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Bundles bring great discounts!

Get your favorite products in these Bundles and save! You asked, and they arrived! You have a huge variety of options, and you will be able to gift away packages with significant discounts. We could even find the perfect bundle for you together! If so, please let me know, and I can work something up with you!

There are a lot of options and different ways to create bundles here, including some subscription programs. You will find different discounts, because the bigger the package, the bigger the discount, so bigger saves!

Maybe you wonder how can you make bundles with spiritual stuff. Well, read on because there are a lot of amazing combinations, and you will love more than one!

Get more, pay less!

Discover a plethora of options that redefine the concept of gifting. The bundles guarantee great discounts. Yes, you read it right – it’s the perfect blend of quality and savings! The best thing here is that you can combine pretty much everything:

  • Find packages containing profound Psychic Readings with Energy Healing sessions for you to get it all; guidance and healing. The best way to start and finish a reading is healing!
  • Great Bundles for Energy Healing sessions with Shamanic Healing for you to heal in all areas by using White Light energies from Source and the Astral Plane, as powerful healing and nurturing energy from our very own planet Earth.
  • Discover fantastic packages with Spiritual Courses that are recommended for different goals for you to get the most out of your spiritual development.
  • You will find bundles containing a spiritual course bundled with the recommended guided meditations for you to get the most out of your learning and practice.
  • You can even find some combos of stand-alone coaching sessions with some other interesting stuff to have the most amazing support.

As you can see, there are many options. You must stay tuned, because this section grows, and new bundles and packages arrive constantly and you shouldn’t miss them. If you have a few things in mind, don’t buy them individually, make bundles instead!

The only requirement is that you use up the entire bundle within three calendar months so you can maximize your discount. If you don’t, we will use the value of your remaining package as store credit. The remaining value will be counted as not discounted, and neither can you use this credit for new bundles (otherwise there would be a big loophole here!)

Perfect for every occasion.

One fantastic benefit from using these bundles is that they are fantastic as “care packages” or “learning lots” (it depends on what you get!) Usually, gifting a lot of different things in a single lot is a fantastic way of gifting. Why do you think that these lots are so popular at Christmas? If someone gifts you Christmas Bundles, you will receive some gourmet food, good wine, and champagne plus some Christmas desserts.

Why not gift a bundle containing spiritual support? You can put together readings, healing sessions, meditations, courses, and more in a single package to gift someone. You even get everything at a discounted price so you also get some benefits. Of course, I will be very grateful, and most likely, I will gift you (the gifter) some healing light and positive vibrations as a huge thanks.

Treat yourself!

Why wait for someone else to spoil you? Treat yourself to a pampering experience with these irresistible bundles. Unveil a world where profound spiritual work meets affordability.

Wellness and self-care products

Nowadays, we need all the care, and all the relaxation we can get, and precisely, you can find a lot of that here at Meditate with Fernando! Why not increase your peace of mind with an added discount for anything that you need? You will only need to think a little ahead of what you want, and buy in bundles to save!

Many of these bundles have both spiritual guidance and spiritual healing which basically can be the two foundational needs to any spiritual, personal, or professional help you may need. My goal is for you to feel better, and to receive the guidance and insight you need, for this reason, most of these packages aim towards these two goals.

Meditation is essential, and I constantly recommend it. In the same way, you need to work out every day, you also need to meditate every day. You will experience many benefits from meditation, For this reason, you can find a lot of bundles containing guided meditations. Furthermore, you will also find guided meditations combined with other products.

Ultimately, you can even build your bundle as far as guided meditations go.

Customizable Bundles

As I stated above, one fantastic thing about these bundles is your capacity to customize them in the way you desire. Every individual is different, and maybe you want to group different things that are not already bundled. You have over 200 options here as far as products and services, so there are thousands of combinations.

Don’t forget that if you desire a bundle that you cannot find, reach me and we will work something together. The key factor when customizing bundles is that you need to get at least two different products (but I recommend four.) It doesn’t matter what these products are other than the Transformation Programs.

Based on the amount of products you bundle up, the discount will run from 5%-20% (sometimes 25% depending on the products and amounts.) Take your time, browse the store, take notes of what you need, and reach out. I will send you a customized discounted offer. Isn’t this the best way to get bundles and save?

Subscription Gift Boxes

This is a fantastic idea that works great for big corporations, and there are always ways to make it work for the small fella like me. Right now, this option is not available, but I am planning to put this together at some point.

However, I believe in prototypes, so if you want to subscribe to Gift Boxes Bundles, please let me know right here. We might build something together, and maybe from this point, it will become available, especially as more of you ask me about this.

The idea of these subscription boxes is for you to get different products each month for a fixed value. Some months might be healings and meditations, others it might be readings and shamanic work, and so on. When a bunch of you subscribe to this option, I will throw it in as a random extra gift of something lighter, outside of the packages, such as a Tarot Deck, or even a one-month chat subscription.

Don’t wait anymore!

Now, you know that the possibilities are almost endless, and if you have any ideas or suggestions as far as these bundles and packages, you can always let me know. I am always open to suggestions, always, because Medita con Fer is what it is today in part thanks to your suggestions.

So, I will say the same thing as I started. Take your time, browse around the store, and take good notes of what you want, if you do not find a bundle you love, let me know and we will work something together.


Q: Do these bundles come with any discount?

A: Yes! All bundles come with a discount from 10% to 25%, make sure to check them all out.

Q: How long do your subscription programs last?

A: Most subscriptions are monthly and they will auto-renew (we can stop them with one click.) The three-month programs will not automatically renew.

Q: Do you offer customization?

A: Yes, I do! Please reach out if you want to put a bundle together, and I will apply a discount.

Lots of light!

Thank you: Bundles