Tarot Card Decks: The Conspiracy Tarot

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Tarot Card Decks: The Conspiracy Tarot is here!

I have always felt drawn to Tarot Card Decks, and the time when I decided to create one has arrived. Witness the Conspiracy Tarot, one deck with many symbologies from many years ago to modern times that you can see in the Tarot Card Art. The primary goal of this handmade Tarot Deck is to bring ancestral knowledge to everyone’s reach.

Some symbologies in this Conspiracy Tarot Deck are unique and peculiar but, simultaneously, straightforward to interpret. You will find explanations for each card and questions to ask yourself in the little book included in the deck.

All these questions will help you grow with self-analysis and introspection. It is an exceptional deck you will love; hundreds of people already have it! You will be holding one of the unique tarot decks, and you will love it.

A unique Tarot Card Deck: “The Conspiracy Tarot”

The Conspiracy Tarot has 78 cards divided into (22) Major Arcana and (56) Minor Arcana. These have a standard size for Tarot Cards, and they are printed on high-quality paper to give a solid and resistant feeling, with a pleasant touch, making it easy to shuffle without damaging the edges or corners.

Each suit (Water = Cups, Air = Swords, Fire = Wands, Earth = Coins) includes the cards from the Ace to the Ten, the Princess, Prince, Queen, and King.

  • The Conspiracy Tarot is set in different eras and the impact humans make on this world:
  • Minimal/non-existent (tree branches create the edges of the cards).
  • Basic but in synchrony with nature (tree branches and natural fibers)
  • Significant changes (the edges are artificial).

Tarot Cards always have positive and negative messages; you must follow your intuition. Everything flows when things are in harmony and balance (like a tree’s branches), and the results are better.

When we force things and invade the world around us (like replacing nature with metal structures), we encounter challenges and problems. Get your copy of “The Conspiracy Tarot” now and amplify your Tarot Card Decks collection.

Find unique symbologies

One aspect you will appreciate from this deck is the unique symbologies it carries. Through the last few years, I have received a lot of positive feedback regarding the symbologies included within.

Each card is enriched with a lot of symbolism, and this will help you to provide fantastic readings since your clairvoyance will be activated. The best tarot decks will be super rich in symbology such as the Conspiracy Tarot.

The deck has two main timelines:

  • Traditional: You will find a lot of symbologies connected to nature and stuff that comes naturally to do. You will witness the beauty of things in how they present to you, and how they can impact your life through the power of the Earth.
  • Modern: One thing missing from Tarot Card Decks is the fact of including modern items that are part of our lives. You will find symbologies connected to electronics, as well as happenings suitable for current times. These are powerful because you will see both the positive and negative impacts of things such as electronics.

You will find out that everything flows in harmony, as some of the imageries (for example, Justice) combine both the natural and the artificial, showing both the beautiful dance they may have together as well as the big clash they also make. This is a fantastic deck for individuals who are very intuitive since the way the imagery is presented, will enable your intuitive gears to start spinning.

An educational value

When you start to question what you initially took for granted, you start to see more, and therefore, you start learning new things. One purpose of Tarot Card Decks, especially the Conspiracy Tarot, is for you to grow as an individual, to gain back your power, and to amplify your assertiveness when you are committed to something.

You may choose to meditate with your cards, possibly one at a time, and studying it in how they apply to your life, and if there is something you need to modify or shift. The best thing here is that you will be questioning everything by your discovery, no one will rush you to do it, and if you are not ready to learn something yet, you will not.

A user-friendly Guide Book makes a huge difference

All the Tarot Card Decks come with a little white book in different forms. Generally, in these books, you will find some story about the deck itself, each card, and of course, a group of keywords for each card that you may use to help yourself in a reading. From my own experience, it is much easier to connect and channel the Spirit instead.

Precisely for this reason, The Conspiracy Tarot’s Book has more than just a bunch of meanings. Every day, it is more and more important that you work your power. To materialize more success in life, better relationships, and fantastic outcomes for your actions, you need to get to know yourself and understand all the power that possibly is untapped.

You will find three questions (a few have two) for every single card, meaning that you have a lot of hours worth of self-reflection, and self-improvement. So for each card, you will question important aspects of your life and your actions. If you were to reflect through all the questions in the deck, you would have a life transformation that would blow your mind.

Tarot Card Decks with Great Versatility

An important aspect of Tarot Card Decks is their versatility and how easy is to use them to do all types of readings. I have been doing psychic readings since 2011, and I understand very well what a deck needs to offer appropriate versatility.

The Conspiracy Tarot deck is friendly to use both with formatted spreads as well as just drawing one card at a time. This is one amazing fact from an online tarot deck, but also applies to a tangible deck such as this one.

Furthermore, it is a fantastic deck that will be able to answer pretty much any question. Thanks to its influence from modern technologies and situations to our current times, you will be able to resonate a lot more with the symbology, yielding more clear and concise readings. You will blow the minds of many individuals.

A philosophical approach

This deck comes from 2019, far before any of the modern conspiracies started to arise. This deck is more of a philosophical approach to how is our life today, and how we accept certain things that we shouldn’t truly allow.

The Conspiracy Tarot has nothing to do with modern conspiracies, but more of the “all-time conspiracies,” such as those with reincarnation, technology, and authoritarian figures in our civilization, checking on how we accept or don’t accept certain things.

You will start to question several things that will improve your life, as, not taking for true all the news you receive, or losing the unconditional trust of big corporations. You will question what is taking away your power, as well as what can enable you to regain and amplify your power, and your control over your life.

You will be more mentally and spiritually independent. Amplify your Tarot Card Decks collection with the Conspiracy Tarot.


Q: Is shipping included?

A: Correct! Worldwide shipping is included with the purchase of the Conspiracy Tarot. We will ship the deck within 48 business hours.

Q: Will I be able to do readings with the Conspiracy Tarot Deck?

A: The Conspiracy Tarot will allow you to provide beautiful and profound readings thanks to the unique symbolism across the cards.

Q: How will the Conspiracy Tarot help me in my spiritual path?

A: The Conspiracy Tarot comes with a powerful transformational opportunity. For each card, you will find two or three self-reflection questions applying everything in your life. If you follow through with these, you will get to know yourself to a much more profound degree.

Lots of light!

Thank you: Tarot Card Decks ~ The Conspiracy Tarot