Maybe you have a white aura. Check this out!

Are you wondering what does a white aura means? Check out today's article and find out the meanings and personality traits of individuals whose dominant aura color is white. I am sure you will discover amazing things about yourself and the energy that surrounds you.
One meaning of white aura is energetic purity.

Do you know the meaning of having a white aura? Let’s find out!

Hey! Did you have a chance to check out the April Forecast yet? If you haven’t, make sure you do! Today we are going to talk about having a white aura, so you must reflect on this after reading this article. We will focus on the meaning and how this affects the personality and the energy of each individual whose dominant aura color is white. I will share some fascinating meanings to see how they apply to your life and personality. I assure you that this reading will help you get to know yourself better.

Little by little, will be seeing all colors, so for today, we will talk about the meaning of the white color dominating the aura (since you have other colors as well.) After all, color is made up of light, and energy, having a frequency or vibration that reflects certain types of information.  I love to see beyond the tangible, and if you search out there, you will find things. Keep in mind, when talking about the aura and energy,  there are a lot of different factors. You can learn a lot of these if you become capable of reading auras. For now, we will have an intellectual approach by sharing some common traits with white aura people.

A quick overview of auras

So, maybe you are asking yourself “What is the aura?” So, let’s start from the beginning. The aura is an energy field that surrounds your physical body. This energy vibrates in different frequencies or vibrations in the form of different colors. The aura says many things about you, your energy, your personality, your emotions, and even your soul. Normally, there is one prevalent color, and precisely today we are observing what it means to have a white aura and how this affects your life.

White Aura has possibly the highest frequency in purity.

White Aura has possibly the highest frequency in purity.

Colors in your aura change throughout your life, they are constantly shifting based on your emotions and experiences. Auras have many, many colors and tonalities besides the main dominant color, so keep this in mind. You can also find out a lot about the state of mind and being every individual has. In a way, the eyes share a lot of energetic information about the person, but the aura does that as well. You can perceive the aura in many ways, generally through seeing it using clairvoyance, but you can also clearly feel the energy and vibration of the aura.

You will find some tips and advice on how to see auras. You will be able to slowly understand the energy of your aura since it’s a fantastic tool to help ourselves, as well as to help others. I am sharing a lot in this article about how to better understand the auric field.  The energy of your aura is also affected by the state of your seven main chakras, so working on your chakras will massively improve the energy of your chakras. If you want to get started now, check out this awesome chakra healing guided meditation. You are going to love it!

What can you say, and what does a white aura mean?

You are unique, as each individual, and all statements do not have to necessarily apply to you, so it is possible that you will still have a dominant white aura and still do not agree with some of the below statements.  It is true, however, that the more that matches with you, the more likely it is for you to have a white aura indeed. These are for an orientational purpose, so after reading this article, reflect without rush on how these apply to you, and your personality. Get to know yourself a lot better by doing this, and from this alone, you will grow a lot stronger.

I want to mention from the start that these will be some common characteristics. Usually, the more characteristics match with you, the more likely you are to have, in this case, a white aura. As a small disclaimer, I want to share that I am happy to share these because many of you have been asking for something like this. I am not a big fan of these types of lists. Please, keep in mind that you cannot generalize energy or personality.

Let’s check out the common possible traits you may have if your aura is white

One of the initial points I want to share is to not be confusing by having a white aura having white spots in your aura, or an excessively clear aura around near the head. Normally, little white spots could indicate you are going through an illness, such as a cold, and you are fighting it off. If the color is very thin and clear as well as only around the head, this can indicate that the individual is close to passing, especially if that individual is ill or very elderly. However, other than this, having a predominantly white color in your aura means a profound state of purity, extremely high energetic vibrations, high spirituality as well as pretty much only positive intentions in your heart.

People with white auras tend to have a very pure and balanced energy all the time.

People with white auras tend to have a very pure and balanced energy all the time.

It is very common for kids who are born to have a white aura, and this is because they are still pure as far as this lifetime goes. Even if there is trauma from past lives, they still come as a blank slate to this current life. In a way, this represents that they hold no fear in their hearts, which is something wonderful. It is also possible for adults to have a white aura, but it is quite rare since it would require a highly spiritual life without the many “not-so-good things” in our society.

