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How to be above negativity and surround yourself with positivity.

How to stay above negativity.

Written by Akashicsoul

March 24, 2021

How to stay above negativity.
How negativity is affecting us and how we can be above it.

Here we are for another week! I hope you have been improving your root chakra! This week we are going to talk about a topic that is often avoided; negativity. After more than four years, we have hardly touched on topics about our fears or negativity. On this site, you will never find fear, and you will always have answers for everything. It is important to know our challenges, as I have spoken in previous posts. An important aspect is to understand that challenge fully. In the vast majority of cases, there is always something negative that does not cross your mind. This is normal because we live on a plane of duality, and you don’t have to get frustrated by it. However, it is important to understand negativity a little more instead of running away from it.

Today I want to explain a little about how to understand the negativity better. An important aspect of spirituality is knowledge. As we understand and know more about this plane or others, our consciousness expands, and we can grow as souls that we are, having a human experience. Therefore, understanding negativity will give you more knowledge and help you be above any negativity affecting your life. In fact, this is one of the keys that negatively affect your life as little as possible.

The reason for negativity. Do you know where it comes from?

As human beings, we currently spend most of our life/consciousness on the physical plane. On an earthly level, we are prepared to interact and react to stimuli from the physical plane. It is important to be grounded, but if you bury your feet too much, it is not good either! There are very down-to-earth people capable of optimally interacting with the physical plane, perceiving life in much more detail. However, these people are losing a huge fraction of our existence. Among many things, one of them is the origin of negativity, the why. Negativity is abstract. Therefore, it is necessary to understand more than the stimuli that the physical senses can receive.

When we see beyond what the eyes see, we discover that everything has a much deeper meaning. You can have incredible experiences on other planes, such as astral travel. Through meditation, you can have transformative experiences. Understanding negativity fully becomes easier if we focus beyond the physical plane. Starting with just one thing, we can draw many conclusions when we analyze it from different perspectives.

It is essential to analyze the situation you call “negative” to deal with it. Silence and mental observation will help you to be able to analyze any situation that comes your way. Understanding brings solutions, and solutions, happiness. It is not like this? You can study any situation from an analytical point of view, but you should also do it from an intuitive perspective. In this way, you will discover the root of negativity.

Time to be above our limitations to dodge negativity.

What is negativity like from an energetic point of view?

It is important to understand that negativity is energy, just like positivity is. These energies affect everything from the situation to the resulting emotions. Obviously, negativity is not a subject we want to experience, but sometimes we have no other choice. It is important to understand that negativity is not a being with a conscience that tries to make life impossible for you. If you understand negativity as “besides” to a situation (like music in a movie), it will be easier for you to isolate it. In a situation, it is essential to understand exactly where the source of negativity is.

You will realize that part of that negativity is a state of mind, and that state of mind is yours! No one else’s. You will realize that you have no choice but to face it. Therefore, a healing session is not going to erase negativity. It will help give you the strength to understand and overcome the situation that has been presented to you. In fact, negativity can even go away when you find a solution to the problem. Negativity often accentuates something we do not see, something to deal with and solve.

Negativity is a state of mind, of focus towards an understanding. For this reason, we say that there are negative people and people who are positive. The way you see things will often dictate what an experience is going to be like. In fact, the same situation can be positive and negative (at the same time) for different people. Even the way some people act can generate positive or negative emotions in third parties.

How does it work, and how can we overcome it?

As you can see, we are really in control of much of the negativity. In fact, it could talk about how negativity and time (non-linear) interact. Maybe I will do it in the future, but for now, I invite you to reflect on this aspect. I want to comment on a couple of situations where negativity can seem more like a drag, but I will explain how to treat negativity in these cases:

  • In situations or third parties that you cannot control. You may have to have a negative experience because of a third party. For example, a co-worker who brings problems to the office. Through introspection, you can find solutions, at least for yourself, to face these problems. You may even find the solution to eliminate this negativity. Sometimes you will realize that it is not in your hand. You will discover ways to deal with this negativity to the point that it doesn’t affect you personally. In this way, you will be above negativity even if it exists. It will no longer affect you.
  • When negativity originates from you, this┬áis a bit more complicated since we host all the shortcomings on an emotional and mental level and the shortcomings on a physical level. We may not be able to choose certain opportunities or wishes because we are missing something. This can create a feeling of frustration and feelings of inferiority. It is important to look for other opportunities. Keep in mind that if you haven’t been presented with the opportunity before, it may not be for the best of your purposes. Your moment will come to you too. You have to visualize it and look for it. Feeling sorry for yourself is not going to give you anything but additional negativity.

And what about when there is a disease?

The disease is, unfortunately, a source of negativity that we cannot control. Especially chronic diseases can make you feel endless negative feelings towards yourself, towards life, and even towards everything, if you allow it, of course! The mind is potent and is prepared to face any situation for the sake of conscience. Many people find happiness while disabled, chronically, or even terminally ill. Therefore, even if your situation is very complicated, you can also find happiness.

All illnesses have their best moments and their worst moments. The key is not to let the bad times rob you of all your light. Above all, do not worry about the bad moments when you are having a good time. You have to know how to look towards positivity too. Project your awareness into the positive moments when you are having a hard time. I will not say that it is easy, especially if there is intense pain, lack of function in an organ, etc. However, if you get used to not focusing on negativity, but when the time to be well is coming, you can overcome the most difficult moments with a smile.

To mention one more thing.

You also have to consider what type of vibration you feel while watching something on the TV or when you read something online, for example. It is possible to project negativity to the Universe, showing you desire more negativity when looking for it. We will not go into this subject in depth because it is unnecessary, but keep one thing in mind: Observe the feelings and thoughts after seeing or reading something. Apart from the obvious, this will help you find some more negativity to eliminate.

Think about it. Negativity gains a lot of power when you invite it into your life. Being completely unaware of it doesn’t exactly make it less strong. Therefore, understanding when and how to deal with it will help you to have much higher control. You have to be willing to face negativity to overcome it. It is vital not to let these moments take away your serenity and good mood. Like everything in life, this requires practice, and as you get used to it, the better everything will turn out for you.

And there really is no more thinking about it!

And there really is no more thinking about it. In the end, the key is that it is a mental state that you can control if you put in the effort. No one succumbs to total negativity if that person doesn’t want to. Next week I’m going to talk about another somewhat complicated topic; nightmares. Nobody, or almost nobody, likes nightmares, and they can be terrifying, especially for an adult. Yes, yes, adult, since although the nightmares of the little ones are full of terrible monsters, in most cases, there is an innocence behind them. But all this in a week! I will tell you next week. (If you missed March’s forecast) I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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