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Open the Crown Chakra: Understand the energetic state of this chakra.

Written by Fernando Albert

September 15, 2021

Open the Crown Chakra and connect.
Let’s open and understand the Crown Chakra.

Hello, hello! Last week we talked about the Principle of Gender, and as always, super interesting to discover the Universe. In fact, it is incredible the potential that we can obtain, taking all this into account. We return to the Chakra topic, and although we have talked a lot about them, today, I want to talk about how to open the Crown Chakra. I not only want to explain how to open it, but I also want to comment on what happens when this Chakra is overactive or underactive. It is imperative to have all the chakras balanced.

First, we are going to compile everything we have available on the chakras quickly. Having tools and a good knowledge base is essential. Also, you can access all the inputs to open these chakras as they come out:

I also have a complete course about the chakras and a powerful guided meditation to empower them.

To open the Crown Chakra is not everything.

As I have commented on numerous occasions, it is not only about opening your throat chakra but keep them all balanced. But it is not simply the act of opening the chakras. Keeping them in good health is also very important. For this reason, this blog focuses a lot on these energy centers (among other things.) In fact, I want to leave you some exercises (click) that will help you keep your chakras in a state of greater positivity. It does not matter the age of our soul or its origin. As we navigate our lives, we have experiences, achievements, and an endless number of negative or positive aspects. All of this will have a direct influence on this state of our chakras.

Your actions, thoughts, and experiences will dictate the state of your chakras. For example, if you open the crown chakra, it does not guarantee you a healthy Chakra. I have already commented on this, but I will include it in each of these posts, so I make sure you read it (but only up to here!)

A little note.

Although having the Crown Chakra open will bring you many benefits, you must also focus on the other Chakras. When more than one Chakra is open and active, we get additional benefits. For example, the Third Eye Chakra is essential to see the messages that your guides send you. However, it is good to have the heart (love) chakra open to have a very high vibration and to be able to match that of your guides. The Crown Chakra (spirit) will also be essential for you to connect with the higher planes of existence. So, in the end, it is essential to have our Chakras in the best possible shape.

It is time to open the Crown Chakra.

It is super important to have all the chakras opened and balanced, and opening the heart chakra is not going to be less. In previous posts, you will find a lot of information. But I’m going to give you some quick guidelines:

  • First, you must focus on the upper area of ​​the head, ideally a little above the hair. Focus all your attention on this area. If you can do this in silence much better, in this way, you can disconnect from the world around you during this exercise. This is the chakra that connects you with your guides and beings of light. Your connection with higher energies will improve thanks to this chakra exponentially. You can also feel your higher self more strongly and even notice your astral body. You will be able to notice the global energies much better and the astral ones, so you will feel more connected.
  • If your Crown Chakra is healthy, you will feel a spiritual presence or company by your side. You do not have to have gifts to perceive this. Everyone is capable. Otherwise, you have to open your Crown Chakra. Many religious people can become more devout and feel positive presences because their Crown Chakra is healthy.

The Crown Chakra promotes an open and receptive mind.

Your door to spirituality.

The Crown Chakra also connects you with your second set of chakras by expanding spirituality in your lives. You will have more capacity to perceive the energies that surround you. Also, you will feel more strongly that everything is united on a spiritual level. As you know, not only the physical plane matters. You also have to take into account the mental and spiritual aspects of things. All this will help you to approach life from another perspective. You will develop a superior empathy for other beings and things around you. By better perceiving the spirituality of things, you will have a higher understanding.

An outstanding aspect of opening and improving the Crown Chakra is to find moments of mental peace and silence. In fact, if you don’t like silence, this indicates that your Crown Chakra needs more energy. Possibly it means that your conscience is too exposed to electronics. It is good to remember that like everything with its duality and polarity. They have negative and positive aspects. You can also use electronics to empower your spirit, as with a shamanic journey.

Open your Crown Chakra but also stay grounded.

When you are hyperactive or hypoactive.

