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Energy Healings: No labels, only White Light

Don’t complicate yourself with labels. Experience The Healing. No complications, only energy.  All energy healings will help you to open up. A treatment feels like a wonderful white light flowing around you.

You may be wondering what energy healing is. To give you an easy-to-visualize answer. Think of accessing an endless source of White Light energy that will bring restoration to you and assistance in your intentions and needs.

In a way, is a connection between my soul (the energy healer), and your soul (the receiver), and with the help of our Spirit Guides, the energy can be transferred between the both of you. This energy is white light healing that I channel from the Source. During a healing session, this is the only energy channeled to ensure the outcomes always serve the highest purpose.

White Light Healing

White Light is the cornerstone and foundation when we talk about energetic healing. The intention is to improve your energy channel to the purest white light energy, stepping away from labels and ego.

If you experience an energetic betterment, you will witness how it brings optimal balance to your body, emotions, mind, and spirit. The feelings of tranquility and inner peace are always present.

Finding the sentimental sources that cause physical pain usually eliminates pain. Improving balance in your life enhances focus, well-being, and happiness. You will raise the vibrations of your physical body, and your soul.

Thanks to the Principle of Vibration, the positive energy from the healing alone will help to attract positive situations in your life whether they relate to the actual session or not. Talk about a positive side effect!

Why are your energy healings so inexpensive?

As a healer, I believe that healing should be within reach of everybody. Over the years, people suggested to me a dozen times to raise the charges for these sessions. Furthermore, I know these prices usually range around a hundred or two. However, I honestly believe it is too much when channeling White Light; for that reason, prices are meager.

In all energy healings, I will send a voice file. I will share how the session went and if there is any necessary advice. You are mainly purchasing for the time to record the voice file report, plus a fraction of the time invested.

Experience an intuitive remote energy healing session

The same that happens during a psychic reading also occurs during a session. You can take it as a healing energy tool that I use to bring more white light to you. You will see that I ask you for no information, and while you can share your intentions for the healing, I always follow both my clairsentience and intuition to receive guidance as to where to channel the white light healing.

This guarantees a personalized approach during each energy healing session. By following the guidance from Spirit, you can rest assured that the energy you will receive will be tailored to your needs. I always evoke the Spirit’s help to assist me in bringing you what serves your Highest Purpose while receiving healing white light.

Energy Healing for Specific Conditions and desires

Energy Healing will assist in treating many conditions out there. It is important to never forget that energy healing cannot replace medical practice, it is an addition to help you on top of the advice given by a doctor.

However, it is proven as shared by the National Institute of Medicine that Reiki Healing works and helps with conditions such as anxiety and stress; you can read the source here. For this reason, receiving white light healing promotes faster healing as well as a greater amount of mindfulness.

Furthermore, we are more than our physical bodies, and working on our energetic bodies contributes to our good health. Our main organs are connected to our main chakras, and for this reason, a chakra healing session will greatly help you and bring balance to your life.

Do you have more information about the energy healing sessions?

These sessions are very straightforward because I do not base myself on a specific time duration by stopping the flow when the time’s up. I instead open my heart chakra and allow the energy to just flow.

Many times, throughout the day, I will reconnect with your energy, and send you more. However, for you to have an idea of linear time, basically each session could last from 30 minutes to a few hours. Sometimes I even “leave it running” as I fall asleep, for Spirit to cut the connection when they believe no more is necessary.

This reduces the frequency of the sessions because I follow the guidance of Spirit to go to the core issue and work my way up from there. This yields to a more intense session (as I have heard many times from all of you) with a more profound cleanse.

How does remote healing work?

Energy can transcend through space and time, this is why you can feel and benefit from a distant remove healing. You need to set the intention to receive this energy, and our Spirit Guides will make sure that the delivery happens.

So don’t hesitate to try a healing session today, you can start with Basic Healing as your first experience.


Q: What is the best form of energy healing?

A: Healing means channeling White Light from the Source to you, where the healer is just a vessel, a transfer. For this reason, I choose to not put labels on a healing session. I just channel energy from the Source, in its purest way for the best of your intentions and needs.

Q: Do I need to do anything for the healing?

A: You only need to be open to receive and allow yourself to have. You will receive the healing through your heart chakra and your Spirit Guides.

Q: How often should I get a Healing session?

A: It always depends on the individual and the situation we are working on. You cannot overdo healing, but a proper balance is always good, so we will work together and decide what works best for you as far as frequency.

Lots of light!

Thank you: Energy Healing