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Shamanic Rituals: Health with planet Earth

When seeking healing and wisdom, it is essential to use all available resources. Accessing astral sources is usually the best idea; however, it’s not the only one, and you can’t cover everything. We live on a magnificent planet that has tremendous power, and this is where Shamanic Rituals play a significant role in your healing and exploration.

For thousands of years, human beings have been able to visit the “shamanic worlds” to obtain healing, recover soul fragments, connect with their power animal, and solve problems. With the power of Earth, these trips are possible. Traveling to these worlds to help others is possible so I can help you with these trips.

On your end, you only need to meet with the desire to receive healing, and for some ceremonies (not all of them), you will sit in meditation while I perform the ritual. When you allow yourself to have, you will meet with mind-blowing results.

A powerful Ceremony charged with Ancient Wisdom

Over the years, as I have worked with more people, I have observed that these rituals are compelling. The results are incredible, and I feel immense gratitude to planet Earth, the Elemental Guides, and all the tremendous energy that flows during one of these sessions. Everyone tells me that the results are incredible and that the level of healing is very high.

The experiences that I have had personally, as well as the experiences that you have shared with me, have always surprised me a lot, and they continue to do so today. If you feel that you have to heal something and see that only with energy alone is not enough, you may need one of these rituals.

I can tell you that if you experience one of these sessions, you will probably be mindblown, and you will experience a profound healing experience. You will be able to find different healing modalities for specific outcomes.

Different rituals for different purposes

Shamanic Rituals are extremely specific, and unlike spiritual work, shamanic work is very much down to earth. The shamanic words (lower, middle, upper) count as the physical plane, with the only variation that these worlds are not as tangible. You may need different types of healing, and there is a Ceremony for each of them.

Soul Retrieval

We start first with the Soul Retrieval Ceremony, which is possibly the most profound Ceremony you can ever experience. When you have a difficult or traumatic experience in life, many times you have thought, “I’ve lost a part of myself there.” As random as it may sound, it is completely accurate because you indeed might have lost a soul fragment.

Here, the ideal is for you to sit in meditation, and allow yourself to receive. If you do, you may receive visions and insight as well, however, you may choose to sleep while I perform Shamanic Rituals. It matters a lot that you are not distracted, and that you are centered (or sleeping) to materialize the best successful outcome.

As I journey to the Lower World to find your Soul Fragment, I will be either listening to a drumming preset or I will be drumming my 17” Elkhide drum. Sometimes, a rattle will take part in the ceremony to promote additional cleansing, as well as the use of different minerals and crystals to promote a more profound healing.

Here, upon finding your Soul Fragment, I will explain to you what happened, why this Soul Fragment left you, and for myself to dialogue with the Soul Fragment so it agrees to come with me to rejoin you.

Emblem Retrieval

A lot of times, you may seek the Lower World to search for answers, or I may do this for you as well if you prefer. You should set clear intentions before each shamanic ritual, but especially if you want to seek aid. When you set clear intentions, you will strengthen a lot the outcomes, and you will receive what you need in a much more defined way.

Here, I will go to the Lower World with your clear intentions to find something that can help. Sometimes, an elemental being or a spirit may come forth with information, or maybe show me something that I will describe to you afterward.

Other times, it is possible to find a gift or emblem. It is sort of searching for an object that would help you to fulfill your intentions. I do not know what I am looking for, but the spirits of Earth will direct me to arrive at such an object. I will describe it to you when I see it, so you can visualize and evoke it as well. Sometimes I might draw it to aid your visualizations.

Upper World Healing

One more powerful type of Shamanic Rituals is to seek healing and only healing. The Upper World is ideal for this. Here you may lay down and join me during the healing Ceremony, but if you choose to be at other things, we can still perform this Upper World Healing.

As with every single Shamanic Ritual, I will perform a Ritual with drumming and rattles, supported by the spirits of Earth. I will visit the Upper World and find a spot where I can channel this energy to you.

One big difference between the Spiritual is that shamanic healing will help you a lot with day-to-day challenges, and down-to-earth difficulties, as well as addressing more profoundly any physical issue that you might be facing.

Spiritual Guides, allies, and connection to nature

Shamanic Rituals are profound because you are working with the power of Earth, through the connection with nature. The natural elementals play a key role in how the Ceremony takes place. I have witnessed in many rituals the spirits of the earth approaching and assisting (not to be confused with Spirit).

