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Positivity: It’s time to have the right energy on your side and empower it.

There is always positivity.

Written by Fernando Albert

September 22, 2021

There is always positivity.
Let’s talk a bit about positivity and how it influences our lives.

Hello! How is it going this week? I hope you are more in sync with your Crown Chakra and do not rule out the physical, mental, or spiritual. This week we are going to talk about positivity. Although I have talked a lot about it over the years, I have never dedicated an entry. Let’s focus a bit on understanding positivity better. We are also going to see how to take into account the Hermetic Principles. You can get much more out of positivity in your life. We live on a dimension of duality, with positive and negative energies. What energy do you want to focus on? It is like an oasis. You will find it if you look for it.

But hey, first, I want to comment that this post is not just about seeing the positive. Do not ignore negativity. In fact, I invite you to also study negativity by understanding the Principle of Polarity. In this way, you will understand the pole where positivity resides and is abundant. Sometimes you can find a lot of positivity where you least expect it. Another important aspect is to find the gratitude in your heart to empower this positivity further. In addition, it will help you a lot to materialize more positivity, as I explained in the Principle of Vibration.

What exactly is positivity?

This seems like a rhetorical question, but it is not. We all indeed know how to recognize a positive experience, but there is a lot of positivity that we do not understand. A crucial aspect is that positivity is present when an event has a good outcome in your life. For example, a situation where a police officer fines a driver for running. This driver has hardly any money, and the fine is a problem. Without judging the situation we can see it as a negative moment. However, also observing the Principle of Cause and Effect, we could understand that there is a lot of positivity in this situation.

Receiving the fine puts this family in an economic predicament where the driver realizes that he will have to drive better. It would be possible that if this fine had never occurred, the result would be a car crash weeks or months later. With this, I do not mean to turn everything around and seek a problem headfirst. The key is to understand the difficulty that has been presented to you. Understand the reason for this difficulty and the opportunities or challenges that this problem presents to you. When there is an understanding, your way of approaching the problem will change.

You must understand that there is always a spiritual lesson behind something negative. This is the positivity that we can find in the wake of something negative. I could give you more examples, but there are even movies that show this. A film where the protagonist has a very negative situation that changes his life to an extraordinary ending. The transformation that the protagonist has in these films is the most real aspect of it. We are all transforming ourselves as a result of experiences, and this is very positive.

I have a hard time seeing the positivity in my life.

This is something that, sadly, many people could affirm. Is this your case? So, it’s time to find time to understand why and have a connection with yourself. It is widespread to think that negativity flows and occurs more easily than positivity. And I can tell you that this, at least for planet Earth, is true. One reason is perhaps that millions of souls come to this planet to experience duality and human life. But the main reason is really humanity’s fault, through global consciousness.

Society is used to valuing the negative much more, promoting its fluidity and strength. However, this does not mean that you have to follow the same path. The spiritual awakening of a person is to understand better how to approach things. Avoid having negative ideas spinning in your head, but questioning them instead. This will help you see more and more positivity, giving you the ability to continue materializing more. To change the polarity of something negative into positivity, you have to focus on the situation.

In addition, you are going to enjoy more of the positive moments.

You will realize that you feel better about yourself little by little, and you will be happier in your mind-space. This will empower your Solar Plexus and your self-esteem, bringing more positivity to your lives. And an excellent way to better understand the world around you is to consider the Hermetic Principles. You will see that materializing positivity is almost a lifestyle. Therefore, it is essential to analyze everything that is presented to you in life. In this way, you will be much more aware that positivity is available to everyone.

You will always find positivity.

Bring positivity into your life and start enjoying yourself.

Maybe it’s snowing, and it’s cold, but the road is beautiful. I want to tell you that you are much more in control of your lives than you imagine. I always like to say that we are not slaves of the future but masters of our destiny. And if you realize all this, you will see that you can walk the desired path. This does not mean that you are only going to have positivity in your life. As I have told you, negativity is also necessary. However, you are going to be much more prepared. You will have realizations in advance on the subject, which will give you a lot of game.

One of the main aspects is your focus. It is the way to focus on the things that will bring you positivity. If you feel you are in a bottomless pit and do not see positivity anywhere, it will be time to look for it. I invite you to read this post about gratitude, as it will help you a lot. You may think more easily when there is a negative aspect to a positive situation. It is important to understand that this does not happen to annoy, but because of the Principle of Polarity. And just as it happens in these situations, the opposite also happens. Always bear in mind that if it seems that everything is horrible and negative, you can find its polar opposite. For this, you need to understand this negativity or problem, so the key is not to run away from it.

In fact, I want to invite you to experiment.

As you know, I am not in favor of watching the news as it contains a lot of negativity and fear. However, it is important to know that we cannot vanquish the desire of others that do. Also, do not avoid negativity, as I have said. With this, I do not invite you to watch the news, but I do invite you to do so wisely if you do. I invite you to look for each piece of news for its positive pole. Although it is a horrible situation, try to see what it has on its pole with positivity. This could even be something that you can learn or become aware of, or perhaps it has positivity from the situation itself.

You are going to realize that not everything is so terrible and that you can always learn something. I do not recommend absorbing all the information. In many situations, you are even going to realize how they omit positivity and empower negativity. This will help you discern what type of information will help you in your life, discarding that which does not. However, your own positivity will keep you from adding these energies to your life since like attracts like.

Little things to keep in mind.

To finish, I want to tell you that it really is straightforward, and with these little things in mind, you are going to multiply the positivity in your lives:

  • Analyze any situation that comes your way and always look for its positive side.
  • Understand the own negativity of this situation, looking for the positive results that you can obtain due to your own negativity.
  • Take all the actions that you can that help you materialize the positivity of the situation. Do not forget that it is possible that the negative part has to take part in these actions.
  • It would help if you didn’t forget to have gratitude in your hearts. You can combine this with daydreaming to add more power to materialization. This meditation will help you amplify your gratitude.
  • Making visualizations also help since you are going to attract positive feelings, and these will help you attract more. This meditation will help you a lot.

I invite you to start taking action, even little by little since you will see a big difference from the beginning. It is important to change the perception of our consciousness about situations. If you tend to think and feel the negative result first, I recommend changing it. As it is important to consider positivity and negativity, I recommend that at least the initial trend is positive.

Positivity is everywhere. You feel like receiving it.

And there really isn’t a secret other than knowing all these aspects. I want to invite you to reflect on this topic.

Now you understand a little more how you can be in sync with positivity and materialize it in your life. Next week, it is the fifth anniversary of this blog! As always, we are going to celebrate it with some surprises that I know you love. I’ll tell you about it, but some of the gifts are going to be very interesting. Do not miss it because they will go soon! But all this in a week! I will tell you next week. Make sure to listen to September’s Forecast. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Rev. Fernando Albert

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