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Open the Root Chakra: Understand the energetic state of this chakra.

Open your Root Chakra.

Written by Akashicsoul

March 17, 2021

Open your Root Chakra.
Let’s open and understand the root chakra.

Hello, hello! Last week we talked about the Principle of Mentalism, and we will talk about the rest of these principles every month. We return to the chakra topic, and although we have talked a lot about them, today, I want to talk about how to open the root chakra. I not only want to explain how to open it, but I also want to comment on what happens when this chakra is overactive or underactive. It is imperative to have all the chakras balanced. Otherwise, there may be a lack or excess of energy that alters the functioning of the chakra. (Mercury is in retrograde🙂

First, we are going to compile everything we have available on the chakras quickly. Having tools and a good knowledge base is essential. Also, you can access all the inputs to open these chakras as they come out:

I also have a complete course about the chakras and a powerful guided meditation to empower them all.

Opening the root chakra is not everything.

As I have commented on numerous occasions, it is essential to have your chakras open. But it is not simply the act of opening the chakras. Keeping them in good health is also very important. For this reason, this blog focuses a lot on these energy centers (among other things.) In fact, I want to leave you some exercises (click) that will help you keep your chakras in a state of greater positivity. It does not matter the age of our soul or its origin. As we navigate through our lives, we have experiences, achievements, and an endless number of negative or positive aspects. All of this will have a direct influence on this state of our chakras. Your actions, thoughts, and experiences will dictate the state of your chakras. For example, opening the root chakra does not guarantee you a healthy root chakra.

Besides, we do not always have the chakras in an optimal state. You have to focus on them for that. Ideally, more or less, all the chakras are open and active, more or less. Life is not going to let us have all the chakras in perfect condition all the time. However, you can keep your chakras in an optimal energetic state with proper discipline and a little knowledge. Now, let’s focus and open the root chakra and better understanding how it is influencing us.

Open your root chakra, but then do more.

As I have commented, it is possible that you no longer have to open your root chakra because it is open by life experiences. The root chakra is the first of the chakras and is an essential chakra for the physical body’s well-being. The chakras affect our bodies in different ways. The root chakra helps our body to nourish itself with earthly energy. Through this chakra, we obtain energy from the Earth, the planet that has created and gives life to countless beings, including humans. Therefore, it is vital to have the root chakra open.

I have already shared a lot about the chakras!

In previous posts, you will find a lot of information. But I’m going to give you some quick guidelines:

  • First, focus on your tailbone area. Put your full attention on this area. Visualize energy in here until you feel a slight tingling. Now that you feel a minor tingling visualize this energy maximizing.
  • Visualize a root coming out of the ground and connecting with your tailbone. Visualize that the root’s color resonates well with you. I generally visualize it as green as nature. However, you can imagine it red (like the chakra) or gold.
  • Visualize that this root sends mighty energy waves, empowering this tingling that you notice as you open your root chakra. These waves are distributed throughout the body.
  • After a while, you will notice yourself with more energy, much more focused, and want to take over the world, prepared for whatever.
  • Here I like to thank planet Earth for this energy.

And there really isn’t much more secret. If you can open the root chakra, you will see that you will have more energy in your body and even more optimal health.

If you open your root chakra, you will connect more with nature.

The moment it is overactive or underactive.

To open the root chakra isn’t everything, and neither is activating it. I will explain to you now the essential aspects that will bring you many benefits. However, you need to take into account some stuff when you are taking care of your chakras. I am going to explain more thoroughly how your actions can affect your chakras and their energetic function. This will directly and actively influence your day-to-day. The root chakra connects us to the Earth and nourishes our physical body with earthly energy. This energy strengthens the body, and as I said before, it promotes good health.

Underactive Root Chakra

It is possible to have an underactive root chakra at difficult times because we are unmotivated and disconnected. This can also happen when we lead a very monotonous life for a long time. If you start to feel very little connection with what you do in life, you will weaken your root chakra. Although we can open the root chakra again, if we do not solve these problems’ epicenter, we will return to a state of underactive energy for this chakra. The spirituality of the person also influences the state of the root chakra. It is part of the spiritual path to understanding that this physical plane is also fundamental, and you have to pay attention to it. Especially starseeds and incarnated angels tend to have an underactive or even blocked root chakra.

In fact, it is an important lesson to learn to take care of the root chakra. When the root chakra is underactive, we can even feel like a vacuum or air in the tailbone, like an em. In this state, the root chakra’s energy is minimal, and it may have to be opened again. By having this underactive chakra, we begin to stop being able to focus on the physical plane. In fact, there is less and less interest in this plane and life. This leads to dangerous paths like depression, work, personal, or even health problems.

You may even feel disconnected from your body.

Little by little, we feel more disconnected from life than in another world, but it is not perceived positively. Feelings of disconnection, or even nostalgia for the planet of origin of the starseed soul or incarnate angel. With this comes demotivation and other aspects that only make life difficult. Also, other chakras may have less energy, as the root chakra feeds the entire body. A person without a complete spiritual awakening will suffer from apathy, while with a spiritual awakening, this person could fall into the trap of escapism.

Hyperactive Root Chakra

It is possible that after you open the root chakra, you will notice an excess of energy in this chakra. If you are an energy-sensitive person, you will immediately see if your root chakra is channeling excess energy. There is a great variety of effects when this chakra is overactive. A prevalent one is connected with reacting without thinking when there is a problem. This chakra is associated with the fight or flight mechanism. Therefore it is easier to act without thinking in case of overactivity. This will lead to unnecessary mistakes.

Also, a person with an overactive root chakra will react mainly through instinct, ignoring other possibilities. In this case, this person is much more irritable, fearful, and could react in unexpected ways. They tend to act more irrationally and rule out other possibilities. A person in this state can be difficult to deal with, especially if you don’t have the same idea. This person will focus more on the mundane and have much more difficulty connecting with astral energies in the spiritual aspect. There will also be more difficult in some spiritual aspects, such as astral travel.

A proper balance.

After opening the root chakra, you have to start living a life with a certain balance. This will be great for all of your chakras, not only the root. Also, I want to remind you that the chakras are connected to our primary organs. When the chakras are healthy, they promote the proper functioning of your organs. It is not difficult to ensure that your chakras are in balance. Besides, above, there are some links for all the chakras to help you get the best out of them.

Next week we are going to talk about how to stay above negativity. It is important not to give negativity power, but it is necessary to consider some things so that negativity affects you as little as possible. We live in a place where negativity exists, so it is necessary to know how this energy works. But all this in a week! I will tell you next week. (If you missed March’s forecast) I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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