You can work yourself to achieve a white aura, but you would have to detach from most things in society. This is not very healthy (to a point) since it is important to also socialize and interact with other individuals surrounding you. However, you can still work on raising the vibrations on your aura. I would recommend you start learning the Foundations of Spirituality because you can start following these while you are very involved with your day-to-day life. I do not agree with the fact that you have to become a hermit to get the most out of your spirituality, but it might be true if you want to achieve a white aura, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

The white aura is associated with healing and with the connection to the Spirit, also indicating a very strong Crown Chakra. The energy is also associated with healing and protection, meaning that if you are a white-aura person, you will have a great drive to help those who are weaker and vulnerable. This is a powerful white aura meaning yielding powerful healers, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t carry these feelings in your heart, as you do not need to be a white aura person to be a healer.

Great empaths with great auras

While there are many empaths out there, one of the meanings of a white aura is empathy, and if your aura is white, you are an empath (but not the other way around.) You are likely hurt if something is wrong, or there is a major unfairness. Normally, if you have a white aura you will feel a great connection with the Spirit, and you will perceive Oneness much deeply. It is imperative that you know how to protect your energy properly since as a white aura person, you can be easily taken advantage of.

If your aura is white, you have a very gentle heart.

If your aura is white, you have a very gentle heart.

One of the pitfalls here is that if you are a white aura person, you might be so connected that you might be ungrounded and disconnected from the world that surrounds you. This is not good for your Root Chakra and certainly not healthy for your physical body. You must keep a healthy chakra system, and each one is as important as the other. You will feel more drawn to work with the energy of higher planes of existence, but you cannot forget planet Earth and your life here.

Another important point here is that you can connect with tangible things. It is fantastic to do spiritual things, I love Astral Projection, but this doesn’t mean that is my only hobby. If your aura is white, you might feel disconnected from non-spiritual stuff, also true for Starseeds and Incarnated Angels, but you need to make an effort to connect with something down to earth. When you get more involved with stuff from the physical plane, you will have a greater balance. It is precisely this balance that will allow you to expand spiritually even more. Why do you think powerful appliances have a grounding point when plugged? Use the same analogy for your spirituality and grounding point on the physical plane.

Tell me more about this aura

While the white aura is very rare, it is possible to find one now and then, but as I shared above, it is generally from highly spiritual individuals or newborns. One significant trait in white aura people is tending innocent or even naive. These individuals do not hold to negative feelings to the point that they might even forget that other individuals and situations have negativity. Excessive trust in other individuals can bring you in harm’s way, even if you wouldn’t do it, it doesn’t mean that neither will others.

Another point is openness, as if your aura is white, I am sure you are very open to new possibilities and situations, especially if they hold spiritual meaning. If you feel connected, you will follow it without question, however, this would be a reckless move, as you need to question everything that comes in your path. Do not assume things will go in a way, but make sure you can certainly tell they will go in that way indeed. As a white person, you will likely have a strong intuition and clairsentience.

Newborns generally come with a white aura.

Newborns generally come with a white aura.

In general, archangels align and connect very well with white auras, but this is true for any spiritual being. The spirit guides who surround you are perfect since these are the ones that your soul needs right now. So, even if your aura is white, it doesn’t mean that you will be connected to an archangel.  As a white aura person, you will have an easiness to connect, but this will be because you have already worked a lot, and walked a long spiritual path already, hence achieving your white aura.

Energies of indigo, or golden resonate very much with a white aura, bringing further spiritual connection as well as psychic energy. As a white aura person, you will likely be able to channel and receive wisdom, allowing you to transfer this wisdom to others, as well as healing light.

