The Gateway to the next dimension: The 8th Chakra!

The Eighth Chakra: Open the gateway to the next dimension now!
The Eighth Chakra takes you to higher dimensions.

The Eighth Chakra? What are the chakras?

Hi everybody! So, here we are, another Wednesday, and this time, it will be an article and no more. Did you like the upgrade? No releases this week. I think we already had a few! However, more will come, definitely, and I am also preparing a few new things next year! So, the topic today has to do with one more chakra. Maybe you are wondering. However, we are going to indeed talk about one additional chakra. The Eighth Chakra.

The same way we have organs, we have chakras, thousands of them spread throughout our entire body. However, in the same way we have principal organs, we have seven main chakras that complete our chakra system. You can read more about chakra here.

You can also find a video course with lifetime access that will guide you through each of the chakras, including a powerful meditation.

Beyond the main seven chakras… the Eighth Chakra!

So, it sure covers the main chakra system; however, as with everything else, there is always more. And our chakras do not end in the Crown Chakra. The seven first chakras connect in the physical plane, and they mainly affect the physical body, among other things. However, past the Crown Chakra, we can find another set of chakras. The next set of chakras is a group of four chakras. Much, much more powerful and vibrating at a much higher frequency. This group of chakras is more connected to the Astral Body and the fourth dimension. Thanks to their fourth dimensionality nature, the energy these chakras can hold is practically infinite.

This article will talk a little bit about the eighth chakra but base it on my own experience, work, and findings with this chakra. I do not believe in just searching online about it and write it in my own words, but I prefer to talk from my personal experience. So, what you will find, is all based on my findings. If you have discovered stuff with the 8th chakra and superiors, I invite you to shoot me an email, and we can talk about it!

I want to make a note that further the second set of chakras.

There is a third set of fifth-dimensional chakras. As we go higher in dimensions, we will find more chakras, as we are multidimensional beings. (You can read more about spirituality here.)

I want to share that this chakra is located several feet above the Crown Chakra. For me, the color that vibrates the most with this chakra is a combination of pearl, white, and golden. The chakra also feels much more significant than any of the seven main chakras. This is because it holds a tremendous amount of energy, and that energy, has a dominant frequency concerning vibrations. If I focus on it, beyond the crown chakra, I can feel its energetic vibration. If you focus a bit, you may notice it too!

More chakras beyond the crown, such as the eighth chakra.

The eighth chakra is the real seat of the soul.

Based on my findings, I want to share that this chakra cannot get blocked due to its energetic frequency. It is always moving loads of energy. However, it is true that if your entire chakra system is not in a proper state of balance, you will not be able to perceive this chakra nor access it. This chakra is the pure essence of your soul. I believe that your energetic signature generates on this eighth chakra. Severe personality disorders do happen when (besides a damaged root and solar plexus) we lose touch with this chakra.

While it cannot get blocked, we will need to have good energy within our seven first chakras to raise our vibration and perceive this chakra. For me, the eighth chakra is the seat of the soul.

Where the vibration matches those like your soul’s.

Sure, this is technically the Pineal Gland / Third Eye, But I say that said seat is more to drive the physical body. The Soul finds “its cradle” (for this lifetime) at the eighth chakra. The soul is not third-dimensional. Without a body, the lowest dimensional state is the fourth dimension (astral plane), so this is where the soul truly exists, and to connect with our third-dimensional bodies, it is thanks to the eighth chakra. (Besides the silver cord.)

Therefore, as a physical/trance-medium myself, I have experienced astral “chemic beings” working the energy. Blending my lifeforce (before transfiguration) with the ectoplasm of the spirit is trying to overlay me. One of my spirit guides, “does this blend.” It needs to be done in a specific way to work (transfiguration needs both the spirit and my energy, show overlaying me), and even more with a full embodied manifestation.

Why do I share this?

Well, I am aware that there needs to be an adapter that makes the fourth dimension and the third dimension connectible. Their energies are different. So, I am aware that during our time of birth, when our soul enters our (soon to be completed physical body), it needs to “plugin” to become connected and one. It happens at the eighth chakra, as it is the closest chakra to the third dimension but located in the fourth. It is a bridge. Of course, this is followed by the silver cord and then the soul “using” the third’s eye as the driving seat.

Enhance your eighth chakra at the Astral plane.

Astral Projection can also happen at the eighth chakra. While it takes some practice, the projections you can experience through this chakra are compelling. I also believe that the astral journeys that started right off this chakra last longer and are much more profound.  Think of it; it makes sense that being the first chakra for the second set of fourth-dimensional chakras will take us to the Astral Plane in the VIP seat. Sure the soul drives us from the third eye, sure is the third eye, one gateway for many astral projections, and sure the third eye can see into higher dimensions.

However, if the eighth chakra is closer to the fourth dimension (and fourth-dimensional state), why not astral projecting through it. Why take the bus if a different train takes you straight to your destination! Give it a try. If you know how to project through the third eye, I want you to do this:

Good patience and little by little. Remember that haste does not help; they block.

When you find your energy in your third eye, I want you to visualize your vibrations going up. Focus your awareness on your Crown Chakra. I want you to keep your awareness here for a bit. Therefore, don’t project yet (it is incredible through the Crown, but today is the 8th chakra’s time.) Keep visualizing your vibrations going up, stronger. As if you were going to eject right off from the bed! Visualize a stream of white and golden light coming out from your crown chakra. Imagine this stream going up, and try to feel its energy as much as you can.

As your awareness is the actual stream of white and golden light (traveling higher than the crown), I want you to imagine this pearl-white golden sphere with more petals than the crown, also pearl-white-golden. Make your awareness be entirely this sphere. This is your eighth chakra. Once you find your awareness connected with your eighth chakra, pull your astral body out of your physical body with your favorite technique.

Due to the nature of this specific projection, it is best to visualize yourself floating and traveling upwards, rather than a more down-to-earth hanging rope or rolling off from the bed.) You will find yourself in a higher version of the astral plane, and it will be much easier to project to higher dimensions from here than from a standard projection.

A much more powerful astral projection.

I use my eighth chakra as an energy-amplifier since channeling brings information (or healing) from the 4th and higher to the third dimension. When I draw energy from the Source, I use this chakra in my visualizations as well, and I channel the energy through it. From there, it goes through my other chakras. Then it sends through my heart chakra or (during hands-on healing) through my hands. Keeping into account this excellent chakra during a healing session takes it to the next level.

And, based on my own experience and self-work with my eighth chakra, this is all I have for you guys. I could go ahead and pull technical stuff such as its Sanskrit name (no English) or more of its more technical stuff, but I prefer to share what I have experienced myself, so I hope you have enjoyed this read.

The experience of oneself is often the most valuable when sharing.

I suggest you try this powerful guided meditation to balance your chakras, as you will bring enormous benefits. It is suitable for beginner meditators as well as for the most seasoned ones. You can find this chakra meditation here:

Chakra Healing Meditation. Including the Eighth chakra!

You are going to enjoy it loads. It is also infused with healing and subliminal positive affirmations!

I hope you have a fantastic week. For next week, as we did this month, we will have the Forecast for December 2017. Stay tuned! I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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  1. Pradnya Prakash Sawant says:

    Very interesting and helpful information. Thnx for your efforts and support. May God bless u always.

    1. Thank you, Pradnya, for reading! It’s a huge pleasure.

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