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Linear Time: An Illusion. Why is time spheric instead of linear?

Linear time is an illusion.

Written by Akashicsoul

May 23, 2018

Linear time is an illusion.
What is “time”? What are your thoughts on linear time?

Hi, everybody! How are you all doing today? Are those heart chakras activated? I was looking forward to sharing more on this topic. Today’s topic is something quite unusual, maybe even odd, but many of you will relate and understand what I am trying to share after this read. We are talking about linear time.

Yes, I am asking this right off the bat! But I mean it!

What do you think about linear time?

Other animals (and plants too) do not perceive time the same way we, human beings, do. They live in the now. You might be thinking, “Well, animals move by instinct, they go by sunlight, etc.” True; however, how about this. Let’s say that your cat approaches you, purring and asking for some love; you start petting your cat. Let’s say that after 15 minutes’ worth of petting, you “recover your hand” and continue working on your computer. Just 30 seconds later, your cat comes back, purring, asking for more love, extremely needy. At this point, you probably are thinking, “Wow, like I did not give him/her any love already!” I won’t blame you; the cat will sure behave like if you are gone for ages…

The cat lives in the now, so when you stopped petting your cat, maybe he/she went to eat, living that moment entirely as well (most humans need a tv while eating.) Once the tummy is full, nothing beats a good session of petting! Be assured, your cat’s whole purpose will be getting some love off from you! What happened before no longer exists in the now, so your cat will pursue that love mightly! We have enough proof and knowledge that our fellow animal companions learn stuff also, so they have a memory. They won’t memorize time because they cannot perceive it.

Human beings are also animals.

We cannot negate that. A “human cub,” or better called a baby, will not perceive linear time. Therefore, a bear cub will not recognize that time either. The difference here might be that human beings do have the capacity to learn and understand linear time. Our sophisticated civilization’s foundations are based on linear time, and with that, pretty much our entire existence. Most electronics will not work without the logic of linear time since we built them to work around linear time. Everything seemed very stable and organized, 24 hours a day, every single day. Seven days each week, every week, and so on.

A minute will always have 60 seconds. Of course! So then, a minute will still feel like 60 seconds, right? Wrong!

Our perception of time is a very fragile thing!

Our time perception is not as stable as we all want to believe. Probably at this point, you can relate that an hour does not always feel like an hour. Sometimes, time flies, right? I bet that while your time was flying, unfortunately, someone else who was in pain felt like time stopped. Maybe there was a third person, near the both of you, staring at his clock and feeling that hour entirely. Do you see it? An example of three people perceiving a different perception of that very same hour.

The classic “time flies when you have fun” and “time freezes when you are bored.” Yes, we all know this; I am not Columbus. However, does this make you question how real is our perception of time?

Why does it seem that time changes?

There is something else, something I have been perceiving and becoming more clearer, especially within the last 5-6 years. Our time perception started to collapse somehow. I have talked to a few people about this, and they all agree. It is like something that belongs to the past. You might feel it was a further time ago than what the calendar says. Such as, “Wow, can’t believe it is Spring already.” Or maybe, you feel that “This week is taking forever.”

Maybe you have felt this to the point of wondering, “How come I did so much today, such a productive day!” You were able to get much, much more done than you thought you would. It almost feels like time went slower somehow. Sometimes, it also appears that the clocks are skipping minutes! This phenomenon has nothing to do with having fun or not; it happens regardless of the situation or times you find yourself in.

It is no freaky stuff, as I wouldn’t say it is far away from science either… Science proves that the Universe is moving faster, accelerating (evidence here). So does everything within our Universe, including time. We perceive this linear time, making it subject to such acceleration.

Time in other planes of existence.

In a dream, a lucid dream, or an astral projection, our time perception is different, being very erratic in dreams and a constant “here and now” at the Astral Plane. Our dreams happen in our heads, and our brain already flakes at keeping time straight. During an astral projection, we leave the third dimension behind. While we are fully aware and with full consciousness, we also cease to perceive time here. From here, we can tell that linear time is a human perception that happens in the brain, not in the soul. It is an excellent reason to claim that linear time is just something we are taught, but maybe it does not even exist. Think of Santa Claus, how hard we believed in him, yet, we reach an age where we make that particular realization.