One topic that blows my mind is that you don’t need to be a psychic to perform an amazing shamanic journey. As a psychic myself, I know that the wisdom I get through shamanic cleansing rituals doesn’t come through my Crown chakra, channeled from a higher plane of existence. It is more like setting clear intentions, performing the ritual, and visiting the shamanic words… everything else will play for you, it is quite amazing.

Most of the time, I go as a blank slate, without even knowing what I need to search for. It has happened always that I receive some sort of assistance from the beings residing in the Lower World, almost receiving very clear directions, and step-by-step guides for me to perform something whilst performing the Ceremony, or for the receive to start to do it on their own life.

Duration and Preparation

As I have been sharing above, you need to be involved, at least a little bit during these Ceremonies to get the best results and outcomes. This is especially true for Soul Retrievals, where you should the least sit with me in meditation, and if you can’t, at least be sleeping so your mind is not dealing with electronics or other stuff that will keep you away.

If you reach out to me, I will share with you that you need about 30 minutes to invest in this Ceremony. While for emblem retrieval and Upper World Healing, it is not essential, it is for Soul Retrieval. If you take part in the Ceremony, the chances of returning empty-handed are sleep to none since you will give it a lot more power.

I will always perform the maximum duration in a Ceremony if I am not satisfied. This means up to 45 minutes for be to be searching the Lower World to find your Soul Fragment. So far, in the first four years of doing these ceremonies, I never returned empty-handed, but it is a possibility.

In the end, if you accompany me in each Ceremony, you will get the most out of the experience, and meet with the maximum healing, but if you cannot sync it with me, you will still get fantastic results.

What happens after? The importance of reintegration

Shamanic Healing is not the same as energetic healing. Shamanic Healing can be much more profound because it works directly in your physical body. So, to avoid “side effects” such as being energetically overwhelmed, as well as other physical alterations, you need to keep into account proper reintegration.

I strongly recommend that you give yourself quality undivided time to ponder over what happened. Especially true if we have retrieved a Soul Fragment, or an Emblem for you to use. Please, don’t rush back into the craziness of life, and make sure to not inject negativity into your life right away (avoid problems, news, and drama for a day or two if you can,)

After Shamanic Rituals you will feel a recovery phase. You shouldn’t have major healing aftereffects, but for all the energies to allow properly, and especially to have a beautiful reunification with your Soul Fragment, you need to invest some time to reflect through everything, and truly accept that all we retrieved will form part of you.

Follow up sessions

Most of the time, a follow-up session can be a fantastic aid. I wouldn’t deem this as something essential as the above, however, many individuals decided to embark on an Upper World Healing a few afters after working in retrieving a Soul Fragment. Healing work will reinforce all the other work performed, so some shamanic healing after will contribute a lot as well.

You may choose to follow up the shamanic session with an energy healing session. Is quite popular for other individuals to experience both an Upper World Healing and a Profound Energy Healing in combination, as well as combining Upper World Healing with Energy Healing after a Soul Retrieval Ceremony.

Here, you will feel guided in what you need.

A gift from our Ancestors

I want to point out that many of us have been blessed with this beautiful duty of bringing healing while working with the Earth Spirits. It is important to remember that these are ancient shamanic rituals and therefore, we need to honor our Native Ancestors since it was them who brought this magnificent wisdom to us all.

A shaman means “healer” in the Native American Culture, and therefore, we must respect this. So, it is important that you honor this, whether you are receiving the healing, or if you hear the calling to follow this path. This calling is extremely specific, so it is important to understand that only you should pursue this path if you feel a connection.

I will be honored to assist you in finding the healing you need.


Q: Is in-person attendance necessary for the session’s effectiveness?

A: A Shamanic Energy Healing session is as effective remotely as in person. The Spirits of the Earth will ensure the connection is as good as if it was in person.

Q: How soon can I book a session after contacting you?

A: You will be able to book it right away. We can set an appointment first or right after you do.

Q: Can these sessions address issues other than physical health?

A: Yes! Shamanic Ceremonies will address also any mental, emotional, or spiritual wounds.

Lots of light!

Thank you: Shamanic Rituals