Duality is part of our existence on the Physical Plane and we have to understand it.

Duality: Present in our existence on the Physical Plane.
Understand Duality.

Duality is part of our existence on the Physical Plane, and we have to understand it.

Hello! How about your creativity and imagination? If you have let both flows in your mind, you may start to see some more positive aspects in your life. This week we are going to talk about duality. We live on a plane of duality, and it is important to understand a little more about this topic. I have already told you about six Hermetic Principles, and now you understand that the Universe has its rules and principles. Taking duality into account can also be very helpful. Also, not everyone perceives duality in the same way, and I want to talk to you about that.

Perhaps the best way to define duality is for you to see the world around you. Duality goes unnoticed by most people as it is part of the normal. Duality defines that which is both positive and negative. You will never find one without the other. This is very similar to the Principle of Polarity that I explained to you a few weeks ago. However, there are more aspects to be able to define duality. We begin with the separation of souls. We are all one soul having a human experience (on Earth). Other souls have other experiences throughout the Universe. However, we are all individual souls with our own Akashic Records, having our experiences life after life until we decide to rejoin the Source of Light again, where there is no duality, and all souls are one.

You there, and myself, here: The cold separation of duality.

Although duality goes unnoticed by many people, two groups of souls can suffer a bit with this issue. These are the starseeds and most especially the incarnated angels. Here it will influence the number of lives that these souls have had on the physical plane, where duality exists. For this reason, this topic does not affect all starseeds as many of these souls may already know duality. I want to explain to you that one aspect that a plane of non-duality has is that there is no separation of souls. If there were no duality here on Earth, we would all be the same person, as a collective mind. Most likely, we would partially share the same Akashic Records. And, of course, we would not have our own identity, but a collective one.

This is true on the angelic plane, where all souls have a collective consciousness. If there is no duality, terms like “you, me” do not exist, but it would be a kind of “all of us.” This also happens in other dimensions and states of consciousness, so some starseeds do not know duality. Souls who have difficulty with duality are mainly going to suffer a lot of loneliness. Although these souls have a lot of company on a physical level (friends, partner, family), they will always feel lonely in their souls. The reason is that these souls are used to feeling a collective consciousness, and on this planet, consciousness is individual.

A small note.

Really, this is perhaps the greatest of the problems that these souls can suffer. To give you an idea, and for those of you who know how to make astral travel, it feels like your most intense astral travel, but constantly in that state, without knowing another. As additional notes, some walk-in souls also can have a tough time with duality.

Duality always has both positive and negative.

One of the lessons of the Physical Plane.

Really, and by learning to observe everything completely and not partially, we can find the positive side of all this. Souls who have never lived duality begin to know it once they incarnate on this plane. This, even if it involves a certain level of suffering and negativity, will result in development at the soul level. Other lessons like karma, for example, can only be learned on a plane of duality. This, in turn, will help these souls to appreciate the reality of non-duality on a much more intense level, and this is as a result of knowing it. This, at an existential level, will help you to understand much better the most positive aspects of your existence, as we can observe with the Principle of Vibration.

If this is your case, you mustn’t get carried away by this feeling. Therefore, it is part of your purpose to learn and understand duality, this is the first step. It is not only about fixing karmic connections before death to ascend to other planes. There is much more behind all this, like experiencing connections of duality (love towards another person, for example.) Thanks to duality, we can better understand the polarity in things, which maximizes the gratitude in our hearts for what is positive. This helps us expand our happiness, and we will carry these experiences into future lives, on this and other planes.

Lessons through existence.

One purpose that all souls have is to develop through gaining wisdom. This is obtained from millions of experiences, a large part of them being on planes of duality. The planes of non-duality, or even planes or dimensions with very different realities (such as Dimension Zero), will also contribute to the soul’s development, but they are all important.

Things to keep in mind.

Here the most important thing is to understand and accept this. You do not have to succumb to sadness or loneliness that invades your heart. On the contrary, the lesson is to learn how to get the best out of your now and learn to be above the most negative aspects. To get on top, you will need to learn and understand the whole situation. Only in this way will you reach transformation and contribute to the development of your soul. All souls can perceive complete happiness on this plane, but action and learning are necessary as for everything.

Well, that’s all I can tell you about duality. It really is something that goes unnoticed by everyone. However, due to the origin of their souls, some people can be a bit uphill to exist here. So I hope that if this is your case, this post has helped you. Next week we have the forecast. As always, it will be available here next Wednesday. So, I hope you have a wonderful week. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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