All about the Crown Chakra – Our link to Higher Dimensions

Crown Chakra: A gateway to the higher planes of existence. Open it here!
The Crown Chakra.

What is the Crown chakra? What are the chakras?

Hello friends! How have you been on Valentine’s Day? Thanks for the messages at the entrance of the twinflames. Finding validation is great. We have already talked about other Chakras in previous articles, and this week is the turn of the Crown Chakra, your Seventh Chakra. As you well know, all the Chakras are essential, and each one has its function. It is also vital that they are healthy, open, and energized.

We have already talked about other Chakras in previous articles, and this week is the turn of the Crown Chakra. As you well know, all the Chakras are essential, and each one has its function; also, it is fundamental that they are healthy, open, and energized.

The same way we have organs, we have chakras, thousands of them spread throughout our entire body. However, in the same way we have principal organs, we have seven main chakras that complete our chakra system. You can read more about chakra here.

Empower and expand your Crown Chakra!

The Crown Chakra is above our head. Thanks to it, we can connect with the spiritual plane. When we channel information, the Crown Chakra is one of the Chakras we use (next to the Heart Chakra and the Third Eye Chakra). As human beings, we cannot activate this Chakra in its maximum splendor, and we cannot perceive our Higher Self with the clarity that we should. By default, we should all be able to talk to multidimensional beings the same way we talk on the phone.

Some critical characteristics and curiosities:

  • The Crown Chakra is the main entry point into life (when the soul enters the physical body). It’s the seventh chakra. The last chakra for the first primary seven.
  • It is also the ending point of life, where our soul leaves behind the physical body.
  • We can increase and decrease the intensity of channeled energy with a simple visualization during a healing session, thanks to this chakra.
  • The ego is one of the main problems blocking the Crown Chakra. One of the reasons that no human being has the Crown expanded to the maximum since we all have an ego essential to survive on this plane.
  • During astral traveling, we receive energy and maintain this journey thanks to the “silver cord” (energetic connection of the soul with the physical body) and the Crown.
  • The Crown is one of the keys to the spiritual plane. Together with the Third Eye and the Heart, we can perceive incredible worlds.

When you expand your seventh chakra, it will be easier to connect with Spirit.

These are the most important benefits we can receive when our Crown Chakra is open and in good condition.

Crown Chakra brings amazing stuff. The seventh chakra is your gateway to higher planes.

I am going to get to the point and give you some guidelines so that you can improve your Crown Chakra and begin to experience a much more transcendental consciousness:

  • Find moments of peace where you can have mental intimacy with yourself. Master your mind (read more here).
  • Reduce the hours of use of televisions and social networks.
  • Try to be humbler with others, but be fair to yourself.
  • Beware of substances that alter perception (alcohol included). Know your strengths and weaknesses when trying to cross to other planes (with and without help).
  • While you are in bed trying to fall asleep, imagine a sphere of white light entering your head, which brings you spiritual protection and an increase in your astral perception.
  • And you can activate crown chakra here.

The Crown Chakra is a gateway.

These are the main points… but the most important of all is meditation. I had not forgotten about it, but I put it aside because meditation deserves its section. If you are reading this, it is likely that you, at least, have an interest in meditating. A straightforward one that goes great with this article is the Chakras Healing meditation, where you will reach a deep level of awareness. With it, you will heal, give more strength, and protect all your Chakras.

You can find this chakra meditation here:

Heal the Crown and other Chakras with this powerful guided meditation.

You are going to enjoy it loads. It is also infused with healing and subliminal positive affirmations! Your seventh chakra will empower, and a happy crown chakra will connect you to spirit!

And that is all for today! Since we are on the astral topic, next week I will talk about Clairvoyance, how it works, how it feels, how “things look” when they arrive by clairvoyance (this will surprise you), and well, you will know more next week! I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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