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What is karma exactly? We are going to talk all about karma and its effects.

Karma: More than getting back what you give.

Written by Fernando Albert

October 28, 2020

Karma goes much further than learning a life lesson or realizing a mistake.

Hello Hello! How is everything going? Have you already tried the Journey to the Upper World? If you haven’t, I recommend it. You will find a lot of healing, and you will love it. But hey, we’re not going to talk about that today. Let’s talk about karma. This is popularly known, but I am sure there is an aspect of karma that you do not know. I want to comment on a few interesting points on this subject. In case you don’t know the meaning of karma well, don’t worry because I’m going to explain that too.

Karma is commonly well known; practically everyone knows karma and knows a little what there is to it. If you do it, you pay for it. If you abuse another person, you may receive the same experience in the future. But really, not much more is known than this. And of course, there is much more than this, and I will explain it to you.

Let’s delve into the meaning of karma.

For starters, karma is something that goes with you on a soul level, so karma transcends between different lives. It is possible that in a past life, you have made certain decisions where you occurred karma. At some point, you decided (or will decide) to be able to cleanse and learn from that karma. I am not going to use the concept of “paying karma.” The reason is that karma is not a divine punishment, nor can anyone force you to ‘pay’ that karma. Only one being chooses to cleanse depending on what karma. And that person is you and only you. We will talk about this a bit further down.

Many times, karma triggers other people. It can happen for hundreds of reasons and situations. In fact, a few years ago, I talked about karmic connections and how they could affect our lives. And this aspect is a great epicenter of the karma that each person has. Really, I see that it comes as a life lesson. We receive karmic challenges to learn a situation better that perhaps you did not make the best decision at some point. All this makes us much stronger at the soul and conscience level.

And although the main focus is on the connections with other people, there is a focus that is quite important as well. And this focus is very personal since it has to do with your own person. But before that, I am going to share a few more things.

The problem repeats itself.

Sometimes we wonder why the same thing always happens to us. It seems that the same unpleasant situation is constantly repeated. It is prevalent to find yourself in a situation where you always have a co-worker who causes problems. Or it seems that all your partners end up being unfaithful. There comes a time when it seems that they are targeting you, which can be very frustrating. This is where introspection and silence play an important role. Thanks to both, you will be able to know your weak points and your strengths much more. In this way, you will also understand the reason for a recurring problem. And sometimes, you will conclude that you have to make a change. Or that you did something wrong. In fact, when we take action on the matter, we are learning and clearing that karma.

If you realize that you are in a situation where it seems that it always happens to you, or it happens with all people, analyze it. In each life, everyone learns hundreds of lessons that help us grow as souls. A part of these lessons can be in karmic form. And this means that, perhaps, some lesson that you did not learn in another life, you need to learn now. Therefore, once you have learned what you need and have implemented it in your life, you will have overcome this situation, and you will become stronger.

If you ignore these problems, they can recur to the point of despair. You may be on the verge of having a fabulous life, but first, you have to realize something and overcome the challenge. If something important and did not do it in a past life, you will do it in this or a future one.

Karma is part of this ripple.

Can you tell me more about karma?

Here I want to tell you something interesting about this topic. Something that perhaps many people overlook, but it is super important. And that is karma with yourself. Many times we do not realize it, and we are toxic with our own person. Some people have too high an aptitude for self-sacrifice. These types of people have to be aware of their own needs for this reason. To take an easy example, a person may be unfaithful and abusive in a couple. This person will have karma with their partner. This does not affect the partner, but it does affect the other person. However, if the couple lets that toxicity flow, they will also receive karma due to a lack of respect from fear of loneliness or lack of self-sufficiency.

And as I already said, this is not something imposed on you by a divine being. It is not a punishment or a programmed mechanism to make you suffer. In fact, it may surprise you.

So what about this topic?

A couple of years ago, I wrote an entry about death, and I recommend reading it. Once we get to the “healing rooms,” we can analyze our life. Your spirit guides and loved ones may be┬áthere with you, helping you. But, I repeat, this will be the moment that you review your life. I’m going to give you a small example:

  • Imagine that as you review your life, you realize that one of your purposes was to heal people with your voice. Right now, you understand why you had such a beautiful voice. Perhaps you never took advantage of your voice because you did not give yourself the necessary self-worth. You decided to work on something else because you felt more secure. Because of this, you have not met your goals for this life. This is a form of karma because you will see it as a mistake, something you forgot to do or did wrong. You will have the desire to reincarnate again and to be able to fulfill that goal. It is possible that you have not fulfilled a necessary purpose to transcend for a reason of self-destruction. In that case, you will want to come back to fix it.

As you can see, it is only you who ultimately decides if you have to return to Earth, if you want to return, or not. Here you will see all the good and bad things you have done. The most interesting thing is that you will see the repercussions that your actions have had. I am sure that we are going to be surprised in a very high way. That is why it is important to have a clear conscience, have integrity, and consider not only with others but also with your own person.

And spiritual growth?

Karma is also a good tool for spiritual growth. If we take it into account and observe our actions, we will grow a lot. The reason is that you push yourself to do (or not do) something. You will be able to know with more certainty if the actions you are taking are harming someone. If you take action, you are already learning from that situation in this very life. In this case, and with proper learning, you will not cause yourself karma, and you will get spiritual growth.

And well, that’s all on the subject of karma. As you can see, there is much more than “you get back what you do.” And that’s it, really; now I invite you to introspect if you may be doing karma to your own person. Well, next Wednesday is the first one in November, so it’s time for the forecast. We are getting closer to the end of a very challenging year. I will tell you next week. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday! (October Forecast)

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Rev. Fernando Albert

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