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powerful meditation for free, so you can have an experience with meditatewithfernando. You will see that this is a meditation centered on visiting your Akashic Records and finding healing. It is an effortless meditation of fifteen minutes. Keep reading to find out how to get your free copy

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Well, as the title says, I want to make you a gift, one that allows you to test my work, my voice, and my style. So I have prepared a small but powerful guided meditation of about 10 minutes, which will bring you a state of deep relaxation where you will visit your Akashic Records. This meditation is charged with healing light and positive subliminal affirmations.

Before we start, maybe you know nothing about meditation or spirituality. If you want to learn more about these, I have an article about spirituality, meditation, astral projectionand more that I am sure you will enjoy.

Free meditation for you to start meditating

You only need to continue reading; it is easy for you to grab your copy.

This guided meditation comes with Theta brainwaves. These will help you reach a deeper level of healing and relaxation. It also comes with subliminal messages that will assist as arrive at a deeper level of healing while surpassing blocks from fear and limiting self-beliefs. This way, the most profound healing will occur within yourself.

It’s been more than three years. You can find dozens of meditations on this page. To make it easier, right now, there are three groups of different meditations:

  • The Journeys: A new set of guided meditations, smooth but powerful. Empower your living areas, find deep healing, connect with your soul, explore the Upper World, and much more. A series of 18 guided meditations will publish monthly! You will realize that these meditations will bring you many goals. Everyone can enjoy these. Make yourself a gift, and enjoy one of these! More information here.
  • The Chakra Activation Series: Guided Meditations centered on the chakras, created in 2018. You will be able to heal and expand your main chakras. When the chakras are activated, we can get much more out of everything we do in our lives. Expand your potential in each area of your life by activating your chakras with these activations. Gift yourself with empowerment. More information here.
  • The Classics: Powerful guided Meditations created during 2016-2017. Curing your chakras, getting to know your Spiritual Guides, or even your visiting your Akasha. Attracting love and abundance and filling your whole being with gratitude are some of the things you can experience with these. All of them are channeled and inspired by spiritual topics. More information here.

And, of course, you always have the option of obtaining a personalized meditation.

My voice in “Meditation Mode.”

To obtain completely free your first guided meditation, you will only have to subscribe to the newsletter. In a few moments, you will be downloading it on your PC or mobile device. From that moment on, you will only have to get comfortable and let yourself go. I would appreciate it if you do not distribute the copy, it is a special gift for you, so I am sure you will enjoy it a lot! I let you listen to a few seconds of my voice even before you sign up, so you can see that you will like my meditations:

Also, I am continually preparing new meditations, subscribe now! And I will keep you updated on all our news. From time to time, there are promotions and gifts, so make sure you do not miss anything.

Suggestions are free too, so go ahead and make them!

If you want you can send me a suggestion for future meditations, my mailbox is open at all times. I will value all the received emails. If you still see that the meditation is very generic and you want to face a topic more personally, you can contact me. We can make a meditation personalized and exclusive for you. Click here and find out everything. So yes, you have the option to experience a personalized meditation to adjust it to your liking. (Note: Personalized meditations are not free). You have to contact me to create your personalized meditation. But do not forget that you can always get the one from the chakras for free.

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If you want to share or gift this meditation, I will appreciate it a lot if you bought another copy. It is easy to make a copy, but it will help me a lot if you don’t. Therefore, if you find it in your heart, contact me if you want to purchase multiple copies, I will give you a discount! And remember, you have many guided meditations available and ready to use:

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