Opening the Crown Chakra isn’t everything, and neither is activating it. I am going to explain some of the essential aspects that will bring you many benefits. You must take into account something else when you are taking care of your Chakras. Your actions can affect them and also their energetic function. This will directly and actively influence your day-to-day. So let’s look at it with the Crown Chakra. This Chakra maximizes our ability to connect with the spirit, perceive the energy presence of the Universe and higher dimensions.

As with everyone else, opening the Crown Chakra is not enough. Also, your life will dictate the state of this Chakra, and sometimes, it can reach a state of imbalance. It is not very difficult to tell when this happens, but it is important to improve it. Your way of being, acting, and feeling will help you discover if you need to open it again or improve its state.

Underactive Crown Chakra.

As with the Third Eye, today, it is perhaps easier to get your Crown Chakra underactive. The society in which we live does not teach us to cultivate it. Overexposure to electronics and constant stimulation prevents us from listening to spirit and connecting with all the energies surrounding us.

In fact, many people proudly claim that they are down to earth. Everything in excess is bad, and as you well know, it is not only what is on this physical plane that matters. You have to take into account the mind and the spirit. In fact, this greatly expands our perception. As humanity, we have the ability to transcend to a higher consciousness where we not only react instinctively to physical stimuli. Therefore, not having any interest in the subtle world around us indicates problems in the Crown Chakra. And if that is your case, I want to remind you that you must have the seven chakras in balance for optimal health.

Therefore, you should not rule it out.

You will also observe that you are perhaps very materialistic since this is another aspect of having an underactive Crown. You are not going to value the side of things that you cannot feel. For example, not being able to see the intentions behind a gift. Or to also mention the opposite pole, not seeing that a person does not have good intentions despite being very obvious. It is also possible that you feel empty since you will not perceive the energy that surrounds you and protects you from your guides. Self-centeredness and greed also show signs of having this chakra weak.

Hyperactive Crown Chakra.

As with all Chakras, after opening the Crown Chakra, we can experience overactivity. And like everything, this in excess is also bad, no matter how awesome the Crown Chakra is. The key is to have an appropriate balance in your chakra system, as I have been telling you. When this chakra is hyperactive, you will feel a very great disconnection with the Earth and the world around you. You will lose interest in earthly matters (which consume almost all of your time in this life.) This can make you feel a very high level of disconnection. It is wonderful connecting with astral beings as well as being able to perceive global energies. However, our spirit and conscience also need positive encouragement on a physical level. Therefore it should not be completely ruled out.

In fact, if this is the case, I recommend that you go on a shamanic journey, especially to the Lower World. This is another plane of consciousness, but earthly and elemental. Here you can put your chakras in balance, strengthen the root chakra, and have a connection on this plane. You have a physical body. Therefore you must nurture it with these energies as well. This meditation will help you to visit the Lower World with ease. You have to follow what my voice tells you and let yourself go. Therefore, you are going to balance your chakras and find healing.

You may also have a feeling of superiority, and this is very negative.

You may be very connected with higher energies, but you also have to value and not discriminate against earthly energies. If you feel that you are above others because you have an expanded consciousness, it is your turn for introspection. Also, you should reopen the Crown Chakra and heal it.

A proper balance.

As with all the chakras, knowing yourself is essential since you will be able to know at all times if you are in balance or not. It is important to be able to find moments of meditation and introspection to rest from the monotony. All this will contribute to not feeling apathy in your life and loss of empathy due to feeling a great disconnection with everything physical. Finding the balance will help you get the best out of each chakra. Also, I remind you that the Chakras are connected to our main organs. When the Chakras are healthy, they promote the proper functioning of our organs. It is not difficult to make sure that our Chakras are in balance. Besides, at the beginning of this article, there are some links for all the Chakras to help you get the best out of them.

And so far, we have concluded with the Crown Chakra.

Next week I am going to talk about another topic that brings us a lot to our lives. I want to dedicate the entry for next week to talk about positivity. We have talked a lot about this topic in many posts, but it is time to focus a week on this topic. Just by reading it, you will attract more positivity., But all this in a week! I will tell you next week. Make sure to listen to September’s Forecast. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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