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Welcome! You are about to experience powerful guided meditations. For my entire life, friends and family said that my voice is very relaxing. Several years ago, a friend who is both a shaman and a vocalist encouraged me to created guided meditations, and this is how I started. Since then, I began to develop guided meditations, inspired and channeled through my spirit guides. I have had the honor to host guided meditations in the United States as well as in Spain. Now, thanks to the net, everybody will be able to experience my guided meditations.

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What is meditation?

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I like to keep things brief and straightforward, so this is a direct answer. Meditation is a powerful practice for reaching an altered state of mind through physical and mental relaxation. There are countless forms of meditations out there, and all of them come with the same goal. The goal is to reach a more profound state of mindfulness. Day after day, more scientific research is backing up the importance of meditation in our lives. In fact, there are physical changes that occur in our brain when we add meditation to our lives. Thanks to meditation, we can reach an intense level of trance where healing happens. Also, the amount of wisdom you can collect out from a guided meditation journey is impressive. In fact, you will be able to find throughout this site plenty of guided meditations for many different goals.

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What are the benefits of meditation?

As I shared about, there are plenty of benefits of meditation. For a start, as I shared above, there are measurable changes that occur in our physical brain. We can experience a lot of short-term benefits such as higher mental focus, greater humor, more energy and feelings of well-being. The long-term benefits are even more significant, as adding meditation to our lives aids in the prevention of cerebral/mental illnesses. But the most benefits are those in spiritual nature. You will find yourself, as well as discover many reasons for your existence. You will also take life in a much different way, in a much more empowering and joyful way… like attracts like! I could mention countless more, but these are the main ones. Keep reading, and you will find out that you can do a lot through guided imagery meditation. You can find more information about this throughout my blog.

How to do meditation and powerful meditation techniques.

Possibly the most important aspect of meditation and where most of you are wondering. Meditation goes from sitting in lotus position for several hours and having amazing journeys, to enjoy some of the best-guided meditations you can find right here! For you to get the most out from meditation, you have to set good intentions and have a genuine desire to get as much as you can out from your journeys. For this reason, I recommend guided meditations. Through guided meditations, you can pretty much choose your very own adventure and set your intentions to heal or discover anything you desire. There are some guided meditations for relaxation while others may bring you to your Akashic Records or Spirit Guides.  You are going to feel that thanks to these guided breathing meditations your relaxation will arrive pretty much right away. All meditations here are enhanced with Theta Waves, that will take you deeper into meditation. These are just a few you may find:

  • Sleep Guided Meditation: Sleeping is crucial, however, thanks to our busy society, this can be a challenge for many. You will find out that guided meditation will help you to drift off to sleep. In fact, this is one of the several available meditations right here.
  • Chakra Healing Guided Meditation and Guided Meditations for Healing: Balancing the chakras is another compelling reason to add guided meditation in your life. This is one of the most popular reasons to get started in meditation. In fact, the Chakra Healing guided meditation is the most popular at this site! All the meditations in this site are charged with Reiki, which will further promote the healing.
  • Spirit Guides Guided Meditation. Our Spirit Guides are always around us, and we can connect with them. One easy way to get started with your Spirit Guides is through guided meditation, and you will find one spirit guide guided meditation at this site, as well as the opportunity to connect with your Akashic Records and experience a profound past life guided meditation. These are more aimed at empowering your spiritual, another great benefit from guided meditation.
  • Lucid Dreaming Guided Mediation / Astral Projection Guided Meditation. These are two dominant hobbies to add to your life. Especially the second one will provide you with profound and transcendent experiences. Taking your meditations to a whole new level.

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