What is the dimension zero? I am sharing something curious

Dimension Zero: Somewhere in the Astral Plane I found this place.
Dimension Zero

What is dimension zero? I will share with you my findings

I hope you liked the news from last week. As I told you, we are going to make a curious entry this week. I really don’t know how long it will be, since until I write it, I don’t know! However, dimension zero is something that I consider quite out of the ordinary. I have never heard of the zero dimension on a spiritual level. However, I looked it up before writing this, and mathematics does observe this dimension. (Source) However, I am going to tell you about a strange experience I had. And I will explain why I am calling this plane of consciousness “dimension zero.”

It really is a bit difficult to share this post since I have many more memories than the possibility of using human language to describe these things. So I’m going to describe it in the best possible order. I really had no idea that there was a plane like what I call dimension zero. In fact, when I found it, it was a pure chance (although chance and accidents are what made science today.) This was a simple journey, or rather, it started as a simple astral projection.

Arriving at Dimension Zero.

It was about six in the morning, more or less, and I did a reality check to make sure it’s not a fake awakening. I was in an optimal and very positive, energetic state, so I thought about getting out of my body and exploring the astral plane a bit. Once out of my body, I felt happy and completely free, as always during astral travel. I was floating in space. In fact, I always visualize projecting myself there to be away from the physical body (important not to return prematurely.) It always made me very happy to see myself in space and be away from the third dimension’s density to higher.

I remember that I decided to try to go to different places and meet beings in the astral. Basically, I appeared in different places in the Universe. This experience felt like hours, although here I share half a miserable line. I remember it was a journey that changed a lot, very quickly. This super expanded my energy. I could identify Oneness, the unity of everything, without separation or duality. I decided to “erase” what little self-identity I had left. After what we could describe as “a while,” I felt a ray of energy flow through my entire being (I could not say body, since it was consciousness.) I was about to enter dimension zero.

Dimension Zero is part of the infinite.

Where am I?

It is challenging to explain, but thanks to this energetic “ray,” I felt my own existence about to transform. At this moment, of course, I wasn’t thinking of anything like “I have to write this down,” since I have stopped being myself, to be part of the collective consciousness. Momentarily, I was in an extraordinary place. I had never been here, but I knew it was a very elevated place, or so I thought, and I think it was positive. Now, I am going to say a phrase that contradicts itself. In this place, everything mixes, but at the time, there is nothing. It was like a void full of things, but these things are all mixed up. It is as if you have a freshly painted painting, and you shake it off. Everything mixes.

However, if you try to look, you see nothing in this place.

The human brain cannot process this, but how I could describe it is as if you see the Universe in two dimensions. As you observe, you realize that you only see one point, and the rest is “nothing” (you don’t see the space or all black, you don’t see anything at all…) As you realize this point, you realize that all existence is this point. It is as if this point surrounds you, and at the same time, it does not exist. Time does not exist. I could not explain my experiences here or what else happened. Here there is neither time nor space, and consciousness is collective, and at the same time, there is so much peace that consciousness does not exist. That’s why I call it dimension zero.

Ah okay… And what?

Something important that I perceived in this place is that it is the beginning and the end of everything. If you think about it, then it’s neither of those two. There is a kind of balance or something like that. It is difficult to explain, but it is as if the entire universe’s entire existence, including past, present, and future, are united in this place. I humbly believe that you could learn something in dimension zero, although I don’t know what. Nor do I know if what you learn can be applied on this plane and planet or has a purpose beyond this life.

I wanted to share about this place, but now you have the possibility to reflect on this place. And well, if you know how to do astral travel (I have a video course here), I invite you to try visiting the zero dimension. Knowing this place with the idea that I give you, and following the steps to erase your own ego (only during the projection, of course), and be able, perhaps, to reach this strange place. You will be able to discover amazing things. If you find out you can’t really explain something, maybe you grasped something.

Well, what do you think about dimension zero?

So, what do you think about dimension zero? A strange place, right? Well, you can try visiting it and if you do, share! Next week we are going to talk about a profound topic: reincarnation. As you know, life continues after death, and it is possible to communicate with spirits and the spiritual plane. (And remember the forecast!) So next week we have a very heartfelt topic. I will tell you next week. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

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