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Spirit Guides: Who, why and how? – Meet your Spirit Guide.

We all have spirit guides with us!

Written by Fernando Albert

January 4, 2017

We all have spirit guides with us!
What are Spirits Guides? Do I have them too?

How did 2017 start? Did you mean your parents or any family member? I wish you a fantastic 2017, full of joy and new projects. Today I am going to talk about Spirit Guides and our connection with them. But to summarize it very quickly: (I can hardly wait.) I will say that connecting with your Guides with love and desire can change your life for the better in many aspects. So, a reasonable goal for this year is to strengthen the connection with your Spirit Guides. When you finish reading this article, you will be convinced!

There is an entry I like to share because it will provide a great read and will help you to learn further about meditation, astral projection, and spirituality. You can read a lot more about this right here.

If you still are wondering, it is time to know this well:

We all have multiple Spirit Guides.

Some come and go (usually have a temporary purpose.) However, the vast majority are with us throughout our existence. Even some of them have been with us in many past lives. There are many reasons why Spirit Guides connect with a specific soul. Maybe we cannot even understand them as human beings. In some cases, especially with old souls, they could have past lives with these beings, and now, being on a plane higher than ours can help us.

I will explain my perception of Spirit Guides and how they influence us in life:

Master Guide:

The Master Guide is with us from birth until we move to the next life. Although there are no hierarchies in the astral plane, we can say that he is the head of our Guides. All, but especially the Master Guide, love us unconditionally and care for the soul that is guiding. None of these Guides have plans for you because everyone respects your free will. However, it may be the Master Guide who can draw your attention more often or try to advise you. All this will happen if you have created an optimal relationship with your Spirit Guides. It is straightforward to do through channeling and a little further down we will talk about that. But basically, this guide is the guide that we have chosen and the one that, in a way, can help us more.

Our spirit guides are here.


They are not so well-known because it is not very common for an Elder to work with a soul, at least, a soul on Earth and human. However, these Guides work with some humans, usually those of ancestral souls. If you have connected with an Elder, it does not mean that you are better than anyone or that your soul is incredible; but other reasons! Having an Elder as part of your Guides usually means that you have an essential life purpose. It is lovely to follow the path that you said even before you were born (you can read more here).

Connecting with an Elder through channeling or meditation may require more practice. Learning to lift your vibrations will help you connect with any guide, especially an Elder if there is one working with you. The Elders channel our information, usually difficult to understand and, also, help us to maximize our potential.

Ascended Master:

These are already a little more common, and well-known spirit guides, and more people may work with them. Generally, anyone who has a spiritual awakening, healing purposes, or other goals that require a lot of energy usually have an Ascended Master as a guide. I want to mention that none of these Guides are better than another in the same “category.” Although some of these names may seem superior to us because of Religions.

For example, Buddha, Shiva, Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, Quetzalcoatl, Lord Ganesha, Lakshmi… and many more of which a name is not known since they are unknown on our planet. These Guides are very powerful, and everyone has their “special skills.” For example, Lord Ganesha is excellent at breaking blocks, problems, and “dead ends.” The energy of Ganesha penetrates everything negative and brings what you need most. Or Jesus Christ empowers healing, self-healing, and realization of self, through healing.


We know them very well, and they are quite common. Although not everyone has connected with an Archangel. If you have no archangel(s) guiding you, it does not mean something negative or that you did wrong. Simply, it is not necessary for this life. The Archangels, like the Ascended Masters, have their virtues. For example, Archangel Raphael is excellent for healing and to clear energetic ties or Archangel Metatron gives reliable energy protection. And who does not know the archangel, Michael? Usually, when we manipulate energy for some reason, we have an Archangel. It does not matter which one, all of them are very sensitive to energy and helps a lot.


They are very common, and everyone has Angels who guard and protect us. In my experience seeing the connection of many people with their Guides, I can say that the Angels are the ones that focus more on the healing of the individual. They do not usually connect with mediums and other beings other than those who are guiding. They focus on healing, energy protection, and the well-being of the individual.

Totem Animals:

These guides come and go per the need of the person. I could do an entire article talking only about Totem animals, but today intended to mention them (later I will do not worry!) Totem Animals can help us a lot and give us excellent energy protection. When we make individual decisions and make changes in our lives, an Animal Totem can connect with our energies to assist us. Animals that have kept us company in this life could become a totem. Depending on the spiritual knowledge and age of the animal’s soul. These Guides are the most commonly used (and are still being used) in Indian tribes of all kinds since they connect a lot more with that type of energy.

Elemental Guides:

Spirit Guides much more related to the Root Chakra and physical energies. They are potent healers of the physical body. They are usually the guides of people who work with elemental energies, from gardeners to shamans or people who, out of necessity, have a connection with elemental energies. These Guides are nothing more and nothing less than fragments of the consciousness of planet Earth (each planet has its own “Elementals”). Also, they help us to understand better and assimilate the elemental energies.

ET Guides:

They are much more closely related to Starseed souls (who are not initially from the earth), yet they also connect and work with terrestrial souls when (in most cases) they have awakened or have the purpose of awakening in this lifetime. It depends on the Guide, its origin, and several other things for connecting more or less with them. They can help us with an endless number of things. However, as always, what is for the best of the purposes of our soul.

Also, take a loot about “beings of light“, as there is more.

Chemist Guides

These guides normally only connect with mediums who attempt to connect the spiritual plane with physical evidence. For example, mediums who do séances or circles. These guides help with the chemistry of the energy itself. For example, mixing the energy of a spirit with the vital energy of the medium itself to obtain physical evidence. These guides can also help with our own body chemistry, but in this case, the connection with these guides will be temporary.

Meet your guides through this powerful guided meditation.

Feel free to click here to read more about this powerful guided meditation.

These are the main groups of Spirit Guides. I do not want to neglect to mention that an old soul can also become a Spirit Guide. (As long as they reside on the astral plane, of course!). There are even cases where family members who are old souls and cross to the other side. They can “rise” to the level of spiritual guidance, with the new responsibility to help make our lives fantastic. That makes them very happy and in the case of the relative still on earth, will be pleased to know about such a connection.

In addition to this, there are unusual cases where a soul (someone incarnated here on Earth) can be a Spirit Guide of another soul in a different dimension. It could just happen during just your slumber! Quite rare and unknown, but I believe it usually will happen to older souls.

Do you want to connect with your spiritual guides at any time?

I did not want to forget something; You can learn to connect with your Guides through channeling. You will need a little practice, but over time, you will be able to create a very close relationship with your Guides besides knowing them all, of course. Click on the image below and check it out.

Connect with your Spirit Guides through channeling!

Also, you can connect with your guides with this Journey right here. Well, we have reached the end! I hope it did not seem very long, but it was indispensable to talk about them all a little. Next week, I have a new exercise and tips to keep growing spiritually. I think you’re going to like them a lot! I will tell you how to see your aura and learn to see others’ auras. So, I will not say, “You cannot miss it,” but, keep your schedule open! I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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