Dark or Light white aura meaning

White auras also have tonalities of white, they are just variations of the main white aura color, and it is good to keep them into account. These apply to each aura, where the brighter the energy is, the higher its vibration becomes, in other words, the lighter the better. However, as with everything in spirituality, this is not a rule of thumb, so this is more general and applies to all auras, regardless of color:

  • If you have a light white aura it means that you are probably aware of your spiritual potential and possibly you are already using your spiritual gifts. If the lightness is towards a more transparent white, it could mean that you are going through a major illness, however, if your aura were of this tone, you probably wouldn’t be able to even read this (you would be near death), so don’t worry. However, if you are inclining towards a very clear and brilliant aura, it means that your vibrations are extremely high, possibly with your consciousness out from your body.
  • If you have a darker white aura it means that you probably are not going through your best times, and possibly you have some heaviness on you that is causing you to feel detached from your body and even life itself.  If the darkness is sort of faded, grayish, or foggy you must work on yourself. Self-healing can come as a fantastic aid, as well as seeking energetic support. If the darkness is a very dark but clean white, it means that you have found a strong connection spiritually speaking, but you have disconnected from physical life. Time to ground back!
A white aura also has different tonalities.

A white aura also has different tonalities.

The color spectrum can vary a lot, plus, don’t forget to keep into account any other colors around the aura. You must understand the entire aura instead of just focusing on the dominant color. I would recommend observing and feeling the aura with no rush but with an open mind and heart.

How to check your aura?

Since I mentioned this above, I believe it is a great moment to share with you how to see auras. You can read the entire technique in said article, but I am sharing a couple of important things to keep into account, so you can continue reading here.

Firstly, look at yourself in the mirror. But do not force your eyes, to “observe and gaze” the image in the mirror should be the right approach:

  • Observe peacefully at the top of your head, focusing only on the hair and above the shoulders. Calmly, look to see the aura. Please do not force it, and do not try to see it when you do not see it. Just gaze without a rush.
  • You should be patient. Try not to blink a lot unless that is a distraction or a nuisance. It is not necessary to dry your eyes, as it should be a pleasant experience.
  • After a few moments, you will see as if you have a little contour around the head, like a small deformation in the color of your hair.

So, this is the first step towards the ability to see auras. You saw your aura! Or rather, the beginning of it. The closer to the head, the more intense the energy, and therefore easier to see.  From here, it will get easier with practice. What color did you see? Was it a white aura?

Use a mirror with a white background to check your aura.

Use a mirror with a white background to check your aura.

Furthermore, you can always ask to have your aura read. I can do this for you in a little reading here, and you will have a clear awareness of how your aura looks and feels. You can then practice seeing your aura more easily, as you will have an idea. Or maybe you are aware you are a yellow aura person, and you want to validate. Both reasons are great!


To wrap things up, I want to remind you that every person is different and that this is a small guide, pointing at some essential and common traits, but not to follow throughout. I always like to encourage you to reflect on everything you have learned today. Getting to know yourself is essential, and knowing about your aura is one fantastic thing to do. As you keep exploring, you will understand that there is a lot more in you.

Every single individual is unique in this Universe therefore everybody is essential. Each individual is going through different spiritual journeys, each at their own pace, don’t forget this. There is no better or worse, doesn’t matter if the aura is brighter, bigger more vibrant, or has more colors. All equal life experiences and all are perfect, even the most negative ones.


Q: What does the color white aura mean?

A: The meanings for a white aura vary, but generally mean high spirituality and profound purity. White aura people are very spiritual and their drive is to help others.

Q: What is a rare aura color?

A: While there is no better or worse, it is true that some colors are rarer. White Aura is one of the rarest colors out there, normally found in newborns.

Q: What does a bright aura mean?

A: When the aura is bright it generally means there is a lot of energy, very active and strong. Brighter generally means positive and uplifting. A clear and balanced chakra system also yields a more vibrant aura.

Q: What color is a strong aura?

A: All colors are strong in a sense, as all colors play a different role. Generally, we can mention that strong comes with the colors being very vivid and clear. If on the contrary, the colors are faded, the aura is not as strong.

I hope you have enjoyed this article. Have you been able to connect with this color? Do you think your aura is white? Feel free to leave a comment! Next week, we will talk about the meaning of being a starseed, personally and globally. As a starseed myself, I can share with you how it felt, and how it feels. See you next Wednesday!

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