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Communication one of society's foundations, but it is collapsing. Do not let that happen!
Communication is essential nowadays.

Why is clear communication important?

Hello everyone! How’s your week going? I hope you are enjoying all these articles. Did you have any premonitions since last week? Today I am going to talk about excellent communication, something that I have observed that is reducing in a worrying step. Over the years, I have noticed that little by little good manners, reading, and communication, have been lost, especially on the Internet, and especially since the emergence of smartphones.

We live in a society of haste, and we have turned our life into a rats’ race at maximum intensity. Every day we want to do things faster and thanks to the mobiles, we can, but at a high cost.

As the “era of communication devices” advances, less we communicate!

Both reading and writing are crucial to surviving in this society. There are a lot of scams everywhere, especially on the Internet. And why there are these scams? Because they work… thanks to the community in which we live. People do not thoroughly read the messages they receive, even when that person is doing something meaningful in their life. You cannot imagine how many people have problems following simple instructions. Here, communication is failing.

The vast majority of them recognize that they had not read the instructions, only the title. Facebook advises businesses and stores not to use text-rich photos because people don’t read them anymore.  Does not it catch your eye? To me, yes, a lot. And now that I edit this entry, two years and four months later, I am observing that this problem continued and continues to grow alarmingly.

Investing five more minutes to read a contract well can save you hours of work, money, and woes. And above all, much more time!

We live in a society where we must sign financial contracts, hire insurance, make purchases, make labor contracts, and many other things, where a weak reading, can lead us to the wrong product or get into more significant problems… Small print is still used because thanks to the legal void that exists, the information must be transmitted no matter the form. It certifies that big companies do not want us to read all their writings thoroughly. Therefore; communication needs two or more people!

Now they have it much easier than before because people are not educated to read things well, but to do them fast. Do not be one of those! You must get used to reading, and that alone will be enough to avoid a lot of problems. That’s all you need!

Reading helps succeed in life, promotes communication.

Now we go to excellent communication and writing. Perhaps you are thinking, what does all this have to do with spirituality? Maybe there is no connection directly, but indirectly it is higher than you can imagine. It empowers you. One of the many things advanced societies have, which we do not have, are methods of communication that we do not yet know or that, for now, we are not able to perceive or execute. But what we cannot do is reduce our limited communication skills, and we are doing so by leaps and bounds. It is also about regaining your power.

The need for proper communication is growing, and we are not noticing it!

More and more, we do everything online, from computers to mobile phones. There comes a time when much of our life takes place cybernetically. And that’s great, do not get me wrong. I am transferring information to you, and you are reading it. But if we are citizens of the Internet, why do we all lose manners?

One thing is a quick mail from your phone to say “I’ll answer later,” but another is if that is your usual communication method. I do not want to bore you, and this entry is to give you my point of view on this subject, and if you can avoid future displeasure, this article will have had its purpose.

It costs us nothing to accompany a decently written email with “hello,” “what’s up?”, “Thank you,” “please,” “goodbye.” It would take us less than a minute of our time and deep down, it’s a one-minute saving. You cannot imagine (perhaps many of you do) the amount of time lost through lack of reading and lack of proper communication. And all this can be avoided if we take a couple of minutes to review what we are reading or writing. We did it 20 years ago; it’s not that difficult!

Sometimes we do not realize the most obvious things, even if we have them in front of us!

We did it 20 years ago… (this post was written in 2017, re-edited 2019) It’s not that difficult! Furthermore, communication should come naturally to us! And you can communicate to your very own self too, it is essential, and you can check here more about it. It is essential to know how to express well.

Do you want to check more exciting stuff? Head to the resources section to discover more!

We have reached the end! I do not want to bore you more. I just wanted you to get the idea and keep in your mind the essential parts of this growing problem. Next week I’m going to talk about a popular topic, souls that are soul mates, and twin flames. Although I’m sure, it’s going to be very different from the ones you’ve read so far, since it’s not going to be about love… how? Well, next week, you’ll know! I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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