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Talk to Fer

Very good! Do you want a chat, or do you need coaching? Talk to Fer now! This section started to be something because many of you have asked me to have something like this. Sometimes, more than a reading or a healing, the ideal thing is to talk for a while, and now you have the possibility.

I look forward to meeting with you and helping you walk through your Path of Awakening with “Talk to Fer.” Like many, I had to walk most of my Spiritual Path alone, which enabled me to meet my roadblocks and mistakes. Therefore, I can help you avoid unnecessary errors or dead-ends on your path.

The three months programs are aimed more at ongoing work together. You will see that they all come with several Zoom sessionsPersonal coaching is much more efficient than recorded sessions, so that we will have plenty of these.

Furthermore, you will see that the “Talk to Fer” sessions come with Reiki Healing Energy and Shamanic Work, such as visiting the Shamanic Worlds for healing, support, recovering soul fragments, or wisdom. And let’s not forget an assortment of courses and guided meditations.

And if you are looking for coaching at the level of spiritual development, here you will find everything you need; talk to Fer now! We can see each other by Zoom if you feel like it or have a WhatsApp chat with you to talk little by little through messages. Even if you want a spiritual development program to deepen, here is your chance to start. See you soon!