trance, a light one is enough, and if your health problem interrupts you, you can re-focus and continue your journey without “losing it.”

If you have a very active mind, it will not be a killer obstacle either (but does hinder, you have to dominate it little by little.) The vibration of the drums will help you since they promote alpha and even theta waves within your brain. It will bring relaxation, and you will have a greater focus on your shamanic journey. A recorded drum does not vibrate the same as in-person; unfortunately, however, it is still a high vibration that will help you reach a meditative state.

A shamanic journey may bring more than healing.

How those shamanic journeys came into my life.

I already told you the theory, this time, before the story. But now I want to share a little. You know that the origin of all the meditations is “Space travel” (although it is not officially the first meditation.) A friend, shaman, and vocalist told me that I had the ideal voice to host guided meditations. And that’s how I started. She saw the potential within me and wanted me to receive an Initiation to shamanism. Also, she needed psychic help. Therefore, she offered to trade, which I agreed to.

She didn’t explain much to me besides a little of the basics that I mentioned above. Or even less than that because I didn’t know what I was going to do (or what it was), a shamanic journey. After a little ritual, she began to play the drum, and I followed her. It was an enjoyable experience. I remember visiting the Lower World (at that time, I thought it was something to do with my soul.) There I found my power animal, with whom I connected immediately.

I don’t remember much about the journey since it was more than twelve years ago. But it was a beautiful experience. However, the whole shamanic journeying thing stalled for a long time. By the way, I want to share a great meditation for experiencing profound energies.

When the calling voice raises the volume.

There are times when we receive a calling, however, until they “shout in our ears,” we don’t realize it. I have always taken the subject as initiation, and I stayed there. However, in recent years, from different life events, “the call” to follow that path returned. Some moments were very clear. It was evident that I had to take this path. However, it was not until a year ago that the volume of that voice rose once more.

I was not “deaf” since I had just bought a shamanic healing book, what happened was that I had my focus on other things, and I did not emerge fully. A person I work with mentioned the issue of soul retrieval. As a healer, I saw it as a very useful tool. I learned about the three shamanic worlds and how to visit them. I found a lot of healing for myself, confirming my power animal again, and some more things.

Shamanic journeys that heal.

And as a result of all this, I began to gift soul retrieval sessions, observing their effectiveness. Until I decided to start working with more people on it at the end of last year. And as I explained in his article,  you do a soul retrieval through a shamanic journey in the lower world. As I said before, it depends on the goal, one world or another is better, and for this purpose, the lower world is ideal. By the way, cord-cutting brings healing too.

Therefore, shamanic trips are definitely worth it!

Next week we are going to talk more about the aura. I did once, in an older blog post, but I want to share a few more things, such as meanings, the tonality of the colors, sentient beings connected to it, and more. However, we will talk about that next week. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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