Our belief or disbelief over Santa Claus has no direct influence on the existence of Santa at all! Santa’s existence will not change whether the entire planet believes in him or not. The same goes for linear time. It exists somehow, but we all perceive differently, and we cannot perceive at all (astral projection, trance meditation, etc.)

Wait! There is still more to crack here, yet not finished with linear time!

I could keep going and going, as I am sure most of you have flipped out momentarily and skipped some minutes, even hours where apparently you were in “automatic mode” and completely normal (to the eyes of others). Still, for you, just a split second happened.

It happened to me once, at a buddhist store I used to give reads at. I played a tibetan bowl, just did three our four spins around the bowl until the owner approached and asked me if I was okay. Surprised, I said I was fine, and asked why? Apparently, I spent over an hour playing the bowl uninterruptedly for over an hour… holding the bowl in the air. Shortly after, I noticed a very shore arm, lol.

I am sure many of you have experienced similar events. Technically, these should only happen very rarely. If for some reason, you experience this “flipping out” very often, and you are concerned, you should visit a health professional, such as your neurologist. 

And it is well known that both legal and illegal drugs may alter our time perception…

So, as you can see, linear time is a very fragile thing indeed… right?

Other universe do not even perceive linear time.

You can hack the LoA so that you can hack linear time!

Okay, so we can agree that our time perception may vary through external stimuli and these “odd time fluctuations” that influence our understanding of “past” and present time. And we are the only animal species that can understand linear time. So this whole linear time is not the most sturdy rock out there, is it? Well, at least this time, the humans (or our perception) are not to blame for this one.

Our Universe is tri-dimensional, right? Technically, the physical plane is the third-dimensional plane. When we Astral Projectwe travel to higher dimensions with different laws of physics. If you recall from earlier, you do not perceive time in Astral Projection. Since the physical plane is third-dimensional, everything in this dimension must be third-dimensional as well. Everything we see is third-dimensional. Now, let me ask you:

Are lines tri-dimensional? Basic geometry teaches us that they are not third-dimensional objects, indeed.

Based on our perception, time is linear… meaning, that our understanding of time is bi-dimensional. But it also says that linear time is no more than an illusion. Linear time cannot exist in the third dimension. It is the very reason that I see time as a sphere. I know it is not the absolute truth, and I know there are third-dimensional line equations out there. However, to be able to see the big picture, you have to look at it all.

The past, present, and future are happening simultaneously.  These are the very reason you can tap in different timelines through the Akashic Records, Spirit Guides, etc… all timeless existences, but aware of all the moments at once. It is the non-linear time that makes us, readers, able to read for a linear time-based psychic question.

Throughout several years of working with the Akashic Records and Spirit Guides and many more astral beings, I have realized that we, as human beings, can perceive time as a sphere. It gives life a whole new meaning and gives you a lot of extra tools. I cannot imagine electronics working based on “spheric-time” (or “all-time at once / here and now”); however, in the Astral Plane, it makes much more sense, bringing extra clarity to the readings and healings.

Time is like a sphere.

Healing energy flows much better when it is channeled, visualizing time as spheric rather than linear. It is why (and maybe you have heard me tell you) that I add white light to all the negative moments in your life during a healing session. My guides do this healing in a way like your “past” is being overwritten. How? Because even though it is in the past, it is happening right now. Since it is happening now, there is no problem in sending healing right to it, right?

It applies true for all the bad moments. Spirit can send limitless healing energy, so if all the healing goes to all your negative times in your existence, it is like somehow, you received a healing every single time something bad happened to you, making those negative experiences easier to remove right now in this “linear time thinking” moment. As soon as I heard about these healings being very potent, I realized I had to share about this, and my spirit guides agreed.

As you can see, linear time is a fragile toy we can learn to play with… it is just a big toy, will take some time (pun intended) to master it, but these healings are a start.

How about using the power of visualization, understanding time as spheric and simultaneous?

Do you want to check more exciting stuff? Head to the resources section to discover more!

Well, you must try it! It is good enough for a blog post, one of those “big read entries” that come now and then. So, I will leave it here. I bet you have some pondering to do on this whole time situation! So, going back into our current linear-time perception, next week, we will have some fun. A new section of this site is coming! It will be ideal for those of you, Oneironauts (lucid dreamers), looking for a challenge. Stay tuned for the lucid dreaming challengesI am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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