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Talk to Fer: Find the support you desire

Do you want a chat, or do you need coaching? Talk to Fer now! This section started to be something because many of you have asked me to have something like this. Sometimes, more than a reading or a healing, the ideal thing is to talk for a while, and now you have the possibility.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you walk through your Path of Awakening with “Talk to Fer.” Like many, I had to walk most of my Spiritual Path alone, allowing me to meet my roadblocks and mistakes. Therefore, I can help you avoid unnecessary errors or dead-ends on your path.

Spiritual coaching for self-discovery & Personalized spiritual growth programs

One of the most significant parts of a “Talk to Fer” session is that you will delve deep into self-discovery. I strongly advise always starting within, as the true discovery comes when you get to know yourself, and most importantly, what you truly want.

Right from the start, you will realize that these are personalized spiritual growth programs where you can get the most out of it. For this reason, you will always find both Zoom and WhatsApp text coaching in all programs, so we can work together in slowly developing the ideal path for your spiritual transformation.

In pretty much all programs, you will find guided meditations for spiritual development, so you can get the most out of your time. These are profound, focusing deep in your consciousness and soul, allowing you to reach higher planes of existence, meet your guides, and much more.

Enjoy Life coaching for ongoing support

Maybe you are pursuing life coaching, maybe to add a spiritual touch to everything, or perhaps without a spiritual focus but tapping your inner potential. The next thing with “Talk to Fer” is that this is possible as well. You have a lot of options, and I will share some with you:

  • Secular approach: Tap your inner power and materialize success and abundance. Start gaining more control over your life.
  • Mindfulness practices: Bring profound betterment to your mind and body. You will feel stronger and whole.
  • Holistic Healing: Experience Chakra Balancing and Energy Cleansing frequently. Feel better and recover your energy.
  • Life Purpose Exploration: Together, with the help of your Akasha and Spirit Guides, will find your path, the reason you incarnated in this lifetime, and get started in your path.
  • Guidance on Meditation: I will be your meditation coach for you to get started and succeed with meditation. We have over 200 guided meditations available to meet any purposes you may have.
  • Intuitive Development: You will be able to start tapping your intuition, and learning how to trust and follow it. I will help you to understand your intuition and how to use it.
  • Counseling on Spiritual Crises: If you are going through a spiritual crisis or challenge, I can help you to find alignment, and to understand what is going on.
  • Reiki Healing & Shamanic Work Sessions: Experience a powerful transformation through energy healing as well as shamanic ceremonies such as Soul Retrievals & Upper World Healing. You will transform!

These are to name a few, but always keep into account that you will find plenty of journaling exercises to help you get the most out of everything you learn. I will help you out during goal setting for Spiritual Growth, and understanding the proper pace you need to follow. 

Sometimes, we could include some sacred rituals and ceremonies such as Shamanic Initiations, Reiki Healing Activation, and other types of spiritual attunements.

Personalized programs

The three-month programs are aimed more at ongoing work together. You will see that they all come with several Zoom sessionsPersonal coaching is much more efficient than recorded sessions so we will have plenty of these.

Furthermore, you will see that the “Talk to Fer” sessions come with Reiki Healing Energy and Shamanic Work, such as visiting the Shamanic Worlds for healing, support, recovering soul fragments, or wisdom. And let’s not forget an assortment of courses and guided meditations.

And if you are looking for coaching at the level of spiritual development, here you will find everything you need; talk to Fer now! We can see each other by Zoom if you feel like it or have a WhatsApp chat with you to talk little by little through messages. Even if you want a spiritual development program to deepen, here is your chance to start. See you soon!


Q: What sets “Talk to Fer” apart from other spiritual coaching services?

A: Two of the best things about “Talk to Fer” are that you have a huge amount of options and possibilities where I can help you and that everything is customizable and personalized. Each person is different, so this is key.

Q: How do the three-month programs enhance my spiritual journey?

A: You will find a lot of materials from courses, guided meditations, psychic readings, shamanic work, and much more. We will frequently meet over Zoom, plus have a direct chat to send messages back and forth. We will build a personalized program, finding your weaker areas, and together, bringing the empowerment and development you want where exactly you need it. Feel free to contact us if you have more questions about “Talk to Fer.”

Q: Can I choose between Zoom sessions and messaging for our interactions?

A: Absolutely! All “Talk to Fer” programs are super flexible, and all include ongoing messaging for our interactions, as well as several Zoom sessions. If you love the camera and want more of it, we can make that happen. Say you prefer to say off camera, this is possible as well!

Q: Is there a spiritual development program suitable for beginners?

A: You can find “Talk to Fer” and “Life Transformation” programs suitable for beginners. Since we will start with an onboarding call, if you are a beginner, I will build a program ideal for you, so your spiritual development becomes easy and amazing.

Lots of light!

Thank you: Talk to Fer